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We think things can and should improve worldwide. After all the damage and negative consequences we've seen in the past, renewable energy sources are starting to seem like the best bet for the future. The production of electricity accounts for the vast majority of all greenhouse gas emissions. Meanwhile, the sun's hourly projection of energy onto Earth is more than the annual consumption of the whole globe. It's about time that we begin making use of this fantastic asset.

Klick Solar overview

We think things can and should improve worldwide. After all the damage and negative consequences we've seen in the past, renewable energy sources are starting to seem like the best bet for the future. The production of electricity accounts for the vast majority of all greenhouse gas emissions. Meanwhile, the sun's hourly projection of energy onto Earth is more than the annual consumption of the whole globe. It's about time that we begin making use of this fantastic asset.

What Klick Solar has to say about itself

We appreciate your consideration of Klick. We founded Klick Solar in February 2019 out of a deep appreciation for the solar sector and a desire to spread awareness about its many advantages. The sun is a renewable energy source that supplies our world with a plethora of benefits. That's a resource worth cultivating, in our opinion. Our goal in creating Klick was to make the transition to solar energy for homes enjoyable and simple. The solar industry is notoriously complicated, and we all know it. There is a lot of jargon, many different perspectives, and general confusion. Since going solar is a no-brainer, we've made it our aim to make the process a "Klick" for you. At Klick, we're all united in our commitment to provide you with the greatest solar service available. Our mission is to make going solar a fantastic experience for you. We hope you'll share our enthusiasm for solar energy. Allow us to put some "Klick" in your day!

Klick Solar Review

Year Started2019
Company Websiteklicksolar.com
Service AreasCO, NV
Service TypesInstallation, maintenance, monitoring of solar panels, energy storage solutions, financing
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA

Klick Solar website review

The website features a simple, contemporary layout. Visitors who want to comprehend Klick Solar's mission and services immediately may find the homepage's straightforward title and succinct description to be beneficial. The website offers a variety of services relating to the installation, upkeep, and financing of solar panels and is dedicated to promoting solar energy alternatives. The website offers a number of sections that provide details on the advantages of solar energy, the company's installation procedure, and frequently asked questions. A testimonials area on the website might aid in gaining the confidence of prospective clients. The website has clear titles, descriptions, and meta tags that are effectively optimized for search engines. The Klick Solar website seems to be well-designed and educational overall, offering readers a clear understanding of the company's services and the advantages of solar energy.

Klick Solar price policy

PackagesFrom around $5,000 to $25,000
Payment optionsCredit cards, cash, checks, and financing through third-party providers.
Payment discountsLoyalty programs and group discounts

Klick Solar online reputation

Based on customer reviews, it seems that Klick Solar has received mixed reviews from its customers. While some have had positive experiences with the company, others have had negative experiences.Positive reviews praise Klick Solar for its efficient installation process and excellent customer communication. Customers also appreciated the fact that the company supports the use of US-made equipment and provides funding options. However, negative reviews criticized the company's sales tactics, disrespect for non-invitation signs, poor follow-up, and terrible communication. Some customers have also complained about receiving overdue invoices.Overall, it seems that Klick Solar has room for improvement in terms of sales and customer service processes. However, customers who have had positive experiences with the company have praised its professionalism, efficiency, and commitment to using American-made equipment.
"Last summer, we had someone come to our home and offer a lot of fantastic promises about this procedure, so we immediately signed up. While she was still here, she requested me to write a review and offered us a free Nest thermostat in return for five stars. That thermostat was never delivered to us. It's taken forever, their communications are terrible, and I wish we would have chosen a another firm since the process has been sluggish and unclear as mud. They have excellent salesmen, but they need to think about spending more money to improve the registration process for those of us who sign up. In July 2022, our salesman came to see us, but our panels are still not operational. I'm dissatisfied overall." - Lindsay Christopher
"Reps that lack respect! A no solicitation sign is here. My pets have been agitated by their repeated knocking and doorbell ringing. I throw open the door and gesture at the sign. Next, they claim that they are not selling anything. LIARS! Due to the introduction of smart meters, we ARE in the market for solar. If you knock on my door, your business will never be considered.You've permanently forfeited your chance to get my business!" - Deidre White
"Thank you for your door-to-door salesperson repeatedly ringing my doorbell on a Saturday morning despite the fact that there is a big "No Soliciting" sign in front of it. Any business with subpar goods or services ought not have to use such strategies. Avoid this firm at all costs." - Anthony Fox
"Poor follow-up and terrible communication. To get information, we were had to make many calls. Calls, emails, and texts have been promised but never delivered. When we contacted this afternoon to check on the situation, we were informed at 4:30 that the electrician would be at this location at 7:30 the next morning. If we hadn't phoned, we wouldn't have been aware. It has been a really stressful process overall! I do not advise it!" - David Bowers
"After nightfall, three sales representatives knocked on our door. ignored our "no soliciting" sign and gave us the sleaziest, pushiest, and worst sales presentation we've ever experienced. We wouldn't do business and we'll encourage others to do the same." - Jamie Buzick
"We finally had our solar panels installed after applying in January! Faster than I had anticipated. Email updates were sent to us throughout the route, and we will shortly be getting the military incentive payment. Everybody has been incredibly nice and protective of our family and project. I advise anybody looking for a nearby solar business to use Klick." - Sherry J
"Klick is fantastic! They assisted me in rerouting the money I would have paid to Xcel into a possession that raises the value of my house and shields me from rate hikes! Zero out-of-pocket expenses!They handled everything and communicated well, making the process quite straightforward. According to plan, everything was installed and switched on. Klick is the best option!" - Mike G
"For my family and I, Klick has been fantastic. They were open and honest about the procedure, secured finance for us, and made us feel supported at every step. Our reputation is excellent. I have nothing but praise for this business." - Alice J.
"We've had klick installed for two years. We have received many invoices that are past due. Our sales representative has high standards. The installation team worked quickly and neatly. This organization has been quite easy to communicate with, and their office phone number is very helpful. Would strongly advise using this firm!" - Genna R.
"This is a wonderful business that really cares about the people they assist. Because they are a local business, the employees already feel like family and are aware that they value their clients. The fact that they employ equipment produced in America and keep you informed as your project develops is one of their greatest qualities. They have had flawless communication. These people have been fantastic to me, and I can't praise them enough!" - Brandon

Klick Solar Social media

It looks that Klick Solar has a successful Facebook presence. Recent entries have been made during the last several days, so it is maintained current. There are many different kinds of entries, from customer reviews to articles on solar energy. Customers interact with the page constantly, and it routinely answers their queries and comments. Additionally, the page often gives away prizes and awards to its fans, encouraging visitors to engage with it. Additionally, Klick Solar effectively uses photos and infographics to support their text-based postings. Overall, Klick Solar's Facebook page is well-run and interesting for its followers, making it a useful tool for advertising their products.
The LinkedIn profile for Klick Solar is polished and well-maintained. They have consistently uploaded articles, videos, and job posts promoting their business. Additionally, they have received several recommendations from prominent experts in the field. In addition, the profile offers details about the business, such as its goal statement and contact details. LinkedIn has been a terrific resource for them because to Klick Solar's good use of it to connect with prospective clients and workers.
YouTube Channel
21 Subscribers

Klick Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1234.4


Klick Solar Pros & Cons

  • Variety of panel types and mounting options
  • Wide range of financing options
  • Special discounts and promotions
  • Installation cost can be high
  • Installation process can be lengthy
  • Limited availability in certain areas

Klick Solar Final Conclusions

It's difficult to assess Klick Solar's overall performance based on the conflicting customer feedback. While some clients have enjoyed working with the business, others have had problems. However, it is obvious that Klick Solar has to enhance its client relations, follow-ups, and sales strategies. Additionally, the business must follow restriction signs' requirements and guarantee that consumers don't have to wait too long for installation or delivery. Despite these shortcomings, Klick Solar has received accolades for its dedication to employing US-made equipment and offering financing alternatives to clients. The business was lauded for its professionalism and effective installation method.

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Phone Number(720) 465-9073

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