Green Power Energy review

One of the top home solar installation firms in America, Green Power Energy offers specialized solar, storage, and EV charging solutions.
Green Power Energy review

Green Power Energy overview

One of the top home solar installation firms in America, Green Power Energy offers specialized solar, storage, and EV charging solutions.

What Green Power Energy has to say about itself

Your demands for solar energy have solutions right here. Consumers who decide to employ solar panels for their residence or place of business may anticipate a promising future.Saving money and the environment are two significant benefits of solar energy. Our technologies help a site's past electrical bills to be reduced or, in most circumstances, eliminated. Turnkey solar installation is a service provided by Green Power Energy. Each job requires a system that is specifically suited to it.

Green Power Energy Solar Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasCT, NJ, PA, TX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Architecture, Energy Auditing, Construction, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, energy storage systems
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB, SEIA, Solarize Mass, Solarize Connecticut, TOPSOLAR CONTRACTORS

Green Power Energy website review

The Green Power Energy website offers a range of flexible financing alternatives for residential and commercial customers to choose the best installation for them. A handy website for homeowners to find the information they need. They have positive customer reviews. All contact information of the company does not require long searches.

Green Power Energy price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsСash, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express), PayPal, checks, and electronic funds transfers (EFT).
Payment discountsSolar Lease, Tax Credits, Utility Rebates, Payback Guarantee

Green Power Energy online reputation

The rating of Green Power Energy among customers is quite high. The company has established itself as a reliable solar panel installer. The installation process usually does not take much time and it completely pleases homeowners. However, there are cases of negative practices among customers, such as unreliable connections and poor quality panels.
"I setup my system two years ago. I have been generally happy up until this point, and everything has been really fantastic. My system has entirely ceased producing since 7/21/22. Several attempts have been made to reach you, with no success. If someone answers the phone, they promise to call me back. They have never actually done it. I sent the support team an email in the hopes of getting a response, but nothing happened. Now that nearly a month has passed, not a single kilowatt has been generated. Another business that makes lofty claims but falls short when the consumer needs it the most." - EXR
"I selected Green Power Energy for a variety of reasons, but mostly because I had an SURE assurance that they did not utilize subcontractors. I was informed that ALL work was done internally. This was false! My roof eventually developed leaks at practically EVERY site of entry. The leaks just weren't in my attic; instead, they entered through the cathedral ceiling in my formal living room and caused damage. The panels were taken down two months after I alerted them. To blame-shift with the subcontractor's insurance company, they are too preoccupied to fix my house. I had my doubts about using subcontractors in the first place because of the possibility of this scenario. Not the subcontractor, but Green Power Energy, was my client. Repair my house and talk to the other firm about it afterwards. From the outset, this installation has been a disaster! In addition to replacing my roof, which has to be rebuilt since it is damaged to more than 50% of its surface, I also need to tear down and replace the cathedral ceiling in my formal living room as well as the insulation in my attic. It just gets colder as they continue to put off the repairs. Anybody with even a passing familiarity with roofing is aware that cold temperatures make it difficult for shingles to properly seal, thus reinstalling the solar system when they are cold runs the risk of shattering the shingles and reopening the roof's leaks. Not to add that EverSource is utilizing my stored kWh to pay my bills even though I am plainly not producing any electricity. I regret not choosing a different organization. Do not use Green Power Energy for your solar requirements if you are considering it." - Stephanie Nicholson
"A deal was signed in August. Install would be finished by November, as promised. January has come and gone, and I'm still not alive. Very terrible customer service, as noted in previous testimonials. They claim to send you emails, which you never receive, blame you for the delay, and, like another person previously noted, they want payment before the final inspection. You get compensated after you pass your final inspection because we're in New Jersey. Until you PASS INSPECTION, installation is not finished. I was informed that after final inspection, an ACE representative would come out, install their panel, and I would go live. Now that January 18th has passed, the panel is still missing. I'm currently receiving excuses regarding ACE's backlog. Moreover, the email defense is being used once more. "We sent you an email with the docusign on three occasions, but you never answered." No emails, so I eventually contacted them and requested them to resend it. It honestly took 2 seconds for the docusign before I finally understood it. Because they have already been paid in full, I suppose no one ever considered phoning the client to let them know they are awaiting a paper. I now have a $630.00 power bill for December and am living on SSI, therefore my solar is not operational. Thank you, I think I can work something out." - DBoyne
"About a year after my system was built, I started to complain that it was generating far less than I believed it should be on a regular basis. The owner (Erik) assured me that the system will catch up in the summer and that overall production would match the quantity promised. I have lost more than 22% of my weight as the installation year is almost through. Eric has now begun offering me explanations, claiming that I asked them to adjust the layout, that they scaled it properly, and that they anticipated it to be lower. The firm did not inform me that output was gonna be lower than the terms of the original contract I signed with them. I'm considering my legal alternatives since I feel that this corporation really scammed me. In addition, they asked me to pay in full before the last stage of the project was finished and never even gave me a review of the system once it was finished." - Shubham Mehta
"For our solar project, we employed Green Power Energy. The entire time, they performed a fantastic job. The project was properly managed, the price was fair, and the installation staff put in a lot of overtime to finish the job. We are ecstatic with the system thus far and heartily advise others to use them." - Scott Bravi
"It has been a wonderful experience going solar with Green Power Energy. From the moment we met with Andrew, our sales agent, he was patient with us. Andrew has a wealth of information and was able to address all of our inquiries. My husband and I decided to put our conversations about solar on hold for a few months after several meetings and emails, and Andrew was really understanding. Andrew was the first person we reached out to when we were finally ready to go on because of how beautifully he responded when we halted. The installation was professionally planned and carried out on time. Kevin has provided excellent and very helpful after-sales assistance." - Jill Clark
"I couldn't have been happier with the firm I hired, Green Power Energy, to perform the solar installation in my new house. The entire staff was accommodating, cordial, and competent. Each and every encounter I had with the Sales, Installation, and Office staff was kind and beneficial. They made the effort to come to my house to meet with me, go over the specifications for my system, and address any of my queries and worries regarding solar energy, the installation procedure, and financing. This was the main factor in my selection, in my opinion. I sincerely appreciated the effort they invested in making me feel confident in my choice from a capacity need and financial investment perspectives. Once I had read the plan, all I had to do was say "Go," and GPE would take care of the rest. It was quite simple to manage the entire procedure with the green power team from beginning to end. They put in a lot of effort when they were on-site at my house, and they kept me updated on the progress as they awaited all the necessary inspections, permits, and application requirements. When my system went live in December, the outcomes have more than met my expectations. I'm looking forward to GPE continuing to support my system. For anyone in the service area considering solar panel installation on their house, I cannot speak highly enough about GPE." - Nick Sagal
"I didn't commit to a solar installation and sign a contract with Green Power Energy for more than a year. I spoke with their sales representative, AJ, several times over the course of that year. AJ carefully responded to my inquiries and was never aggressive. With the other firms I spoke with, I can't say the same. Best illustration of their non-obtrusive, open sales strategy? I was thinking about adding batteries to my system, but there were a lot of complicated factors to take into account. Although the salesman did his best to respond, he ultimately scheduled a meeting with their in-house battery expert. He went into great depth about why batteries weren't a wise investment for me. The money I was able to save because to that honesty was in the tens of thousands. When I eventually decided to sign, the excellent customer service persisted. Over the entire process, they were really accessible and upfront. The service is genuinely turnkey. They handle everything, including utility files and permits. The app's inaccurate reporting of usage and output remained a persistent issue after everything was said and done. To their great credit, they repeatedly invited individuals to the scene to handle the problem until it was remedied. Once more, communication was superb while they attempted to fix the problem (which they succeeded in doing!). In conclusion, I have no hesitation in endorsing Green Power Energy." - Albert L.
"This past year, working with Green Power Energy's roof-mounted solar was a pleasure. Excellent setup and follow-up, responsiveness, and client service. We are delighted to be generating our own electricity, reducing our electric costs, and advancing toward energy independence! Tim, Santiago, and Kevin are appreciated." - Ryan

Green Power Energy Social media
This Facebook page belongs to a green energy company established in the United States that focuses on renewable sources of power. This page includes their products and services, as well as customer testimonials, articles related to the industry, and more. We have over 5000 followers, and the page is updated on a very regular basis, with new content appearing at least once per week. The reviews that can be seen in the testimonials area of the page come from previous clients of the company and, for the most part, they are favorable. The area devoted to testimonials helps prospective clients get a clearer picture of the organization and the services it provides. In general, this page is a fantastic illustration of how a company should market its services to potential customers over the internet. It is really easy to use, it is constantly updated, and it provides a wealth of information. The section including customers' testimonials is another important resource for potential clients. account not registered
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Green Power Energy average reviews

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solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews3704.8


Green Power Energy Pros & Cons

  • Great warranty coverage
  • Simple and effective consultations
  • Fast and efficient installation
  • Installation quality
  • Insufficient energy performance

Green Power Energy Final Conclusions

Green Power Energy conducts business ethically and this reflects on their reputation. Installation typically takes 10 to 14 weeks and updates are provided at every step of the process. Green Power Energy is a full-service turnkey organization with the ability and knowledge to design and install high performance solar systems that can dramatically reduce or even eliminate energy bills for your home or place of work. Green Power Energy's bespoke solutions promise a greener, cleaner future as well as smart investments that can result in significant long-term savings for you despite rising utility rates.

Green Power Energy locations

Main Address47 East Street Annandale, NJ 08801
Phone Number(844) 584 0008

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