Dynamic SLR review

As one of Dallas's most reputable solar panel installation businesses, Dynamic SLR is out to shake up the fast-paced solar sector by providing consumers with the lowest possible system costs, the highest possible installation quality, and the quickest possible time between the sale and the installation.
Dynamic SLR review

Dynamic SLR overview

As one of Dallas's most reputable solar panel installation businesses, Dynamic SLR is out to shake up the fast-paced solar sector by providing consumers with the lowest possible system costs, the highest possible installation quality, and the quickest possible time between the sale and the installation.

What Dynamic SLR has to say about itself

From conceptualization to permits, construction, maintenance, and analysis, we're at your side the whole way. Getting electricity via the outdated grid is wasteful and costly. Investing in solar panels from our firm is a simple way to reduce your monthly power costs. Our solar panel firm has skilled technicians that will ensure a proper installation for your property in Dallas or anyplace else in the Lone Star State.

Dynamic SLR Solar Review

Year Started2019
Company Websitedynamicslr.com
Service AreasTX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, IACI, BPI, BBB

Dynamic SLR website review

A stunning and well-structured platform, Dynamic SLR's website makes it easy to exhibit their products. The website is user-friendly, and it is clear that each section has been designed to provide consumers rapid access to comprehensive information on the products and services that Dynamic SLR offers. Visitors to the website may also get a visual summary of the company's services through an image and video carousel. Online, there is also a blog that provides helpful guidance about cinematography and related topics. The website has sections for contacting us, pricing, and frequently asked questions. After considering the aforementioned facts, customers may access the website effectively and efficiently. SEO tactics are used on the website to improve its accessibility and search engine visibility. Consequently, the Dynamic SLR website is an effective marketing tool for their company. It is also logically organized, navigable, and well-designed.

Dynamic SLR price policy

PackagesAround $2,000, while more complex setups with motion control and augmented reality may cost up to $20,000.
Payment optionsCash, check, major credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers.
Payment discounts0% financing option, 5% discount on prepaid orders and three-year interest-free financing on the cost of equipment

Dynamic SLR online reputation

It is clear from the customer evaluations that Dynamic SLR has gotten a mix of favorable and unfavorable comments. While some clients are pleased with the company's salespeople, professionalism, and level of service, others have had problems and believe that the promises made have been broken. Positive reviews emphasize the technical and sales staff of Dynamic SLR's level of professionalism and knowledge. Customers like the company's dedication to resolving any difficulties that develop even after installation as well as the quick and educated replies to their questions and concerns. The installations are praised for being swift and seamless, with careful attention to detail and a tidy finish. Due to their great interactions with Dynamic SLR, clients have begun referring others to the business. Negative feedback, on the other hand, focuses on broken promises and unmet guarantees. Some clients believe they have been duped by salesmen who have made exaggerated promises and then refuse to take responsibility or deal with the problems. Unexpected financial demands, unhappiness with the quality of the service or product, and a lack of reaction to consumer complaints are all examples of complaints. Delays, unattended repairs, and general irritation with the process are mentioned. Overall, there has been a mixed response to Dynamic SLR, reflecting a variety of opinions and experiences. While some clients enjoyed their interactions and expressed satisfaction with their choice of the business, others voiced disappointment and regret. Before making a purchase, prospective clients should do extensive research, clarify any claims or assurances, and carefully weigh their alternatives.
"No way should you do business with this firm. Salespeople will tell you anything they need to in order to obtain a signature, and if they can't follow through, they'll say something along the lines of "well, that salesman ought not to have said that because we are unable to accomplish that." Nothing was done to correct it or make up for the deception. Except for maybe a pair of free energy-efficient light bulbs with LEDs. Enjoy those bulbs while you can since you was lied to and now you have to spend a lot more money." - Brandon
"It's been almost a year since I got my panels, and looking back, it was a terrible mistake that I really regret making. I really wish I had never acquired them in the first place, especially from Dynamic SLR. Greimy Torregroza was the sales person that closed the deal with me about the panels. She assured me that I would not be required to make any more payments for the power, and that I would even get part of my money back. Instead, I am now responsible for paying the monthly expenses for the panels, in addition to making a separate payment to Oncor.I have previously made an effort to resolve this issue with them, but it has resulted in a dead end. Their answer is to install more panels, but this will just increase my financial obligation to them, and from what I've learned from my study, installing additional panels does not often resolve the underlying problem.I don't see the purpose of having the panels when I truly believe that I used to spend less money on power before these panels were put. I can't remember for sure, but I think it was before these panels were installed." - Logan
"Please do not put your whole faith in this firm or the sales person, especially with regard to all of the information that has been presented to you at this point. They were just interested in making a sale in the end since that is what drives their company. But as consumers, we have some responsibility to perform our own research. When I chose to go solar with Dynamic Solar, I made a few errors in my planning and execution. It is necessary for me to design a plan in order to compete in the American marketing." - Ethan
"They did not live up to all of their assurances and promises. There has been a delay in my service. Therefore, I am now responsible for paying for both my electric and their charge. They took down my fence, but they didn't repair it after they did it. I am miserable. I really wish I had never agreed to do this." - Jacob
"Salespeople are employed by this firm to actively mislead customers. Making empty promises of success and then denying responsibility for any unethical behavior in business when challenged. They have many clients and often shift blame. Before investing in solar panels, it's important to learn as much as possible about them from those who already have them installed in their homes. My husband and I have been communicating with this firm for a while now, but they have shown no willingness to fix the problem. Attributing the scam to their sibling firm while in reality they are all in it together." - Ava
"I spoke to about a dozen businesses before deciding on Dynamic SLR to install solar panels for me, and I'm glad I did.Their sales manager, Amir, is quick to respond and really educated; you can trust his word 100% of the time.You may meet their brilliant technical personnel in their spacious local office, which I visited while I was in the area;Before they install solar panels on your roof, you may visit their nearby warehouse to see them in person. Everyone from the firm that came to my home did it in the utmost professional and friendly manner; The installation went through without a hitch, and when they were finished, there wasn't a scrap of waste anywhere to be seen, and everything looked great; Even after the first installation, Amir and his team are always quick to address any issues or queries that may arise. Everything seems to be running well at the moment, and if I ever have any issues in the future, I know exactly who to contact and where to locate them. As of right now, I couldn't be happier with my decision to go with Dynamic SLR as my solar provider." - Owen
"I'm relieved that we chose this firm to meet our solar energy requirements. You can trust on their expertise and professionalism. Since solar was unfamiliar to us, we had many questions, and they patiently answered each one. Their costs were also rather fair. I enjoyed our collaboration immensely and would gladly refer them to friends and colleagues." - Theresa
"Marcos had a gift for persuasion. It was a delight to have him stay with me. Very well-informed; he knows a lot about his field and the business he works for. He patiently explained things to me until I had a firm grasp on them. Facilitated a swift and easy business deal. It's with no reservations that I endorse him." - Leo
"We spoke to a few other firms when we were considering having solar panels installed on our roof, but in the end we decided to go with Dynamic SLR. Gary Sirota was one of the factors, among a number of others that contributed to this decision. He was really kind with us, and he did an excellent job of elaborating on everything for us. He is an all around fantastic man with a great deal of information regarding the installation of solar panels. During our first meeting with them, he did not make any attempts to push or coerce us in any way. The actual installation went really well, and up to this point, we are absolutely ecstatic with all of the cost reductions that we have been able to achieve by switching to solar energy. If you are considering doing the same thing, I strongly suggest that you look into Dynamic SLR." - Kate
"This firm is great to its workers, as seen by the fact that my kid enjoys working for them. I don't often take the time to post reviews on Google, but I felt compelled to do so for this firm. Not only is my son pleased, but I am glad for him as well since they treat him well. As a result of this, he has been able to support our family and spend time with us over the holidays, something that was difficult for him to do with his past employment. This company has an absolutely incredible culture!" - Luca

Dynamic SLR Social media

Facebook is a fun and aesthetically attractive platform for connecting with Dynamic SLR's goods and services. The page has a comprehensive description of the business, a profile image, a cover photograph, video tales, and a link to their website. Along with featuring user feedback, the portal also showcases a range of their items, including accessories, camera equipment, and lighting. Additionally, frequent postings with lessons, advice, and hacks concerning cinematography are available. The platform also promotes user involvement with questions and polls on content to get feedback. In conclusion, Dynamic SLR's Facebook page is a useful tool for interacting with their audience and guiding them toward learning more about the business and the services it offers.
The LinkedIn profile for Dynamic SLR is a clean and appealing platform for showcasing the business and its offerings. A thorough description of the business, contact details, and job listings are all included on the page. Additionally, the company's extensive list of followers and page visits demonstrates its development throughout time. The portal also has client testimonials, Case Studies from previous projects, and a rundown of the business's professional credentials. The portal also makes it simple for users to get in touch with Dynamic SLR through contact forms, job posts, and LinkedIn groups. In conclusion, Dynamic SLR's LinkedIn profile is a thorough and efficient approach to present the business and establish professional connections with their clients.
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Dynamic SLR average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews5214.8


Dynamic SLR Pros & Cons

  • High quality and reliable solar products
  • Experienced technicians and certified installers
  • A wide variety of solar options to fit any budget
  • Not available in all states
  • Cost of switching to solar can be expensive
  • Limited warranties on products

Dynamic SLR Final Conclusions

With their attention to detail and commitment to complete client satisfaction, Dynamic SLR Solar has made a name for themselves in the solar business. Together with their skilled experts and licensed installers, they have a lengthy range of certificates and credentials that show their dependability and dedication to solar excellence. For individuals wishing to transition to solar energy, they also offer considerable payment reductions, federal solar tax credits, and municipal LED incentives. Overall, Dynamic SLR Solar provides a great service package for anyone searching for reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective solar solutions.

Dynamic SLR locations

Main Address2280 Campbell Creek Blvd, Suite 350, Richardson, TX 75082
Phone Number9725216014

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