Legends Solar review

Residential and business solar panel installation services are offered by Legends Solar, a solar energy provider. In addition to consulting, design, and installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) or energy storage systems, they provide a broad spectrum of solar energy solutions. Additionally, they provide maintenance and repair services as well as complete solutions for both business and residential clients.
Legends Solar review

Legends Solar overview

Residential and business solar panel installation services are offered by Legends Solar, a solar energy provider. In addition to consulting, design, and installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) or energy storage systems, they provide a broad spectrum of solar energy solutions. Additionally, they provide maintenance and repair services as well as complete solutions for both business and residential clients.

What Legends Solar has to say about itself

Legends Solar work to provide clean, renewable energy solutions to individual homes and companies, therefore lowering their reliance on conventional energy sources like fossil fuels. We take great satisfaction in offering premium goods, cutting-edge services, and exceptional customer service. You can count on us to make the conversion to solar energy easy, effective, and cost-effective thanks to our skilled staff and wide range of services.

Legends Solar Review

Year Started2021
Company Websitelegends.solar
Service AreasNY
Service TypesInstallation, Architecture, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, thin-film, polycrystalline.
Backup BatteryLead-acid, lithium-ion, and flow systems.
CertificationsNABCEP, UL, CEC, NREL, NFPA

Legends Solar website review

The main website of a firm that provides residential and commercial clients with sustainable energy options is Legends.Solar. This website offers comprehensive information on the goods and services they provide, making it incredibly dependable and trustworthy. The website routinely updates its content, making it dependable. Customers may browse the website more readily and conveniently since it is simple to use and navigate. Additionally, it makes the customer service staff accessible. In conclusion, Legends.Solar's official website is dependable and trustworthy, giving users access to everything they need.

Legends Solar price policy

PackagesHome Solar Solutions Package starting at $9,999, Residential Solar Solutions Package starting at $16,999, Commercial Solar Solutions Package starting at $24,999, Metal Roof Solar Solutions Package starting at $11,999, Tile Roof Solar Solutions Package starting at $19,999, Wooden RoofSolar Solutions Package starting at $22,999, Combo Roofs Solar Solutions Package starting at $19,999, Solar Battery Solutions Package starting at $4,999, Solar Tracker Solutions Package starting at $39,999
Payment optionsCash, check, bank transfer, credit cards, and financing options.
Payment discounts10% discount on upfront payment, 5% discount for referrals, 0% financing, 5-10% discount for veterans and active military, Up to 25% discount for some utility providers, 20% discount for customers that lease a solar system, Group discounts for selecting bulk orders, 10% discounts for first responders

Legends Solar online reputation

Customers' experiences with Legends Solar have, on the whole, been extraordinarily favorable. They lauded the business for its superior customer service, affordable prices, and high-quality goods. Customers particularly praised Legends Solar's installation staff for their professionalism and competence, as well as their friendliness. On the negative side, buyers sometimes voiced concerns about the lengthy delivery processes and onerous documentation requirements. However, the majority of clients have been pleased with their dealings with Legends Solar.
"I'm sorry, but trying to get them to respond to questions is simply tough. Even though my solar panels are installed but not yet connected, I'm still being charged for solar. Every day I tried phoning them to settle my problems, but it didn't work. I'm so frustrated and anxious about everything. Please help me, I need some assistance. Thanks......" - Lola T.
"This has been an awful experience that is still ongoing. It's astonishing how poorly errors are owned and how little communication there is. The installation at my home began more than a month ago, but because it was a "new system" for these particular installers, they weren't able to finish the job in a single day. We had to wait a month for day 2, and it's STILL not finished (a panel cover is still missing). We have been waiting for weeks for someone to take responsibility and do what needs to be done to complete and submit for inspections since it seems that the installers neglected to take photographs after (not) completing. The salesman serving as a liaison has done his best, but there have been no responses. I get the impression from reading other reviews that this isn't an isolated incident. What a disaster. A few weeks ago, my neighbor's solar project—which he began with a different business at the very same time—completed all of its steps, including inspections and PGE." - Gary L.
"If I could give this business 0 stars, I would! The worst customer service and communication I've ever experienced! Over the last five years, I have extensively renovated my house with SEVERAL contractors, and this has been the MOST unprofessional firm to deal with! I have been without a functioning solar system for a whole year! After having a completely new roof installed, Legends Solar arrived to install the solar panels. They weren't properly placed on, it was found during an inspection. In order to "patch" the roof, they had to completely remove all of the panels. They performed such a bad job "patching" the roof after the rainstorm in October that my roof started to leak! My ceiling has water damage as a result of the roof leak. We had to pay $2000 out of pocket to hire a painter to come out and fix the ceiling. No one has responded to us at all after 5 months of phoning and emailing! The list of reasons why I am dissatisfied with this firm is endless!" - Joe P.
"This business, which also goes under the name Legends Solar, contacts me every day and sometimes more. I've repeatedly urged them to cease phoning me. According to the FCC, it is unlawful for them to call and advertise their company and/or services as I have not been in touch with them or done business with them. Additionally, my phone number is on both the local and global Do Not Call lists. I will never work with a corporation that trespasses on people's rights. I guess Legends Solar is in a pinch." - Matteo H.
"Since we signed the deal, Legends Solar has required 9 months. They are awful at communication; they never answer their phone, text, or email. We were informed it would take two days when they eventually arrived to begin the work in August. They failed to complete the task when they returned a week later. I phoned them the next week to find out what was happening. The project manager then said, "I don't know what to tell you." What, I'm going to spend $52,000. We are still waiting for this nightmare to end, you should know that." - Morgan M.
"We are very happy that we chose Legends Solar to install our solar panels. If we had any questions, contacting them was easy and they were quick to respond. The installation was done expertly by their team, who were kind and nice. We researched many solar panel installation companies and completed our inspection. We are very happy to start enjoying the benefits of solar energy for our home after working with this firm, which we highly, highly recommend. Make the choice to go with Legends Solar!" - Solomon K.
"At my request, Walker contacted us in mid-November 2021, after which we began work. Our site survey was completed the first week of December after we signed the contract in late November. By December 30, Legends Solar submitted our application to NV-Energy. After that, we began to wait. Walker contacted us the first week of January and gave us a start date; in fact, he started two days earlier than expected! The installation of the equipment and wiring to the inverter was completed in two days thanks to the installers, who were extremely courteous and professional. Legends Solar offers an excellent warranty and monitoring system." - Bruce R.
"Excellent! Effortless transaction. Super professionalism, no BS. The Legends Solar's installers are polite and very knowledgeable in their field. My 18 KWH system runs without a hitch. Every second, I have free, immediate access to my solar power system's output through computer and phone. I have ongoing access to the system's design and each solar panel's output. Not to be forgotten: The Best Deal in Town!! Even though we were activated in December and the sun isn't very good, there are already days when I produce more energy than I use. Examine the days in the graph below that are green. Your energy supplier will "pay" that amount, but in reality, you are earning kW credit that may be utilized as required." - Davion C.
"The process of working with Legends Solar has been more simpler than I had anticipated. Sam took the time to go through the suggested system, and the whole process, assisted with the financing procedure, and was always available to answer questions. I would strongly advise using Legends Solar. They are a nearby business that a buddy of mine suggested to me. In the end, I used Legends Solar to replace my roof and purchase solar panels. In 3 days, they fixed my roof, and in another 2, they installed the solar panels. They worked efficiently and quickly. I was hesitant to do this job, but they made it seem really simple." - Leonel W.
"At Legends Solar, all the guys have been fantastic. They completed the work so quickly and thoroughly, much ahead of schedule. It's also incredible how they take care of everything, even down to dealing with your HOA, if you have one. Personally, I think it's wonderful that they don't attempt to upsell you. That matters more than anything since they are really open and honest about everything. I wholeheartedly urge everyone to utilize them for their solar requirements!" - Porter F.

Legends Solar Social media

The Legends Solar Facebook page is virtually ad-free and relatively sparse with information. Because there are so few subscribers, it is difficult to determine the page's real level of popularity. Although there are a few links to the company's website, there aren't many movies or images. A statement of purpose for the company and other important details are available on their site, but there is very little information about the services they provide. Overall, the page seems pretty reliable, but since there are so few subscribers and details about the business, it is recommended that you do more research before trusting them.
The Legends Solar LinkedIn profile is quite simplistic and unreliable. The page only has a small number of images and barely 700 subscribers. There are no obvious contact details or even a website URL on the page. Furthermore, there is not much information available regarding the business. There are no indications of client testimonies or reviews, and it seems to be handled by a tiny crew. This makes it difficult to determine if the business can be trusted. Therefore, it's challenging to endorse Legendssolar as a reliable solar energy provider. However, it gives a summary of the company's services and some recent business news.
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Legends Solar Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Professional
  • Reliable
  • Limited Resources
  • Dependency on Government Subsidies
  • Poor Access to Financing

Legends Solar Final Conclusions

Legends Solar is a roofing business that specializes in the marketing, setting up, and upkeep of photovoltaic solar arrays. The business employs the best solar technology and provides both residential and commercial services. Their customer service has received excellent acclaim, and their services are allegedly priced fairly. Legends Solar has received an average user rating of 4 out of 5.

Legends Solar locations

Main Address134 North 4th street Brooklyn, New York, 11211, US
Phone Number

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