CTEC Solar review

For its partners, the grid, and building owners, CTEC Solar is a top North American solar and energy storage project Developer, EPC, and O&M provider, providing quality, competitive, sustainable electricity. Our "Expertise, Quality, and Experience" in engineering and construction ensures that our clients' projects will last and provide the desired outcomes. Established in the New England area, our in-house energy specialists are among the most qualified and experienced in the business. Since we are not controlled by a utility or a real estate developer, we are free to choose whichever products best serve our customers' needs.

CTEC Solar overview

For its partners, the grid, and building owners, CTEC Solar is a top North American solar and energy storage project Developer, EPC, and O&M provider, providing quality, competitive, sustainable electricity. Our "Expertise, Quality, and Experience" in engineering and construction ensures that our clients' projects will last and provide the desired outcomes. Established in the New England area, our in-house energy specialists are among the most qualified and experienced in the business. Since we are not controlled by a utility or a real estate developer, we are free to choose whichever products best serve our customers' needs.

What CTEC Solar has to say about itself

We are a reputable U.S. developer and EPC firm founded in 2011. We've built commercial rooftop solar systems and big utility-scale solar plus storage facilities. New England-based CTEC Solar expanded to the Mid-Atlantic, South, and Midwest. In MA and CT, CTEC Solar pioneered solar energy development and contracting. We extended our presence to serve clients throughout the US as solar energy became more affordable. We have top-tier professionals in siting, design, engineering, connectivity, permitting, procurement, origination & structuring, finance, construction, and asset management. Our energy storage design, marketing, and optimization knowledge complements our solar expertise. The firm relies on its electricians, installers, engineers, and business developers.CTEC's quality and service reputation comes from its workers' devotion.

CTEC Solar Review

Year Started2011
Company Websitectecsolar.com
Service AreasCT, MA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film photovoltaic (PV)
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and AGM batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, SRCC, BBB

CTEC Solar website review

The website seems like it was made by professionals. A huge picture of the homepage slider, which showcases the company's solar installations and services, is immediately eye-catching. Easily accessible sections like "About Us," "Services," "Gallery," and "Contact Us" are only a click away from the user-friendly navigation menu. The company's background, goals, and core beliefs are all outlined on the "About us" page. Installing solar panels for homes, businesses, and farms are just some of the services described on CTEC Solar's Services page. The website also has a blog area that offers useful solar information and industry news as well as a gallery that showcases photographs of finished solar installations. Customers may easily get in touch with the business using the contact form, phone number, and physical location shown on the Contact Us page. The website for CTEC Solar, which looks to be well-designed and comprehensive, focuses on the company's history in the solar energy sector.

CTEC Solar price policy

PackagesFrom $3,000 - $20,000
Payment optionsCredit cards, cash, checks, and financing options
Payment discountsFinancing options with 0% and low interest rates

CTEC Solar online reputation

Customer testimonials reveal a mixed overall opinion of CTEC Solar. Positive customer service, spotless installations, and sales expectations that were met are just a few of the things that some customers have said. Others, however, have voiced complaints about unsatisfactory service, lengthy wait times, and subpar solar panel performance. One customer said that CTEC assisted them in collaborating with their city's Wetland Commission, saving them over $2,000 in unneeded expenses. Another client praised CTEC for not cutting corners on minor fixes. On the other side, one client complained that CTEC took too long to react to his service request and seemed to prioritize new installations above client assistance. Many clients said that CTEC's rates were reasonable and that they didn't feel compelled to buy anything. However, one client claimed to have been deceived about savings, while another said that their solar panels were malfunctioning and performing poorly. Overall, it seems like CTEC has certain advantages in terms of cost and customer assistance, but there have also been some drawbacks, including subpar solar panel performance.
"My solar panels have been in place for five years. Up until a few of the panels began to fail, I was really happy. I now get the idea that C-Tec doesn't consider me to be a top priority. I'm still awaiting their response to my service request. I get the impression that all they want to do is put panels on your home and go on. C-tec doesn't seem to care if you have an issue after you have the solar array. Additionally, although though the inverters and panels may have a 20–25-year warranty, the labor costs to repair broken parts are not covered by the warranty unless the issue was caused by poor installation. Given all I've gone through, I wouldn't put solar panels on my home. Before I get a return on my investment, my solar panels would need to be in operation for a further five years. Given that the panels and inverters are beginning to malfunction, it doesn't seem likely that will ever happen." - Nowak
"Has a single CTEC client made the anticipated yearly kWh savings? Less than 90% of the engineered design will be produced by the installed panels for the second year in a row. CTEC promises to produce just 80% of what was planned. It seems that the system is intended to produce between 80 and 90% of the yearly kwh that is provided. Given this architecture, it doesn't seem cost-effective to use CTEC for solar power. I was informed that the panels perform better in the second year when I asked about the deficiency from the previous year. I've spoken to the neighbors who had the Tesla system installed, and they're exceeding their contract." - Scott
"Salespeople first misled about the rebate. a cheque will be sent by the government, it was said. True, but. The solar panels then showed up, and I had to unpack them. The guys arrived late. The electrician then used my materials to wipe up glue that had spilt in my basement.The same person littered my yard extensively. When I was mowing, a piece of grass struck my wife's vehicle. Since she was unhappy, we cleaned up the area where he was working to prevent more events. I squandered a day off since I had been informed I needed more support above my garage but it wasn't necessary. For all of my annoyance, I was promised a gift card. That didn't take place.Very poor decision to believe that this organization would be trustworthy, honor its commitments, and proudly install." - Jeff in WL
"C-Tec team strengths 1) My town's Wetlands Commission surprised us by asking us to perform a $2000+ "study". Edwin from C-Tec visited with them numerous times and personally attended their monthly meeting to discuss our objectives in depth and reassure them that a study wasn't needed. Most people would have told me to pay another $2k and ended it. 2) Our landscapers cut the house-to-panel ethernet wire. C-Tec Electricians spliced the wire the same day without charging. Many corporations nickel and dime on those tiny things that were plainly not their responsibility. 3) I checked in with Nick (our Site Manager) multiple times a day to keep informed. He constantly took the time to take me through and physically show me what was being done, what obstacles he was facing, and what was predicted to be done by the end of the day and how it would affect our timeline. I was aware of a couple project delays that moved our goal date back a week, so I never felt in the dark. The crew always gave 100%. C-Tec felt like a partner, not a vendor. They looked out for my best interests and ensured a pleasant experience. I know where to obtain additional panels." - George Acker
"Our whole interaction with C-TEC left us really satisfied. After meeting with three different installers, a buddy suggested we call C-TEC; we were delighted we did. They turned out to be the most affordable option, and everyone we dealt with was pleasant to work with. Since the panels required to be on the front of our home, I had a LOT of concerns, but the installation is very CLEAN and there are no visible connections anywhere. It would be nice to post a photo. very recommended" - Peter Wagner
"C-TEC performed well throughout. Installation, pricing, rebates, and performance outcomes all met the salesperson's expectations. They gave forth a lot of information without pressuring me to make a purchase. The fact that South Windsor selected C-TEC as their first choice for the Solarize Connecticut initiative made me delighted. This demonstrated that selecting C-TEC was the correct move. Two other solar firms tried to sell or lease me a system, but they were unable to provide me with clear responses to my inquiries. I had to do a lot of independent research, and going through the contracts was exhausting. C-TEC is really simple and obvious." - DDDEMS
"I must acknowledge that right now, my system is not operational. It was a positive experience working with C-TEC. Given that I am a certified electrician myself, I may be a difficult client. The men maintained the job site tidy and were pleasant and knowledgable. The office's assistance was likewise a positive experience. My project manager, Abigail, was fantastic to communicate with and I often use email. It took me a long time, but I eventually decided to have a solar installation, and I couldn't be happier with my choice. I was not interested in mounting solar panels on my roof, therefore C-TEC was more than happy to accommodate my needs, and we had a ground mount installation instead. A referral scheme is also available. I got in touch with a number of my electrical pals and encouraged them to use the solar program and C-TEC as well. Only one of four close friends opted to have an installation, and he informed me he was pleased with the whole experience." - johnboyst77
"Before agreeing to work with C-TEC Solar, we conducted interviews with six other solar firms. The BEST choice we could have made was this! Their pre-sale technician was outstanding (clever, perceptive, accessible even on weekends, thorough, and approachable), but the group who installed our array was also first-rate. Respectful, tidy, kind, and performed a fantastic job installing our 59 panels. We now have a solar array that, thanks to the superb work of the pre-install specialist and the professionalism of the installers, has covered 99% of our power demand in our first year! We are ecstatic beyond words! From a "behind the scenes" perspective, C-TEC Solar was the ONLY business that provided a 20-year lease option WITHOUT an annual price rise. This is just another feature that convinced us to choose C-TEC Solar. As a last point, the installation process took 3 months from signing to energizing our array! I think that is AMAZING! The other businesses we spoke with said it may take 6 to 8 months to finish. Working with C-TEC Solar is THE thing to do! You won't be let down, I promise! just outstanding" - JohnMarquis

CTEC Solar Social media

The Facebook page for CTEC Solar is active, with more than 6100 likes and mainly favorable comments from users. The page is frequently updated with corporate news, images from their projects, and educational movies on the value of solar energy. Additionally, the page grants special access to company sales and promotions. The articles on the page encourage users to like and share the page in order to propagate the company's message. The page uses a range of content (text, photographs, and videos) to engage readers. The business is also active on social media, commenting on posts and responding to clients, demonstrating their commitment to top-notch customer service. In general, clients may learn a lot about CTEC Solar and solar energy in general by visiting the company's Facebook page.
With approximately 800 followers and continuous participation with posts and updates from the company, CTEC Solar has a strong online presence on LinkedIn. The page is routinely updated with news and details regarding the business's most recent endeavors and successes. The mixture of text, photos, and video in the content makes it both fascinating and educational for viewers. Additionally, the page joins in talks about energy issues and actively connects with customers, demonstrating the company's commitment to the conversation and its role in educating the public about solar energy. Customers may discover more about CTEC Solar and keep up with its most recent news by visiting the company's LinkedIn page, which is a terrific resource overall.
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CTEC Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews213.4


CTEC Solar Pros & Cons

  • Certified Installers
  • Comprehensive guarantees
  • Financing options
  • High initial costs
  • The installation process may take a long time
  • Inconsistent customer service

CTEC Solar Final Conclusions

Customer reviews of CTEC Solar's performance are conflicting. A few customers have expressed satisfaction with the installation process, their dealings with suppliers, and the assistance they have gotten. Other consumers, however, have reported problems including delayed replies, broken panels, and poor customer service. It is obvious that CTEC Solar has to enhance its customer service, particularly in managing repair requests and keeping its word to clients. However, it is important to note that certain customers valued the installation team's professionalism and quick resolution of small concerns. In conclusion, it seems that CTEC Solar has space for development in the installation procedure, but it also has certain benefits.

CTEC Solar locations

Main Address1 Griffin Rd S Suite 200, Bloomfield, CT 06002
Phone Number888-527-6527

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