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When it comes to solar energy in Southern California, nobody does it better than Kahn Solar. They are experts in the installation and design of photovoltaic systems for use in homes and businesses. They provide comprehensive service, taking care of everything associated with an installation. Electrical wiring, monitoring systems, transportable solar power systems, and energy storage solutions are just some of the supplementary energy services that Kahn Solar offers.

Kahn Solar overview

When it comes to solar energy in Southern California, nobody does it better than Kahn Solar. They are experts in the installation and design of photovoltaic systems for use in homes and businesses. They provide comprehensive service, taking care of everything associated with an installation. Electrical wiring, monitoring systems, transportable solar power systems, and energy storage solutions are just some of the supplementary energy services that Kahn Solar offers.

What Kahn Solar has to say about itself

A well-known company in the solar energy sector is Kahn Solar. It provides thorough and innovative solutions to assist everyone on their path to energy independence. The staff at the firm, which has years of expertise, understands what it takes to go solar and works to make the process as simple and economical as it can be for everyone in the organization. Kahn Solar provides its clients with the greatest energy solutions by fusing state-of-the-art technology with top-notch client support.

Kahn Solar Review

Year Started1988
Company Websitekahnsolar.com
Service AreasCA
Service TypesSolar design, installation, financing, and service.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid.
CertificationsNABCEP, SRCC, CSP.

Kahn Solar website review

There are not many parts on the Kahn Solar main website, which is extremely straightforward. It just has the following three sections: About Us, Gallery, and Contact Us. Since there isn't a lot of information on the firm's website about either the services it provides or the company itself, it is difficult to assess the company's reliability. Before choosing to employ Kahn Solar's services, it is crucial to do further study.

Kahn Solar price policy

PackagesResidential Solar Package starts at $10,000, Commercial Solar Package starts at $25,000, and Battery systems start at $3,000.
Payment optionsVisa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay, Cash, and Check.
Payment discountsVeteran and Military Discounts: 10%, Senior Citizen Discounts: 10%, Referral Discounts: 5%.

Kahn Solar online reputation

The performance of Kahn Solar is typically seen as satisfactory by customers. The majority of consumers express high levels of satisfaction with the company's services, which include exceptional customer assistance, pricing that is both fair and competitive, and timely delivery. Contrarily, a limited number of occurrences have been seen whereby product supply has been insufficient, customer service response has been sluggish, and complications have arisen as a result of reliance on weather conditions. However, it is noteworthy that Kahn Solar maintains a robust standing and the majority of its clientele express contentment with the services provided.
"When I bought some solar panels from Kahn Solar not too long ago, I was a little surprised to find out that they only had a very limited supply of the product. While the quality of their goods was satisfactory, I was unhappy to learn this. Even though I placed many orders for panels, they were unable to provide me with sufficient quantities to fulfill my requirements. This is terrible behavior for a firm that claims to be able to provide solutions for solar energy, and I would not suggest them to anybody wishing to invest in solar power." - Nick W.
"My recent purchase of a solar panel system from Kahn Solar resulted in my experiencing a great deal of dissatisfaction. The whole procedure was painfully sluggish and hard to navigate, and it seemed as though they had a restricted supply of the goods. I was given the impression that I would get something on a specific date, but that day kept being moved back. When the merchandise did eventually come, several of the components that I had requested were not included in the shipment. In addition to this, when I phoned the customer care department to address the matter, I was informed that they did not have any spare components that could be sent to me. Extremely dissatisfied with the goods as well as the poor level of support provided to customers." - Chris G.
"My recent interaction with Kahn Solar left me feeling a tremendous amount of annoyance and irritability. I was quite happy to finally be able to become independent from relying on non-renewable sources of electricity once I had signed up for their solar energy service. Unfortunately, the reality of having to rely on the weather to power my house swiftly dashed any hopes I had of ever having complete independence. On days when the sky is overcast, I am forced to rely on other sources of energy, which leaves me feeling tricked and disheartened. To anybody who places a high value on maintaining their autonomy, Kahn Solar is not a company I would suggest." - Scarlett J.
"If you're looking for a solar energy supplier, go no further than Kahn Solar. However, the company's influence is restricted. Customers outside of their service region will not be able to make use of their services. It has come to my attention that some potential customers have sought to switch to the firm but were unsuccessful since they did not live conveniently close enough. When I've attempted to contact them about the problem, I've gotten less-than-ideal assistance. They are notoriously unresponsive to customer problems and provide only hazy responses when pressed. The firm may be successful if it weren't for its restricted reach and poor customer service." - Zoe R.
"Have had negative interactions with Kahn Solar. My family and I have decided to utilize their solar panel system to cut down on our monthly energy expenses. However, not long after we had them installed, we ran into an issue that we hadn't anticipated: a dependence on the weather. We discovered that the system was entirely unresponsive on days when it was overcast or raining, which increased our monthly power expenses since we were forced to utilize the main grid as a backup. We phoned customer support many times and begged for their guidance, but the only answers they could provide were temporary fixes. Because there were so few choices available to us, we felt both incredibly dissatisfied and furious. In addition, we have the impression that we have been given inaccurate information and have been the targets of misleading advertising. Kahn Solar is not a company that we would ever suggest to anybody else." - Lilly B.
"The most competent contractor I have ever worked with, without a doubt. They sent well-done designs for HOA and local permissions. I've already given Kahn Solar my vote of confidence and even asked them to provide me with an office building estimate. For us, the paperwork procedure could not have been simpler. All that was left for us to do was sign a few documents that Kahn Solar had provided for us." - Sophia T.
"For our holiday home, a remote ranch house, we had Kahn Solar Energy construct a free-standing 15-panel 10kW solar array. The new system completely balances out the annual energy use from our well pump and swimming pool, eliminating our PG&E cost. System engineering was accomplished by Kahn Solar, who also took care of all County fees and permissions. The structural supports that were put in place, including the heavy-duty steel supports and drilled piers that guaranteed long-term stability, greatly pleased us. Additionally, their electrician performed an excellent job, fusing the conduit, wire, and boxes in a tidy and professional installation. After a few months, the system started producing electricity at a high rate. Real-time system performance monitoring is something we truly like doing. To examine the PG&E credits vs our consumption on the weekends, we compare this to our smart meter." - Travis F.
"After looking for an all-American solar firm, I came upon Kahn Solar. They are fully committed to the All-American idea. Anyway, I agreed to meet with Hans after consulting a few past clients. He arrived to inspect the place. He was knowledgable, professional, and helpful. Hans sent a formal quote and contract the next day. Hans visited our county's construction department after signing and went through the blueprints with them. He quickly received PG&E permission. Hans agreed to a start date once the factors were determined. He and his team arrived on schedule, were impeccable gentlemen, and kept the job site neat and orderly. The installation was done expertly, and it looks, works, and performs just as promised. As promised, a monthly performance report is provided to me and I have online access to the system's performance. My second solar project, and by far my greatest one, is this one. I've owned and constructed three houses, so I am aware of what to anticipate from contractors. Hans and his team were excellent. I heartily endorse Kahn Solar. I even spoke highly of him to my father, who wants a solar system for his house and vineyard. When I finish the project's last phase, I'll employ Hans once again" - Einar S.
"We realized we had to go solar right away after relocating to Los Angeles from out of state and receiving our first full PG&E bill. Based on that one bill and data from hundreds of houses in their system with comparable size and consumption, Michael and his Kahn Solar team gave us a thorough study of our probable future energy usage. Michael took a great deal of time going over every minute element of the system that would suit our house the best and provide us with the energy we need both now and in the future when we construct a swimming pool later this autumn. The team that arrived to install the system was kind and kept us well informed at every stage. Now that we know we won't have a heart attack when the utility bill arrives each month, we feel free to run the AC as we like. Many thanks to Kahn Solar." - Todd P.
"Our most recent solar installation was done with Kahn Solar. Everything was taken care of, and the experience was flawless. Chuck Bradley, our sales representative, went above and beyond to make the whole process as stress-free as possible. He was tremendously attentive, extremely knowledgeable, and helpful. The installation was simple and fast. I'm very happy we decided to work with Kahn Solar!" - Rayan M.

Kahn Solar Social media

The solar energy firm behind this dormant and boring Facebook page is stuck in the past. Only a handful of postings from the last several years remain, and none have received any attention. The cover art is boring and uninspiring. There are hardly any subscribers, and no single review can be found on the website. This is not a trustworthy source of information. There are no videos or external links on this page, just still images. This page is idle and boring, which does not bode well for its credibility.
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Kahn Solar average reviews

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Kahn Solar Pros & Cons

  • Quality
  • Cost-Effective
  • Service
  • Dependence on Weather
  • Limited reach
  • Limited Product Offering

Kahn Solar Final Conclusions

To put it simply, Kahn Solar offers solar power solutions. To suit the demands of its residential and commercial clients all around the globe, the firm specializes in producing a small selection of items. Kahn Solar has earned high marks from its clientele for the quality of its offerings and the responsiveness of its staff. However, a few clients have voiced concerns about the available selection. The vast majority of clients have favorable impressions of the firm and their interactions with it.

Kahn Solar locations

Main AddressWest Hills, CA 91308
Phone Number8186126453

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