Harvest Solar Energy review

We are pleased of the connections we have made with many of the top solar power providers over the course of our more than 20 years in the solar business, which helps to guarantee that you get the best product available.
Harvest Solar Energy review

Harvest Solar Energy overview

We are pleased of the connections we have made with many of the top solar power providers over the course of our more than 20 years in the solar business, which helps to guarantee that you get the best product available.

What Harvest Solar Energy has to say about itself

Our firm name, "Harvest Solar Energy," conveys our guiding principle. Simply by making better use of our natural resources, we can generate all the energy we need to maintain a high standard of living every day at no cost. Every day, the few hardworking people who make up our organization work to have a positive impact on the world by providing practical answers to your energy problems. Our team has been installing renewable energy systems, like solar panels and wind turbines, for over 20 years, so we have a lot of product expertise to share with you.

Harvest Solar Energy Review

Year Started2002
Company Websiteharvestsolar.net
Service AreasOK
Service TypesInstallation of solar panels, Design of solar energy systems, Maintenance of solar energy systems, Solar Power System Monitoring, Solar Energy Consulting, Financing solar energy, Education and training in the field of solar energy
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries

Harvest Solar Energy website review

The company's services are briefly described on the main page, which also emphasizes the advantages of solar energy. Visitors are encouraged to do so via a visible call to action button on the page. The website also has a slideshow of excellent photos of solar systems and panels. The company's services and goods are fully described on the website. Residential, commercial, and agricultural solar systems as well as battery storage options are covered in the services section. In a separate portfolio area, Harvest Solar Energy displays examples of its prior work. Potential clients may see the company's expertise and the range of installations they have completed in this way. The portfolio gives their work more credibility since it contains pictures, project information, and recommendations. To enlighten visitors about solar energy and related themes, the website offers educational tools and a blog area. The blog is often updated with educational posts that show the company's expertise and dedication to the sector. The social network icons on Harvest Solar Energy's website enable people to interact with them on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Overall, the Harvest Solar Energy website does a good job of outlining its offerings, demonstrating its expertise via a variety of projects, and giving users access to useful information. It is a beneficial site for people and businesses interested in solar energy solutions because of its user-friendly interface and educational material.

Harvest Solar Energy price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit or Debit Card, Bank Transfer, PayPal
Payment discountsCash discounts, Financing options, Federal tax credits, State and local incentives, Time-limited promotions

Harvest Solar Energy online reputation

Harvest Solar Energy assessments are mixed. Some consumers have had favorable experiences and commended John and his crew for their exceptional service, affordable price, and speedy installation, while others have had poor experiences and voiced discontent with different corporate offerings. Professional installers: The solar panel installation crew impressed several clients with their expertise and efficiency. Competitive Pricing: Customers said Harvest Solar Energy had the best rates. Benefits and savings. Solar energy's tax savings and lower renter power costs pleased customers. Solar power's drawbacks: Poor customer service: Some customers have had trouble reaching support and receiving answers after installation. Quality Control: Several unfavorable evaluations claimed solar panel quality concerns and inadequate post-installation assistance. Failed Expectations: Some consumers were dissatisfied with the solar system's energy savings. Harvest Solar Energy has satisfied some consumers but disappointed others, according to reports. A company's customer service and assistance may vary, giving consumers both good and bad experiences. Potential customers should carefully consider these conflicting evaluations and the company's reputation before making a selection.
"I don't know who wrote the other evaluations, but my experience with Harvest has been the worst I've ever heard of. Their installation personnel came up unexpectedly, arrived late, and departed before they were finished. The staff also abruptly departed, making thousands of dollars' worth of brand new equipment openly accessible to anybody who happened to be walking by (they left the garage open). They were joking about and having fun while they were onsite for the installation; one example given was the tossing of a football. The crew leader was confident that they would finish the installation on time, if not ahead of schedule, the whole time they were on site. When I signed the contract, John said the installation process usually takes between three and five days. Even though I gave the team unrestricted access for five days, I still have items on my "punch list" (such as repairing the drywall near the breaker box) that they have yet to do a month later. There were also a few occasions when I got the impression that they were winging it. For instance, the final inspection performed by the municipal inspector said that Harvest solar had scheduled the incorrect examination. In addition, there was nobody present at Harvest Solar when the inspection was conducted. Therefore, PSO did not pass the inspection. I was repeatedly told a variety of reasons for the project's delays. It's been almost three months since we first started working on this, and we're nothing near completion. The 2021 tax credit was a big selling element. It is unlikely that the installation will be finished by December 30, 2021, when the tax credit was originally guaranteed." - Richard
"My feelings on Harvest Solar Energy are conflicting. One the one hand, their installation crew was competent and finished the job quickly and without any significant issues. It would seem that the panels are producing power as intended. However, I had doubts about the service quality after the transaction. When I had queries about upkeep and monitoring, I had a hard time getting in contact with customer support. The energy production tracking interface might also be more intuitive and informative. The solar system works, but I think they could do more in terms of customer service and the technology they provide." - George
"My solar panel installation by Harvest Solar Energy was a mistake. Their sales personnel was aggressive from the start, more concerned with closing the deal than figuring out what I needed for my energy use. There were several setbacks and poor quality control throughout the installation procedure. It required many calls to have the problems with the panels fixed after they were put incorrectly. After "fixing" the issues, the system still hasn't lived up to expectations, failing to produce the expected amount of energy. I had a terrible experience with their customer care, who was rude and unhelpful. If you're looking for a solar company, don't go with Harvest Solar Energy." - Ethan
"Harvest Solar Energy disappointed. They installed faulty solar panels on my property. I've had many service calls but no energy savings. The company's irresponsibility is terrible. Customer service is a nightmare, and they constantly blame someone else instead of taking responsibility. It's disheartening to invest in a solar power system that underperforms. - Alex
"John took care of everything I needed for my rental home in Norman, which is where I have it. I have complete faith in John to provide the ideal solution for the home even if I am based in California. I get a tax deduction, and the tenant will have cheaper monthly electric expenses as a result. " - Jason
"Harvest Solar did a great job installing my new solar panels, and I couldn't be happier with them. When compared to other firms I contacted, John's and his crew's prices were by far the most reasonable. A perfect score!" - Anna
"John and his team did a fantastic job installing everything in my house, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Superb pricing, timely responses, and expert service. My new system is better and more affordable than I had anticipated." - Brian
"John was fantastic throughout the whole process; he answered all of our questions, supplied all of the information we requested, and ultimately presented us with a high-quality system that has saved us more money in the last year than we had originally anticipated. Everyone knows about Harvest Solar thanks to us! I'm looking forward to learning more Harvest to fuel!" - Jim
"Harvest Solar came in with the lowest quote out of all the bidders for both contracts, therefore I would recommend them without hesitation. The process was simple, and the longest portion was only waiting for the components to come." - Steve

Harvest Solar Energy Social media

The page resembles Harvest Solar Energy's official Facebook page, a business that specializes in solar energy solutions. The page is authenticated with a validated blue check mark. The company's emphasis on solar energy is highlighted with a picture of a solar panel installation on the cover. To maintain brand coherence, the profile image is the Harvest Solar Energy logo. The entire aesthetic is refined and expert. The page has a sizable amount of followers and likes, suggesting a respectable degree of involvement and popularity. The website often posts articles about sustainability, renewable energy, and solar energy. The entries provide a selection of educational articles, marketing materials, project updates, and energy-saving advice. The Harvest Solar Energy Facebook page looks to be generally well-maintained, with frequent updates, educational information, and active engagement. It engages the audience and successfully highlights the company's expertise in the solar business, thus enhancing its online reputation and helping with client acquisition.
Harvest Solar Energy LLC is a US-based renewable energy company that specializes in solar energy solutions. While the page does not explicitly mention the company's size, it is headquartered in Tulsa, OK. On their LinkedIn page, they emphasize their expertise in solar panel installation, solar consulting, and solar project development. Their mission revolves around providing sustainable energy solutions to combat climate change. The page also features a section dedicated to showcasing their employees. Additionally, Harvest Solar Energy LLC regularly posts job openings on LinkedIn, indicating an active search for new talent to join their team. In summary, the LinkedIn page associated with Harvest Solar Energy LLC offers valuable insights into the company's focus on solar energy solutions. However, to enhance their credibility further, they could benefit from increased engagement and feedback from their audience.
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Harvest Solar Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Harvest Solar Energy Pros & Cons

  • Expertise in Solar Energy
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Commitment to Sustainability
  • Inconsistent Customer Service
  • Quality Control Problems
  • Unmet Expectations

Harvest Solar Energy Final Conclusions

According to the facts at hand, the public's perception of Harvest Solar Energy's operations and reputation is unclear. On the one hand, it's important to draw attention to the company's strengths, such as its expertise in solar energy solutions, affordable rates, and dedication to provide sustainable energy solutions to stop climate change. Many clients have praised the effectiveness of the installation crew and the possible advantages of adopting solar power, such as tax savings and lower monthly energy costs, in addition to expressing happiness with their solar installations. The effectiveness and reputation of the organization, however, are important areas of worry. Due to several unfavorable customer evaluations, support has been problematic, with reports of trouble getting in touch with them and receiving assistance after installation. Some consumers reported troubles with solar panels and unfulfilled expectations for energy savings, and quality control concerns have been mentioned. In addition, there have been complaints about the company's lack of openness on its size and capabilities, as well as the little interaction and negative reviews on their LinkedIn profile, all of which might undermine its credibility. Recognizing that customer experiences might differ and that these views are based on the information that is presently available is crucial.

Harvest Solar Energy locations

Main Address4124 East Admiral place, Tulsa OK, 74115
Phone Number9185216223

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