Cool Blew Solar review

Cool Blew Electric & Solar, one of the most reliable solar panel installers in the Peoria area, will visit your house to determine how much sunshine it gets, factoring in variables like shading from nearby trees, the direction of your roof, and so on. Getting trained by a reputable solar provider in Peoria will help you make an educated purchase.
Cool Blew Solar review

Cool Blew Solar overview

Cool Blew Electric & Solar, one of the most reliable solar panel installers in the Peoria area, will visit your house to determine how much sunshine it gets, factoring in variables like shading from nearby trees, the direction of your roof, and so on. Getting trained by a reputable solar provider in Peoria will help you make an educated purchase.

What Cool Blew Solar has to say about itself

The installation of solar panels will increase your home's worth because of the rising cost of utilities. It is important to update your homeowner's insurance coverage whenever you make renovations that raise the value of your house. The idea of a much reduced power cost will be quite appealing to potential purchasers should the time come when you decide to sell your property.

Cool Blew Solar Review

Year Started2002
Service AreasAZ
Service TypesInstallation of solar panels, Solar system design solar financing, Maintenance and repair of solar panels, Storage of solar panels, Solar Energy Consulting, Solar energy monitoring, Education in the field of solar energy
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries

Cool Blew Solar website review

Several significant features of the Cool Blew Solar website may be identified after analysis. The website features a simple, contemporary layout with a color palette that is mostly blue to go with the company name. Users may effortlessly browse through the different parts thanks to the layout's thoughtful structure. Users of the website may easily visit pages like Home, About Us, Services, Solar Financing, and Contact because to the menu system's clarity and intuitiveness. This makes sure that users can quickly locate the information they need. The website offers in-depth details about Cool Blew Solar products, solar financing alternatives, and the advantages of solar power. Intentionally crafted for both private and business clientele, the text is clear, succinct, and simple to grasp. The website includes a part devoted to customer reviews that serves as social evidence of the validity of the business and the contentment of its clients. Potential clients are more likely to trust and believe you when you do this. By emphasizing that they provide a range of payment plans and support to help make solar more accessible for clients, Cool Blew Solar advertises their solar financing choices. This proves their dedication to assisting clients in switching to renewable energy. Visitors may get in touch with Cool Blew Solar by a variety of means, including a contact form, phone number, and physical address, on the Contact page. This accessibility fosters dialogue and raises consumer involvement. Overall, the Cool Blew Solar website shows a polished and user-friendly layout, successfully conveys the business' knowledge of solar solutions, and gives prospective consumers useful information.

Cool Blew Solar price policy

PackagesFrom $2.40 per watt to over $5 per watt
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit/Debit Cards, Online Payment, Financing, Bank Transfer, Mobile Payment(Apple Pay or Google Pay)
Payment discountsCash Discounts, Financing Options, Power lease or purchase agreement (PPA) discounts, Referral Discounts, Seasonal or promotional discounts, Government incentives

Cool Blew Solar online reputation

Cool Blew Solar has had a variety of reactions from consumers, according to the evaluations that have been published. While some clients were pleased with the promptness, professionalism, and quality of service offered by the business, other clients had unpleasant encounters and voiced unhappiness with a number of elements of their dealings with Cool Blew. Positive evaluations emphasized occasions when the business reacted immediately to repair requests, dealt with problems effectively, and provided helpful and polite customer care. The technicians' proficiency, knowledge, and quick problem-solving skills were highly regarded by the customers. Positive feedback was also given on the staff's professionalism and dependability. Cool Blew was slammed in several unfavorable reviews for providing subpar service, taking too long to respond, and acting impolitely. Some clients complained about difficulties such problems becoming worse after repairs, poor communication, and workers showing up without the essential tools. The high cost of services, the impression of dishonesty, and the challenge of finding replacement components at fair pricing were other issues that were brought up. In conclusion, although Cool Blew Solar earned acclaim for certain parts of their service, such as promptness and skill, there were also documented complaints from consumers about bad service, poor communication, and perceived exorbitant pricing. Before choosing to work with Cool Blew Solar, prospective clients should take these conflicting evaluations into account and balance the benefits and drawbacks.
"Poor service is what you provide. The heating system was worse when your guy arrived to repair it. There's no hot water, and you can't come fix it until Tuesday. Because of my wife's illness and disability, we can't uproot and stay in a motel. Therefore, despite spending Christmas inside, we shall have a wonderful day. Never use Cool Blew." - Edwin
"This must be a joke. Poor attention to customers! There was never any contact from anybody. They blatantly lied when they said my warranty provider never phoned to confirm my scheduled visit. I inquired with the warranty service and was told FALSEHOODS. Heather has to either stop interacting with customers or find a new career. Wow, really, don't waste your time or money here. The reviews that say not to bother reading are spot on. The quality of customer service has plummeted, and nobody seems to care. How ridiculous." - Erick
"I would not recommend Cool Blew Plumbing to anybody in need of a plumber in the Phoenix or Scottsdale areas. The company's principal plumber was not only dishonest with me, but also unethical, as was one of the owners. Cool Blew will delete your unfavorable review from their site if you submit it there. The plumber I called three times was always late, and he never bothered to phone me to let me know. Each time I called Cool Blew to find out where he was, I was given an explanation for his tardiness. LarryThat is a really businesslike inquiry. The people at Cool Blew are the least professional business I've ever dealt with. Don't waste your time with us; we're only one of several reputable plumbing services eager to prove our worth to you." - Larry
"They kept me waiting for a week before they could release me. Then, after they arrived, they claimed they couldn't access my roof because they didn't have the proper equipment. Wtf? What kind of business sends a technician to a project site without the necessary equipment? Waste management. It was a week before they came out, they didn't perform anything because they refused to climb on my roof, and I went with a new firm afterward....there was no "part" work was done period. Update to Sue's reply: she doesn't know what she's talking about. The company manager must be dreadful if this is how they keep their affairs in order." -Mke
"For many years, I've relied on Cool Blew to service the air conditioners in both my own residence and a rental property. They have done excellent work at reasonable rates in the past. A few days ago, the smaller of my two air conditioners quit functioning, so I gave Cool Blew a call as I normally do. They arrived soon, and a new contactor was all that was required. He showed me the broken piece and quoted me $282 to replace it, which sounded expensive, but I wanted it fixed before guests arrived, so I gave him the go-ahead. After he departed, I removed the old one and sought for a replacement on Amazon, where I quickly discovered dozens of alternatives, all priced at less than $35. I get that a business has to make a profit, but I really feel like I was taken for a ride." - Evan
"The air conditioner in the basement refused to turn on. I gave the 2016 installers, Cool Blew, a call, and they were able to get me in the very next day. In less than an hour after his arrival, Denny had the system up and operating. I was really satisfied with the service I received and the man that helped me. The folks at Cool Blew deserve a lot of praise. I could almost make out her pleasant tone of voice and helpful demeanor as the woman who answered my call. It's great to collaborate with competent workers who like what they do. That was really helpful, Cool Blew."-Roy
"When we phoned Cool Blew on a Friday morning in the hopes that they might fix our broken hot water heater before the weekend, they arrived within two hours.They came out, emptied the old tank, booked the pickup of the new tank, prepped the site, disposed of the old tank (under warranty saving roughly $500.00), and completed the installation; they also addressed my concerns and assured me that I could keep using dehydrated water. What a safe and productive team these two guys made! With confidence, I will recommend Cool Blue to anybody in need of plumbing or air conditioning repair." - Doug
"The water heater in my home started leaking yesterday. It seemed to not have gone on for very long before I noticed it. I disconnected the water supply and the electricity to the water heater, and then located my house warranty information. They issued Cool Blew with a task order. Within an hour after my first inquiry, I received a call confirming my appointment time of 8-9 AM today. At 7:30 in the morning, I received a text message informing me that a repairman was on his way. They arrived promptly! The plumber got the job done swiftly, was pleasant to talk to, and kept me informed. In the morning, everything had returned to normal. Everything was brand new, and now I have working hot water again! I couldn't have wished for a more pleasant and stress-free encounter." - Christina
"Cool Blew was supplied to me by my warranty provider. My phone was phoned by the repairman to let me know he was on his way, and he arrived promptly. My 20-year-old unit had problems, and he broke them down for me. Replacement was in order, I determined. Cost estimates were provided. There are more quotations for me to evaluate. In the end, I choose to use Cool Blew. They planned to take the old one out and put in the new one. They put in a few hours of work, and now everything is fine. Everyone on the crew was really helpful and kind. Everyone they sent showed up when expected. I picked up after myself and cleaned up the place. I'd suggest them to others and seek them out again." - Liliana
"We tracked out the source of the leak to a leaky water pipe behind the refrigerator and a stubborn valve. We contacted a few businesses, but we were informed that they would not be able to get here for many days. A technician from Cool Blew dropped by shortly after I talked with the company's kind representative; she had already requested whether he might drop by. He was kind and cooperative beyond measure. Changing the pipe and valve required more work than any of us had anticipated, and he even had to use a blow torch to release the nut. After finishing, he made sure to tidy up properly. Considering the situation, the cost was really reasonable. This is the first firm we will contact if we have future plumbing needs." - Brandon

Cool Blew Solar Social media
If you're interested in learning more about solar energy options, check out the Cool Blew Solar page on Facebook! To go along with the company's name, the cover art on this page is sleek and modern, including blue sky and solar panels. The company's emblem serves as the profile image, so it's easy to spot. Articles, advice, and news about the company's solar goods and services are only some of the solar-related information published on the website on a regular basis. Images and videos of excellent quality are included with each post, increasing their attractiveness and likelihood of being shared. The text is nicely written and informative on solar energy's positive effects on the environment, financial savings, and cost effectiveness. The website also features client success stories and testimonials to further establish trust and confidence. An obvious "click here" button links visitors to the company's website, where they can learn more and get in touch. You may reach out to prospective buyers with ease thanks to the page's encouragement of direct posting for requests or ideas. Visitors to the website may provide feedback in the form of ratings and reviews. Customer feedback is overwhelmingly good, complimenting the company's professionalism, product quality, and support. The Cool Blew Solar Facebook page, as a whole, does a great job of promoting solar energy alternatives via interesting and educational posts. Building brand recognition and generating leads is facilitated by a page's high level of interaction with its followers, favorable reviews, and obvious call to action.
A short summary of Cool Blew Solar is given in the profile, which claims that they are Arizona's top solar installation business. It refers to their dedication to provide premium solar solutions as well as their knowledge of both residential and commercial solar systems. The page includes fundamental firm details including the sector they serve, where their headquarters are, and how many people work there. Visitors may have a better understanding of the company's size and breadth thanks to this information. This page showcases Cool Blew Solar's qualifications and experience. It makes reference to their extensive knowledge of the solar sector and their staff of highly skilled professionals. This promotes their services' legitimacy and trustworthiness. An overview of Cool Blew Solar's services may be found on this page. Solar panel installation, solar panel storage, solar pool heating, and solar water heating are all mentioned. This comprehensive list demonstrates their breadth of services and depth of knowledge about numerous solar systems. The page discusses Cool Blew Solar's involvement in neighborhood life. It notes their involvement in neighborhood activities and dedication to advancing sustainable development and renewable energy. Jobs: A portion of the website is devoted to Cool Blew Solar employment openings. This shows that the organization is actively looking for fresh talent and offers prospective career exploration opportunities to interested people. Overall, Cool Blew Solar's LinkedIn profile successfully conveys their background, knowledge, and dedication to provide superior solar energy solutions. Testimonials, recognition, and involvement in the community all contribute to the development of credibility and trust, and a section on jobs highlights the company's emphasis on development and progress.
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Cool Blew Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews15


Cool Blew Solar Pros & Cons

  • Benefits for the environment
  • Energy Independence
  • Government incentives
  • Space Requirements
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Long payback period

Cool Blew Solar Final Conclusions

Based on the customer testimonials supplied, Cool Blew Solar's performance and reputation are fairly ambiguous. Customers have provided the business with both favorable and unfavorable comments, emphasizing different facets of their interactions and customer service. Quick response times, effective issue solving, and competent personnel are all positive features of Cool Blew Solar's performance. The organization has received acclaim from clients for responding to repair requests in a timely manner and for having personnel who can accurately identify and resolve problems. Positive comments about the staff's professionalism and dependability have also been made. Negative comments, however, point out areas that need work. Poor service was experienced by several consumers, including long response times, poor communication, and personnel showing up without the right tools. Other issues that were brought up were perceived excessive pricing, a lack of transparency, and challenges finding reasonably priced replacement components. In general, there are mixed reviews about Cool Blew Solar. Although they have earned praise for several parts of their service, there are still other areas where they might do better. Before considering whether or not to work with Cool Blew Solar, prospective clients should take into account these conflicting assessments and assess their unique requirements and interests.

Cool Blew Solar locations

Main Address8927 W. Bloomfield Road, Suite 130 Peoria, AZ 85381
Phone Number6232342836

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