Fuzion Energy review

Fuzion Energy was established to provide as a single source for a wide variety of services, including but not limited to artificial grass, solar solutions, home generators, home backup batteries, HVAC solutions, and concrete construction.

Fuzion Energy overview

Fuzion Energy was established to provide as a single source for a wide variety of services, including but not limited to artificial grass, solar solutions, home generators, home backup batteries, HVAC solutions, and concrete construction.

What Fuzion Energy has to say about itself

Fuzion Energy recognizes that there are a plethora of energy providers to choose from, which is why we offer assistance in both going solar and transforming your home into an energy-efficient smart home that will hopefully allow you to spend less time worrying and more time living.

Fuzion Energy Solar Review

Year Started2016
Company Websitefuzionenergy.com
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation and repair of electrical systems, residential and commercial wiring, design and installation of lighting, and energy audits
Types PanelsMono-crystalline, poly-crystalline, and thin film solar modules
Backup BatteryTesla Powerwall, LG Chem, Sonnen, Pylontech and other lithium-ion and lead acid batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA

Fuzion Energy website review

All the information required to decide wisely about Fuzion Energy's services is available on their website. The homepage is straightforward and simple to use, with obvious tabs leading users to other website sections. Visitors may read client testimonials, research the staff, and discover more about the company's services on the site. There is also a page for their blog, which offers useful advice and details on eco-friendly construction and energy-saving techniques. Additionally, there is a contact page on the website with a phone number, an email address, a map, and full instructions. Additionally, there is a connection to their social media pages so that clients may follow deals and news. Overall, Fuzion Energy's website offers a thorough rundown of their offerings as well as an easy means to get in touch with the staff. Customers can get all the information they want on the website thanks to its user-friendly design.

Fuzion Energy price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, checks, and credit cards
Payment discountsDiscounts for homeowners who prepay for solar installations, additional discounts for veterans, seniors and customers who purchase multiple systems

Fuzion Energy online reputation

It is clear from the customer testimonials that Fuzion Energy's clients have provided mostly good comments. The business is acclaimed for its skilled employees, first-rate support, and dedication to satisfying customers. Customers are grateful for the Fuzion Energy team's professionalism, meticulousness, and prompt service delivery. In the evaluations, people like Myles Vincent and Austin Powell are praised for their knowledge and support, as well as for their patience, detailed explanations, and overall contribution to the great experience. Customers have praised Fuzion Energy's solar panels and inverters for their high caliber as well as for their speedy and effective installation. Customers like Fuzion Energy's attempts to have a good influence on society and cherish the company's dedication to the neighborhood and the hiring of injured veterans. The firm is praised for placing a strong focus on being a good neighbor, generating local jobs, and doing community service. There are, however, a few unfavorable reviews that draw attention to difficulties including installation delays, poor communication, unfinished work, and challenges with maintenance and customer support. These disappointing incidents suggest that Fuzion Energy may need to improve in areas like organization, communication, and quickly addressing consumer complaints. In general, Fuzion Energy seems to have a great reputation for offering high-quality solar energy solutions, but there are several areas that may be improved to guarantee ongoing client happiness.
"We spent a fair penny on a battery backup system, and it still isn't working. Technicians have been sent many times, yet the problem remains unresolved. The storm of the century is about to hit Tehachapi, and I'm thousands of dollars in debt with no way to keep warm should the power go out." - Anthony
"I have to say that my assessment of this firm is consistent with the consensus. When we were ready to install solar panels and a new HVAC system in April of 2018, we turned to Fuzion. There was a delay in beginning solar installation until August of 2018. It was estimated to take 2 weeks, followed by HVAC installation in a further 2-3 weeks. Now, seven weeks after finishing the solar, they are finally done. They'd leave garbage for me to clean up when I came home and overlook vital components, extending the job by days. Only three weeks after the solar installation did the HVAC crew even bother to check at the spot where they had previously promised to install the box. They had no idea who to approach about acquiring the necessary permits. I would have hoped they would have sorted this out after 5 months. Despite the fact that the agreement made no mention of the HVAC system being included, we are now being harassed to release the loan payment. Kirk Nicklaus, the company's co-owner, and the business in general have completely lost my respect. As a result of his deceptive practices, I now feel duped and upset that his firm relies on you despite its inability to organize itself and provide honest service.They returned months later to finish the HVAC installation, but it took them three weeks since they constantly misplaced equipment and weren't properly prepared for the job. This was reported in February 2019. When I realized they'd been using my equipment for more than half the installation, I felt terrible for them. Poorly repaired drywall where they overcut the vent holes, an unrepaired hole in the kitchen wall, uncovered duct vents in the living room and hallway (they didn't box it in), and a failed attempt to remove the old electrical panel from the wall despite being paid for that service. I'm relieved to have solar panels installed and a working HVAC system, but I wouldn't suggest either. In addition, my solar panel system went out and it took them three months to notice, so I was stuck paying both my solar loan and my power bill." - Skye
"Worst service ever. Due of their inexperience with pg&e's documentation filing procedures, my tru-up has increased to $1100. Three or more resubmissions of each inspection are required. The administration continues to stonewall us. Do.not.go.with.them. Don't bother yourself. How come the reviews used to be so bad and now they're so good? After being given the runaround for a year and a half, I feel they are insulting my intellect. My legal team is now investigating this. J.S. at the moment. When the original salesman left, prices increased, and the sales vice president had to step in and take over, doubling my commission payments. Legal action on a mass scale, according to them. I want a complete refund of all pending payments. Nobody informed me that if pg&e files the documentation on my battery properly, I would get a $100 monthly credit. The Pg&e blame keeps piling on. Pg&e is perplexed as to why they are unaware of this and how to complete the necessary papers. The end!" - Jim
"I was eager to start working here after reading so many laudatory reports about it. Unfortunately, I had a quite different experience. Bought some solar panels. The terrible communication has persisted throughout. The work that was supposed to take three days ended up taking three weeks. I contacted and requested that messages be sent to me instead of my partner, who isn't even on the contract, but they kept calling my partner nevertheless, even though they knew he worked nights and was unavailable in the mornings. People showed up unexpectedly, and on occasion we just found out about their attendance the morning of. After working for a week, they vanished for another week without contacting anybody. They sent an inspector out before the project was finished, and he failed to find any problems until I phoned to complain. Shocker. The office worker who answered the phone was hostile and unrepentant, essentially telling me I was lying about not having an inspector visit my home. I must have made it up in my head. After several setbacks, the installation was completed. Unfortunately, I learned that the consultation information on tax deductions and rebates was incorrect, and that my monthly loan payment would be twice as much as I had expected. In addition, the post-employment cash signing bonus that was promised to me has vanished. No matter how many times I inquire, I never get a clear response and no further action is taken. Since contractors often assist their customers with rebate filing, I've asked quite a few questions in hopes of gaining insight into the process. I have gotten absolutely no assistance or guidance in this regard. Customer service has been lacking throughout this ordeal." - Brittany
"Do NOT buy a solar energy system outside of Bakersfield, as of this review's revision. If your system requires maintenance, you may experience significant delays in getting the issue resolved since the solar staff will only come when it is convenient for them. They told us it would take 2 weeks before they could come repair our system, which is located in Fresno and has been operating at barely 50% capacity. I have a huge problem with my system once a year, and now I have to monitor it via an app every month (they stated it was now my responsibility)—the last thing I want to be doing. When there's a problem with my system, it'll let you know.As reported by Solar Edge's support staff. This time, I noticed the problem after two weeks of low output. Customer service at Fuzion will tell you anything to get you to sign up, but I'll be the one footing the bill at year's end. I am now in the midst of my busiest work month of the year. I recommended hiring a subcontractor, but they said it would be too simple and expensive.I also realized I had to make changes to my review to include this information. The review section for Fuzion has been closed.For whatever reason, I don't think they'd give it 5 stars.My only request is that everything runs well for a whole year, and any issues I have are resolved quickly. Is it too much to ask? If they make amends, I'll have to revise my rating. Time-traveling blog post:Eight months ago. Our beginnings with Fuzion were rocky to say the least. George did absolutely all he could to have us functioning at peak efficiency and speed when we started working with him. After having our panels up for two years, I decided to phone the firm to see what was going on. Nothing happened until George got involved, and then everything changed. He was really diligent at following up with us and keeping us informed by calling us every day. They rearranged the panels in a more practical layout and identified the source of the display issue. Within a week, he got everything working again. George is the only focus of this evaluation. Please contact him if you are considering using this firm to ensure that your project is completed correctly the FIRST time around. Our solar panels were installed by Fuzion Energy, and they also laid down new sod. The installation crew worked quickly and well. Only because they employed George do we suggest Fuzion. He went out of his way to restore our system to its pre-two-years-ago state of functionality. He promptly answered all incoming calls and dealt with any issues that may have been resolved over the phone. For seven days straight, he informed me of any developments. In the two years and more that I have dealt with this firm, he is by far the finest thing that has happened to them. When it's time to put money into solar energy. Inquire about George!! You're the finest, George; thank you." - Bryce
"Myles Vincent from Fuzion Energy was a joy to deal with during my recent purchase of solar panels for my house. Myles was not only very well-versed and competent, but also went out of his way to give outstanding service.Myles made getting solar panels easy and stress-free, from the initial phone conversation through the final installation. He patiently went through all my choices and advised me on which system would work best for my situation and budget. I felt comfortable with my choice because to his calm demeanor and detailed responses to my many inquiries.Myles was always there for me when I had questions and kept me up to date on anything that was happening. He was consistent in being timely and trustworthy, and he never failed to deliver on his promises. I really liked his professionalism and how hard he worked to meet my needs. Myles installed my solar panels quickly and without incident, checking to make sure they were functioning correctly before he departed. I am delighted with my new solar array, and I have no hesitation in recommending Myles and Fuzion Energy to anybody who values quality work and reliable service.In general, Myles Vincent and Fuzion Energy have provided excellent service, and I am happy to recommend them. Myles, your contribution has been invaluable; thank you." - Cammeron
"Austin Powell's service was outstanding, and he developed a top-notch solution for us at an affordable price. We looked throughout the US and Canada and found that Fuzion Home Services had the lowest price. The solar panels and inverters Fuzion used were top-notch, and installation only took a few weeks after we signed the contract. No one else could promise us the high-quality solar panels that we received from Fuzion, and they all told us we'd have to wait three months or more. Job well done and service rendered. Fuzion Home Services is highly recommended from us." - Phillip
"Myles at Fuzion Energy did a fantastic job installing solar panels for me, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Everything went off without a hitch and was handled expertly. Myles and the rest of the crew were really helpful in answering all of my inquiries and addressing my concerns. The actual installation was accomplished on schedule and with meticulous care. The installers were professional and polite, and they cleaned up after themselves after they were done.I was ecstatic to see my monthly energy costs drop after the installation. I am helping the environment and my wallet at the same time.In conclusion, if you're thinking about getting solar panels installed, you should definitely go with Fuzion Energy. Their level of knowledge, reliability, and care for their clients is exceptional." - Anyssa
"In the short time I've had the opportunity of dealing with Fuzion Energy, I have been nothing but impressed with the quality of their offerings. Fuzion Energy is distinguished from its competitors by its competitive prices, the fact that it is family-owned, and its dedication to the employment of disabled veterans. If you're looking for a high-quality, cost-effective solution, go no further than Fuzion Energy, who offers affordable rates and unparalleled service. They have a deep familiarity with the area's demands, and their products and services reflect that knowledge. Fuzion Energy is a family-owned company that places a premium on being a good neighbor. Not only do they emphasize the creation of local employment, but also the provision of significant community service. They have shown their compassion and devotion by recruiting disabled soldiers and providing them with benefits. Fuzion Energy goes above and above by hiring them and creating a welcoming workplace for them to succeed in. The crew at Fuzion Energy has impressed me much with their competence, promptness, and care for detail. I felt certain that I was in excellent hands because to the staff's professionalism and depth of knowledge. They stand out from the competition because of the real attention and support they provide to their clients and staff. Fuzion Energy is a model of a firm that places a premium on caring for its customers and the greater good. If you're looking for a locally owned company that provides outstanding value and helps our disabled veterans, go no further than Fuzion Energy. They are undeniably a reliable organization that you can take pride in backing." - Bob
"Wow, Fuzion Energy and Myles Vincent provided a fantastic service. Before talking to Myles, I didn't feel confident in my understanding of solar energy. He patiently explained everything to me and cleared up any confusion I had. If you need help with your project, Myles is the man to call." - laura

Fuzion Energy Social media

Electrical engineering services are provided to companies and homeowners by Fuzion Energy. A fantastic approach to stay informed about their services and discover more about their business is to follow them on Facebook. There is a lot of dynamic stuff on the website. Their blogs are often interesting and include corporate news and updates as well as client endorsements and other client experiences. They also provide advice on how to save energy and viewpoints on how the energy situation is developing. The website also advertises their in-home home energy assessments to assist consumers save money, as well as local services like electrical safety training classes. To keep current with the energy industry, they often post informative articles and business news. In addition to competitions and incentives for users who submit a story or review on their page, Fuzion Energy runs promotional sales and offers on goods and services. The page has a solid Facebook presence, as seen by the active engagement it receives. All of their postings have several comments and general posts, and the website rapidly answers queries and inquiries. In general, the Facebook page for Fuzion Energy is an excellent resource for current and new clients. Page often offers helpful information.
Their LinkedIn profile gives a summary of the goals and services of their business as well as current postings and updates on the energy sector. Along with testimonials and client experiences, the portal also has personnel bios. Additionally, they advertise their promotions and exclusive deals on goods and services. They have a separate Career page that provides useful details about working for the organization as well as a list of current employment vacancies. Additional client resources are available on their website under the tabs, along with advice on energy saving and a blog section that covers green construction techniques. Customers can simply locate and communicate with them on all of their social media platforms thanks to the page's Facebook and Twitter feeds. The LinkedIn profile for Fuzion Energy is a fantastic source for customers, prospects, and job seekers. The business actively contributes and offers a ton of helpful information and resources on energy services and goods.
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Fuzion Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews3304.8


Fuzion Energy Pros & Cons

  • Certified and experienced team
  • Comprehensive range of solar services
  • Flexible payment and financing option
  • Installation cost and time may vary
  • May not work in some areas due to climate
  • Financing options can be limited depending on credit score

Fuzion Energy Final Conclusions

Solar energy supplier Fuzion Energy offers a variety of home and business options. Their installations are carried out by qualified and experienced professionals, and they are a NABCEP-Certified Company, SunSpace Certified Installer, and Solarize Certified Installer. System sizing, energy audits, maintenance and monitoring services, and financing choices are among the wide variety of services they provide. The Tesla Powerwall, LG Chem, and Sonnen are just a few of the premium solar products their team provides. Additionally, they provide some consumers discounts and give budget-friendly customers various financing and payment choices. In conclusion, Fuzion Energy offers dependable customer service together with high-quality solar energy solutions. As a result, Fuzion Energy has a strong reputation for offering high-quality solar energy solutions, but there is still opportunity for growth in several areas to guarantee ongoing client pleasure. A business may further enhance its performance and reputation in the market by resolving the problems brought up in unfavorable evaluations.

Fuzion Energy locations

Main Address4003 Terracotta Ct, Bakersfield, CA 93314, United States
Phone Number6612439934

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