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Top Solar Companies in Aurora

Do you want Aurora to be energy-free? Installing solar panels may be profitable since switching to solar electricity has several benefits. Aurora has exceptionally high amounts of daily sunshine on average, which is driving development in the solar sector. National and state subsidies that encourage the installation of residential and commercial solar panels have been an underappreciated factor in this expansion.

Depending on the structure of your home and the energy needs of your household, the cost of installing solar panels might vary significantly. To choose the finest installation for your house, we advise shopping around to acquire many quotations and comparing them.

The desire to lessen their influence on the environment is one of the main reasons why so many people are considering installing solar panels. However, you might ask how precisely going solar will benefit the environment. Using solar energy is a simple choice for those who wish to lessen greenhouse gas emissions, especially as Aurora generates a large quantity of carbon dioxide emissions through its energy production. In fact, you may anticipate a 100-pound annual reduction in carbon dioxide emissions if you switch to solar power. There are numerous advantages to switching to solar power if you want to do your part for the environment, in addition to merely saving money on electricity. Additionally, you may support environmental preservation, which some people might believe is crucial.

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Blue Raven Solar

Best Solar Financing Blue Raven Solar
  • Most efficient panels on the market
  • National coverage
  • Cradle to Cradle sustainability certification
  • Great warranty coverage
  • Expensive
  • Customer service varies by local dealer

Solar Power Pros

Outstanding Regional Installer Solar Power Pros
  • Many financing options
  • Family-owned and -operated
  • Makes charitable contributions
  • Limited service area
  • Relatively short workmanship warranty

ADT Solar

Best Warranty Coverage ADT Solar

ADT Solar has a lot of resources and educational material to help you better understand solar energy. They also provide quality solar installation services. Head over to our website for information on solar panel installation. You can also request a free quotation.

ADT Solar provides an assortment of solar panels and batteries, including products from Panasonic and LG. They also sell two solar storage brands: the Enphase Encharge and Tesla Powerwall 2. Customers can now track their solar usage through the MyEnlighten app. They won’t miss a thing thanks to 24/7 monitoring.

ADT Solar guarantees customer satisfaction by providing 25-year warranties. If one of our products has a defect or stops working, we will fix it immediately.

Payment options: ADT Solar only offers full system payment

  • Comprehensive service offerings
  • Offers products from leading manufacturers
  • NABCEP-certified technicians
  • Relatively young company
  • Slightly limited service area

Solar Side Up

  • Affordable solar solutions
  • Long company history
  • Great warranty coverage
  • Installs many top-tier brands
  • Full-service company
  • No leases or PPAs accepted
  • Large company size sometimes leads to below-average customer service

Flatiron Solar

  • Great customer service
  • Certified SunPower dealer
  • Relatively affordable
  • Many years of experience
  • Only one equipment brand offered
  • Relatively small service area

The Benefits of Solar Power in Aurora

The choice of solar installation for many people considering the move to solar is influenced by cost. When considering installing solar panels, there are many crucial factors to consider, and the installation cost is simply one of them. The following factors will affect how much it will cost and how much you may save:

The amount of power your solar panels can generate depends on a number of factors, including whether or not your roof receives a lot of direct sunshine and how your roof is configured.

How much energy does it cost you? The average Aurora household spends about $1,100 per year on residential energy consumption so you might save up to that amount.

Your planned solar project’s costs will depend on the type and brand of solar panels you purchase because more expensive, higher-efficiency panels are more expensive.

Incentives: You may reduce your taxes by 30% of the project cost thanks to the federal solar investment tax credit. There could be more incentives available in your city and state. Additionally, excluding incentives, you may save nearly $20,000 over the course of 20 years on your electricity expenses.

For the majority of homes, solar is a worthwhile investment. While saving the environment, you may generate your own electricity instead of paying for it from a utility provider and benefit from solar incentives and rebates.

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