Celestial Solar Innovations, LLC review

A full-service solar energy provider, Celestial Solar Innovations, LLC focuses on designing and installing both residential and commercial solar systems. In addition to initial site surveys, the business also provides system maintenance and monitoring. To assist consumers with the expenses of solar system installation, the firm also offers financing options.

Celestial Solar Innovations, LLC overview

A full-service solar energy provider, Celestial Solar Innovations, LLC focuses on designing and installing both residential and commercial solar systems. In addition to initial site surveys, the business also provides system maintenance and monitoring. To assist consumers with the expenses of solar system installation, the firm also offers financing options.

What Celestial Solar Innovations, LLC has to say about itself

Companies and individuals all may benefit from Celestial Solar Innovations' clean, renewable energy solutions since they are the industry leader in solar power. Since its founding, Celestial Solar Innovations has been a trusted supplier of cutting-edge solar technology and solutions for the global energy market. Providing cutting-edge solar energy systems at affordable prices is one way we work toward that aim at Celestial Solar Innovations. We pledge to always improve our energy efficiency, quality, environmental consciousness, and service to you, the consumer.

Celestial Solar Innovations, LLC Solar Review

Year Started2013
Company Websitecelestialsolarinnovations.com
Service AreasMD
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and transparent solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.

Celestial Solar Innovations, LLC website review

The main website for Celestial Solar Innovations is attractive and simple to use. Various solar systems and services offered by the organization are described in depth. There's also a blog there that you may use to learn more about the latest developments in your field. This is a trustworthy organization with a safe website. Installation, in addition to maintenance and repair, is only one of the many services they provide. A customer care site and contact details are also provided. In addition, fresh content, including blog articles, is continually added to the site. The website for Celestial Solar Innovations is a reliable and informative resource.

Celestial Solar Innovations, LLC price policy

PackagesResidential Solar Panel Installation Package - Starting at $4,500, Solar Battery Backup Installation Package - Starting at $3,000, Solar Roof Replacement Package - Starting at $7,000, Solar Pool Heating Package - Starting at $2,000, Solar Hot Water Heating Package - Starting at $1,400, Solar Shade Structures Package - Starting at $3,500, Solar Street Lighting Package - Starting at $4,000, Solar Car Charging Station Package - Starting at $2,000
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) as well as PayPal and checks.
Payment discounts5% off for first-time customers, 10% off for military members and veterans, 10% off for senior citizens, 5% off for bulk orders (5+ items), and Free Shipping on orders over $15,000

Celestial Solar Innovations, LLC online reputation

Many satisfied customers have commented on the high quality of service and goods supplied by Celestial Solar Innovations. The majority of clients are pleased with the solar system they purchased and the service they received from the firm. However, some clients have complained about delays throughout the installation procedure. Overall, because of their high-quality offerings and friendly service, customers speak well about Celestial Solar Innovations.
"I erroneously assumed that a big, reputable solar installer would be superior to a small, unknown one. That won't happen again, ever. I had Celestial Solar Innovations install solar panels in March, and it's already been six months with no electricity. What if you made a complaint call? Best of luck. My refund period has now ended, and I risk losing any remaining funds. The delay is always someone else's fault if you can get in touch with them." - Joseph O.
"In January 2020, I decided to invest in Celestial Solar Innovations solar panels for my house and had them installed. A faulty inverter, covered by warranty, caused the system to fail after just around 2 years. As for compensation for the drop in energy output, while the inverter is out of commission, Celestial Solar Innovations maintains it is at the mercy of its suppliers to replace the inverter. The wait may take many months, and the financial loss will more than wipe out any savings from buying the equipment." - Logan K.
"For the last three months, my solar roof and battery have been inoperable. Despite my many attempts to get in touch with Celestial Solar Innovations, the firm has been unresponsive, with customer support representatives acting as if my doubling of power costs were none of their concern. In my opinion, Celestial Solar Innovations is a scam that will take your money and go. This occurs throughout my most productive solar season. This is such a financial and time sink." - James E.
"I bought a big Celestial Solar Innovations system that included two of their Powerwalls. The design, evaluation, and installation of the system were all completed rapidly. They finally connected after I paid the first $60,000.00 payment nine months ago. When I finally paid, everything started going wrong. The system was designed to produce more power than I could need. The cost of my electricity has been the same. They have known for 10 months that I can't use my app, but they have done nothing to rectify the situation. Therefore, it is unclear to me if the system is broken or just misconfigured. They claim they're sorry and will bump up the order when I call. Stay away from them! They are uninterested in you. Nothing except your hard-earned cash." - Ryan S.
"I just had a new roof built on my home and asked Celestial Solar Innovations to come and remove them. Now I need them reinstalled and they have informed me that they want a permit to do so. According to their June application, the process would take six to eight weeks. When I contacted the city hall about obtaining a construction permit, I was informed that no such application had ever been submitted at my address. My grass is dying, yet I'm still paying for electricity, thanks to the panels I installed on my lawn. Company of all time worst." - Benjamin G.
"My solar panel installation by Celestial Solar was top-notch. The owner, Jim, was a pleasure to work with. He always told me the truth, whether it was about the price, the time frame, or the advantages, and he answered all of my inquiries promptly and fully. For several reasons, including cost, reliability, and open lines of contact, I would strongly suggest Celestial Solar to anybody considering purchasing solar panels. But the main reason I would suggest them is because they are honest in everything that they do." - Noah F.
"We compared prices, and Celestial was by far the most affordable option with the most impressive tailor-made system. Some businesses were so rude as to speak exclusively to my husband, even though I was the one who wanted to switch to solar power and was familiar with all the details involved. Anthony's quotation packet demonstrated his expertise by providing the information the client needed to see. He was also very accessible by phone or email, often responding to messages within a day. The installation was fast, and he explained every step of the process, even though there are many parts involved in switching to solar power. My power payment this month was just $8, which, as the owner of an electric vehicle, made me very happy indeed." - Christopher V.
"After researching local solar panel manufacturers, we settled on Celestial Solar Innovations. They are a family-owned company committed to doing the best for their community. I just built a custom home and have worked with several builders; I can say without a doubt that the owner of the company is the best of the best. From the first estimate to the final inspections and permits, he was always there to answer questions and reassure us that we made the right choice. Their quote was reasonable, the installation was done quickly, and everything went as well as could be expected. Celestial Solar is the only company you should know about." - Aiden J.
"Celestial Solar Innovations is a reliable company to work with if you are looking to go solar. The price was the lowest compared to the other two vendors. Our $1,500 subsidy from Montgomery County went off without a hitch, the installation was quick and painless, and we have already profited from the sale of three Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). We are very pleased with the appearance of the panels." - Matthew K.
"In short, we are enthusiastic patrons. The time we spent with the Celestial Solar staff brought only positive vibes. David was incredibly patient and helpful throughout the entire process, answering all of our questions and guiding us step by step even though we can be difficult customers to work with (constantly calling and emailing, requesting multiple bids in different configurations, and asking technical questions about how everything works and why one technology is better than another). David modernized our system and helped us save money on several fronts. His team of installers are true experts who did their job flawlessly. And even after the deal was done and the installation was almost complete, David remained very friendly and patient. He made sure to make sure we were getting the most out of our system by claiming all possible rebates, tax credits, and other subsidies." - Andrew T.

Celestial Solar Innovations, LLC Social media

Celestial Solar Innovations is a solar energy firm that provides several resources on its Facebook page. The site seems reliable and often updated with new information. It looks quite professional and manages to grab the reader's attention with its use of bright colors and striking images. Celestial Solar Innovations' Facebook page has over 750 likes, and the company routinely updates it with messages on its newest initiatives and solar energy news. Photos, videos, and relevant links are what make up the bulk of these entries. In addition to an extensive section devoted to contact information, the site also has direct connections to the company's Instagram and Twitter pages. This page reflects well on Celestial Solar Innovations and their dedication to providing excellent service to their customers.
The solar energy professionals of Celestial Solar Innovations (CSI) are at the forefront of the industry. Users interested in keeping abreast of the latest developments in solar energy solutions may visit their LinkedIn profile. The site is professionally designed and developed, with eye-catching graphics, interesting content, and an easily navigable breakdown of CSI's offerings. Trusted customers often gush about this company's friendly service and high-quality products in online reviews. With over 130 followers, CSI's LinkedIn profile is one of the most popular in the solar energy industry. Numerous satisfied clients verify to CSI's dependability and suggest it for your solar power requirements.
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Celestial Solar Innovations, LLC average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1115


Celestial Solar Innovations, LLC Pros & Cons

  • Innovative Solar Technology
  • Quality Assurance
  • Industry Expertise
  • Limited resources
  • High entry costs
  • Dependence on the weather

Celestial Solar Innovations, LLC Final Conclusions

A solar energy business called Celestial Solar Innovations, LLC focuses on integrating solar technologies to build a more sustainable future. From household solar carports to utility-scale solar power plants, they provide a variety of services. Many clients have expressed their satisfaction with the business and praised its professionalism and expertise. Celestial Solar Innovations, LLC has the highest recommendation.

Celestial Solar Innovations, LLC locations

Main Address7820B Wormans Mill Rd Ste 172 Frederick, MD 21701
Phone Number2404091148

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