Globele Energy review

Globele Energy is an alternative energy provider that works with business and residential customers to plan, construct, and maintain solar power systems. With their support, consumers may lower their energy use and costs. Solar power systems may be designed and installed by their team of skilled engineers and technicians to fit each client's unique energy requirements.
Globele Energy review

Globele Energy overview

Globele Energy is an alternative energy provider that works with business and residential customers to plan, construct, and maintain solar power systems. With their support, consumers may lower their energy use and costs. Solar power systems may be designed and installed by their team of skilled engineers and technicians to fit each client's unique energy requirements.

What Globele Energy has to say about itself

Globele Energy is committed to finding better, cheaper ways to deliver energy to households and businesses. Because we believe that clean energy is the future, we are dedicated to offering the best products and services to facilitate your switch to renewable energy. We have everything from solar panels to wind turbines to help you optimize your energy output. You may put your faith in our skilled team to meet all of your energy needs.

Globele Energy Solar Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasCT
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-metal hydride batteries.
CertificationsUL, ISO, NSF, OSHA, CSA

Globele Energy website review, the company's main website, is really well done. It's well put on the website and packed with data about the business and its products. There is also a blog on the site that reports the most recent corporate news. There is a customer care section and other contact information on the website as well. In addition, the website uses a secured payment mechanism to keep buyers' information private. The site, as a whole, may be trusted as a credible resource.

Globele Energy price policy

PackagesStarter Solar Package: starts at $14,995, Residential Solar Package: starts at $15,995, Commercial Solar Package: starts at $17,995, Off-Grid Solar Package: starts at $19,995, Solar + Battery Storage Package: starts at $21,995, Solar + Generator Backup Package: starts at $23,995, Solar + Wind Package: starts at $25,995, Solar + Wind + Battery Storage Package: starts at $27,995, Solar + Wind + Generator Backup Package: starts at $29,995
Payment optionsMajor credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and cash.
Payment discounts10% off for referrals, 10% off for military veterans, 10% off for multi-panel installations, 10% off for energy-efficient homes, 5% off for senior citizens

Globele Energy online reputation

Globele Energy's patrons have, on the whole, been pleased with the service they've received. The quality of the company's goods and the helpfulness of its staff have been lauded by several clients. In addition, Globele Energy has received rave reviews for its prompt service and helpful employees. Some consumers complained about the time-consuming installation procedure and poor customer service. Globele Energy, on the other hand, has established itself as a dependable and trustworthy collaborator in the provision of solar energy solutions.
"I arranged an appointment with the agent and came prepared with the necessary paperwork, but he failed to show up. I called the hotline and was told that my home had been "disqualified" because of shade. This information should have been shared, rather than simply deciding to not call. Their databases did not reflect the fact that I had just removed five trees from my yard in an effort to increase daylight. False hope! They were impolite, and I should have seen the writing on the wall that they weren't going to work out, so I'm not sure why I persisted." - Gabriel E.
"Even though I informed the salesman I already knew all there is to know about solar energy, he still demanded that I sign a contract at our first meeting, which lasted more than two hours. And then I saw a proposal after I said yes. It's ludicrous that he even asked me to take a picture with him. I promised him there would be no commitments on my part. Even after I cancelled my contract with them after another service provider advised me to do so, I got a certified letter from their legal department demanding payment for a site study that was never performed. Even now, after 6 months, I get calls at least twice a week asking for my opinion. I have informed everyone I've spoken to that I already had a system installed by someone else, therefore there's no use in their phoning me. I have no idea how to put an end to their bullying at this moment." - Christian T.
"If I could give a rating worse than zero, I would!!!! Do not hire this solar energy service. Their customer service staff is just AWESOME. I have been trying to make an appointment to repair a broken panel for over six months now, and all I hear is that someone from tech will contact them to set it up. I have also tried contacting them through their partner company, but it has proven just as difficult. The billing problem has also been going on for over a year now. I have spent tons of time waiting in line and have gotten nowhere with customer service. Instead of responding to my Facebook comment, the company just disabled the feature. They are terrible. There are many competing companies out there. Don't make this mistake again!!!" - Nathan R.
"Absolutely the worst customer service ever. DIY solar energy installation would be more cost-effective. Since the setup (10 weeks ago), I've been seeing Gateway problems. Microverters stopped reporting after they supposedly addressed the problem. There have been many requests for a specialist to come fix the problem, but thus far nothing has been done. It's a never-ending cycle. You may avoid this hassle for the next 20 years by going with a different solar company." - Jackson M.
"The company's service was terrible. When the salesperson first arrived to my house, he extolled the virtues of Globele Energy, as well as the simplicity of the installation procedure. It took some convincing, but I agreed (it had to be somewhere around the beginning of October 2021). When I signed, he assured me that my solar panels will be operational by the beginning of the year. This made me very pleased, since I knew that by spring, we would be able to produce a substantial quantity of electricity. I can't believe I believed him! The conversation slowed to a crawl after the dreadful singing. Permits have been a topic of discussion between the corporation and the government since January 6th, when last contact was made. I didn't expect the permit process to take this long, so I called them personally last week. To my surprise, I was informed that I had been disqualified since February due to an error on their end. When exactly would I be informed of this? Irritated to the core." - Samuel P.
"As a former electrical engineer, I was aware of the improvements that have been made to the efficiency and dependability of solar panels. To meet my needs for a local SC firm that offers high-performance panels and "smart" inverters, as well as industry-leading warranties and local monitoring and support, I decided to go with Globele Energy after researching numerous installations. They coordinated everything well with the city, the utility, and the inspectors. Our present energy demands have been readily met by solar generation. Globele Energy has provided us with excellent service, and we strongly suggest that you look into their solar energy solutions." - Noah F.
"Never before have I been so satisfied with service. They explained everything that would happen and when. They assured me of things I doubted they could deliver on, yet they did. The technology has worked just as advertised. My monthly power bill dropped from $280 to $16. I hope the weather starts to improve soon. Globele Energy has exceeded my expectations in every way. Consider going solar if... Get on board with Globele Energy!!" - Anthony G.
"Before the Globele Energy, we spoke with a different firm and visited a number of online resources. The Globele Energy staff was forthright with us, and they didn't use any tricks like offering us "free" or "extra" features to persuade us to join up. Our project manager showed up to the meeting with an estimate tailored to our house and an extensive understanding of the products and procedures involved. He was always on top of things and kept us informed about the project's status. He was extremely quick to answer our inquiries, and he assisted us throughout the whole process. Their installers were helpful, kind, and quick. Since it is run by a family, you can be sure that they take their job seriously. That's why they're my second pick!" - Christopher N.
"My impression of the bigger corporate solar firms was similar to that of a used car dealer after I visited with a handful of them. Aiden was a wealth of information; he was also kind and understanding. He spent the effort to tailor a system to my specific requirements, and it works just as he said it would. The installation took just one day and turned out beautifully. Aiden even had a team come out and cut down and remove any trees that were in the way of the solar collectors. I have and will continue to refer this business to others." - Matthew S.
"David and the Globele Energy have provided us with exceptional attention, service, and execution on our new house, and my wife and I couldn't be happier. We interviewed numerous other businesses and found David to be the most trustworthy, genuine, and knowledgeable person we spoke with. He took his time and worked hard to ensure that we understood everything before going ahead with the project. He gave me the lowest price quotations, and he was there whenever I needed him. His crew did an excellent job on this substantial home installation (20kw). Strongly recommended!" - Andrew J.

Globele Energy Social media
If you're interested in learning more about solar power, check out the Globele Energy Facebook page. The layout is clean and straightforward, and there's a ton of useful information provided. In addition to a blog and news section, they provide a variety of videos and connections to related content. Many customers have left positive feedback on the company's website, complimenting the company's helpful staff and high-quality offerings. Photos and videos of the company's work and demonstrations of their capabilities may be seen on the website as well. If you're looking for trustworthy information about solar energy, go no farther than the Globele Energy Facebook page.
If you're in the market for dependable solar energy solutions, the Globele Energy LinkedIn profile is a wonderful place to start. The page has an appealing design, and the corporate logo is prominently displayed in the upper left corner. They provide guidance on how to save money on energy bills and give tools for more efficient energy usage. Reviews from previous clients may be read in order to provide new clients an indication of what kind of service to anticipate from the business. In conclusion, the LinkedIn profile for Globele Energy is an excellent place to learn more about solar power. It's trustworthy, attractive, and well-liked, with plenty of useful information and feedback from customers.
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Globele Energy average reviews

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Globele Energy Pros & Cons

  • Renewable Energy
  • Cost Savings
  • Reliability
  • Lack of Expertise
  • Limited Funding
  • Competition

Globele Energy Final Conclusions

Globele Energy offers commercial and residential customers a variety of energy-related services. They provide solar energy systems, battery packs, electric vehicle chargers and energy monitoring software. Globele Energy consistently receives appreciation from their customers for their competitive pricing, product quality, and customer service.

Globele Energy locations

Main Address240A Sargent Dr, New Haven, CT 06511
Phone Number2037998200

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