Eco Solar Solutions review

Customers include homes, company owners, governmental agencies, and charitable organizations rely on Eco Solar Solutions as a reliable solar panel contractor. As one of the most recognized service providers in the area, we guarantee that every customer has access to high-quality systems with unmatched beauty at incredibly reasonable prices. Additionally, we have been serving the sector since 2010 as well. Let us assist you with switching to sustainable energy right away!

Eco Solar Solutions overview

Customers include homes, company owners, governmental agencies, and charitable organizations rely on Eco Solar Solutions as a reliable solar panel contractor. As one of the most recognized service providers in the area, we guarantee that every customer has access to high-quality systems with unmatched beauty at incredibly reasonable prices. Additionally, we have been serving the sector since 2010 as well. Let us assist you with switching to sustainable energy right away!

What Eco Solar Solutions has to say about itself

We are one of the top solar firms for customers in the states of Maryland and Delaware thanks to our goods, services, and dedication to customer happiness. According to Solar Reviews, an impartial, third-party site where customers discuss their experiences with various solar contractors, we are also regarded as one of the first solar panel contractors in the state. We can certainly assist you if you want a solar farm of commercial quality, a layout for solar panels, or knowledgeable guidance on the angling and placing of structures. We provide our customers specialized services and goods, letting them select equipment from the brands of their choosing or ask our business to create special solutions for them.

Eco Solar Solutions Review

Year Started2010
Service AreasDE, MD
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Roofing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsSolar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels, Solar Thermal Panels, Solar Panels, Building-Integrated, Photovoltaic (BIPV) Panels, Thin-Film Solar Panels, Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline Solar Panels, Off-Grid Solar Panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, IREC, SEIA

Eco Solar Solutions website review

The website features a clear, contemporary aesthetic with an easy-to-use user interface. Visitors may easily navigate through the many parts and locate the information they need thanks to the layout's organization. The website offers thorough information on solar solutions, including solar panels for homes and businesses, solar water heaters, and solar pool heating. To help potential clients comprehend the offerings, each section includes thorough explanations of the advantages and characteristics of the goods and services. The website effectively uses images to highlight their solar installations and goods. The inclusion of high-quality photographs of solar panels, installations, and delighted customers across the website fosters trust and provides visitors with a clear understanding of what to anticipate. The website contains significant call-to-action forms and buttons that entice users to do a specific action, such obtaining a price, scheduling a consultation, or contacting a business. The website contains a blog part where helpful articles regarding solar energy, its advantages, and market developments are published. Social media icons that Eco Solar Solutions has incorporated make it simple for users to connect to the business' social media pages. Overall, the Eco Solar Solutions website successfully communicates its solar solutions, grabs users' attention with eye-catching imagery and client success stories, and offers helpful information.

Eco Solar Solutions price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCheck, Credit or Debit Card
Payment discountsCash discounts, Financing options, Federal tax credits, State and local incentives, Referral programs

Eco Solar Solutions online reputation

Based on user evaluations, Eco Solar Solutions has a great reputation. Chris, the proprietor, is known for his integrity and client service. Satisfied clients endorse the organization for its aesthetics, rigorous object research, and tailored solutions. Customers appreciate Eco Solar Solutions' honesty and transparency. The firm makes no promises and explains everything. Installation is efficient and competent. Micro inverters are prized for their excellent ROI. Excellent customer support: Chris and Eco Solar Solutions are available to answer questions and give continuing assistance after installation. permissions and approvals: Eco Solar Solutions simplifies the process by getting government permissions and utility inspections. Eco Solar Solutions is environmentally conscious. Competent and informed personnel: clients praise Eco Solar Solutions employees for making the process easy and stress-free. Customized systems: The firm customizes solar systems to match customer demands. The firm might improve in various areas: Simplified technical information: some clients considered the consultation technical information overkill. Simpler explanations improve client satisfaction. Price Competitiveness: Most Eco Solar Solutions clients are content with their rates, while some have chosen other suppliers owing to lower prices. Competitive pricing benefits a firm. Eco Solar Solutions is a trustworthy, customer-focused solar panel installation company. They are the ideal solar installation company because of their transparency, aesthetics, and customized service.
"Last month, I had solar panels put by Eco Solar Solutions. Everything went swimmingly throughout the installation, and the crew clearly knows what they're doing. system performance, which, one can only hope, will enhance with time." - Harry
"To learn more about Eco Solar Solutions' solar panel offerings, I called them. The customer service guy was helpful and pleasant to talk to. I liked their quick reply, however in the end I went with a different provider because their rates were lower." - Michael
"Eco Solar Solutions supplied me with a comprehensive solar consultation that answered all of my questions and showed me all of the options available for my home. The sheer volume of technical information presented, however, was a bit much for me to take in. I would have liked a more straightforward breakdown of the possibilities." - William
"In the early spring of 2022, Chris deployed our system. We worked straight with the company's owner. He is honest, doesn't make false promises, and provides thorough explanations. The actual installation only took 2 days and was the simple part. The governmental / utility approvals & inspections were the hardest phase, taking 2-3 months, and were beyond of Chris's control. Chris coordinated the entire procedure and kept us updated the whole time. The panels' sleek, all-black appearance is enhanced by the fact that their wiring is concealed. We're thrilled with Eco Solar and give them our highest recommendation." - Edward
"My wife and I prioritized aesthetics when designing our solar array. Chris came up on our roof to physically measure the space between a number of preexisting roof penetrations, and he worked closely with us as we examined various configurations. Chris's installation of cutting-edge microinverters yielded the highest ROI for our business. The installation crew was directed by Chris. He and his crew showed up on schedule and completed a thorough cleanup of the work area. Throughout my first year using the system, he has been available whenever I've had follow-up inquiries. Chris was the most open to our wish list, while some of the other providers only use satellite images instead of conducting physical site surveys. A major turnoff was the aggressiveness of one of the national suppliers. If you're thinking about getting solar panels installed, you should definitely call Chris at EcoSolar Solutions." - Kevin
"I'm glad I went with Eco Solar Systems after getting solar offers from numerous companies for our Ocean City, Maryland home. Chris is a highly skilled business owner and installer. Before we decided on Eco Solar Solutions, he came over to our house for a consultation during which he patiently addressed all of our many questions. He took care of getting the necessary permits from the city, applying for tax credits, and connecting us with a reliable SREC merchant. Eco Solar Solutions should be your first and only choice if you're interested in installing solar panels. We love our system, and we love not having to worry about utility expenses even more." - Brenda
"In order to have a new roof, we needed to have our old solar panels removed and reinstalled. We looked at a lot of different firms, and Eco Solar Solutions ended up being the best option. We received approximate figures over the phone from other firms we examined. Chris from Eco Solar Solutions visited our home, reviewed our system's components, and provided a comprehensive estimate. While our roof was being replaced, Chris and his team of solar experts took down our panels, upgraded the attachment gear, and then reinstalled them. Thanks to Eco Solar Solutions, we now have a fully functional solar energy system. Chris was accessible through phone call or email at any point to answer questions that arose. Every single person I interacted with at Eco Solar Solution was competent and courteous. If you're looking for a solar energy system installer, I strongly suggest considering Eco Solar Solutions." - Oggie
"My initial reaction to solar electricity was, "Why not?" A 5 kilowatt system, then. I found a long-term loan with poor terms but minimal origination fees. I'd rather keep all the money I save on electricity to myself. Eco-Solar Solutions is where I met Chris. I looked for a cheap solar power alternative. Flexible was how Eco-Solar Solutions operated. Chris inspected the roof and solar exposure and then gave a comprehensive design outlining the system's components and potential savings. All paperwork, applications, and permissions were taken care of by Eco-Solar Solutions without my involvement. Following the receipt of a deposit, Eco-Solar Solutions made a purchase of hardware through a regional distributor. Eco-Solar Solutions was able to access the roof by going around my cats. The workers at Eco Solar are knowledgeable, personable, and transparent about their process. It's helpful to have complete knowledge. I just needed to call in sick for a few hours so that I could let four people inside my house. In any case, I had no business being at home. Electrical work is outsourced by Eco-Solar Solutions. They kept me in the loop and worked around my generator's electrical circuit and panels. I'm curious, but they apparently just do their thing and have the power company check on the completed connections. I was not coerced into accepting Eco-Solar Solutions' offer to re-shingle my roof around the proposed panel location, but I did reject.
After the solar panels and inverter have been installed, Eco-Solar Solutions will set up the monitoring control box. This data is transmitted by my WiFi to a centralized location where system performance is monitored. We flicked the main switch, and now we're generating electricity! Eco-Solar Solutions checked the performance of the panels. However, I was able to secure permission to flip the master switch back on in two weeks, even though the power company's approval was still in the queue. Chris, of Eco-Solar Solutions, kept me in the loop the whole time. Chris was able to quickly repair an inverter thanks to his remote monitoring of the system. Eco-Solar Solutions still notifies customers of system status updates through email. Chris and the crew at Eco-Solar Solutions were very conscious of their impact on the planet. After making a payment and signing a few papers, I was connected to solar power. Advantages include lower monthly electric bills and dividends from a publicly traded corporation that sells all of the electricity it generates.For a professional, stress-free, and cost-effective installation, I strongly recommend Eco-Solar Solutions." - Will

Eco Solar Solutions Social media
Page promotes Maryland, Pennsylvania-based Eco Solar Solutions, a provider of solar energy. The emphasis is on marketing solar systems, sustainable energy solutions, and related services. A respectable amount of people follow the page. This shows a reasonable amount of user involvement and interest. The page routinely posts articles, advice on energy conservation, and news on solar projects and promotions that are all related to solar energy. The material is well-researched and pertinent to the intended audience. The page engages viewers with pictures, videos, and infographics. The images are of high quality and aid in clearly illustrating the advantages and significance of solar energy. Positive comments and suggestions from happy customers may be found on the page. This promotes self-assurance and business confidence. Events and campaigns promoting sustainable energy are actively supported by Eco Solar Solutions. As a sign of their involvement and dedication to sustainable development, they provide updates and images from these events. Overall, it appears that the Facebook page for Eco Solar Solutions is well-kept, friendly, and educational. It effectively advertises their solar energy products, engages consumers, and displays their social responsibility. account not registered
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Eco Solar Solutions average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews15


Eco Solar Solutions Pros & Cons

  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Use of Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Competent and Knowledgeable Staff
  • Long Approval Process
  • Price Competitiveness
  • Overwhelming Technical Information

Eco Solar Solutions Final Conclusions

Eco Solar Solutions has established a strong reputation as a dependable and client-centered solar panel installation business based on consumer feedback. The company's emphasis on aesthetics and usage of innovative technology, including micro-inverters, show its dedication to producing high-quality and aesthetically pleasing solar systems. The fact that Eco Solar Solutions can provide individualized solutions that are catered to specific demands further demonstrates their expertise and knowledge of the solar energy business. Additionally, Eco Solar Solutions' readiness to handle the administrative facets of the installation, such as securing permissions and approvals, is a huge comfort for clients. There are, however, a number of areas where the business might be able to do better. In general, Eco Solar Solutions is a reputable business with a strong dedication to client happiness, environmental responsibility, and high standards of craftsmanship. Customers searching for dependable solar installations will find them to be an appealing choice because to their emphasis on aesthetics, individualized solutions, and usage of cutting-edge technology. Eco Solar Solutions may further solidify its position as a market leader in the solar business by consistently working to minimize bureaucratic procedures and enhance customer communication.

Eco Solar Solutions locations

Main Address36 Austins Way, Elkton MD, 21921
Phone Number3028930073

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