Emerald Energy review

Residential and commercial solar power systems are Emerald Energy Solar's forte, and they offer design, installation, and maintenance services. In addition to installing and maintaining solar panels, they also offer grid-tied and off-grid solar power systems, battery backup systems, and solar panel cleaning.
Emerald Energy review

Emerald Energy overview

Residential and commercial solar power systems are Emerald Energy Solar's forte, and they offer design, installation, and maintenance services. In addition to installing and maintaining solar panels, they also offer grid-tied and off-grid solar power systems, battery backup systems, and solar panel cleaning.

What Emerald Energy has to say about itself

Emerald Energy strives to give customers more options and provide the best service. We consider solar sustainability, environmental impact, and product lifespan. Emerald Energy began locally in 2009. North Carolina's few licensed general contractors design and install solar systems. We emphasize customer satisfaction and renewable energy system education. We finance solar investments. We've built energy-efficient North Carolina homes for 50 years. Our clients get the best. Emerald Energy installs solar and batteries for 30 years. Every Emerald Energy project saves energy.

Emerald Energy Solar Review

Year Started2009
Company Websiteemeraldenergync.com
Service AreasNC
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Construction, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film solar panels.
Backup Batterylithium-ion, lead-acid, and AGM batteries.

Emerald Energy website review

Emerald Energy NC is dedicated to providing its customers with clean and efficient energy solutions, and the company's official website emeraldenergync.com is a wealth of information about the company, its services, and that commitment. Links to additional resources, such as customer testimonials, contact information, and educational materials, are provided on the website in addition to an overview of Emerald Energy NC's background, mission, and offerings. Customers can sign up for energy services and access additional information about energy efficiency on the website.

Emerald Energy price policy

PackagesBasic Solar Bundle: $6,000, Standard Solar Bundle: $10,000, Premium Solar Bundle: $15,000, Ultimate Solar Bundle: $20,000
Payment optionscash, check, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), and financing.
Payment discounts5% discount on your total cost when you pay with cash, 3% discount when you finance your solar installation through Emerald Energy Solar, $500 referral bonus when you refer a friend or family member, 30% federal tax credit when you install solar, 10% discount on the cost of your solar installation if you are a current or past member of the military.

Emerald Energy online reputation

Emerald Energy Solar is dedicated to the complete satisfaction of each and every one of our customers and provides them with professional and dependable solar installation services. Customer testimonials praising their knowledge, reliability, and helpfulness are indicative of this dedication. In addition to being pleased with the overall quality of the work and the speed with which their projects were completed, customers also rave about the reasonable prices and high quality of their products. In order to maintain the high level of service that has earned Emerald Energy Solar so many rave reviews, the company persists in its efforts to improve.
I would have avoided Emerald Energy Solar if I had known about this page before making my contract with them. What a horrible shopping experience!!! Unfortunately, Kevin, our Emerald Energy Solar project manager, was the worst communicator and clearly had no idea how to manage a project. Because he gave me the wrong email address, to begin with, I had to contact the salesman again to locate Kevin. Then, for the next six months, it was consistently inaccurate information and wrong dates. I have all his emails, and he thought apologizing and promising to improve his behavior was sufficient. - Brian M.
Since the blackout, we have not been able to generate any solar power. Though I was assured that future payments would be based on output rather than a flat rate of $250 per month, that has not changed. My PSEG bill has been significantly higher than usual in the past two months, and even though I used no electricity at all during that time, I was still charged $500. The solar firm has been unable to provide assistance due to a lack of available personnel. In response to every single one of my phone calls, I have been told that I will receive a response within three to five business days. When I try to get in touch with them again, it's like starting from square one every time. - George H.
Ronald, the salesman, was very aggressive and dishonest about the product he was selling. From the monthly savings (growing at 4% for the next 20 years) to the Net Metering" that isn't offered by my electric company to the promise that they would remove the panels if I wasn't satisfied. So far, I've only been able to offset 9/10ths of my energy use, which means that 62% of the energy I consume will come from the solar panel. There were no alterations made by me. In fact, turn up the air conditioning by two degrees hotter than you were using it before installing the panels. They used last year's numbers; I'm not sure how they came up with those numbers. When I signed the papers, it specifically stated that only the back of the house would require solar panels. Even though the rest of the inspections to determine whether or not it was possible to give us the right amount of solar had not yet occurred, what I had thought was a loan application turned out to be the actual loan. Instead of the promised paper copies, he emailed a link to the bank's website where electronic copies could be accessed. The electric company actually buys the energy I don't use during the day at half the price they charge me for the same amount of electricity, so I always end up losing money. For the first month, I paid $100 for electricity, and then there was the cost of the panels ($204). Only once in my life have I ever had a $300 electric bill; from here on out, I can expect them annually. AVOID purchasing anything they are selling. The wait time to speak to a customer service representative is unacceptable (even if you are the first caller in line, you may have to wait up to 15 minutes). You can forget about getting a call back from the automated system. "We can't, we're just a sub-contractor for the bank," they said when I asked them to take down the system. Ronald's manager, upon my repeated attempts to reach him, finally responded, "He was new at the time, I will make sure he gets some continuing education," but it was too late; I was already locked into a "contract" wherein none of the promises made to me were ever fulfilled. That I was conned in such a way has made me more than angry. Take notes and get everything in writing from the salesperson. There's no point in buying from a company that won't stand behind their product." - Edward B.
The customer service at Emerald Energy is terrible. They tell you you'll cut costs, but when you keep getting bills you weren't expecting, they do nothing. I paid them a monthly fee plus submitted bills totaling over $150 twice and was told they'd review them and get back to me in 10 days. They didn't return my call after waiting a whole month. Then I called and waited on hold for what seemed like an eternity before being transferred to an extension where the mailbox was already full. Since 2016, PSE&G has sent me bills despite earlier assurances that this would never happen. As a favor, please don't do business with this outfit. - Jason M.
This company's customer service has been terrible ever since I signed on with them. Since the installation, my solar panels haven't been working properly, and it's been nearly impossible to get them replaced them (I haven't been able to reach the site manager and our scheduled appointments have been missed on multiple occasions without any prior notification or explanation)... so basically, I have panels that I am paying for that are producing less than what they are supposed to, and I owe the electric company several hundred dollars that they are refusing to cover, even though they are obligated to. I regret having dealt with this company in any way. Please learn from my mistakes and don't go down the same path I did!! - Jeffrey J.
The staff at Emerald Energy are kind and courteous. I had requested price estimates from several other businesses. The majority of solar panel installers I contacted refused to visit my home to evaluate my needs. The vast majority preferred to only communicate via electronic means. In fact, Emerald showed up for an in-person chat. Mark was more than willing to drop everything and come give us his professional opinion. The installation was completed quickly, so please thank Mark and his team. The system is up and running and producing electricity, and my October bill was only $23.06. My entire electrical load was met by the system. This total of $23.06 originated from various sources, including a fee to connect to the Duke grid, a fee to install street lights, a fee to aid in storm recovery (all junk fees). - Donald V.
When I asked the Emerald Energy team where on my roof solar panels would be most effective, I appreciated their candor in answering. Thus, we optimized the return per panel and the financials by installing panels on slightly more than half of the available space on our roof. Our financial plan was able to accommodate this. They took care of the paperwork, wired our garage for electric vehicle charging, and assisted us in obtaining a rebate from Duke Energy. It was a wonderful experience overall, and we're thrilled to be able to use less electricity from the grid and lower our monthly bill. - Steven W.
My home in the Emerald Solar service area had a 16KW system installed by Emerald Solar this past summer. They said it would cover 80 percent of my electricity needs, and it has. The estimate and setup were handled in a highly skilled and not at pushy manner. Each and every one of the installers were pleasant and committed to doing a good job. Being a retired person, I was able to observe the entire procedure. Since my day job was managing industrial maintenance, and since I'd already seen a lot of projects through to completion, I knew exactly how everything should be done. I was completely satisfied with the project and its outcome. I would hire the same team and organization again if I could start the project over. - Paul R.
As part of a neighborhood-wide sustainability initiative, my Homeowners Association has chosen two companies with which my neighbors and I can work. Emerald Energy was the only company I contacted and immediately knew was the one I wanted to work for. Thanks to the HOA Sustainability Firm, I was introduced to this excellent establishment. Making my home and car run on solar power has been a fantastic experience overall. John Leonard, the president of the company, was immediately available, helpful, thoughtful, and polite in answering all of our initial inquiries. The project manager was as helpful and productive as he could be at the outset. I thought everyone on the crew was great, but it really meant a lot to me that they were careful to keep my indoor-only cat inside whenever they entered or left the house. I finally managed to give my home the minimal environmental impact I had hoped for. While working with Emerald Energy, I always felt like I could trust them to be forthright, competent, and thorough. I cannot recommend any of them highly enough! - Andrew C.
To go solar was a no-brainer, but choosing EmeraldEnergy to plan and install my system was the icing on the cake. For the past year, I've let my system run before writing this review. It worked better than expected! Over the course of the first year, my system produced 16.8MWh (compared to the estimated 15.2MWh) and I have not paid more than a $16.00 monthly hook-up fee to the power company. Before contacting people for price quotes and bids, I made sure I had done my homework. Ultimately, I went through three unique events. When comparing Joshua from Emerald Energy to the others in the industry, I was most impressed by his engineering background. In reality, I was able to acquire a far superior system at a much-reduced cost. As an alternative to a rooftop installation, I use a ground array. If I didn't have room for this configuration, I wouldn't have gotten as much for my money. Even though it's not always the case, I was able to position the array so that it would produce the maximum amount of power I desired at a lower cost than a roof-mounted system. Less expensive ground-based hardware was possible because fewer panels were needed in the design. Thanks to Joshua's knowledge at Emerald Energy, we were able to submit a winning design proposal. Certainly, dealing with the power company, county inspections, and so on can be a bureaucratic headache, but Emerald was quick to respond and offer assistance when I needed it. There have been zero issues, and I couldn't be happier with the system. - Kenneth N.

Emerald Energy Social media

The Emerald Energy Facebook page is a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about solar energy. The page is well-maintained and looks professional, and the posts feature helpful and informative content. It has a good number of followers, indicating that it is quite popular. There are plenty of beautiful photos and videos showcasing the company's projects, as well as links to other helpful resources. The page is reliable and can be trusted as a source of information. All in all, the page is an excellent way to stay up to date on the latest developments in the field of solar energy.
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Emerald Energy average reviews

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solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Emerald Energy Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Professional
  • Eco-Friendly
  • High Upfront Cost
  • Maintenance solar panels
  • Weather Dependency

Emerald Energy Final Conclusions

Commercial and residential solar panel installation is Emerald Energy Solar's forte. The firm has been working in the solar energy sector for over a decade, and its extensive experience allows it to provide individualized services that aim to reduce costs and carbon emissions. Emerald Energy Solar has a stellar reputation among its patrons, who are uniformly pleased with the caliber of service they receive.

Emerald Energy locations

Main Address3201 Wellington Court, Suite 103 Raleigh, NC 27615
Phone Number9192473670

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