ES Solar review

ES Solar is a solar energy firm that serves residential, commercial, and industrial clients by designing, manufacturing, and installing solar energy systems. Sustainable, dependable, and inexpensive energy solutions that make the most of solar power are the company's forte.
ES Solar review

ES Solar overview

ES Solar is a solar energy firm that serves residential, commercial, and industrial clients by designing, manufacturing, and installing solar energy systems. Sustainable, dependable, and inexpensive energy solutions that make the most of solar power are the company's forte.

What ES Solar has to say about itself

The goal of ES Solar is to assist individuals and organizations in using the numerous advantages of solar energy. We can provide our clients with the best goods and services due to our extensive expertise in the solar energy industry. We provide specialized solar energy solutions to assist our residential, commercial, and industrial clients in lowering their energy expenditures and carbon impact. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most cost-effective and efficient solar energy solutions available.

ES Solar Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasUT
Service TypesInstallation, design, energy audits, maintenance and repair, monitoring and tracking, and financing.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, hybrid, and bifacial solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and deep-cycle lead-acid batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, UL, IREC, SEIA, ICC, CSA

ES Solar website review

ES Solar's main site looks sleek and professional. You can learn all you need to know about the business and its offerings from this document. In addition, there is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section and a customer support website for users to consult. Customers may buy with confidence knowing that their personal information and financial transactions are secured thanks to the website's encrypted payment mechanism. All things considered, the site is reliable and gives visitors enough data to work with when making a purchase.

ES Solar price policy

PackagesSolar System Design & Installation Package – Starting at $5,000, Solar Panel Cleaning & Maintenance Package – Starting at $500, Solar Panel Monitoring & Management Package – Starting at $250, Solar Panel Repair & Replacement Package – Starting at $50, Solar Battery Storage Package – Starting at $2,500, Energy Efficiency Package – Starting at $500, Solar Financing Package – Starting at $500, Solar Tax Credit Package – Starting at $500
Payment optionsCash, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), PayPal, and check or money order.
Payment discounts5% discount for customers who sign up for a 12-month contract, 10% discount for customers who refer a friend, 5% discount for customers who sign up for automatic payments, 10% discount for military personnel/veterans, 5% discount for customers who install solar monitoring equipment, 5% discount for customers who install additional solar panels, 5% discount for customers who purchase a larger solar system.

ES Solar online reputation

The majority of ES Solar's satisfied clients have nothing but good things to say about the company's work. Professionalism, expertise, and speed in addressing customer concerns have been repeatedly praised by satisfied clients. However, there have been reports of users feeling confused by the procedure and unable to grasp the more technical components of the service. Nonetheless, ES Solar is dedicated to always improving the quality of its service offerings.
"Over a year after agreeing to terms with ES Solar, we still have no working solar panels. We attempted to get out of our contract many times before the installation, but they wouldn't budge without us forking out almost $12,000. Once they have your money, they can never let you forget it. Neglect to answer your calls, delay repairs for months at a time, etc. No one in a position of power will engage with you. If you show up to the office nevertheless, they will hide in their cubicles and force the unfortunate front desk staff to deal with you. Like I did, you shouldn't waste $60,000. Don't go with ES Solar, anybody else!" - Alex F.
"We were approached by two individuals who assured us they could significantly reduce our energy costs at no cost to us, with the corporations themselves paying them. They were here for 20 minutes, yet they claimed to have sealed all the air ducts in our 3,000 square foot home. The two guys wore filthy shoes into my utility/laundry room, where they trampled insulation and left nasty, black markings on the plaster blocking the access to the attic. In the span of two months, we were able to save $5.32 on our combined utility bills. Do not fall for this! Given that our monthly electricity cost is above $250, I do not think the aforementioned reduction is significant over the previous year. The builder has assured us that our level of insulation exceeds all standards. The manager in Southern Utah, who was scheduled to arrive at 4:00 pm today, phoned at 3:45 pm to say that he would be late. Then we can hear his thoughts. This firm doesn't even deserve two stars from me." - Cooper T.
"When there were problems with the installation, they compensated us reasonably. Unfortunately, I have developed leaks in the areas of my roof where the solar panels were put. Although we have submitted the necessary paperwork from our insurance claim (which was rejected since the leaks were so little that they went undetected), we have yet to get a response as to when someone would be coming out to inspect the damage or provide us with any kind of update. We have tried calling back but have not received a response. While we wait for a solution, I've had to tear down a section of my ceiling and set up bowls to capture the water and mildew that are falling through. And who knows what additional leaks could be happening that I am unaware of. Because this isn't a little matter, I'm really irritated by the lack of communication. I wish they would have taken better care of us. Not something you should recommend, particularly down the road." - Ayden K.
"Working with ES Solar was simple at first. The salesperson did a wonderful job of breaking down all the details. Although the installation took five months longer than anticipated, the final result was excellent. Our experience has been negative following installation. Our $15,000 battery died after just a few weeks, and I've been contacting customer care for the last three to four months without success. Typically, no one in any ES Solar department will pick up the phone when you call. When someone finally picks on the phone, they collect my information but never get back to me. Nobody ever returns my calls. Now that spring has arrived, we're making money from our solar panels by selling excess power to the city. Please don't ask me to contact customer support if someone from ES Solar reads this review and replies." - Josiah W.
"WARNING TO BUYERS!! I'm dropping my rating from 2 stars to 1 unfortunately. In June of 2021, after completing all necessary papers, I was certain that my system and battery installation would occur within the remaining six months of that year. But ES continues telling me there are permission difficulties, and it's already January of 2022. In contrast to me, my neighbor has already installed his system and battery (the same battery I'm going to acquire from ES - a Sonnen battery) with a different business that "cost" more a month after I did. No one has been able to offer me a straight explanation as to why my system has not been set up. If there was a problem with obtaining the necessary permits, why did my neighbor's system be installed more than a month after I did? ES used to be an excellent solar provider, but now days they simply want to get your money as fast as possible and don't treat you like a human being. I really want to switch to the service my neighbor recommended." - Levi P.
"Several months ago, we had Brian submit a quote for solar panels after he visited our property. Brian's presentation inspired the greatest trust in me among all the businesses we consulted. His quote was fair, and he was the only solar contractor to inspect the property and point out that the panel we were using was antiquated. We were able to include the improvement into our contract, saving us many thousand dollars in out-of-pocket costs, while bringing the services up to par. Many of my friends and neighbors have also hired ES Solar after hearing my praises, and they have been as impressed with the quality of service they have received. Many thanks to everyone involved!" - Eric C.
"We appreciate ES Solar's professionalism and hard work. We had a bad experience with a different solar installation firm and were reluctant to try it again. However, it has been a pleasure to deal with ES solar. Parker did a fantastic job of walking us through the steps, and Oliver was really helpful and patient as he walked us through how to use our system. The system and ES Solar have exceeded our expectations." - Kyle J.
"Meeting with ES Solar for the first time was a breeze. They explained in detail how their solar system functioned. They were able to satisfactorily respond to all of our inquiries. The setup was simple thanks to ES Solar's handling of the necessary paperwork and permissions. Our system was not immediately switched on after installation because of a few problems that needed fixing. After it was resolved, however, we had zero more problems, and the system is now functioning well." - Jaden G.
"The salesman was not aggressive but rather knowledgeable, and the installation crew did an excellent job, taking care to double-check their work. The training session that followed up on my first introduction to the system was quite helpful, and I feel like I can address any problems or questions I have to anybody I've interacted with at the organization. A Solar Edge battery bank was installed beside 18 panels. Two feet of snow had to be shoveled off the roof and porch before the installation could be finished in February. If anybody I know is looking, I will suggest this firm." - Max M.
"Working with ES solar was a pleasure. Everything was handled for me, and the process was well explained. Installing was simple and fast. It was ready to go in less than 24 hours. The ES solar representatives that came to speak to me were quite helpful and addressed all of my concerns. They filled me up on the system monitoring tools and got me set up quickly with the IRS for any refunds or tax data I may need. Everything about working with them was excellent, and I will be referring them in the future." - Antonio B.

ES Solar Social media
ES Solar is an established provider of solar energy that uses social media to promote its wares and services. The page's design is striking and contemporary, with a contrasting blue and white color scheme and a bold yellow banner. You may get all the details you need about the company's offerings with little effort. Photos, videos, and external links further illustrate the company's wares for potential buyers. With over 2,000 subscribers, the website is an excellent resource for keeping abreast of developments in the solar energy industry. The content is updated often and is both interesting and useful. Overall, ES Solar is an excellent place to learn more about solar power.ES Solar, a solar energy company, is well-represented on the professional networking site LinkedIn. It is well organized, and the details of its offerings are easy to read and understand. More than 500 people follow the page, so it's popular, too. Numerous enthusiastic customers have left rave reviews and comments, which contributes to the company's reputation. This page also has a contact form and other ways to contact the company. You can contact them using the email address, phone number, etc. listed. There's also a link to their website where you can learn more about what they provide. ES Solar's LinkedIn profile is reliable and full of useful information. It is well laid out, has an extensive fan base, and consistently receives positive feedback from readers. It also includes all of the company's contact information.
YouTube Channel 51 Subscribers

ES Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews21764.7
AVG 4.68


ES Solar Pros & Cons

  • Eco-friendly solutions
  • Affordable
  • Experienced
  • Limited Service Area
  • Limited Selection
  • Limited Technical Support

ES Solar Final Conclusions

A firm called ES Solar offers solar energy solutions for residences and commercial buildings. To guarantee that consumers have the finest solar energy experience, they provide a broad selection of goods and services. Customers typically have nothing but great things to say about ES Solar, complimenting the caliber of their services and the reasonable prices of their products.

ES Solar locations

Main Address201 East 2150 Suite C, North Layton UT, 84041
Phone Number8016140606

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