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Let us walk you through the solar process so you can see for yourself that solar is without a doubt the best option. The savings you'll see on your electricity bill and via rebates, together with our affordable installation charges, make it obvious. Make an investment in a reliable power supply. You won't ever turn around.

Southern View Energy overview

Let us walk you through the solar process so you can see for yourself that solar is without a doubt the best option. The savings you'll see on your electricity bill and via rebates, together with our affordable installation charges, make it obvious. Make an investment in a reliable power supply. You won't ever turn around.

What Southern View Energy has to say about itself

For your house or place of business, using solar energy may be a greener, wiser, more cost-effective, and independent decision. Solar, however, may be challenging. Is it really my best choice? What will my savings be? Who can I rely on to make the procedure simple, inexpensive, and efficient? Southern View Energy (SVE) is the solution. We are professionals in solar energy. By providing the appropriate guidance, information, and solutions, we have established a solid reputation for assisting clients in lowering their energy expenditures. Our only goal is to provide you with the finest answer possible. We are definitely solar energy geeks.nonetheless, you'll be happy you called!

Southern View Energy Solar Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasVA, MD, DE, PA, NJ
Service TypesResidential solar, Commercial solar, Energy monitoring
Types PanelsSolar photovoltaic (PV) panels
Backup BatteryTesla Powerwall 2
CertificationsBBB, SEIA, NABCEP

Southern View Energy website review

It looks like the website is nicely structured, with distinct areas for various sorts of material such corporate information, services, and projects. The website offers a thorough description of Southern View Energy's expertise and services in renewable energy. Visitors will find it simple to comprehend what the firm does and what makes it stand out from the competition thanks to the content's clear and straightforward writing. A blog part of the website offers information and updates on the most recent business trends and news on renewable energy. Overall, it seems like Southern View Energy's website is both comprehensive and well-designed, giving visitors a clear picture of the products and expertise of the business.

Southern View Energy price policy

Packages$15,000 to $30,000
Payment optionsCredit card, check, and bank transfer
Payment discountsDiscounts for clients who pay in full or choose financing options

Southern View Energy online reputation

Southern View Energy has received mixed ratings from customers. Others have had unpleasant experiences with the organization, particularly in relation to customer service after installation and follow-up, even though other customers are really delighted with their solar installations and appreciate their professionalism and excellent work. Southern View Energy specifically let down one customer by failing to address a problem with their solar system despite many assurances that they would. Due to this, solar energy capacity has been significantly reduced, and power costs have gone up. In order to guarantee that their clients get proper support and service after their installation, Southern View Energy has to handle this essential problem. On the other side, many clients have had good things to say about Southern View Energy. They strongly value the company's professionalism, promptness, and attention to detail, as well as its capacity to address any issues and provide solutions. These clients particularly praised the professionalism of the business and the dependability of solar power solutions.
"We first noticed issues with our solar system, which was installed over 3 years ago, almost a year ago. A year into using Solar one of three charge controllers, and the primary interface pad has failed! Despite repeatedly making promises to get it done, Scott Earp has not yet fixed or replaced the defective components even though he has known about them from the beginning. I've phoned repeatedly and again, asked repeatedly, and nothing has changed. To add salt to injury, last summer I worked with Southern Energy View to get a neighbor to add extra solar power and I assumed that Scott or his crew would swing by my home for a quick hour or two to fix the problem while they were installing the 8kW and a 10kWh Battery (I think). Of course, I kept in touch with Scott through phone calls and texts to make sure he didn't forget about that. Well, he did, and now it's been over five months and we're still waiting for what ought to be a quick fix! To attract his attention and have it corrected, I made the decision to write this and add one to the BBB as well. Our solar output seems to have decreased by 50% or more as a result of Jackson EMC's bills! I wonder who will compensate me for the stolen solar." - Andrew Lane
"Our major point of contact and authority was Chris! We visited with three different firms and received quotes; by far, Southern View demonstrated the greatest level of competence, addressed all of our inquiries, and provided us with a very reasonable pricing for the whole system, including the ground mount, optimizers, and 6.6 KW inverter! The system is over 4 years old and has only encountered one minor issue. A faulty optimized was swiftly replaced, and everything is working well under my warranty. It's free! I get the panels cleaned twice a year, and each time they do a fantastic job of cleaning and inspecting the system! They come highly recommended from me! Even the Ga Power inspector was delighted with the timely delivery and expert installation by the team, who paid close attention to the wires, conduit, and wire chases. I reside close to Atlanta; if any prospective customers are interested in visiting my site, please let Chris know, and we'll be pleased to show you around. I am a pretty analytical person when it comes to large home improvements, and most importantly, everything they promised turned out precisely as planned! I should be breaking even in the first quarter of 2020 thanks to federal tax benefits, electricity produced and sold, and a decrease in overall power costs." - ME ground mount
"We had a wonderful experience with them from beginning to end. Regarding what would work best for our house and budget, they were upfront. They were very prompt in their responses to inquiries, etc. We heartily endorse them. Almost two years later, everything is still running well." - Heartsolar
"From the first sales consultation through solar panel installation, working with Southern View Energy was a pleasure at every stage, and the quality of their work was superb. They are highly recommended." - Dave A
"Everything we needed for our solar installation was at Southern View. Chris arrived as soon as we called him, assisted us with installation sighting, and prepared a price. Over the course of a few days, the installers did a fantastic job getting us set up and ready to go. Before the inverter could be installed and turned on, we had to wait for a home addition to be built, but Southern View was there as soon as we phoned to let them know we were ready. Chris was accessible at all times to address our inquiries. Despite switching our whole HVAC system and water heaters from gas to electricity, we have been operating on solar power with a grid connection for more over a year and have noticed a decrease in our electricity costs of between 50 and 70 percent. Our investment has met all of our expectations." - Susan Wells
"The installation of my solar panels by Southern View Energy was superb. From the start, their professionals guided me in understanding the location and size (total kWatts) of the panels on my house as well as how the optimization would be accomplished. There were no unexpected events. The installation was completed quickly and on time. The installation team was incredibly knowledgeable. Since installing the panels on my house nine months ago, the system has performed EXACTLY as predicted. I appreciate Southern View Energy. They get my highest rating." - EdwardM

Southern View Energy Social media
The audience is actively engaged on the Southern View Energy Facebook page. They clearly care deeply about offering clients clean energy alternatives based on the material they present. They provide a wide range of services, such as solar and wind energy, and frequently host educational material outlining the advantages of renewable energy. The page also includes articles about the steps they are doing to make their clients' homes more environmentally friendly. They offer resources including information about events, new product releases, and energy efficiency advice. They also use their page to communicate and engage with customers by sharing event images and videos and client testimonies. The page is orderly, informative, and visually pleasing overall. It is updated and kept up with.
Professional and interesting are two qualities of the Southern View Energy LinkedIn profile. The company's goal of offering consumers sustainable energy solutions is clearly stated on the website. It contains facts about the business, descriptions of the services it provides, and endorsements from clients. Along with helpful connections to relevant social media sites, the website also lists the users' Facebook and Twitter profiles. Additionally, Southern View Energy highlights its workers' achievements on its LinkedIn profile, which helps foster a sense of community and improves their relationship with their audience. Additionally, they cover news and press releases, as well as info about their forthcoming events and activities. All things considered, Southern View Energy's LinkedIn profile is a fantastic illustration of how to leverage the network to create leads. There is a ton of useful and fascinating information on the website, which is regularly updated and well-maintained.
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Southern View Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews174.8


Southern View Energy Pros & Cons

  • Competitive and transparent pricing
  • Financing options available
  • Professional and experienced technicians
  • Limited service area
  • Limited battery storage options
  • The installation process takes a relatively long time

Southern View Energy Final Conclusions

Through its efforts in the renewable energy sector, Southern View Energy has shown its dedication to encouraging clean energy and lowering carbon emissions. The business has shown leadership in creating and putting into practice environmentally and economically advantageous sustainable energy solutions. Southern View Energy has earned a reputation as a reliable partner for companies and communities wishing to make the switch to greener energy sources by putting a strong emphasis on innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Overall, the firm's dedication to sustainable growth and its efforts to guarantee that everyone has access to renewable energy are admirable and provide bright possibilities for the future of the energy industry. Generally speaking, there are both positive and negative reviews about Southern View Energy, with some clients reporting significant issues and others expressing great satisfaction. To guarantee that all clients are happy and get the assistance they want, it is crucial for the business to remedy any gaps in customer service and post-installation support.

Southern View Energy locations

Main Address5289 Mountain Center Plaza #2, Lula, GA 30554
Phone Number678-833-5191

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