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St. Louis-based EFS Energy installs solar panels across the Midwest. Our primary goal is to see our clients become self-sufficient in their energy needs via the installation of solar photovoltaic systems. Custom solar panel installations for businesses, homes, and farms are our forte. Solar power is cheaper than ever, and there are several ways to pay for it. Get going on the path to energy autonomy today with help from EFS.

EFS Energy overview

St. Louis-based EFS Energy installs solar panels across the Midwest. Our primary goal is to see our clients become self-sufficient in their energy needs via the installation of solar photovoltaic systems. Custom solar panel installations for businesses, homes, and farms are our forte. Solar power is cheaper than ever, and there are several ways to pay for it. Get going on the path to energy autonomy today with help from EFS.

What EFS Energy has to say about itself

It is not our intention to keep you in the dark. EFS Energy is committed to empowering our clients to become energy independent via the installation of solar panel systems that provide clean, renewable energy at competitive rates. You can count on us to be there for you long after we've installed your system. With some planning and discussion, we can make sure that the system you implement is future-proof and not simply a stopgap measure.

EFS Energy Solar Review

Year Started2011
Company Websiteefsenergy.com
Service AreasMO, IL
Service TypesInstallation, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Sola
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB

EFS Energy website review

To begin, the site's design is both professional and up-to-date, making it aesthetically pleasing and simple to use. There are obvious places for visitors to click and titles that are brief enough to give them an overview of the company's offerings without overwhelming them. Importantly for the user experience, the website also loads quickly and is responsive, meaning it adjusts to multiple screen sizes and devices. The website's content is also well-written and conveys the company's values and offerings clearly. You can learn all you need to know about their sustainable energy products and how they can help you on their website. In general, the site appears to be technically sound in terms of design, functionality, and content.

EFS Energy price policy

PackagesFrom $8,000 to $20,000
Payment optionsCredit card, Cash payment, Bank transfer, 3rd party vendor financing
Payment discountsDiscounts on advance payments, discounts for referrals and military personnel

EFS Energy online reputation

Judging by customer feedback, impressions of EFS Energy are mixed. While some clients have had positive experiences with EFS, such as getting accurate analyzes, successful installations, and efficient after sales service, others have reported issues with the company's professionalism, communication, and quality of work. Some customers have criticized EFS for using poor quality materials, providing inaccurate information, and failing to resolve issues in a timely manner. In general, it is important to do a thorough research before choosing a solar energy company and carefully evaluate all aspects of the company, including its reputation, reputation and customer service.
"Every screw used by Efs Solar went straight through the inside of my ceiling because they were overly lengthy. There has been no improvement 15 months later. Worst solar firm in existence. rookie errors that might have been prevented for 12k." - Alice
"The whole EFS process has been exceedingly discouraging, difficult, and not yet completed to a respectable quality. It took two anxious weeks to attempt to track down everyone to find out when the system would be up and functioning as it should after a day of installation as promised. EFS, a wholly dishonest firm, is very aggressive in pursuing money from financiers and misrepresenting that the installation has been finished. I'll cut it short to attempt to obtain a solution once again since they've been saying for two weeks that it would be resolved today." - Yerko
"EFS came to our home on Saturday morning and sold us 20k worth of solar in 1 hour. We were solar illiterate. The representative said he was an engineer and that EFS had a store on Cairns' main street.We checked the yellow pages the next day and couldn't locate their Cairns store since they don't have one. I also found several discrepancies between the contract and the agent's statements when I read it.We sought comparable estimates. A respectable Cairns firm quoted thousands less than EFS for a larger system with the same quality brands and components. Due to our power usage, other retailers suggested a larger system.Clean energy council is not a store, either.We cancelled the contract after 10 days. We called and emailed the agent and main office to confirm they got the cancellation. The agent texted to terminate the deal and made some disrespectful remarks.Avoiding this firm saved us money and avoided danger. A local retailer authorized to install our items and a clean energy retailer will be used." - Jaq
"They sold us a sizable system that was supposed to pay for the entirety of our electricity bill as well as some reimbursement from the supplier for the surplus (they claimed it was a "no brainer" with the government grant), but it only produced a small fraction of the electricity promised. This is very disappointing, as it means that our quarterly bill has now been doubled by the monthly cost of paying off their system as well as the ongoing electricity supply costs! The quote was based on existing electricity supply bills and a predetermined roof location with known partial shading. Surprisingly, they did not install parallel wiring to minimize this effect (and did not even discuss this prior to installation), and we have now waited more than 4 months for an after-sales remedy of the lack of power generation capacity without serious attempt at solution." - Lloyd
"We had always wished that our house would have a PV system. That was accomplished by EFS Energy! They mapped our roof using drone technology and provided a quotation for a system that would meet our electrical demands. The Strieb Electric subcontractor crew connected to our existing infrastructure expertly, and the EFS solar panel installation team was highly effective. Without a hitch, the Ameren and Federal tax credits were granted. Would strongly suggest EFS!" - DaveandJan
"Solar newbies! EFS Solar in St. Louis was chosen after interviewing numerous solar installers. EFS answered all our inquiries and was local, which we preferred. Justin Evans and Janet Hazel, our main solar contacts, educated us on the pros, cons, and expenses of installing a solar power system on our house. Justin and Janet guided us through the engineering, construction, and commissioning stages, managing all paperwork, permits, and scheduling and establishing reasonable completion dates. Due to all the moving elements, the EFS Team kept in touch through email, phone, and video chats for months. The building crew was professional and competent. The electricians installed peripheral devices and wiring flawlessly. Local building and fire code inspections went well. Enrique then performed a final commissioning examination and addressed our operational questions before turning the system on. We recommend EFS Solar!" - Shearon home
"My system was installed many years ago by a firm that is no longer in business, and what I enjoyed about my experience with EFS was that they were prepared to take on and fix the issue. Too many of the solar businesses I spoke with were only too eager to sell me a brand-new system; very few were eager to assist in fixing issues with a system that "someone else" had designed. The EFS in-house engineering team did a fantastic job identifying the source of the system issue I was having and working to find a solution. Therefore, you may want to get in touch with EFS to solve any problems you have with your solar system." - Scott
"EFS provided us with an accurate analysis of the costs and advantages of solar energy for our house. There are several trees. Throughout the installation and dealing with permits, numerous inspectors, and other formalities, they were very polite and professional. They were quick to respond to our questions and kept us informed even though the permissions caused a delay in our project. Their comments were quite helpful, and it was clear that they were knowledgeable and passionate." - Undampened Spirit
"For the past few months, our electric bill has been negative. Our bill will likely exceed zero now that the temperature in St. Louis is normal, but it will still be less than it was. The proprietor, Paul, is a trustworthy man who is enthusiastic about solar energy and is willing to take the time to go over every aspect of your installation." - kcroke

EFS Energy Social media

In general, the EFS Energy Facebook page accurately portrays the business. It has a consistent, contemporary design and displays itself in a professional way. In-depth information on the business and its services may be found on the website via a variety of material, including text postings, videos, and images. Additionally, there is a lively comments area where clients may interact with the business and provide feedback. Links are also provided to the company's website, contact details, and more social media accounts. Regular updates on energy-related issues, corporate news, and exclusive offers and promotions are also available on the website. These thoughtful and interesting postings demonstrate a dedication to keeping readers informed and up to date. Customers may leave evaluations of the business's goods and services on the page, which also features a reviews area. Overall, the Facebook page for EFS Energy offers a useful and expert platform for consumers to communicate with the business and learn more about its services. It is a fantastic approach for the business to interact with its consumer base because to its appealing and uniform design, frequent updates, and feedback possibilities.
EFS Energy's LinkedIn profile conveys a positive image of the organization as a whole. It has a clean layout and a stylish, contemporary appearance. In-depth information on the business, such as its background, offerings, and contact details, may be found on this page. Furthermore, there are frequent updates to the website with entries on corporate news, discounts, and energy-related issues. There is also a space for consumer comments and interaction with the business right there on the website. There are also connections to the company's website and several social media profiles. EFS Energy's LinkedIn profile serves as a valuable resource for communicating with its clientele. It gives clients a full picture of the business and its offerings, including with news and a chance to submit comments. It is a great approach for the business to connect with its clients because of the newsletter's eye-catching layout and interesting articles.
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46 Subscribers

EFS Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews274.3


EFS Energy Pros & Cons

  • Experienced solar panel contractor
  • Variety of financing options available
  • Offers discounts for upfront payments and referrals
  • High installation cost
  • Limited availability of models with solar panels
  • Longer payback period

EFS Energy Final Conclusions

It is hard to establish a clear assessment regarding the work of EFS Energy based just on the customer evaluations offered, since the opinions are vague. While some customers have reported positive experiences with EFS Energy, including accurate solar cost-benefit analyses and successful installations leading to lower-than-average electricity bills, other customers have reported unfavorable experiences, including subpar installation quality and connection issues.However, it's important to note that negative reviews frequently stand out more than positive reviews, and it's unclear whether these experiences are truly representative of the caliber of EFS Energy's work as a whole. Therefore, before passing judgment on the caliber of EFS Energy's work, it might be beneficial to conduct additional research and gather more client feedback.

EFS Energy locations

Main Address1283 Research Blvd St. Louis, MO 63132
Phone Number314-771-5131

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