CMI Solar & Electric review

Until recently, solar energy was prohibitively expensive. Installing a solar electric system allows you to generate income from clean, renewable solar energy while also reducing your carbon footprint.
CMI Solar & Electric review

CMI Solar & Electric overview

Until recently, solar energy was prohibitively expensive. Installing a solar electric system allows you to generate income from clean, renewable solar energy while also reducing your carbon footprint.

What CMI Solar & Electric has to say about itself

Since 1998, CMI has been serving the states of Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania with electrical services. All of CMI's electricians have earned either an Apprentice or Journeyman or Master's license from the state of Delaware. Family members own and run CMI. When you hire CMI to do an electrical project (solar installation, generator installation, electrical wiring, etc.), they will take care of the planning, permits, rebate approvals, inspections, and coordination with your local power provider and municipality. Insurance and licenses are in place for CMI. Only components approved by UL are used. CMI is available for electrical emergencies anytime of the day or night.

CMI Solar & Electric Review

Year Started1998
Service AreasDE, MD, PA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries
CertificationsBBB, NABCEP, OSHA

CMI Solar & Electric website review

The website features a simple, contemporary layout and a business-appropriate color palette that is consistent with its brand. Users may easily explore and locate the necessary information thanks to the layout's organization. The entire user experience is improved by the use of high-quality graphics and precise typography. An overview of the company's expertise and services may be found on the main page. A big call to action button on the page invites visitors to get a free quotation, which is a clever way to generate leads. Additionally, there are client endorsements on the website, which adds to the legitimacy of the business's offerings. The website offers comprehensive information on the range of services offered by CMI Solar & Electric. Solar installations, electricity services, energy storage devices, and electric car charging stations are a few of them. A project gallery on the website displays installations and projects that have been finished. Visitors may view the quality of work and variety of projects completed by CMI Solar & Electric thanks to this graphic depiction. This aids prospective customers in imagining the final product of their own initiatives. There are several methods for website visitors to get in touch with CMI Solar & Electric. A contact form, phone number, and address are all included on the contact page. Overall, CMI Solar & Electric's website does a good job of conveying the company's offerings, knowledge, and dedication to sustainable energy solutions.

CMI Solar & Electric price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $30,000 or more
Payment optionsBank Transfer, Cash, Check, Credit or Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards)
Payment discountsCash discounts, Financing discounts, Referral discounts,Seasonal or promotional discounts

CMI Solar & Electric online reputation

Both favorable and negative comments have been made by consumers about CMI Solar & Electric. CMI Solar & Electric seems to have a history of delivering quality solar panel installations. Many consumers have praised the company's expertise and tenacity in resolving any installation-related concerns. Customers who have used CMI's services have given the company excellent marks for the quality of those services and the speed with which issues are solved. Customers liked the individualized advice and the company's responsiveness to their needs, and the sales procedure was also well received. It was also praised that the firm is dedicated to employing high-quality materials and offers extensive guarantees. Nonetheless, there were a few complaints about misunderstandings, delays, and shoddy labor throughout the installation procedure. Some consumers have complained about the efficiency of their solar panels, saying they produce less electricity than they had hoped. Given this bad experience, it seems like things like customer service response and installation quality may need some work. While there were some negative comments, CMI Solar & Electric also heard from happy clients who appreciated working with the business. Customers should, like with any service, conduct their homework, form detailed queries, and take into account their unique requirements and preferences before making a final choice.
"This is a significant electrical firm. We had a couple of inexperienced novice electricians working on our property under the watchful eye of a seasoned specialist. Therefore, the best workers are assigned to commercial projects, while new hires are educated in the residential sector. I will not get into specifics, but if you go with them, make it clear that you do not want your home utilized as a training ground for new hires. We paid a premium amount but were not provided with a premium experience." - Russell
"I was hoping to establish commercial relations with this firm. I spoke with a lovely girl from their office who was really helpful and kind on the phone. Sent my electric bill by email. That was nearly a month ago. I have phoned twice to proactively get in touch with you. Every time I call, I get a kind greeting but am told that the owner will be given my name and would contact me back to discuss the idea. Fought for Tesla and won. I was hoping to partner with this organization, but I was unable to get my hands on the information I needed to evaluate their feasibility, budget, and next steps." - Witman
"CMI Solar & Electric was contracted to put solar panels on the roof of my home. The experts were skilled and efficient, so the installation went off without a hitch. Their client assistance, however, was problematic for me. Getting a reply to my questions took longer than I anticipated, and there were a few misunderstandings along the process. The solar panels are doing their job, however we would have preferred faster responses from customer support." - Prescott
"Last year, I had solar panels put up by CMI Solar & Electric at my home. The installation crew showed up on schedule and got the job done quickly and competently. But I have seen that the solar panels' output is not as good as I have imagined. Energy output has been little below projections made during the preliminary discussion. Even though I am still seeing power cost savings, I had hoped for more from the system after the sales pitch. The experience is about par all things considered." - Oberon
"Unfortunately, I was not impressed with CMI Solar & Electric. When it came time for the installation, however, the sales rep's pleasant demeanor and assurances proved to be empty. The professionals were tardy, thus the setup was poor and took longer than necessary. There were several problems with the system because of the poor wiring. Even after many visits from their personnel, the system is still not functioning at full capacity. Because of their unprofessionalism and unreliability, I am sorry I went with CMI Solar & Electric to install my solar panels." - Alberta
"Years ago, we had CMI install our solar panel system, and we have been delighted with it ever since. We had requested for their assistance earlier this year in connecting a generator. For the last several weeks, everything has been OK. After getting in touch with CMI, the issue was quickly resolved. We are grateful for the professionalism they shown throughout the installation and their determination to fix any problems that may have arisen." - Nancy
"From the first inspection to ongoing support long after the system was installed, CMI offered exceptional service throughout the full solar journey. They work closely with their clients and provide them with high-quality, personalized recommendations at all times. I called them up when I felt I had an issue, and they came right out to help me. They promptly discovered the issue and, despite the fact that it had nothing to do with their job, gave me useful advice on how to fix it. I have nothing but praise for this company because of the quality of service they always provide." - Byrds
"Located in Newark, Delaware, CMI is a small company owned by a proud family. The sales procedure was quite thorough. A technician from CMI came to my house to sketch up plans and calculate the potential for electricity generation. An expert electrician answered all of my inquiries promptly and to my satisfaction. I had done my research and was hoping for some reassurance that subpar workmanship like exposed conduit and cheap materials would not be part of my experience. There was no need for any additional warranties due to the great guarantee provided by the high-quality panels and inverter included in the package. Lauren, the project manager, is like family and always makes sure things get done. I did some more stuff that was not in the original scope, and they happily included it in. Lauren walked me through all the papers that Delmarva Power needed. Everything was taken at face value without a hitch. My soul system was built in two days by a punctual and meticulous crew. The electrical inspector was familiar with the lead electrician and gave me a glowing report on his work immediately. While he found some comparable work elsewhere, he also found others that didn't. As part of the project's wrap-up, the company's owner visited our house, where he provided an in-depth tutorial on the system and a binder including all relevant paperwork. Initially, I could not believe that the only thing I would need to keep in mind was the power button. He explained why regular upkeep was unnecessary and costly. He presented us with custom CMI coffee mugs and baseball caps as a pleasant surprise. Lauren keeps in touch with us to provide ongoing support with submitting SREC paperwork and finishing off the Delmarva rebate check process. Overall, I am overjoyed to have found a local firm I could deal with that exceeded my expectations. I wholeheartedly endorse them." - Clara
"CMI provided a comprehensive overview of solar energy, including how it works, the options for solar panels and inverters, the price, the payment and installation timeline, the invoicing from the power provider, and the SREC market. At our initial meeting, we asked over fifty questions; Mr. Davis addressed all of them except the one concerning SREC sales, which was resolved the following day by a phone call from their SREC specialist. The installation was finished on schedule despite the record-breaking cold and light snowfall. After the work was done, an employee toured the site and cleaned up any remaining garbage or wire scraps that had been left behind during the installation process. As the installer, I would not have done it. At the SREC auction hosted by our electricity provider, they also handled all the necessary paperwork on our behalf. All we can say is that this is how things are in the state of Delaware. Plus, it is reasonably priced. Staff members are kind, knowledgeable, and unobtrusive. Whenever there was an issue with the system reporting to our monitoring site, CMI came back until the issue was resolved. We had no production loss as a result of this issue; rather, it affected only the owner's access to the location where the system is monitored. Emergency assistance is available anytime, day or night. I have no issues about recommending CMI to anybody seeking for a solar installation and have done so to everyone who have inquired about our system. CMI also installed a whole-house generator for us and ran an electric dryer's dedicated line, and in both cases, they provided exceptional service." - Lucy
"After having CMI build a whole-house generator, it has been working well for the last seven years. Matt, the technician, was very kind and helpful when our air conditioner broke down during a tropical storm. He arrived at our house within two hours. He quickly identified the issue and ordered the necessary component, expressing concern that its timely arrival would be jeopardized by COVID (it wasn't). They are really quick to respond, even on the weekend they responded my messages. You will not find a better mix of quality work and attentive attention from a contractor than what they provide. This is a modest company maintained by a trustworthy family; I have no reservations about recommending them to anybody." - Whitney

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CMI Solar & Electric average reviews

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Google reviews74.4


CMI Solar & Electric Pros & Cons

  • Experienced Team
  • Experienced and reputable company
  • Customized solar solutions
  • Competitive market
  • Price
  • Limited geographic presence

CMI Solar & Electric Final Conclusions

In the solar and electrical sectors, CMI Solar & Electric has established a strong reputation for its outstanding performance and dedication to client satisfaction. The firm constantly provides top-notch solar and electrical solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial customers because to its wealth of experience and knowledge. A group of highly skilled experts committed to delivering first-rate service is one of CMI Solar & Electric's core competitive advantages. Our specialists exhibit a high degree of professionalism and expertise throughout the installation and maintenance of solar and electrical systems, starting with the first consultation. They are knowledgeable about the most recent market developments and technological advancements, guaranteeing that customers get the most effective and economical solutions catered to their unique requirements. CMI Solar & Electric guarantees that the system is planned and installed to the highest standards of quality and performance, whether it is a domestic solar installation or a significant commercial project. Regarding reputation, CMI Solar & Electric has gotten good reviews from many clients who have appreciated the company's dependability and expertise. Overall, CMI Solar & Electric's accomplishments and standing in the sector are noteworthy.

CMI Solar & Electric locations

Main Address83A Albe Drive Newark, DE 19702
Phone Number3027315556

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