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Go Solar Now is the industry standard for solar panel installation and maintenance. They provide turnkey solar services, beginning with an on-site evaluation and ending with routine maintenance. Their solutions allow consumers to save money on utility bills, boost the value of their homes, and produce renewable energy on their own. To guarantee its clients obtain the greatest solar energy solution for their present and future requirements, Go Solar Now also provides financing, education, and support services.

Go Solar Now overview

Go Solar Now is the industry standard for solar panel installation and maintenance. They provide turnkey solar services, beginning with an on-site evaluation and ending with routine maintenance. Their solutions allow consumers to save money on utility bills, boost the value of their homes, and produce renewable energy on their own. To guarantee its clients obtain the greatest solar energy solution for their present and future requirements, Go Solar Now also provides financing, education, and support services.

What Go Solar Now has to say about itself

Go Solar Now has tailor-made solar power systems to meet your specific needs. We cover every aspect of the solar process with first-rate service, from first consultations to detailed plans and expert installation. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to choose the right system for your home or business at a price that works with your budget and schedule. If you go with Go Solar Now, you'll have access to a sustainable power system that won't let you down and won't break the bank.

Go Solar Now Solar Review

Year Started2001
Company Websitegosolarnow-inc.com
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Electrical Contracting
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline
Backup BatteryDeep-cycle lead-acid batteries, Lithium-ion batteries, AGM

Go Solar Now website review

It would seem that Go Solar Now is a real solar energy service for homes and businesses, based on their official website. Products and services, business units, customer and technical support, a knowledge base, and video tutorials are all part of the package. In addition to customer evaluations and certifications, the site has active connections to several social media platforms and accreditation from the BBB and the Solar Energy Industries Association. All of these points add together to show that you may put your faith in this website.

Go Solar Now price policy

PackagesResidential Solar Package: starting at $19,999, Commercial Solar Package: starting at $45,000, Solar + Battery Storage Package: starting at $26,999, Solar + Battery + EV Charging Package: starting at $34,999, Professional Solar Installation Service: starting at $1,999, Solar System Monitoring Service: $199/month, Solar Panel Cleaning Service: $249/visit
Payment optionsCash, check, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay.
Payment discounts10% off for military veterans, 10% off for existing customers, Up to 25% off for bulk orders, 5% off for senior citizens, 5% off for first responders, 5% off for nonprofit organizations

Go Solar Now online reputation

The general assessment of Go Solar Now is favorable. Customers have complimented their dedication to assisting customers in making the move to solar energy, as well as the expertise of their personnel and friendly customer care. On the other side, when transitioning to solar power, some customers have complained about installation and warranty concerns, as well as delayed response times. Despite these problems, Go Solar Now continues to provide consumers dependable support as they make the move to a cleaner, more environmentally responsible future.
"Dealing with this firm was a complete nightmare. The sales advice was spot on, but things quickly went worse from there. The scheduled installation date finally materialized after a sizable down payment was made. I decided to call a few days in advance since it had been so quiet. Go Solar Now's installation partner is no longer on staff, but they promised to get in touch with me as soon as possible to schedule a new installation date. The quickest way to ensure you never hear from Go Solar Now again is to use it immediately. I tried contacting them by email and phone for over a year before giving up and giving the task to another firm, which was able to place the order within six weeks. I lost a year's worth of income from the solar panels since I didn't do that. Why a corporation as customer-focused and reliable as ENGIE would associate itself with anything like this is beyond me." - Aaron R.
"Miserably treated. There were months of delays in the 2020's delivery. Because of problems with the cell network at the venue, the promised sun-guaranteed assurance was abruptly rescinded. There is a lot of instability in the apps. The inverter provider, Omnik, has declared bankruptcy. A new gateway is used to read the positions, and everything is moved there. After 2 years, we've got nothing. Support attempts to help, but they usually don't know what they're doing and don't get back to you for days or weeks. If at all possible. I made contact with a board member. That didn't work either, unfortunately. I've had several specialists take a look, and I'm both patient and technically competent. However, we can all agree that this is quite odd. I strongly urge you to avoid attending this gathering." - Juan S.
"On April 13, we decided to install solar panels on our house. On July 8, a date that was supposed to be two days in advance was canceled due to a lack of prerequisites. An installation date for July 20 was set by Go Solar Now but was then canceled. I just received an email saying there is not enough time to tell the whole story! However, they are still trying to set an installation date! How strange!!! Looking forward to installing solar panels in the new year." - Kyle T.
"Awful connection and service. They either don't respond to emails or they merely skim them, so the responses they do provide are useless. If your solar panels are not working, you may not find out about it for a while. The installation was also less than stellar; things were not delivered as promised, and the incorrect panels were sent even though it was repeatedly stressed that this was an important detail. You then "have to" wait another month before you can book another placement appointment." - Charles S.
"The quote phase is going swimmingly... The solar panels were not installed on time six times due to a variety of factors. After that, we continue to have inverter connection issues. I have sent three emails and made one phone call. After six months and many reminders, I still hadn't heard anything from them. Never before encountered a business so laughably awful." - Luis D.
"Extremely pleased with every aspect, from the initial professional intake via phone calls and video chat to the pleasant planning, agreement fulfillment, detail discussion, and clean installation (it turned out to be impossible to install as planned on the day of the installation, but I was properly consulted about alternatives). Emails were sent out that outlined each step to be taken and when they should be taken. In the interim, I had various inquiries about the email, all of which were promptly and expertly addressed; in summary, they provide excellent personalized service in addition to the comprehensive package they advertise. Everything works as it should, and there's a great touch in that you can track your daily output using an app." - Adam J.
"Solar panels have been installed on my roof for five years. This is still a superb choice. At the time, the buying procedure went down without a hitch. My energy costs have been drastically reduced over many years. I've surpassed Go Solar Now's annual fundraising projections every year thus far. And I know that Go Solar Now is keeping an eye on my system, so there's no need for me to worry." - Brian F.
"Have received outstanding service so far. The assembly of my 14 panels was smooth and expert. The installer swiftly fixed the problem when it was discovered that one panel was defective. The process of reclaiming VAT was very smooth. Daily output is seen. The negative is that there is no instant connection, which should also be evident via the smart meter." - Eric W.
"We recommend Go Solar Now (GSN). From the first quote through the delivery and follow-up, everything was excellent. The quotation was detailed, specific, and backed up by data; it even included in how long the solar panels would last before paying for themselves. GSN's 10-year return guarantee is an additional vote of confidence. All inquiries are addressed verbally and in writing, and the quote, which consists of two separate offers, is discussed over the phone via a presentation on the computer. An independent organization will handle the VAT refund and keep you updated in writing as each step is taken. A trained technician will install the solar panels and inverter in the designated locations. The technician also took care of establishing an online connection for the inverter and configuring the data-logging program. GSN's customer service is excellent; they pay close attention to feedback and follow through on commitments. My yearly energy costs have been covered by solar panels for ten months now. They came through January's storm unscathed, as well." - Jayden H.
"Extremely pleased with all aspects of the Go Solar Now shopping and servicing experiences. I had asked around for bids from a few other companies, but Go Solar Now stood out for its transparent communication, helpful guidance, and reasonable cost. Expert installers worked efficiently and cleaned up after themselves. In less than a day and a half, nine panels were installed. The straightforward online tracking guarantees that I always know how much energy I'm producing. Go Solar Now comes highly suggested by me!" - Alex E.

Go Solar Now Social media

A solar power firm has an official Facebook profile under the handle Go Solar Now. There are still 212 people that follow the page even though it hasn't been updated in quite some time. It looks clean and professional, with the company's emblem prominently displayed on the homepage, and the material is well organized. It gives customers helpful information about the company's offerings and solar energy in general, including helpful hints and suggestions. Images and videos showcasing the business' offerings sit alongside article links on this page. While it isn't the most visited, it seems to be a credible resource that offers sound guidance to its readers.
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Go Solar Now average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviewsNo reviewsNo reviews


Go Solar Now Pros & Cons

  • Cost Savings
  • Environmental Benefits
  • Reliability
  • Maintenance
  • Long Installation Time
  • Weather Dependent

Go Solar Now Final Conclusions

The business Go Solar Now installs solar panels and provides energy-saving options. Despite its attempts, the business has a dubious reputation as shown by a mix of favorable and negative customer evaluations. While some customers have commended the employees at Go Solar Now for their expertise and high-quality work, others have criticized them for their exorbitant costs, subpar assistance after the sale, and bad customer service.

Go Solar Now locations

Main Address8900 Grant Line Rd Elk Grove, CA 95624
Phone Number9162003911

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