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Did you know that, whether or not you already have a solar energy system, you may take advantage of upfront incentives, financing, and other options to increase your savings and create a 6-month emergency fund while lowering your monthly expenses?

Makello overview

Did you know that, whether or not you already have a solar energy system, you may take advantage of upfront incentives, financing, and other options to increase your savings and create a 6-month emergency fund while lowering your monthly expenses?

What Makello has to say about itself

In every area of your life, Makello will assist you in making the most financially sensible energy and upgrading options. San Diego-based Makello, a solar services provider, is working with locals to give them the solar services they need and merit.

Makello Solar Review

Year Started2010
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Energy Auditing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline Panels, Polycrystalline Panels, Thin-Film Panels, Hybrid Panels
Backup BatteryLi-Ion batteries

Makello website review

Information on Makello's services, mostly on energy efficiency, solar energy, and electric car charging solutions, is available on the company's website. The material is lucid, concise, and simple to comprehend and was specially written for individual and corporate clientele. The website also includes case studies and client endorsements. Makello offers various services, including energy audits, solar installations, infrastructure for electric car charging stations, and energy storage alternatives. Each service, its perks, and potential discounts are thoroughly explained on the website. Additionally, the website offers calculators, tutorials, and FAQs to aid visitors in making educated decisions. There are several ways to contact the website, including a contact form, phone number, and email address. Additionally, the website has a live chat facility, displaying its dedication to offering quick customer support. The Makello website highlights their proficiency in solar energy, energy efficiency, and solutions for charging electric vehicles.

Makello price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $30,000 or more
Payment optionsCredit and debit cards, bank transfers and cash payments, funding options such as 0% APR funding and Green Deal funding
Payment discountsFinancing discounts

Makello online reputation

According to consumer feedback, Makello, originally known as Wipomo, has received various ratings from its users. Charlie Johnson, the company's founder and CEO, appears knowledgeable in solar and other renewable energy sources. He is described as knowledgeable, kind, and committed to providing straightforward services. Even when a person files for such a permit for the first time, Makello helps negotiate the Homeowners Association guidelines and obtain the required permissions to install solar panels. Many clients expressed satisfaction with the installation procedure's speed, ease, and minimal disruption to their everyday lives. Certain unfavorable evaluations also raise thoughts concerning the company's strategy and reputation. In the review, it is suggested that the business change its name to avoid having to pay for concerns with roof leaks. While some clients enjoyed the absence of pushy sales techniques, others would have preferred a more proactive strategy when contemplating solar panels. One last point: Depending on the individual experiences of each client, Makello's performance and level of customer satisfaction may differ. In contrast to negative criticism, which raises questions about the company's reputation, installer experience, and assessment focus, positive feedback shows the company's dedication to specialized solutions and effective installation.
"Take care! Many customers have complained about roof leaks, so the firm changed its name. They allegedly abandoned the leak's financial burden and fled. My advice is to use extreme caution." - Paul.
"I don't understand the source of these glowing testimonials. In the summer of 2017, Charlie gave us a Solar evaluation. Instead of sending a team of solar installers to measure my roof, as I had anticipated, he sent several interns from a local high school or university. This unease sprang from my uncertainty about whether they were legitimate installers. However, Charlie is an expert in energy-efficient lighting systems that may help cut costs. Again, though, his interns spent inordinate amounts of time scrutinizing every light bulb in my home. But I can't hold that against them; they were inexperienced and young. Ultimately, I installed my solar panels through a more well-known and respected company. Wipomo did not impress as a reputable provider with sufficient installation expertise." - Kurt.
"They aren't your regular solar panel salesmen. Last year, after reading some of the other Yelp reviews, I decided to give the owner, Charlie, a call. Charlie and his helper came to my place to check it out. That they weren't aggressive in selling me panels was a pleasant surprise. The replacement of my light bulbs was not a priority for them. This seemed strange to me. I tagged along while they thoroughly examined my lighting setup. There was some extra time spent here that wasn't required. Not new lights, but solar panels were what I was after. Although I can see a clientele that might profit from Wipomo's method, I ultimately opted against using it for this reason." - Alan.
"My wife and I had been on and off pondering getting solar panels for our townhouse for a few years before our initial chat with Charlie Johnson. To begin, Charlie is both kind and well-versed in solar power and energy generation. He didn't try to get us to buy more solar panels than we needed, and he showed us many graphics to help us zero in on the "sweet spot" where we were producing just the right amount of electricity. Second, he assisted us in figuring out how to comply with the rules our Homeowners' Association set down. His firm filed a bid and applied for all the necessary permissions on our behalf because we were the first residents to seek installation. He was there to talk us through what-if situations and who to talk to in the world of solar (legal) rights, even in the lengthy months that followed before the board finally approved our installation. Once the installation was given the go light, it was swift and didn't interfere with our day. We are happy to be riding the Solar Express with Makello as our travel companion." - Christopher.
"We decided that now was a good time to install solar panels. Makello's creator and current CEO, Charlie Johnson, visited our home and presented us with various possibilities, each with its breakdown of costs and potential returns. Once we settled on a method, everything moved quickly and easily. It was reassuring to see how well Charlie and Sam from Green Energy EPC worked together to complete our installation efficiently and effectively. Charlie was with us the whole time and watched out for our satisfaction. We are!!! If you're overwhelmed by the options for solar panel installation, we've got you covered. I think you should have a chat with Charlie. He knows what he's talking about, will patiently answer your concerns, and guide you to a satisfactory resolution." - Harrison.
"I was immediately impressed after meeting with Charlie Johnson (Wipomo) to discuss my home's energy requirements and potential solar panel installation size. He had a firm grasp of his responsibilities and was dedicated to providing a straightforward service. Charlie and his team performed an excellent job of developing the system, considering any future demands and keeping costs low simultaneously. Wipomo kept to every deadline it was given and inspected and followed up on every installation stage. Charlie and Sam from Green Energy EPC helped me design and deliver a top-notch system that has functioned faultlessly. Wipomo is an excellent choice for anybody interested in green energy." - Freddie.
"My husband and I had been debating for a while about whether or not to add solar panels to our townhouse, and after talking to Charlie Johnson for the first time, we decided to go for it. First of all, Charlie is a great guy and a wealth of information regarding renewable energy and solar technologies. He didn't try to get us to buy more solar panels than we needed, and he showed us many graphics to help us zero in on the "sweet spot" where we were producing just the right amount of electricity. Second, he guided us through our Homeowners' Association rules so that we could move through with the installation. We were the first in our neighborhood to seek installation, and his firm filed a bid and applied for all the necessary permissions on our behalf. During the months of waiting for the board's final approval of our installation, he talked us through what may go wrong and who we should talk to about our solar (legal) rights. When installation was ultimately green-lit, it was swift and caused minimal disruption. We're thrilled to ride the Solar Express, and Makello's companionship makes it better." - Bobbie.
"Recently, Green Energy EPC installed solar panels at my home, but I have to credit Charlie at Wipomo for initiating the process. To put it simply, Charlie is an "energy geek." He takes pride in his work and always looks for ways to improve. Several articles I read criticized his thorough examination of light bulbs. Okay, I understand, but the bottom line is the bill, right? All in all, working with Charlie, Wipomo, and Green Energy EPC was a pleasure. Over the previous five years, I sought out roughly seven separate solar installation bids before settling on Charlie and his team. Seeing how some of the other reviews completely missed the mark is amusing. Try it out and see. I'm giving him a big fat yes!" - Ryan.

Makello Social media
Their Facebook page, which is linked to the energy management solutions company, has a lot of information about Makello's services, activities, and news. With enough people following the page, it worked well. Makello's Facebook page is always updated with informational posts, new product information, business news, and special offers. The people and companies they are trying to reach who are interested in energy management will find the knowledge useful. Most things posted on the page have many comments, likes, and reposts. On this page, you can read testimonials from clients whose projects went well and case studies that show how energy management systems were used. Pictures of displays, products, and team members are on the page. To sum up, Makello's Facebook page does a good job of spreading its brand, giving useful information to its fans, and interacting with them.
Energy management solution provider Makello has a LinkedIn profile provides information about their experience and professional brand. Macello highlights his areas of expertise on his LinkedIn profile, including energy management, solar PV, electric vehicle charging, and energy storage. Articles, blog posts, and news updates are often posted to Macello's LinkedIn profile. Periodically, they also publish articles about their products and services. The page lists the staff of the company. Marcello uses his LinkedIn profile to find qualified candidates in the "Jobs" section. A small number of people have subscribed to the page, showing interest in Makello products and services. While engagement levels (likes, comments, and posts) vary by page post, they indicate an active and engaged audience. Although the LinkedIn page primarily publishes textual information in articles and blog posts, it occasionally includes visual content—for example, infographics and videos. Makello's expertise and leadership in energy management are well demonstrated on their LinkedIn profile.
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14 Subscribers

Makello average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews23


Makello Pros & Cons

  • Tailored Solutions
  • Assistance with HOA and Permits
  • Efficient and Swift Installation
  • Reputation Concerns
  • Inactive approach to sales
  • Mixed Customer Experiences

Makello Final Conclusions

Customer reviews for Makello have an average rating of 3.8 stars, implying that their reputation and job quality are fairly variable. Under the seasoned leadership of Charlie Johnson, the company's founder and CEO has won recognition for its expertise in renewable energy technology, particularly solar energy. Customers like that their demands are addressed personally and that they don't have to purchase more solar panels than they require. Conversely, there are some reservations regarding the company's reputation. Due to the study's employment of inexperienced interns, questions were raised regarding the company's installers' dependability and the thoroughness of their assessments. While Makello has demonstrated expertise in assisting clients with installing and enhancing energy efficiency, there is space for expansion in other areas. They are, for instance, addressing reputational concerns and guaranteeing constant professionalism in valuing. By addressing her reputation, Makello may further strengthen her position in the market. A high standard of service must always be maintained, as must a high standard of customer service.

Makello locations

Main Address9393 Activity Road, Suite C, San Diego, CA 92126
Phone Number7602303788

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