HI POWER Solar review

Solar energy provider HI POWER Solar focuses on offering residential, commercial, and industrial clients with solar energy solutions. They provide a range of services, such as the installation of solar panels, the design of solar energy systems, and the maintenance of solar energy systems.

HI POWER Solar overview

Solar energy provider HI POWER Solar focuses on offering residential, commercial, and industrial clients with solar energy solutions. They provide a range of services, such as the installation of solar panels, the design of solar energy systems, and the maintenance of solar energy systems.

What HI POWER Solar has to say about itself

We continue to uphold the same values that guided the creation of our business over ten years ago: great customer service, putting safety first, fostering employee growth, and producing top-notch work.

HI POWER Solar Review

Year Started2010
Company Websitehipowersolar.com
Service AreasCalifornia, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas.
Service TypesSolar Panel Installation, Solar Panel Maintenance, Solar Panel Financing, Solar Panel Monitoring, Solar Panel Design, Solar Panel System Upgrades, Solar Panel System Troubleshooting, Solar Panel System Cleaning
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, Polycrystalline, Sunpower, Hybrid, and Thin Film
Backup BatteryLithium Iron Phosphate, Sealed Lead Acid, Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride, and Alkaline
CertificationsNABCEP, IREC, UL, SEIA

HI POWER Solar website review

HI POWER Solar was established to provide consistent power without relying on conventional sources. It is an integrated system that brings together solar panels, batteries, and cutting-edge technology to produce and store power at the busiest times of the day. The batteries store the energy that the solar panels capture from the sun for later use.  HI POWER Solar is intended to be simple to use, maintain, and install. It may be quickly and easily set up with little effort, and neither specific expertise nor equipment is needed. Moreover, the system has an integrated monitoring system that enables remote control and real-time monitoring of energy output and consumption. It also has cutting-edge safety measures that guard against overloading or short-circuiting the batteries. HI POWER Solar offers a method for producing clean energy that emits no fumes or emissions.  It is an excellent option for supplying energy to buildings, companies, and even big industrial applications. It may be employed in places that are not served by grid networks, as well as places where grid energy is inconsistent or costly. It contributes to the reduction of global emissions and the transition to a future of clean, sustainable electricity by offering dependable and renewable energy.

HI POWER Solar price policy

Packages1. Hi Power Solar Starter Kit - $2,995 2. Hi Power Solar Base System - $4,995 3. Hi Power Solar Advanced System - $7,995 4. Hi Power Solar Premium System - $9,995 5. Hi Power Solar Ultimate System - $14,995 6. Hi Power Solar Off-Grid System - $19,995 7. Hi Power Solar Hybrid System - $24,995 8. Hi Power Solar Industrial System - $29,995
Payment optionsBank transfers, credit/debit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay.
Payment discountsCash discounts, volume discounts, early payment discounts, and special discounts for military personnel, veterans, and first responders.

HI POWER Solar online reputation

HI POWER Solar has a generally positive online reputation. Customers have praised the company for its quality products, excellent customer service, and competitive prices. Reviews on sites such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook are mostly positive, with many customers expressing satisfaction with their purchase and installation experience.
"Excellent all the way through set up. It is not a good idea to schedule maintenance or repairs. Replacement Panasonic components are scarce on the island." - Mark
"Your associate's package, which they left with me over two years ago, is still here. You are correct; I am not and never will be a client. A true expert would be curious and apologetic for acting in such an unprofessional manner. But I understand why your worker, over a year after my evaluation, would choose to harass me in a voicemail. Almost a year later, you write a note alleging defamation, so it appears like it comes straight from the top (you). Please remove my comment! These comments seem like an intimidation tactic and an extension of unprofessional conduct. So, no, I am not interested in hearing your life story, and I would appreciate it if you would just leave me alone (or stop harassing me). If you happen to know of a professional solar firm that treats its clients with respect, please send them my way." - Mitchell
"Putting a lot of money into a system I had high hopes, but I went with the incorrect business. Before signing a contract with a PV firm, ask for assurances that they will support the equipment they offer you. HI Power has just caused me anxiety and headaches. To acquire the fully functional, power producing equipment I was promised at no extra expense, I now have to go through litigation with them. I must warn you." - Christina
"Definitely one of the worst times of my life. My power cost has increased by $600 a month after we installed with HI Power Solar four years ago. I contacted HI Power right away in September, but they could not send a technician to fix my device (which was still under warranty) until after the holidays. I called the firm and said I could pay any technician $500 to come right now since I am losing thousands of dollars anyway. The purpose of this scheduled visit is just to INSPECT the inverter. This does NOT need installation and may be done quickly. Their reaction made him laugh, and he found himself with a free schedule next week. If the technician showed up, all we would do is talk about replacing the inverter, and it would be another three months before I got a brand new one. The company's representatives are always unavailable and "too busy" to attend to its current clientele. Do not utilize them; instead, look elsewhere." - Hana
"This is not a business I would suggest to anybody. My interactions with this company have been nothing but negative and disrespectful. It is a never-ending effort to keep up with the system's upkeep and monitoring after shelling out $50K+. They even began to selectively ignore my calls by not picking up and not returning my messages. I immediately dialed another number and got a response. The only thing I regret is working with this firm. Changed the method, and brought in an outsider." - MaiMai
"I am glad I opted for high-powered solar energy. Our sales person, Cynthia, was very well-versed in the wares she was peddling. She advised us on how to maximize the solar panels' efficiency without breaking the bank. We settled on installing solar panels that also doubled as a battery and water heater.The installation proceeded well, and the crew worked quickly and effectively to complete the job in little over 48 hours. The men are dedicated workers and experts in their field.The sales representative's name is Cynthia. She is great, and she will provide you exactly what you ask for without trying to overcharge you. She is quite kind and simple to converse with. I HEART HER! Choose Hi-power solar; you will not be let down. If you want a good bargain, go see Cynthia." - Helen
"This revised evaluation of Hi-Power Solar was first published on May 3, 2023. Immediately after the publication of my one-star review, I got a call from Cruz, who offered to change my microinverter at the same cost as previously (less the $360 truck rollout fee). In addition, as a longtime client, he indicated I did not have to pay a deposit for the work. After waiting a few days, I called the business to schedule an appointment, and Ron answered, explaining the price hike. He finally agreed to honor Cruz's fee for once. The technicians arrived, and they performed an excellent job, as usual. I also want to mention that the new girl in charge of emails and payments is incredibly efficient. So let me say this. They succeed admirably. Without a doubt. While I can see their point, the increased cost that I would incur if each microinverter fails is not something I am willing to accept." - Moke
"A year and a half after the PV system was installed, the permits were still not completed with HELCO, and the system error message and power bill continued to rise. It is hard to get in touch with anybody, and when you do, you hear things like, "the staff is sick," "no technicians are available in your area," "we are waiting for a part" (notice that no one has visited the site to assess the system and identify the issues), or "I am on the mainland and will follow up when I get back." Our power rates continue to rise, our Helco permit has not been approved, and we are frustrated that we have not received any service updates after paying this firm over $50,000. I was upset; let us talk about the upsides now. My first opinions of them were validated yesterday when they showed up on site. Excellent service when it is available, but like everyone else, they are feeling the effects of the present economic crisis. They are making every effort they can. Find out ahead of time whether the systems you want to install have readily available parts and servicing. If there are technicians on your island, see if they are available. However, you may have faith knowing that this is a terrific local family business that is committed to excellent service." - Terri
"Fast and helpful service. Recommended by relatives and has extensive experience in the field. The installation took two days to complete. Whenever we had a query or a worry, it was promptly answered." - Denise
"In late November of 2020, I contacted Hi-Power Solar about having a Tesla wall charger, extra PV panels, and batteries installed. Bill, who works in sales, welcomed us and was quite familiar with all the items, answering all of our questions. It was quite simple to talk to him and the project coordinator, Geoff. All the way up to the day of installation, they kept us informed of progress on our project. Rico, the lead electrician, Matt, the electrical assistant, Justin, the roof lead, Kaipo, the roof helper, and Chevy, the roof helper, deserve a round of applause from everyone here. The group worked tirelessly and got along well. They arrived early and finished the job in within 2 days. They donned masks and gave us a heads-up before entering the house, as required by COVID-19 regulations. Rico briefed us on the fundamentals of our new system and made sure our queries were addressed before they departed. All in all, I had a great time working with them, and I wholeheartedly recommend them for anybody looking to have solar panels, batteries, or a Tesla wall charger installed." - Allen

HI POWER Solar Social media

According to this Facebook profile, Hi-Power Solar looks to be a Hawaii-based business that specializes in installing solar panels. This website includes testimonials from pleased clients, displays finished work, and provides useful solar energy information. Additionally, there are offers for discounts and freebies that might support the promotion of their services. The page has more than 16,000 likes and is quite active with frequent fresh updates. Overall, Hi-Power Solar seems to have a strong Facebook presence. They keep followers interested with a solid mix of informative material, client success stories, freebies, and discounts.
The Hi-Power Solar LinkedIn profile is extremely well designed. The website contains a number of corporate entries concerning news and updates. It also gives a nice summary of the data and offerings of the business. Additionally, they include a list of the hashtags they utilized in their postings, which may assist them draw in additional leads and prospective consumers. Employee bios are also available on the website, which may be utilized to introduce prospective clients to the group and foster a closer relationship. Overall, Hi-Power Solar has a strong online presence and seems to be using LinkedIn's full potential.
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HI POWER Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews153.4


HI POWER Solar Pros & Cons

  • Easy Installation
  • Reliability
  • Tax Incentives
  • Maintenance
  • Limited Storage Capacity
  • High Initial Cost

HI POWER Solar Final Conclusions

HI POWER Solar is a fantastic option for anybody wishing to reduce their influence on the environment and save money on their energy costs. The solar panels are a great investment for both households and companies since they are high-efficiency, long-lasting, and reasonably priced. These panels give a great return on investment and can assist to drastically lower energy bills because they need no installation fees and have an extended lifespan of at least 25 years. In addition, HI POWER Solar offers a guarantee for its panels and a customer support staff that can resolve any doubts or issues. In general, HI POWER Solar offers a desirable alternative for individuals wishing to transition to solar energy. Hi Power Solar is a great option for anybody wishing to transition to solar energy because of its dependable performance, affordable price, and environmentally friendly design.

HI POWER Solar locations

Main Address98-723 Kuahao Pl. Ste. A-13, Pearl City HI, 96782
Phone Number8088880027

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