Lifetime Solar review

A primary focus of Lifetime Solar is the setup of solar panel systems for both commercial and residential properties. Quality solar energy products and services are provided by this company. To further broaden the use of solar energy, they provide financing options.
Lifetime Solar review

Lifetime Solar overview

A primary focus of Lifetime Solar is the setup of solar panel systems for both commercial and residential properties. Quality solar energy products and services are provided by this company. To further broaden the use of solar energy, they provide financing options.

What Lifetime Solar has to say about itself

Lifetime Solar's founders had a single goal in mind from the start: to alter the way in which their customers viewed energy. We're dedicated to informing our residential and commercial clients of the many advantages of switching to solar power over continuing to rely on the grid-based electricity system. Lifetime Solar has been installing solar panels in the Midwest for over a decade, making us the region's go-to solar power experts. To guarantee the best possible installation and service, we have in-house design, construction, and service teams.

Lifetime Solar Solar Review

Year Started1989
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Construction, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup Batterylithium-ion, lead acid, and flow batteries.

Lifetime Solar website review

The official Lifetime Solar website is The website looks polished and professional, and the company offers a variety of options for harnessing solar energy. It features details about the company's offerings, as well as contact information and testimonials from satisfied clients. The website also features practical tools like a solar calculator and frequently asked questions. The website comes across as credible and trustworthy overall. Positive feedback from customers is further evidence of the high quality of their offerings. The conclusion is that the website can be trusted.

Lifetime Solar price policy

PackagesBasic Solar Package: Starting at $9,495, Advanced Solar Package: Starting at $13,495, Premium Solar Package: Starting at $17,495, Ultimate Solar Package: Starting at $21,495
Payment optionsVisa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, cash, and check.
Payment discounts0% financing for up to 10 years, 5% discount for paying in full at the time of the contract, 10% discount for active military personnel and veterans, 5% discount for senior citizens (65 and over), 6% discount for qualifying homeowners with a solar lease, 10% discount for qualifying homeowners with a solar loan, 5% discount for existing customers when they refer a new customer.

Lifetime Solar online reputation

Solutions is a leading solar energy company that installs cutting-edge solar technology. Online reviews demonstrate our commitment to excellent customer service, reliable solar energy solutions, and competitive pricing. Our knowledgeable and professional staff advises customers throughout the solar installation process, earning praise. Our products are durable and energy-efficient, as our reviews show. Lifetime Solar Solutions guarantees the best home or business solar energy solution.
Wow, a word of caution to those considering solar energy. Try to avoid dealing with this firm. Despite the fact that I did ultimately choose this company to purchase my solar panels from, I have received absolutely no post-purchase support of any kind. The salesman hasn't returned my calls, and I'm getting worried about the Nv energy rebate he was supposed to help me get. My machine has recently stopped working, and once again, no one has offered to help me. For my system reset, I ended up having to go with a different firm. - Cory B.
In June of 2021, our solar panels were put up. In September 2022, they were able to hook up the solar panels. It's not surprising that they went out of business because they lost our paperwork for permits, blamed the state, and even said they'd give us credit for the solar we should have been making." We paid for our own solar panels, but as of January 6, 2023, we still don't have our sign information, so we can't start keeping track of them. Even though we've tried many times, this company hasn't gotten back to us. It looks like no one knows what's happening. Does this business really exist? I'm about to throw at them the solar panels that are on my roof. At this point, we plan to hire a lawyer and pursue the case. If you want to stay out of trouble, you shouldn't do business with this company. Management, the sales team, and the office staff have all let me down badly. Do real people really work here? Or maybe no one cares about anything other than making money off of other people. In the end, our attorney will contact you." - Elon P.
Not able to do what they said they would. Their subcontractor said that they were being investigated and then quit their job. Lifetime solar has bad communication about how the project will be done and doesn't answer emails about how the money from a solar loan will be used to finish the project. There are liens on my house, and lifetime solar has given me notice of more liens to come. Virginia, who is in charge of the project, couldn't answer questions. The project began in September 2020, is still on hold, and is supposed to be finished in three weeks. Now it's been 3 months and no one has said how it will be fixed. - Joey F.
WORST EVER!! DO NOT BELIEVE!! Kelvin, a salesperson for Lifetime Solar, came to my house on April 23 to give me a quote. We talked about my options, and as any salesperson would do, they tried to get me a better price (up to $25,000 lower) from other companies that had already given me quotes. The catch was that I had to decide by the end of the month. Complete sales gimmick, but the price was fine for what it was. I finally agreed to a price of $24,500 CASH after going back and forth with the seller for the next 6–8 days. That included giving each new customer a $1000 gift card. Kelvin then suggested that I send the contract on 4/30 (Saturday) after we agreed on a price, but we ended up agreeing to have it signed first thing on 5/2. I got the contract, which had the right price, but I saw a mistake in the system and told Kelvin right away. Was told that it would be fixed and sent back for him to sign. I also said that the $1000 gift card wasn't mentioned in the contract. When I asked about it, he suddenly forgot about it and said that it was already included in the price quoted. After some back and forth, he agreed to honor it and will make sure it is given. I was asked on 5/3 to pay the first deposit, but I said I hadn't seen the renewed contract to sign yet, so I couldn't pay the deposit until I did. At 12 p.m., Kelvin finally calls to tell me that the final price of $24500 can no longer be honored because SunPower raised their prices 25%," so I will now have to pay $32500 for the same system I was originally quoted for $29500. After talking to both Kelvin and the director of sales, he said that they can't honor the original price and that Kelvin misspoke and shouldn't have quoted me that price. He will deal with Kelvin "internally." What do that internal conflict and conversation have to do with me, the customer? This company gives people false hopes and makes more promises than it can keep. I'm going to tell the Better Business Bureau about them!" - Davion O.
I paid Lifetime Solar about $30,000 in September 2021 to put solar panels on the roof of my house. They broke a tile on my roof, so I had their roofers come fix it and tell me everything should be fine. Then they charged me about $500 because they didn't replace some of the tiles that were glued on. They said it wouldn't cause any water leakage problems and that it was just a small chip on the corners that was only for looks. The Richmond home was built in May 2021, so its one-year warranty is almost up. Recently, the builders sent their roofers to do a final inspection of the home. Richmond's tile roof company gave me information that Lifetime roofers got wrong (who stated that the glued shingles were only on small chipped corners, but that was not the case, and there was now a huge crack in the shingles that needed to be replaced, not just glued, as it would cause water leaks into the house in the future). Lifetime solar scheduled their roofers for three different dates and times, but they never showed up on any of those dates. They also never called to let me know when they would get there, even though I was at home waiting for them. When I called the Lifetime office, they told me that Virginia, the project coordinator, was either at lunch or in a meeting and couldn't talk to me. Today, I'm back at their house from 9 to 10 a.m., as promised, but their roofers haven't called to fix the damage they caused to my roof. - Robin W.
After looking at a few solar companies, we chose Lifetime solar. BEST DECISION EVER! Customer service is great, and the guys who came to set up our system were on time and friendly. We couldn't be more pleased with our decision. - Nova T.
The three companies I contacted all gave me competitive quotes. When I asked Justin about the rebate and how their panels differ from the competition, he answered all of my questions thoroughly and patiently. Due to its durability and fewer moving parts, Lifetime won my vote. There will be fewer moving parts and fewer parts to keep track of, reducing complexity and maintenance costs. Each of the installers was a skilled expert. They came and replaced the broken tiles on our roof at no extra cost. Customer service rep. Virginia was fantastic; she answered all of my questions thoroughly and patiently. In addition to guiding me through the necessary paperwork, she also kept me apprised of upcoming installation dates. Their team is fantastic, and everyone gets along wonderfully. Lifetime Solar is an outstanding option that I strongly endorse. - Kevin S.
Lifetime's solar team, from our initial contact with the sales rep to the multiple visits from the installation crew that got our system up and running ahead of schedule, did an excellent job. Their solar services are top-notch, and I wholeheartedly endorse using them. - Finn D.
Excellent company. Extremely interactive and approachable. Among the lowest of the three bids, I received for this work. Both of the other businesses were overly promotional or too pricey to even consider. Similarly, at other companies, customers interacted primarily with sales representatives who had little to no hands-on experience with solar or electricity. However, at Lifetime, Alex served as both a sales representative and a designer, and he was also well-versed in the entire solar installation process. He served admirably as a point of contact and was easy to get in touch with. - Liam E.
That's amazing, to say the least. At first, we had a lot of doubts, but the salesperson helped us relax a bit. We had a terrible experience with a different solar panel installation company after we put solar panels on our first house, and ever since then, we've been very wary of working with any solar energy business. Next, Oliver walked up to us, answered all of our questions, and got us set to go. The panel installers were fantastic when they arrived. They did a fantastic job, and they did it quickly and competently. They were thorough and tidy in their work. The electricians who came to replace our meter and inspect our panels were very complimentary. They all agreed that the work was completed flawlessly. I found it a pleasure to deal with Oliver and the rest of the staff at the office whenever I had to call. It was a pleasure to work with the manager who conducted the exit interview. He had a wealth of information and was very approachable. We are very pleased with the results and would highly recommend Lifetime Solar to anyone. - Elijah M.

Lifetime Solar Social media
Lifetime Solar's social media presence is polished and informative. High-quality photographs, graphics, and videos of solar items are shown, making the website lively and eye-catching. It's a great resource for anyone curious in solar energy because it includes both good customer evaluations and instructions for installing the products. If clients want to get in touch, they may find connections to their website there as well. It's an honest and dependable landing page that tells clients exactly what they can expect from the business.
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Lifetime Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews494


Lifetime Solar Pros & Cons

  • Experience
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Limited geographical reach
  • High start-up costs
  • Lack of customer service

Lifetime Solar Final Conclusions

Installation services for residential, commercial, and government clients are all provided by Lifetime Solar, a family-run business based in California. Customers have expressed overwhelming contentment with the solar installation packages they purchased, praising the company's responsiveness to their needs, the quality of the installation workers they worked with, and the reasonable prices they paid. A majority of reviewers (around 60%) gave Lifetime Solar a perfect score of 5 stars.

Lifetime Solar locations

Main Address1855 Industrial Dr. Auburn, CA 95603
Phone Number8884778869

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