Cutler Bay Solar Solutions review

In order to harness the power of the sun that is already beaming on neighborhood roofs, we work to be the change for a cleaner, greener future. You can use the sun to fuel your life, and it won't cost a fortune! Every sunny South Florida rooftop has potential, and Cutler Bay Solar is prepared to demonstrate this to everyone.

Cutler Bay Solar Solutions overview

In order to harness the power of the sun that is already beaming on neighborhood roofs, we work to be the change for a cleaner, greener future. You can use the sun to fuel your life, and it won't cost a fortune! Every sunny South Florida rooftop has potential, and Cutler Bay Solar is prepared to demonstrate this to everyone.

What Cutler Bay Solar Solutions has to say about itself

The biggest licensed/insured, family-owned and operated solar installer in South Florida is Cutler Bay Solar Solutions. Our company, an Enphase Platinum installer, aspires to change the world one home at a time. In 2013, we started with one rooftop and the fundamental tenet that significant improvements begin small. Cutler Bay Solar is proud of its local participation in rooftop solar empowerment and education in an effort to mirror its founding purpose.

Cutler Bay Solar Solutions Review

Year Started2013
Service AreasFL
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Architecture, Energy Auditing, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries
CertificationsBBB, NABCEP

Cutler Bay Solar Solutions website review

The website features a mostly white backdrop and a sleek, contemporary style. The top of the website has a navigation menu that makes it simple to reach sections like Home, About Us, Services, Projects, and Contacts. This guarantees that consumers can locate the data they want promptly. A huge solar panel banner, a succinct headline, and a call to action button are all present on the site. This clearly communicates the business' emphasis on solar solutions. Information about the company's history, goals, and beliefs may be found on the "About Us" page. Additionally, it contains specifics about the team members, which adds personality and fosters trust. The numerous solar products that Cutler Bay Solar Solutions offers are listed on the Services page. Each service is thoroughly explained, along with its advantages and features. This aids prospective customers in comprehending the variety of services offered. On the Projects page, you can see finished solar project photographs and summaries. Visitors may easily contact you by using the contact page's contact form, phone number, and address. Additionally, consumers may simply locate the company's office thanks to connection with Google Maps. Links to the company's social media accounts are included on the website, enabling users to interact with them on sites like Facebook and Instagram. Overall, the website for Cutler Bay Solar Solutions successfully communicates the business' offerings, highlights its experience via case studies, and gives prospective customers simple methods to get in touch with them.

Cutler Bay Solar Solutions price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $30,000 or more
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit or Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards), Bank Transfer, PayPal, Financing Options
Payment discountsCash discounts

Cutler Bay Solar Solutions online reputation

Client comments reveal a range of replies that Cutler Bay Solar Solutions has gotten. Customers have given the business good evaluations for its competency, knowledge, and level of customer care. Customers are happy with their energy installations since they have decreased energy costs and efficient solar panel systems. However, there are also some unfavorable reviews where consumers bemoan problems like poor customer service, a lack of attention, and delays with installation and help. Several consumers voiced their unhappiness that the company couldn't fix the problems with its solar system. Customer dissatisfaction and disappointment are also brought on by the business's poor follow-up and communication. It's reasonable to suppose that Cutler Bay Solar Solutions has dealt with both happy and unhappy customers. While some clients have interacted well with the company and its employees, others have had difficulties and have not gotten enough assistance. A potential consumer must carefully read both positive and negative reviews and do considerable research before making a purchase. As a consequence, the quality of your interactions with the company will increase.
"I have been unsuccessfully attempting to arrange service for the last two weeks. There was never any response from the service department. Having a system that is operating below capacity and losing money is frustrating. Because of the poor quality of service I received, I cannot endorse this business." - Sean
"This firm provided the 2019 system I ultimately ordered. One panel never worked after installation. After my repeated requests over the course of over three months, they finally came to replace the panel. It was terrible how they lied constantly and never returned calls. Now, in the current day, my infrastructure has completely broken down. I phoned seven different solar energy businesses, and none seemed interested in fixing the problem. Remember that when you weigh your options. It seems that these businesses have made a pact not to touch each others' infrastructure. Forcing me to call Cutler Bay Solar Solutions was a need. About three weeks ago, I contacted Raul Junior and informed him that the system was down. After calling Cutler Bay Solar Solutions three times and leaving two voicemails, he has yet to get a reply. I've never worked with a business that didn't value its consumers as much as this one. You should research each vendor well before making a final purchase, since you will be stuck with them no matter what happens in the future. In order to identify the issue, I contacted the equipment's manufacturer through their website and hired an electrician. It's functional, but it wasn't because to Cutler Bay Solar Solutions' assistance. This is my frank assessment of the firm in question. I must warn you." - Dan
"There has been no progress on my project or communication from CBSS for yet another week. It's been four years since they first put in my solar panels. I asked them to come take down my array and put up a new one after I had a new roof put on my home. Since they removed the panels, it has been challenging to deal with them to get them replaced on my roof. I really doubt that they are interested in working here. I have tried both calling and emailing repeatedly without success. In order to receive a response from them, I finally resorted to publishing a negative review of their business. Pathetic. It's been over 4 months since they obtained the necessary permission, and they've only visited once to remove all the solar panels. They have stopped doing anything and are now lounging on the curb outside my home." - Elaine
"When you require Cutler Bay Solar Solutions to fix an error they made, you will get the worst customer care possible. This is a firm I wouldn't even suggest to my worst enemy. The Solar Sales Representative will arrive on-site and answer the phone promptly to make a sale, but not to fix any of their own faults. Give Raul, the proprietor, a call and see if he picks up. Before writing this review, I waited six months for a technician to come fix a faulty battery installation, but to no avail." - Andrew
"It's been a really irritating procedure. Cutler Bay began the installation procedure weeks ago by placing bars on our roof, and then they vanished. They ceased responding to our communications and disappeared without a trace. We have no clue when they will return, what is going on, or whether we will be able to keep our solar panel permission with the city of Miami. The company's support staff is unresponsive. We have yet to get any kind of real service or product from them, and there is no indication that this will ever happen." - Angela
"My experience with Cutler Bay Solar, which I used to have solar panels installed on my property, was quite remarkable. Through it all, my representative Harry shown professionalism, expertise, and patience. From our first meeting through the completion of the job and inspection, Harry was always accessible to address my issues and answer my inquiries. The crew from Cutler Bay Solar was quick and pleasant to work with. They spared no effort to make sure the final product was perfect in every way. The panels are doing an excellent job and have already greatly reduced my energy cost. With Harry's help, Cutler Bay Solar gave me with excellent service, and I couldn't be happier with the results. I would suggest them to anybody thinking about installing solar panels at their house or place of business." - Masson
"After much study, we decided to go with this firm to install our solar panels. It has satisfied me much. Be wary of solar energy businesses. Most are less than 2 years old; many have decent goals but haven't yet been able to get the necessary permissions to succeed (one business had 56 failed inspections). Talk to solar energy providers and do your homework. It's easy to make a costly error." - Nalinie
"I had a wonderful time beginning to end. As we progressed through the process, Rey was always accessible to answer our inquiries and offer updates. Their installation crew was courteous and thorough; they paid attention to detail and were knowledgeable enough to ask questions and make judgments as they went along to ensure everything looked great. I'd be happy to collaborate with everyone again." - Emmanuel
"At Cutler Bay Solar, I met the genial Tom Dwyer. My husband and I were searching for the greatest price, quality, and installation time, so we dropped by to see what they had to offer. "Wow," I said, “he's a great guy and he knows his stuff. We departed having bought solar panels for our 4-bedroom house, and now all my relatives and friends want to meet Tom. Both his customer service and his pricing are unbeatable.We are overjoyed! When making a major purchase, more individuals should be like Tom Dwyer. Wish he was a car salesman too!! Thank you for your honesty and for all you've done." - Sherri
"Working with this organization has been a pleasure; they are very professional and pay close attention to every detail. Rey came to the home in November and explained the procedure and how many panels we required after I phoned them based on the positive feedback I had heard about them from friends. After waiting another month for the necessary permissions, we were able to begin installing the solar panels in March, and by the end of April, they had begun producing electricity. The solar panels have been performing well, and I am able to monitor their output through the app, a monthly report sent to my email, and, of course, FPL! That money was well spent. Last week, Rey phoned to check in and see how things were doing, and his inquiry was a nice, personal touch. Anybody on the fence regarding solar power, I urge you to read this. Fantastic expenditure!" -Lawrence

Cutler Bay Solar Solutions Social media
It looks to be the official Facebook page for Cutler Bay Solar Solutions, a Florida solar energy business. The page's objectives are to advertise its services, educate visitors about solar energy, and foster audience interaction. The arrangement of the website is expert and attractive to the eye. The installation of a solar battery is shown, and their emblem is plainly visible on the cover. The website often posts articles, advice on energy conservation, and updates on its services all relating to solar energy. Additionally, they provide success stories and client endorsements. The writing is excellent, and the topic is pertinent to the intended audience. By answering letters, comments, and reviews from its audience, Cutler Bay Solar Solutions actively interacts with them. They appreciate good comments and will respond quickly to any requests or problems. Customers may post evaluations and ratings on the page in the reviews area. Customers have praised Cutler Bay Solar Solutions' professionalism, work ethic, and affordability in their excellent evaluations. Potential clients' trust and confidence are boosted by favorable evaluations. A large call to action button on the website invites visitors to get in touch with them for a free consultation. Additionally, it is simple for consumers to reach them since their contact details, like their phone number, email address, and website, are readily available. Overall, Cutler Bay Solar Solutions' Facebook page efficiently promotes their offerings, interacts with the public, and establishes trust via good comments and involvement from the local community.
A brief summary of CBSolar is available on the company's LinkedIn profile. It states that CBSolar is a solar power firm with its headquarters in Cutler Bay, Florida. In addition to mentioning their expertise in setting up, caring for, and financing solar panels, the evaluation emphasizes their dedication to provide sustainable energy options. According to their LinkedIn website, CBSolar employs between 51 and 200 people. This suggests that the firm is a modest to medium-sized one. Additionally, in line with their emphasis on solar energy solutions, CBSolar is categorized on the website as a renewable energy industry. The website emphasizes CBSolar's proficiency with regards to setting up, caring for, and financing solar panels. It states that they provide unique solar solutions for household, business, and industrial clients. On its website, LinkedIn has a section where it profiles a few of the CBSolar team members. It displays their backgrounds as professionals as well as their profiles and jobs within the organization. Solar energy, emerging innovations in renewable energy, and business news are often covered on the LinkedIn profile. The page also promotes interaction via likes, comments, and shares, demonstrating an active online presence. Users may provide recommendations and reviews about companies on LinkedIn. Numerous glowing recommendations from customers and partners can be seen on the CBSolar website, which supports the legitimacy of their offerings and reveals how happy their customers are with them. The Cutler Bay Solar Solutions LinkedIn profile offers a thorough summary of the company's offerings, background, and market presence.
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Cutler Bay Solar Solutions average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews884.4


Cutler Bay Solar Solutions Pros & Cons

  • Energy Independence
  • Long term investment
  • Comprehensive Services
  • Weather dependency
  • Space Requirements
  • Maintenance and repair

Cutler Bay Solar Solutions Final Conclusions

Customers' opinions of Cutler Bay Solar Solutions' performance and reputation vary, based on the available comments. Customers have appreciated the company's professionalism, competence, and the quality of its solar panel installations. Customers gushed over how swiftly and expertly the installation crew completed the job, as well as how much money they were able to save by using the panels. Customers have, however, voiced complaints over the company's poor customer service and communication. Consumers have reportedly had trouble getting their inquiries about the solar system addressed or issues resolved in a timely way. Overall, it seems that Cutler Bay Solar Solutions has both satisfied and dissatisfied clients, which may indicate inconsistent quality assurance or communication problems. It's crucial to read these reviews and do preliminary research if you're considering doing business with the company. You should consider their performance overall as well as their response times, communication methods, and general fit before hiring them to install your solar panels. To make a complaint and learn more about the company's customer service procedures, it can also be beneficial to get in touch with the business directly.

Cutler Bay Solar Solutions locations

Main Address10482 SW 186 Terr | Cutler Bay, FL 33157
Phone Number3052800638

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