Circa Energy review

Circa Energy is a solar photovoltaic system design and construction firm serving residential, commercial, utility, and public sector clients. Solutions based on their high-efficiency solar technology are affordable, dependable, and long-lasting. They are experts in solar energy system engineering and design for homes, businesses, and utilities.
Circa Energy review

Circa Energy overview

Circa Energy is a solar photovoltaic system design and construction firm serving residential, commercial, utility, and public sector clients. Solutions based on their high-efficiency solar technology are affordable, dependable, and long-lasting. They are experts in solar energy system engineering and design for homes, businesses, and utilities.

What Circa Energy has to say about itself

The leading supplier of clean and sustainable energy solutions is Circa Energy. With more than ten years of expertise, we can supply cutting-edge solar solutions that produce clean, dependable electricity to boost both the environment and your financial line. You may go solar and transition to a sustainable energy source with the assistance of our experienced team of electrical engineers, project managers, and installation specialists.

Circa Energy Solar Review

Year Started2015
Service AreasDC, IL, MD, PA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium batteries.

Circa Energy website review

Information about the solar company's goods and services may be found in detail on its official website. Visuals, details, alternatives for getting in touch with the company, prices, and more are all included. The website also has a blog where visitors may read up on the latest news in the solar industry. The website does an excellent job of organizing and presenting important information clearly and straightforwardly. Circa Energy's main website,, is quite trustworthy and credible. Customers may learn a lot more about the business and its products there.

Circa Energy price policy

PackagesSolar Plus Storage Solution - Starts at $10,999, Grid-Tied Auto Backup System - Starts at $4,599, Home Battery System - Starts at $4,599, Expansion Battery Pack - Starts at $1,599, Starter Battery Pack - Starts at $999, Solar Panel Kit - Starts at $3,999, Solar Panel Mounts - Starts at $499, Solar Monitoring System - Starts at $1,299, Solar Gateways - Starts at $349, Online Energy Management System - Starts at $599
Payment optionsCash, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express), bank transfer/direct deposit, check, and PayPal.
Payment discountsSenior Citizen Discount: 10%, Military Discount: 10%, Loyal Customer Discount: 5%, Multi-Year Plan Discount: 10%, Group Discounts: Up to 10%, Referral Program Discount: 10%, Early Sign-Up Discount: 5%

Circa Energy online reputation

Many of Circa Energy's customers have expressed happiness with the service they've received. Clients have remarked on the company's professionalism, dependability, and readiness to meet the most challenging needs in terms of energy supply. Customers have complained that their prices are greater than those of competitors and that their support staff might be more helpful. As a whole, clients may have faith in the services and products offered by Circa Energy.
We couldn't wait to install solar panels. The time it took to have the panels installed and operational was rather short (about six months). Circa Energy will place a lien on your property if you want to lease the panels, but this information was not disclosed upfront. We discovered this nugget of information in the small print of a legal document. The lien will come into play if you want to refinance or seek a home equity line of credit (Circa Energy will temporarily lift the lien so the bank can approve you, but it will be reinstated after 60 days). The lien will prevent you from selling your house without paying it off. Those thinking about using panels, just a heads up. The sales representative will NOT provide this vital piece of information to you. Even if Circa Energy doesn't label it as such, your bank will likely treat it as such (at least ours did). - Kristian M.
Those solar panel salespeople are dishonest, and installing them will impose a 20-year lien on your home. They also don't warn you that a lien will be placed on your property. Because of this lien, they placed on your property without your knowledge, the sale of your home fell through and you're naturally furious. When you inquire how much it would cost to just purchase these free" solar panels, they immediately hang up on you. Before you accept these "free" solar panels, please read the following. They will place a LIEN on your hard-earned home. That adage about how "nothing in life is free" must be correct." - Damon K.
Worst ever customer service! We've been phoning for two weeks to arrange the removal of the panels after they've been paid for the job since our roof is leaking, but all we get is the runaround from careless outsourced contact centers. So this is the person for you if you want someone careless once they are paid. - Wilson R.
The team that did the installation did a fantastic job. Several times, I've had to do warranty repair on my property and make some modest modifications. As a result, the cost to relocate some conduit and replace some panels on the roof went through the roof. No one in customer service was able to help me. They lack direction from upper management and hence are ill-equipped to deal with customer complaints. Worst customer service ever; wait times on the phone for scheduling and payment exceeded 2 hours. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUSINESS! - Dexter I.
The very worst business with which I have ever had to deal. Bogus. Hard to grab a hold of and do anything with. Gives you the runaround and never a straight response. Our attorney had trouble reading the contract the former owner signed when we acquired the home from them. KEEP AWAY! It's a bad idea to install solar panels on a three-layer roof that's at least 25 years old since the roof won't last as long as the solar contract. The cost to have the panels taken down and replaced when you get a new roof is about $4,200. It took us approximately 2 months of back-and-forth with them to finally have removal scheduled when we finally got honest answers and realistic quotations of the expense involved. Dissatisfied with the whole business and would never suggest them! - Jacob P.
If you want to go solar, you should go with Circa Energy. When I began researching solar companies, Circa Energy was far beyond everything I had imagined. They completed a difficult task while keeping lines of communication open and being honest. Don't bother looking anyplace else if you're a local to the Annapolis region. Took around ten offers. Nine out of ten companies told me they couldn't accomplish the work I needed and suggested other solutions. Circa delivered exactly what they promised when they promised it and at a fair price. And the fact that it's run by a family warms my heart even more. All of their interactions are infused with genuine concern. If you need help, please consider using Circa. - Porter D.
My family and I would want to express our gratitude to Circa Energy for their prompt, thorough, and honest assistance during a challenging period with our solar panels. After a leak in our bedroom, they came to fix the problem immediately. It was difficult for me to trust someone during the epidemic and invite them into my inner circle. But the owner, Chip, made sure there was always someone working on the roof and protecting the panels. He enlightened us on the ins and outs of solar panels and energy management. He was kind and patient as I explained to him how difficult and upsetting this situation was for me and my loved ones. I was always treated with courtesy and dignity. Elena, the COO, and he were both great to work with in the end. I can't say enough good things about having them maintain or install your solar panels. - Kelvin J.
A friend recommended Circa Energy to me, and they performed a wonderful job from start to finish, even with the flu epidemic getting in the way. The Circa energy team is accommodating and customer-centric; they made suggestions about the right size system for our home, worked around our schedule, and obtained the necessary permits from BGE, the county, and our homeowners' association. We appreciate your assistance in our efforts to reduce our environmental impact. - Noel F.
My solar panels were ready to be installed in only three weeks thanks to the expert team at Circa Energy. The permission process was delayed by around four weeks since the title to my new house had not yet been registered. Both Dennis, my consultant, and Chip and Elena, the company's proprietors, were readily available to keep me apprised of developments throughout the process. They make you feel like part of the family. I'm documenting this amazing opportunity with photographs. - Abram E.
After much consideration, I have concluded that switching to solar power is the best option. Many of my loved ones have switched to solar energy in recent years, and they couldn't be happier with the results. Everyone was pleasantly happy to see their energy expenses drop. I reached out to a few businesses in my area to learn more about the ins and outs of the process (rules, fire risks, aesthetics, permits, etc.). CIRCA's expertise and professionalism were leagues ahead of the rest of the field. The sales consultant, contacted me the night before to confirm our appointment and again on his way to my home to let me know he was running a little late. Professionalism epitomized him. Cory was very helpful in addressing my issues and answering my many questions. Cory was there for me every step of the way when I decided that CIRCA was the business for me. I am thrilled with my new panels and have been singing their praises to anybody who would listen. If you're looking for a solar energy option, CIRCA is who you should go with. I am overjoyed beyond words. Everyone who helped with this, from the salesman to the site surveyor to the installation staff, deserves praise. Many thanks! - Tobias L.

Circa Energy Social media
Circa Energy is a US-based solar energy firm, and here is their Facebook page. The cover shot was taken by a pro and it draws people in. However, with just 90 subscribers, it would indicate that this page is not very well-liked. There hasn't been an update in over two months, and there are no media files to view. The trustworthiness of the business and its offerings is called into doubt as a result. In addition, neither the company's services nor any other websites are linked to. Because of its low activity and small fan base, Circa Energy's official Facebook page is not a reliable source of up-to-date information regarding the company's offerings.
There doesn't seem to be much information on Circa Energy's LinkedIn profile. It's hard to get a sense of what the firm is like since there are no visuals on the website. It's also hard to discern whether the firm is legitimate since so little information is provided on the website. In addition, there are hardly more than 50 people that follow the page. There has been no recent activity on this page, and the firm does not seem to be promoting it. On the plus side, you may get in touch with the business straight from this page by using the provided phone number or email address. While not very informative, this website does have a contact form for reaching out to the business.
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Circa Energy average reviews

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Circa Energy Pros & Cons

  • Renewable Energy
  • Affordable
  • Flexible
  • High Operating Costs
  • Resource Dependency
  • Dependent on Weather

Circa Energy Final Conclusions

A provider of renewable energy, Circa Energy focuses on setting up solar energy systems for both residential and business clients. They provide affordable prices and a customer service guarantee that has received high consumer approval. Circa Energy has positive reviews and excellent ratings in general.

Circa Energy locations

Main Address1125 West Street Annapolis, MD 21409
Phone Number2404774848

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