Got Watts Electric review

Got Watts is built on a rock of dedication to excellence. Installers for some of the best American-made names, we only use durable materials backed by comprehensive guarantees.

Got Watts Electric overview

Got Watts is built on a rock of dedication to excellence. Installers for some of the best American-made names, we only use durable materials backed by comprehensive guarantees.

What Got Watts Electric has to say about itself

Our company is authorized to set up Tesla electric vehicle chargers in addition to QuietCool whole-house fans. We are also pleased to announce that we will be collaborating with SPAN to provide smart panels that will allow homeowners to effortlessly manage and keep tabs on their electrical panel from their mobile device. The Got Watts Team has decades of combined experience in building, remodeling, and renovating, and we're also glad to say that we've established ourselves as leaders in the newly expanding home electrification field. While others may be slow to catch on, we have been developing and implementing these environmentally friendly, trustworthy, and long-term answers for some time now.

Got Watts Electric Solar Review

Year Started2010
Service AreasCA
Service TypesElectrical repairs, maintenance, lighting installations, security systems, code fixes, energy efficiency solutions, generator installations, panel upgrades
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryDeep cycle lead-acid, lithium-ion and sealed AGM batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB

Got Watts Electric website review

Website was developed by a team with extensive experience in the energy sector, making it not only informative but also simple to navigate. Customer service information, product descriptions, and testimonials are all easily accessible from the site. Customers may use the energy calculator to see how their consumption rates stack up to others in their region, and learn more about how they can save costs by switching to more energy-efficient items. Customers may find a wealth of helpful information on the website, including energy saving suggestions, product ratings for efficiency, and information on local rebates and incentives. Smart home systems, renewable energy, and other energy management options are also available to clients. In sum, Got Watts is an excellent resource that gives its users several options for cutting their energy bills.

Got Watts Electric price policy

Packages$13,000 to $22,000
Payment optionsCash, check, major credit cards, and financing options
Payment discountsUp to 90 days interest-free payment plan with approved credit, discounts and promotions for veterans, seniors and first responders

Got Watts Electric online reputation

Based on user feedback, Got Watts is generally rated well, with clients complimenting their knowledge, dependability, and quality of service. Numerous pleased clients have praised their customer service, electricity repairs, and solar panel installations. The Got Watts team is praised for being knowledgable, friendly, and flexible. They make sure that clients are informed at every step of the process and that their demands are satisfied. Positive factors have also included the utilization of premium materials and competitive prices. However, a few unfavorable reviews highlight instances of subpar construction, sluggish customer service, and price problems. Some clients complained about poor outcomes, communication issues, and issues with the installation of the generators as reasons for their dissatisfaction with the whole experience. Despite the negative comments, Got Watts typically seems to provide an acceptable service since the positive feedback exceeds the bad. Got Watts is recommended by customers who have had positive experiences, especially for electrical repairs and solar panel installations.
"After Got Watts fixed my subpanel, set up my manual transfer switch, and installed my electric vehicle charger, I was impressed. When hooked up to the generator, the manual transfer switch kept reporting a short circuit. I asked Got Watts for assistance, but they ignored my messages. I had a different electrician check it out and they were able to repair it straight immediately. Since no bushing was employed, the naked wire was in direct contact with the conduit. An inexperienced person would make such a mistake. Got Watts does not provide the kind of customer service that I would suggest. Here is my reply to Got Watts's comment below: Last week, I submitted a request for assistance through your website but heard nothing back. I would have certainly requested for assistance if I had realized you responded to Google reviews more quickly than messages on your website. Chris and I never spoke on the phone about it. The email I received in November of last year said that I had been at fault for improperly using the transfer switch. The problem was in the electrical outlet next to the Manual Transfer Switch. There was no bushing utilized, and the wire was held excessively firmly. The wires were in contact with the metal pipe. The problem was previously resolved by another firm. No, I won't be dismantling this." - Elijah
"I was quoted $225 for the first hour of the service call when I first phoned to schedule it. Our backyard sump pump's electrical connection was shorting out. A pump was quickly identified as the source of the issue, and a plumber was requested. I incurred a $225 fee. For a service call that lasted all of ten minutes, I think there should have been some kind of compensation. In addition to the expense of the pumps themselves, I paid $230 to have a plumber come out and repair both of them and the electrical connection at one of the outlets." - Joe
"The service from Got Watts was acceptable, and I employed them for a little electrical repair task. The problem was quickly resolved after the technician's on-time arrival. However, I thought the cost was a little expensive given the quality of the job. It was an average experience overall with no significant concerns or outstanding service." - Samuel
"Recently, I contacted Got Watts for advice on home automation. Although the agent was kind and gave me the information I needed, I still found the procedure to be rather perplexing and daunting. It would have been beneficial if they had simplified the technical explanations. Although the service was adequate, I had hoped for a more user-friendly environment." - Asher
"I was quite dissatisfied with Got Watts. I had them install a generator for me, and they did a terrible job. The technicians acted in a careless and unprepared manner. During the installation, they made a number of blunders that led to setbacks and extra repair costs. In addition, customer support was slow to respond and provide solutions to the problems. I cannot endorse their work." - Lucas
"As a business owner, it's always encouraging to find a firm that gets both the product and the customer service sides of things right. That describes Got Watts to a T! We used them to put solar panels on our roof, and they did a great job. The installation needed many visits, and Got Watts did an excellent job of explaining each process and working around our schedule so that we knew exactly where we stood and when to anticipate the next stage. When all was said and done (on schedule, no less! ), the Solar panels were ready to go the very first day. Congratulations, Got Watts! Don't change a thing, okay?" - Liam
"Got Watts Electric performed an excellent job installing my new solar panels on my roof. Samantha, the Solar Specialist, is well-informed and helpful, taking the time to respond to all of my (often simple) inquiries. She was patient and kind as she revised my design multiple times to meet my needs. Lindsay, the Operations Manager, guided me through the process and answered all of my questions. Troy took the time during the site evaluation to highlight electrical issues that were beyond the scope of the solar installation. I was able to see the panel installation team of Jeremy, Isaac, Blake, and Daniel at work on the roof, and they did a fantastic job. Daniel and Pablo, the electricians, were also great to work with. They gave reasons and explanations for their actions. Mark patiently walked me through the Enphase monitoring and control application, including troubleshooting and the best methods to receive help if I ever ran into an issue in the future, after I had met with the county inspector for permit approval. If the system's network connection ever proves inadequate, we even went through several solutions for fixing it. Everyone I spoke with at Got Watts was competent, helpful, and kind. I can only hope that the rest of my endeavors are as successful. I can't speak highly enough of the Got Watts crew." - Tom
"Our experience with Got Watts during the solar panel installation for our house was really positive. They gave me a quotation that was cheaper than the other three I got. From the initial plan to the final permit approval to the installation to the "going live" approval from PG&E, Sam and Mallory kept me apprised of the progress through email at every stage. The installation personnel performed an excellent job, and they were able to finish in under two days. I had a fantastic day and definitely suggest Got Watts to everyone." - Oliver
"After a year, we may evaluate how well the system is working. I really like these fellas. My service was increased from 100 to 200 amps after they replaced two of my electrical panels and worked with PG&E. Without any problems or delays, the work was completed by skilled professionals who were also pleasant to work with. Then they set up my home charging island for my electric vehicle and my twenty-five solar panels.However, I had to have a new roof put on before the solar panels could be installed. Three roofing firms were provided by Got Watts, all of which come highly recommended. The outstanding roof system (ridge ventilation, gutters, etc.) and solar panel hardware, connectivity, and software were all handled by the team at Got Watts. The timeline set by Got Watts was met, everything fit together well, and the artisans worked as a team. Everything about working with Got Watts was flawless, from the competitive pricing to the superior quality of the materials used and the seamless integration of all trades." - Daniel
"My brother-in-law highly suggested Got Watts to me, and I hired them to put solar panels on my roof and a charging station for my electric vehicle. This firm provided me with a fantastic experience. They were the most affordable option, and they even took the time to talk me through the installation procedure step by step at my own convenience. Never once did I feel rushed, and all of my technical inquiries were promptly answered. Sam was the one who took care of my first inquiry and gave me directions to PG&E's website so that I could get my energy use records. With this information in hand, Sam advised me on the optimal array size (in terms of the number of panels) to counteract my anticipated power bills. Throughout the early stages of design, I peppered Sam with questions, and he either offered immediate answers or immediately located someone else at Got Watts who could assist (particularly, Lindsay, who helped address my financial issues). PG&E added several constraints that made the design phase and obtaining permits more difficult. Dan's engineering team had to make some changes to my design when we got the necessary permissions. Dan's effort in repeatedly contacting me to discuss the redesign alternatives was very much appreciated. Two days were needed to complete the installation. The first day was spent laying conduit and wire near my energy meter and in the attic in preparation for the panel installation crew, who got to work by the day's end. The electrical team consisted of Travis and Omar, who were both outstanding. By the end of Day 2, the full array was up and running, and a few days later, a Got Watts team member (I can't remember his name, but he was also extremely courteous and knowledgable) met with a representative from Contra Costa County for the final inspection. The output of my brand-new solar array can be easily tracked. The inverters used by Got Watts are made by Enphase, and I am able to track both their present and past performance through a web interface. In conclusion, I had a great time working with Got Watts. I'd suggest Got Watts to anybody thinking about installing solar panels or making other kinds of electrical modifications because of the fantastic pricing and service they provide." - Benjamin

Got Watts Electric Social media
A fantastic resource for information and consumer interaction is the Got Watts Facebook page. The portal has articles on energy-saving advice, information about their goods and services, client testimonials, and images of items from their online store. Additionally, the page has a vibrant community of followers who like, share, and comment on content, which encourages consumer interaction and loyalty to the company. Visitors may also benefit from their business's promos and sweepstakes. A contact option for users to get in touch with customer support is also provided on the website by Got Watts, along with a list of nearby companies who have collaborated with them. Overall, this Facebook page is a fantastic opportunity for Got Watts to interact with its audience and advertise its services and goods.
The LinkedIn profile for Got Watts Electric Inc. effectively promotes the business and its offerings. With a distinct logo and a polished profile image for their business, the page is tidy and well-organized. Their succinct and detailed summary statement describes the kinds of services they provide. Additionally, it offers connections to their blog, social media pages, and website, making it simple for prospective clients to get in touch with them. On their website, they also provide a thorough list of all of their workers, along with information on their relevant job history and how they contribute to the business. Additionally, a summary of current news and updates is provided to assist maintain followers' interest in and knowledge of the author's work. Finally, their profile has a number of recommendations and testimonials from pleased clients, further enhancing its credibility. Overall, Got Watts Electric Inc.'s LinkedIn profile seems to be well-managed and has all the information that potential clients might possibly need.
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Got Watts Electric average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1294.9


Got Watts Electric Pros & Cons

  • Offers a variety of services and products
  • Provides free consultations and cost estimates
  • Offers payment discounts and incentives
  • Cost of services may be high for some customers
  • Not all states and regions offer the same incentives
  • May require more in-depth consultations and planning for larger projects

Got Watts Electric Final Conclusions

Got Watts Electric Inc. offers a wide variety of services to its clients, including cutting-edge solar panel installations, electrical repairs, bespoke upgrades, and routine maintenance. Got Watts Electric Inc. has a well-regarded reputation in the sector thanks to a track record of producing work of the highest quality, offering first-rate client support, and responding to enquiries quickly. Their personnel is very knowledgeable and highly skilled in the residential and commercial markets. Along with various payment plans and financing choices, the business also provides exclusive discounts and incentives for a limited group of consumers. Additionally, they have all necessary licenses, bonds, insurance, and Better Business Bureau accreditation. Got Watts Electric Inc. is a top option for clients looking for electrical services thanks to a combination of all these factors.

Got Watts Electric locations

Main Address2045 Commerce Ave Concord, CA 94520
Phone Number9254210411

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