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Solar energy is an excellent and cost-effective choice for powering your house, whether you need to run all of your appliances, charge your electric cars, or simply heat your pool. Make use of the many federal and state incentive programs before they expire. Going solar now may save money tomorrow.

EZ Energy Solutions overview

Solar energy is an excellent and cost-effective choice for powering your house, whether you need to run all of your appliances, charge your electric cars, or simply heat your pool. Make use of the many federal and state incentive programs before they expire. Going solar now may save money tomorrow.

What EZ Energy Solutions has to say about itself

For more than a decade, we have been assisting Los Angeles in planning for a sustainable energy future. Your electric costs will decrease significantly once your new solar power system is operational. We think that individuals should own their power source instead of having to pay utility corporations more money every year. The Entire Process of Installing Your Solar Panels Will Be Managed by Trained, Certified Experts. We are happy to take on the whole planning process for the project. You will enjoy the advantages of solar system ownership with no initial investment. To help you get the money for your solar panels, we work with the best lenders in the area.

EZ Energy Solutions Solar Review

Year Started2014
Company Websiteezenergysolution.com
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing, General Contracting, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film styles
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA

EZ Energy Solutions website review

The website for EZ Energy Solution is professional looking and easy to navigate. It provides a complete description of the services and goods that are offered, as well as a full section on frequently asked questions (FAQs) and contact information. Because of the navigation, finding information on solar panel installations, inverters, batteries, and other types of gear is quick and simple. The website also provides useful advice on how to save energy, details on various discount schemes, and up-to-date information on developments in the solar business. The EZ Energy Solution website offers, all in all, a thorough summary of the services that are now available.

EZ Energy Solutions price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsMajor credit cards, as well as PayPal, Cashier's Checks, and bank transfers
Payment discountsDiscounts to customers who pay upfront or in full, and to those who qualify for certain federal and state benefits

EZ Energy Solutions online reputation

It is evident that views regarding EZ Energy Solutions are divided based on the variety of customer feedback that has been received. While some customers have been pleased with the installation procedure, the quality of the job, and the level of customer service, others have raised grave worries and poor experiences. Numerous clients have complained that they have trouble reaching the business via phone or email. Calls were ignored, emails went unanswered, and follow-up meetings were not held as promised in certain instances. Customers were frustrated and inconvenienced by these communication problems, which gave them the impression that inadequate customer service was provided. Additionally, several customers cited issues with the organization's professionalism and dependability. There have been complaints of unprofessional conduct, contract violations, and non-response to service requests. Customers have sometimes complained that the business does not uphold warranties and immediately fix problems, leaving them dissatisfied and compelled to seek assistance from other service providers. Customers who purchased solar panels and air conditioners from EZ Energy Solutions allege that they fell short of their expectations, leading to accusations of deceptive advertising. Despite the company's assurances, several consumers reported that their energy costs were greater than they had anticipated since the panels were not providing enough power. It is significant to note that the majority of the favorable feedback was regarding encounters up to 2021, which raises the possibility of a long-term decrease in customer experience. Successful installation clients have lauded the business for its skill, professionalism, and prompt updates. According to consumer reviews, EZ Energy Solutions often raises major issues, particularly with relation to communication issues, poor conduct, and unfulfilled promises. Before dealing with a business, prospective customers should use care and do their homework.
"If this review has been completed, the problem is still being worked on. It seems that there has been a shift in the quality of customer service, since many of the positive evaluations are from a time period before to 2021. Visit the state of California's Department of Consumer Affairs or the Contractors State License board to get evidence of the horrible service they provide. When you look for someone is license using their license number, you will see that they have not just one but MULTIPLE complaints filed against them for unprofessional conduct and violated contracts. I am writing this for my aunt who does not use Yelp in order to get the word out that this is a fake business with bad professionalism. They may have changed owners, but ever since April 2022, they have had horrible service and customer service. I am writing this for her because I want the word to go out that this company is dishonest and unprofessional. We do not want for any other individuals to go through the same ordeal. They are taking advantage of older people, including my aunt who is approaching 70 years old. Since April 2022, she has sent many service requests to the solar provider using their contact form. They have not replied to her calls and have disregarded them. When she phones, the number that answers the phone is busy with other messages. She never receives a call back after she has left a message on the answering machine. She never receives a response to the emails that she sends. And on the few occasions that someone does answer the phone, they assure her that they will contact her to set up an appointment, but they never call her back or react to her messages. The one and only occasion that she was successful in getting an appointment, the other party did not show up." - Stephanie
"It is a shame I can not offer a perfect score of 0.0. They offered a 30-year roof guarantee when I got solar panels from them two years ago. My roof started leaking last week, and that was only the beginning of my woes. I used three different numbers and phoned them a total of twenty times. One person I spoke with promised to get back to me, and I am still waiting. When I called, no one ever answered. When I finally reached a human being, they told me to "wait, I will look into that," and moved me to an overflowing queue. The phone number I called back to was not in service, so I did not bother trying again. When my roof started leaking, I paid a reputable firm to fix it. The business they hired to respond to negative feedback usually gives the same answer—"there were technical difficulties with the phone lines that day"—so consider this your fair warning. What I have said is true based on my experience as a prior client." - Stetson
"I signed up for this service in June of 2021 and have tried reaching out to the manager through phone and email with no success. Turns out I had to negotiate a payment plan with Edison since my panels were finally generating enough electricity. I have tried calling several times, but I have never been able to speak with a live person who could arrange for someone to come inspect my panels." - Soledad
"After two months of paying exorbitant power bills, they still have not sent someone to fix the problem. Two months were needed to figure out what was wrong with our infrastructure. Muriel, open up several family accounts with this firm. I have decided against continuing my employment with this firm. They have been unable to reach the subcontractor they hired to do the job. For a contractor to operate in such a manner is very unprofessional and inappropriate." - Joshua
"Horrible company I got solar panel and A/C unit that I been having problems every single year actually my old one work better than theirs and everything time I call they never answer or they tell me they would call me back and never do horrible costumer service. Also panels they sold me don’t even work that well I got more than I need it and I still don’t produce enough and I don’t even have a big house. Most of their review are fake." - Janette
"The installation of our solar panels went well. EZ Energy Solutions handled everything in a timely and expert manner, and they kept us updated every step of the way. We have been able to halve our energy costs. Amazing!" - Roosevelt
"The staff who did the installation showed consideration for my home and went to great lengths to ensure that everything was carried out correctly. The installation of my new roof is complete, and I am extremely pleased with the work and the service that EZ Energy solutions performed. The pricing was fair, and the work that I received was of good quality. Thank you so much, and I will certainly suggest them to everyone." - Jason
"Working with EZ Energy Solutions was a wonderful experience overall for me. The staff was really competent and polite, and they made sure that all of my concerns were addressed both before and after the installation of the new system. They are unquestionably worthy of being recommended to others." - Ryan
"EZ Energy Solutions really cared that my solar panel installation went well. They showed up when they said they would and performed a fantastic job of installing everything. I am relieved that I was able to locate EZ Energy Solutions for my solar power needs." - Mary
"Throughout the whole solar installation procedure, EZ Energy Solutions's customer service was nothing short of stellar. They addressed my issues and inquiries and made sure I was happy with the outcome. If you are thinking about going solar, I highly suggest them." - Sarah

EZ Energy Solutions Social media

Residential solar energy provider EZ Energy Solutions is situated in San Francisco, California. Numerous details about their services and goods are available on their Facebook page, along with intriguing information like success stories and updates on new projects. With more than 3,900 followers and a 5-star rating, the page shows that its users are happy with the business. Positive evaluations and comments from many consumers boost the business's overall trustworthiness. The website also had several entries with details on EZ Solar Solutions' goods and services, as well as suggestions for saving energy, success stories, and images of their completed projects. These messages support your service promotion efforts by informing and inspiring prospective clients to utilize your offerings. A set amount of likes, comments, and reposts are given to each post on the page, which shows how engaged the subscribers are and how well-liked the material is. Overall, the EZ Energy Solutions Facebook page is a helpful resource and an efficient marketing tool. For both existing and future consumers, the page offers a plethora of information, and its interesting content keeps subscribers interested.
EZ Energy Solutions' services, products, and projects are covered in great detail on their LinkedIn profile. On their website, you can find information about their business, a list of their workers, previous and existing job openings, linked businesses, and a variety of motivational pieces showing their work and values. Additionally, the profile has 80 followers, showing that the business has established a respectable online presence. The majority of the articles on the website are product-focused and aimed at educating prospective clients about the most recent technological advancements and market breakthroughs. They are also utilized to highlight their most recent triumphs and the effects that their goods and services are having. Last but not least, they used quizzes, polls, and other forms of content in addition to the normal LinkedIn features to draw followers and reach a broader audience. Overall, the LinkedIn profile for EZ Energy Solutions is a useful marketing tool that gives clients and consumers access to a variety of knowledge about the business, its goods and services. Additionally, it offers a platform for interacting with both current and new consumers via interesting content, games, and polls.
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EZ Energy Solutions average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews484


EZ Energy Solutions Pros & Cons

  • Experienced and certified team of technicians
  • High-quality products
  • Multiple payment options and financing options
  • Installation may be costly depending on the size of the system
  • Not all areas in the US are serviced
  • Can be time-consuming to complete the installation process

EZ Energy Solutions Final Conclusions

Solar energy solutions that are excellent in quality, affordable, and environmental friendliness may be found at EZ Energy Solution, which is a dependable and well-known distributor of energy. Customers who are searching for a solar energy solution may find that EZ Energy Solution is a good choice. The company's specialists are trained and qualified, and the company offers a variety of payment and financing choices, as well as discounts for upfront payments and incentives.

EZ Energy Solutions locations

Main Address5160 Van Nuys Blvd # 276 Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
Phone Number8443967448

2 local offices

California – Sherman Oaks 5160 Van Nuys Blvd , Sherman Oaks CA, 91403
– Los Angeles 13636 Ventura Blvd, Los Angeles California, 91423

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