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We represent Rising power. Using high-quality solar panels, we assist households in producing their own power. We assisted hundreds of households in going solar only last year. Maybe you need to save more money. Maybe you're sick of paying high utility costs. Maybe you are aware that owning is preferable than renting. There must be a better way, but you have no idea where to begin. We can assist!

RISE Power overview

We represent Rising power. Using high-quality solar panels, we assist households in producing their own power. We assisted hundreds of households in going solar only last year. Maybe you need to save more money. Maybe you're sick of paying high utility costs. Maybe you are aware that owning is preferable than renting. There must be a better way, but you have no idea where to begin. We can assist!

What RISE Power has to say about itself

Why choose us? Since we prioritize providing exceptional customer service, we have a five star Google rating. To support our ethical business practices, we also hold a Better Business Bureau certification.We are also the exclusive LG Pro-partner in the region of North Texas. Ask them whether they can provide you with excellent LG solar panels before you go with someone else. We are also among the DFW region's quickest installers. In less than a month, several of our clients went solar and had their panels installed.

RISE Power Solar Review

Year Started2017
Company Websiterisepower.energy
Service AreasTX, ID, IL, CO
Service TypesInstallation, Financing
Types PanelsNot specified
Backup BatteryNot specified

RISE Power website review

risepower.energy is the official website of Rise Power Energy, a company that specializes in the development of renewable energy projects such as wind and solar power. The site provides information about their services, projects, and team.The website features a contemporary, expert design, easy navigation, and useful content. A film describing the company's goals and current initiatives may be seen on the home page. There is a blog component on the website as well. It is simple to comprehend that Rise Power focuses on renewable energy initiatives.

RISE Power price policy

Packages$15,000 to $25,000
Payment optionsCash, credit cards
Payment discountsSolar panel rental, Tax incentives, Utility discounts, Payback guarantee

RISE Power online reputation

It is obvious from reading customer testimonials for RISE Power that the business has a solid reputation for offering excellent solar installation services. Consumers laud RISE Power for its expertise, professionalism, and meticulousness. Several clients have expressed their appreciation for the RISE Power team's expertise and willingness to assist them by taking the time to respond to inquiries and outline the solar installation procedure. The lengthy wait for solar installation, which was not permitted by the provisions of the contract, infuriated several clients. Overall, RISE Power seems to be a solid and dependable option for anybody considering solar installation.
"Don't count on a timely installation solely on salespeople's verbal assurances; instead, get the installation date in writing. In late December, after pursuing the firm for the money, I received a return of the deposit I had sent in October. There are several options. other people." - Steve B.
"On June 22nd, 2020, EDDS switched on 27 solar panels that had been installed. Once the job was completed, I gave the team a gratuity since I was so satisfied with their communication skills, diligence, and professionalism; unfortunately, the battery was still on order and was scheduled to arrive in August 2020. On August 20, the salesperson came to my house to discuss my excessive July power bill. He then requested me to submit my August bill to him at a new location on Metric Drive in Dallas, which I duly did three days later. (The address on my prior documentation is on Marquis Drive in Garland.) On September 1, the work foreman stopped by to inspect where the battery will be installed. I haven't heard from the EDDS foreman, salesperson, or owner in more than a month, and I still don't know what's happening with my battery or the location of the business." - Philip M.
"Never have I felt so let down! Joseph Soto led me astray and broke his promises! Since December 5th, I've been attempting to reach him, but he won't answer my calls. The installation was completed by Bright Planet Solar, and although they had a few decent workers, the rest damaged the property and performed a very shoddy and unprofessional job. I do not advise utilizing anybody connected to this business." - michael00690071
"When I originally had my panels installed in the final few days of the year, I was thrilled and satisfied with the results. But, problems started to pop up left and right. First, they sent the operating permit to the incorrect power provider, which I only learned about when I phoned them and discovered they had never received it. My system was thus not switched on until I had paid for the panels. After approximately a month, it stopped working, and I kept trying to get someone to come look at my system. I did get paid for part of the months that my system wasn't operating, but now that it's nine months later, communication is much worse. I was informed a month ago that I will soon hear about a solution, but I haven't heard anything. I just want them gone at this point to put an end to this nightmare." - Dan Sagum
"Why the positive reviews, I'm not sure. Since we agreed to our contract in January, we have not heard from them. Not sure now how to terminate our contract. Most likely need the services of an attorney. They could be having trouble obtaining permits or units since I'm the first reviewer from Colorado. Because they haven't contacted us, we are unsure of the issue." - Daniel V
"I am appreciative of the technology that allows us to use solar energy in our houses and preserve Mother Earth's ecology. My solar panel system at home was put up with assistance from Tony B. The business provided fantastic customer service, and I was happy with how quickly they responded to all of my inquiries. I heartily recommend them. The system has been operating well. My electric provider often gives me credit for the extra energy my solar panels produce beyond what my home needs. Tony was knowledgable when it came to describing the various financing choices to me and assisting me in choosing the best one for me. It was an easy procedure, and I'm happy I chose solar energy over fossil fuels. I really hope that each home decides to convert their roof into a power source in order to preserve our world and its resources for future generations. I appreciate Tony making it feasible for my house." - Manjote Haworth
"My interaction with Rise was excellent. Tony B., my sales representative, was knowledgable and accommodating throughout the HOA approval and City/Utility Permits processes. The materials, inverters, and panels are of the highest caliber, and the prices are comparable with those of contractors using panels of lesser quality. In summary, everyone at Rise performed their duties with professionalism and customer service. The install crew was efficient and expert. I liked that the process was handled entirely on my behalf as a client and that I just needed to pitch in occasionally to help with the HOA and permits procedures. I particularly like the financing alternatives that eliminated the cost obstacles to renewable energy, enabling me to become green with no down payment and regular payments that serve as a bill substitute for my power bill. I strongly advise Rise to anybody thinking about adopting solar since I would much prefer pay for my panels at a fixed price than pay my utility company an escalating monthly bill for power." - Gary C
"Today, the installers started their job early. They were incredibly approachable, knowledgeable, and competent. Asked us if we had any questions or concerns before leaving, and then made sure that the yard was clean of any rubbish. A+ work, guys" - tylerdenise52
"About my interaction with RISE Power, I am overjoyed. Jamal Brown provided prompt, attentive service. My pals (who purchased from other businesses) had told me that the procedure takes 4-6 months. Never with RISE! After only two months, Jamal had me installed, switched on, and producing my own electricity! The procedure just required that I be there to permit someone into the attic for installation and to electronically sign any necessary documentation. The panels look excellent on my house. Every step of the way, Jamal kept in contact with me personally to update me, remind me to check my email, and remind me to sign paperwork so the process could go forward. I love knowing that I'm helping the environment, and I wholeheartedly endorse RISE Power!" - garrettm74
"Excellent value and service! The owner, Thomas, is very competent and easy to work with. This firm has installed a number of systems for us, and each system is operating flawlessly and saving us a significant amount of money. highly regarded" - Lia H.

RISE Power Social media

Dedicated to power solutions, Rise Power Solutions is a Facebook page. The same-named corporation runs the page, which has a total of 542 likes and 554 followers. Given that the address and phone number are provided in the "About Us" section, it appears that this is the company's official website. Both news about the company's activities and information regarding energy solutions are available on the page. The page also has a form for contacting the company and a link to its website. The page serves as a terrific resource for prospective customers and a great way for users to stay updated on the development of the business. Additionally, it has strong involvement with a respectable number of likes, shares, and comments. This page is a fantastic resource for word-of-mouth advertising because users may remark and share content inside each article. With frequent polls and giveaways, the page also promotes audience interaction.The information on this page is generally accurate and well-maintained. Energy solution suppliers can communicate with potential consumers there and use it as a powerful marketing tool to promote the company's offerings.
Rise Power Solutions is a LinkedIn page with the sole purpose of disseminating knowledge about power solutions. Updates on the page, which has 257 followers, cover pertinent subjects including power management and energy efficiency. The page also contains details about the business, including its address, a website link, and a summary of its services.This page is a fantastic opportunity to interact with potential clients and represent the business in the most expert way. Additionally, the page offers pertinent and current information about power solutions and promotes participation through surveys, competitions, and giveaways. The portal also provides employment openings and links to other social media sites, encouraging users to interact and discover more about the business. Overall, as a useful platform for promoting Rise Power Solutions, this LinkedIn page fulfills its intended function. It is a terrific place for visitors to learn about the business while remaining engaged because it is frequently updated with pertinent content.
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RISE Power average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews814.4


RISE Power Pros & Cons

  • Payback of the solar system
  • Fast and efficient installation
  • Prices
  • Limited service area
  • Limited Warranty
  • Installation quality

RISE Power Final Conclusions

RISE Power is renowned as a significant solar panel producer and installer offering high-quality energy efficiency solutions for residences and commercial buildings. The design, installation, maintenance, and repair of solar systems are among the many services they provide. Also, "RISE Power" has received positive feedback from consumers, demonstrating a high degree of professionalism and output quality. RISE Power is a fantastic choice for individuals wishing to transition to solar energy because of its emphasis on customer happiness and a track record of completed projects with exceptional results.

RISE Power locations

Main Address681 N Plano Rd Suite 121, Dallas, TX, United States, Texas
Phone Number(855) 747-3769

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