High Definition Solar review

An engineering, procurement, and construction firm called High Definition Solar focuses on offering dependable and affordable solar energy solutions. They provide complete, high-efficiency solar energy systems for use in off-grid, commercial, industrial, and public settings.

High Definition Solar overview

An engineering, procurement, and construction firm called High Definition Solar focuses on offering dependable and affordable solar energy solutions. They provide complete, high-efficiency solar energy systems for use in off-grid, commercial, industrial, and public settings.

What High Definition Solar has to say about itself

One of the top solar energy providers in the US, High Definition Solar is committed to offering its clients dependable, high-quality solar solutions. We are devoted to assisting our clients in lowering their energy expenses and using renewable, clean energy. To that end, we have a strong commitment to providing first-rate customer service and a wide range of goods. We provide cost-effective and effective solar energy solutions for every situation, from small-scale residential projects to large-scale commercial enterprises.

High Definition Solar Review

Year Started2010
Company Websitehighdefinitionsolar.com
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Maintenance, Financing, Monitoring, and Design.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.
CertificationsCEC, NABCEP, AEE, BOC, LEED

High Definition Solar website review

The official website of a business with a solid reputation in the solar energy sector is highdefinitionsolar.com. The website has been expertly built with a modern style and menus that are simple to use. It offers details about the business, summaries, and pictures of their goods, as well as explanations of the services they provide. Additionally, customers may locate contact information if they have any inquiries or worries. The company's track record of excellence in product and client care points to this website as a reliable resource of information. Furthermore, the website is constantly updated, indicating that the business considers client input. Highdefinitionsolar.com is a trustworthy resource for information on the business, its goods, and services, to sum up.

High Definition Solar price policy

PackagesHome Solar Package - Starting at $14,999, Commercial Solar Package - Starting at $35,999, Off-Grid Solar Package - Starting at $22,999, Solar Battery Package - Starting at $4,999, Solar Panel Cleaning Package - Starting at $699, Solar Panel Maintenance Package - Staring at $850, Solar Panel Installation Package - Starting at $2,299
Payment optionsMajor credit cards, PayPal, and direct bank transfers, cash, check, or money order.
Payment discounts10% discount for active military personnel and veterans, 5% discount for installing new solar panels, 2.5% discount on energy storage systems, 5% loyalty reward after 5 years of using solar, 10% discount on referral purchases, 10% discount for signing up for annual service contracts, Additional 5% discount for installing multiple rooftop solar systems in one location.

High Definition Solar online reputation

Numerous consumers have complimented High Definition Solar for their superior customer service and high-quality goods. They are a fantastic alternative for people trying to lower their energy expenses since they provide a selection of installation and energy-saving solutions. Customers express their satisfaction with their purchase, praising the quick shipping and simple installation. However, some clients have expressed dissatisfaction with the installation team's response to their demands, claiming protracted wait periods and unfinished work. In general, High Definition Solar has done a terrific job serving its clients and offering them the chance to save money and energy.
"Two weeks after signing a contract with this company to have a new roof installed, a sales representative called to cancel the project, claiming that the price "QUOTED" was too low and that the company was too large to justify charging so little. Thankfully, we had quite a few estimates before signing this contract, so we were able to sign a new contract the next day with a reputable company that received an A+ rating. Incredible detail was provided......I am very relieved that they have terminated our relationship. be wary of working with this firm; they have a poor reputation in the Concord, California region and across the East Bay and San Francisco Bay region as a whole. In accordance with the solar installation good business practice guidelines established by the state of California, this firm does not have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau." - Rylan D.
"These guys are full of it! We were assured that our sole cost would be the mandatory SMUD infrastructure fee. Our second SMUD bill, for over $300, arrived today. Holy cow, we were fooled! Beware: HD Solar will make false claims about the effectiveness of their technology and then deliver solar panels and insufficient wiring that won't even come close to covering your power bills. I keep being hung up on whenever I try to phone them." - Manuel E.
"Do not use this horrible company. I had scheduled time with them, but they failed to appear. They were supposed to meet me, but after waiting about for half an hour, they never bothered to phone and cancel. I rescheduled my appointment and when they arrived they said they couldn't speak with me without my wife there. Unfortunately, they did not inform me to expect her at home. She has little interest in hearing about the technical details. Please don't even bother with this scam of a business. It's clear they've lost it. Having to deal with all of this has been a nightmare, and it has wasted my time twice." - Bradley N.
"An agent was sent to investigate. They anticipated that I would wait about while they improvised a solution and provided a cost estimate. After an hour, I sent them off with a request for a price through email since I hadn't budgeted that much time. They called twice to check in thereafter. They requested my cooperation in sending a replacement representative but insisted on scheduling no meeting without my spouse's presence. I believe they mistook me for a girl due to my use of female pronouns. Sexist? Perhaps, but I cannot possibly participate in whatever it is that they are doing." - Mario F.
"High Definition Solar's sales tactics are predatory. In 2019 a solar panel system was sold to my 88-year-old stepfather and 89-year-old mother for $14,000. It is completely implausible that the panels were appropriate for their needs. My stepfather did not understand the benefits of having the system built, and he is unable to explain the payback period, monthly savings, etc., to me. They didn't tell anybody about the plan until after the solar panels were already built since their closest relative, me, lives 90 minutes away. If High Definition Solar had made the offer, they may have recommended that they get legal counsel before signing. The transaction could not have been a good one for them, thus they would have lost the sale." - Cesar T.
"The High Definition Team displayed professionalism, courtesy, and effectiveness. Sales Manager Luke Crowder took the time to address all of our inquiries. We appreciated that the panels are "plug and play" since we are unsure whether the number of panels placed would be adequate. It will be simple to add more panels. The project manager, Cody Barbour, assessed where to position the panels for the optimum output and electrical compatibility. He assured us that our relatively new steel roof would be OK, and we were grateful for that. The installation crew led by Isaac Villarreal performed a fantastic job. A little lag occurred while connecting to the PG&E NEM. The proper permission release form was not given to them. As soon as it was discovered, the issue was swiftly corrected. We haven't gotten training on the technology or how it integrates with PG&E because of COVID-19. Will eagerly await a visit as soon as the "stay at home" order is removed. We will suggest." - Erick K.
"Our solar system was bought in December, and it was also installed in December. Very pleased with this company's professionalism. It was unusual for me to deal with a contractor that operates their company with such high definition Solar. They have obviously hired some excellent people and received good training. They assure me that it is crucial when choosing a contractor that they follow through on what they claim they would accomplish." - Peter F.
"We have been researching solar for a while. There are so many businesses advertising solar, and they all claim to be the finest. In addition to getting the greatest items, we also want to work with the best personnel before, during, and after installation. It's High Definition Solar! We are quite happy with the whole thing and firmly feel we made the proper decision." - Josue D.
"High Def Solar's new support staff is a huge improvement over the previous administration, which was opaque and unresponsive. This new staff and methodology have provided me with excellent service and is an example of how a successful firm can grow and become a market leader. High Def Solar deserves praise for keeping its word even if doing so required significant reorganization on the company's part. In any case, I appreciate it." - Edwin C.
"This is an excellent organization in my opinion. Five years ago, they put up 15 solar panels on my roof. My home is made entirely of concrete and has a flat concrete roof, so their work was very impressive. It took many visits from inspectors of varying specialties before we could agree on a course of action for the eventual installation. They check in with me once a year to make sure I'm doing well and that everything is going well. They have also visited my home to check on the status of my monitoring equipment. Overall, I'm very pleased with what they've done for me." - Camden V.

High Definition Solar Social media

There is a modest, Facebook page for High Definition Solar, a solar energy firm. It has only a few followers and is not very popular. There aren't many photos or videos, and information is somewhat sparse. While visitors may find a few links to interesting topics, little attention is given to the business itself; unfortunately, this may make some potential customers or consumers question their credibility. But over time, if High Definition Solar continues to add information and content to its site, it should become increasingly popular.
The High Definition Solar's LinkedIn profile presents the business' solar energy goods and services professionally. Despite the page's clever layout, it raises questions about its reliability since few subscribers and postings are referencing the business. It is impossible to determine if a company's items are high-quality and cost-effective since there is little information available about them and no proof of user feedback. Overall, this page's lack of content or firm information reduces its credibility. Therefore, it would be a good idea to do further research on the firm before investing or making any decisions.
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High Definition Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1104.2


High Definition Solar Pros & Cons

  • Durability
  • Efficiency
  • Portability
  • High up-front costs
  • Less flexible payment plans
  • Limited locations

High Definition Solar Final Conclusions

A renewable energy business called High Definition Solar specializes in setting up and maintaining solar energy systems for both homes and businesses. They are committed to providing consumers with high-quality, affordable solar solutions so they may lessen their carbon impact. Customers have given High Definition Solar positive feedback for their dependable and professional customer service as well as their affordable solutions.

High Definition Solar locations

Main Address1190 Burnett Avenue Suite F, Concord CA, 94520
Phone Number8882031855

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