Elite Solar Concepts review

Our staff at Elite Solar Concepts is committed to minimizing any inconveniences you may have during the process. We will be by your side from the time you request a quotation to the time your new system is up and running. Our 25-year guarantee protects your investment in each system. For your convenience, we keep an eye on and safeguard your money.

Elite Solar Concepts overview

Our staff at Elite Solar Concepts is committed to minimizing any inconveniences you may have during the process. We will be by your side from the time you request a quotation to the time your new system is up and running. Our 25-year guarantee protects your investment in each system. For your convenience, we keep an eye on and safeguard your money.

What Elite Solar Concepts has to say about itself

Our company has been supplying households with clean, low-cost energy since 2016. We think there's a better, cheaper method for homeowners to get their electricity, one that doesn't involve the grid or the ever-increasing rates charged by the utility company. When a client is ready to have solar panels installed, we put them in touch with our installation crew and walk them through the whole process. They get the best service possible, as well as the best bespoke solar goods and installations available. We save you money on commissions charged by other solar companies by linking you with our installers directly.

Elite Solar Concepts Review

Year Started2016
Company Websiteelitesolarconcepts.com
Service AreasAZ, CA, NV, UT, CO, NM, IL, FL, HI
Service TypesInstallation of solar panels, design and engineering of solar energy systems, energy storage solutions, energy monitoring and management, maintenance and repair of solar energy systems, and financing of solar energy systems
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid and flow batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, CALSSA, BBB

Elite Solar Concepts website review

The website is simple to use and has a contemporary, clean design. The website includes obvious calls to action that entice users to inquire about pricing or discover more about the offerings of the business. This is a wise strategy since it encourages customers to proceed. The website showcases the business's work with stunning photos and videos. This is significant since visual material may be an excellent way to draw people and rapidly deliver information. The website contains a blog area with articles on solar energy-related subjects. This is a smart move since it shows off the business's knowledge and may win over future clients. Overall, it looks that the elitesolarconcepts.com website is effectively conveying information about the company's services and skills.

Elite Solar Concepts price policy

PackagesResidential systems cost $7,000 to $15,000 and commercial systems $20,000 to $100,000
Payment optionsCredit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay
Payment discountsDiscounts for veterans, military and public safety personnel, discounts for installation of multiple systems, and discounts for referrals

Elite Solar Concepts online reputation

Customer opinions on Elite Solar Concepts are divided, according to the reviews. While some reviews are complimentary and mention the expertise and professionalism of some of the personnel, others are critical and include poor communication, delays, inaccurate information, and a lack of follow-up. Some consumers have complained that the installed solar systems aren't working properly, which hasn't led to cost savings or even an increase in their power bills. Overall, it seems that some clients of Elite Solar Concepts have enjoyed working with them while others have had significant difficulties. Before making any judgments, prospective customers are advised to do extensive research about the business and its offerings.
"Do not hire this firm. I haven't found out yet whether I was taken alive or not. My electric bill has stayed the same. I can't find any cost reductions. Calls aren't being returned. Obviously a fraudulent business. I have a new expense because of anything that does not function. I'm curious whether there's a way out of this agreement." - Betty
"We've had it with them dropping us and never getting in touch again. When it comes to roofers, trash cans, installers, and municipal licenses, it's almost as if we're reminding them ourselves. I'm not sure we need all of these panels, either. My suspicion is growing that we were tricked. I have no idea how to fix this." - James
"Same owner, location, and business as Sunbound Solar. Both are panned. Each enterprise protects the other. July 2021 $6k deposit. After many delays and a reinstall due to defective wiring, went online in December 2021 and paid the remaining $14k. A few weeks later, solar monitoring software indicated 11 of 21 panels were broken. The staff then told me that the panels were linked in a loop and the electricity was merely circling. Photographed fire-hazardous exposed wires on roof. I haven't heard anything since mid-January, and my salespeople departed the firm. Called my contract number, which went to the mobile phone of a salesperson who left the firm in 2020 after a wage disagreement. Still suing for backpay. This firm prevents solar from being accepted. This firm will cost you. No follow-up. Avoid Sunbound Solar and them." - William
"Since February 2021, I have been bound by contract, just like with another client. They are initially there for everything. Contracts, permit applications, electric company filings, etc. Nothing follows. No calls, emails, or texts are permitted. In the last month (April 2021), I have made 6 unsuccessful attempts to get in touch with them. When I learned there was anything I put on in March, they did get in contact. Again, I'm unsure of my position. When Dave, the sales manager, finally get back to me, he revealed that restructuring was taking place. In the middle of March. Beware!! And one more thing. Make careful to inquire about power outages and if your system remains on while working with solar. I learned through my investigation that unless you have a backup system, our power provider turns off all solar along with everyone else. That is a secret from the solar energy businesses." - Kathleen
"During the first sales presentation, I was given false information. I was informed that because the energy was exported via a credit system, any extra kWh would be credited to my account for usage at a later time, I wouldn't need a battery arrangement. not a system of exchange. I signed my contract in mid-July 2020, and the power was ultimately switched on in late-January 2021. I didn't realize SRP didn't operate that way until later, and I will never be able to break even or even come close to paying for the solar system. Because of them, my electricity bill has now risen. It is almost hard to contact anybody. My three remaining emails bounce back with "user not found" since they are no longer active." - Brad
"Today, we had a visit from Daniel and Luis to go through our solar energy choices. They were well-informed, kind, and professional. They helped us weigh our alternatives and choose on solar power after careful consideration. They spent some time explaining the procedure to us so that we could follow along. Positive experience overall, and we look forward to receiving our panels." - Greg
"Nick is a fantastic person. Provided comprehensive responses to our inquiries and stood out as the most forthright sales person we've ever dealt with. The level of professionalism he shown was outstanding. Nick is easygoing and a pleasure to work with. It's a good thing for everyone at Elite Solar that Nick is on staff. Our anticipation for the arrival of our new Solar is at an all-time high." - Jane
"In my view, they are the greatest solar energy provider in Las Vegas. I shopped about and got several other bids, but Elite Solar's were the best by a mile. It's a no-brainer that we can now go green while cutting costs. Their panels are designed to be as flush as possible with the roof, preventing problems with birds and other flying debris. Both Dru and Stephen are fantastic to work with. They have a great combination of approachability, friendliness, and, most importantly, expertise. Before I signed the agreement, they patiently answered my queries and thoroughly explained its terms, while other firms had not sent me a copy of their contracts until after I had already agreed to them. Elite Solar Concepts, led by Dru and Stephen, comes highly recommended from me." - Denise
"Mike was extremely helpful in explaining the system and answering all of our questions. The whole operation did not use too much time. Mike was really educated and took the time to ensure that we understood the product or service. I can't wait till we make the switch to solar power." - Hana
"The team at Elite Solar Concepts is knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. Dan Garcia was a tremendous assistance to me and led me through the whole procedure. He was quite helpful in outlining the procedure, breaking down the costs, and estimating how long it would take to complete everything. Dan has done a fantastic job, and I couldn't be happier with his work at Elite. I can't wait to switch to solar energy. That's very helpful, Elite." - Ricky

Elite Solar Concepts Social media

The renewable energy firm Elite Solar Concepts is situated in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Finding out more about the business and its offerings on their Facebook page is highly recommended. Visitors can view the firm profile, images of their projects, and recent news on renewable energy on the page. Additionally, posts on customer support and solar installations from Elite Solar Concepts can be found on the page. The business is actively interacting with potential clients through these posts. Additionally, they publish advice that is beneficial to solar clients. Additionally, the business advertises forthcoming webinars and events on Facebook for energy industry professionals. They can demonstrate their knowledge and stay in touch with their audience by doing this. Overall, Elite Solar Concepts is using Facebook to great effect by sharing relevant content, interacting with fans, and advertising their products.
Solar energy services are offered by Elite Solar Concepts, a provider of renewable energy, to both residential and business clients. Visitors to their LinkedIn page can find comprehensive information about the company's background, goals, and services there. A number of recent posts regarding impending news and events in the renewable energy sector are also available on their page. This makes it easier for visitors to comprehend the present status of the market and how Elite Solar Concepts fits into it. Additionally, the business includes client testimonials on its website, which enables prospective clients to judge the caliber of their offerings. Additionally, Elite Solar Concepts posts images of some of their completed projects and highlights the contributions of their staff. Overall, by offering thorough information, interacting with their audience, and exhibiting their work, Elite Solar Concepts is utilizing their LinkedIn page to excellent effect.
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Elite Solar Concepts average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews484.6


Elite Solar Concepts Pros & Cons

  • Wide range of services and products
  • Financing and payment discounts available
  • Certified and accredited
  • Services are only available in limited areas
  • Price may be high for some installations
  • Long wait for installation

Elite Solar Concepts Final Conclusions

Customer reviews of Elite Solar Concepts' performance are conflicting. While some customers express satisfaction with the service, others have had unpleasant interactions ranging from dishonest business methods to poor communication. It's essential to remember that these evaluations only represent a small portion of the business's total performance, and it's likely that other customers have had different experiences. Before choosing to collaborate with Elite Solar Concepts or any other solar firm, prospective customers are advised to do their own research and due diligence, just as they would with any other service provider.

Elite Solar Concepts locations

Main Address9237 E Via De Ventura Ste 135, Scottsdale, AZ 85258-3565
Phone Number8662924875

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