National Renewable Energy Laboratory(NARENCO) review

Our investors and clients continue to engage with us because of the confidence we have earned from them. Throughout the project lifecycle, from selecting a site to building and commissioning it to carrying out routine checks on our installations, we apply our fundamental principles to every facet of our company.
National Renewable Energy Laboratory(NARENCO) review

National Renewable Energy Laboratory(NARENCO) overview

Our investors and clients continue to engage with us because of the confidence we have earned from them. Throughout the project lifecycle, from selecting a site to building and commissioning it to carrying out routine checks on our installations, we apply our fundamental principles to every facet of our company.

What National Renewable Energy Laboratory(NARENCO) has to say about itself

NARENCO was established in 2009 with an emphasis on designing, constructing, and running utility-scale solar projects. We have frequently collaborated on ground-breaking projects with renowned investors and clients thanks to our ability to maintain a strategic alignment in a volatile solar industry. Due to our strict money management and steady revenue development, we have established ourselves as the leading solar firm in the area. We have been able to provide enough electricity to power over 100,000 homes thanks to our more than 60 solar installation projects.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NARENCO) Solar Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasNC
Service TypesDevelopment of solar projects, Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), Operation and Maintenance (O&M), Asset Management, Energy storage solutions, Renewable Energy, Consulting, Public solar energy, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), Renewable Energy, Certificates (REC), Integration and networking
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryNot specified
CertificationsNot specified

National Renewable Energy Laboratory(NARENCO) website review

The website features a basic color palette, a clean and contemporary design, and easy navigation. Users may easily discover information thanks to the layout's organization. The website offers in-depth details regarding NARENCO's services, endeavors, and expertise in the field of renewable energy. The website showcases NARENCO's renewable energy initiatives with stunning photos and videos. The website contains obvious call-to-action buttons and forms that invite users to get in touch with NARENCO with questions or to request additional information. This encourages communication between customers and potential business executives. The website includes connections to NARENCO's social media accounts, making it simple for users to engage with the business on sites like Facebook. Overall, the NARENCO website successfully conveys the business' knowledge of renewable energy, gives users useful information, and promotes user interaction.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory(NARENCO) price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $30,000 or more
Payment optionsCredit or Debit Cards, Bank Transfers, Financing Options, Checks, Online Payment Platforms, Cash
Payment discountsCash discounts

National Renewable Energy Laboratory(NARENCO) online reputation

The website's navigation is easy and clear, and it has a clean, contemporary style. Users will have no trouble locating information because to the layout's organization. The website offers in-depth details on NARENCO's services, initiatives, and background in the renewable energy industry. The website includes top-notch photos and videos demonstrating NARENCO's renewable energy initiatives. The website encourages users to contact NARENCO with questions or for additional information by using obvious call-to-action buttons and forms. Users and future company leaders can engage more as a result of this. Links on the website go to NARENCO's social media pages, making it simple for website visitors to engage with the business on sites like Facebook. Overall, the NARENCO website successfully communicates the business's proficiency in renewable energy, offers useful information to visitors, and promotes user interaction.
"Reservations required just for the education center. That did not appear elsewhere. We traveled all the way from Albuquerque in the hopes of catching a glimpse of this. It seems that will not be possible. Extremely disheartening." - Aaron
"This is perhaps the worst workplace ever. Coworkers are cold, haughty, and always looking to outdo you in a debate. During my time there, I did not notice any significant scientific progress being made. People tend to mill around aimlessly, engaging in idle conversation with one another. Put on an act until you finally become one. The staff here is not even particularly bright. Many of them are among the most incredibly dense individuals I have ever encountered. No thanks." - Channon
"The only national laboratory in the United States dedicated only to researching renewable energy sources, and one of the most bureaucratic in the country. Costs of administration are over 300%!! A private club for high-ranking government officials. The scientific community is not much better, though, with many working just to extend their time on a single topic until retirement. The labs are dedicated to the noble cause of studying alternative energy sources including PV, wind, fuel cells, hydrogen, and PEC. However, there is widespread corruption in the organization's upper echelons. Consider the fuel cells team; it is common practice to staff it with the spouses and friends of the team leader. It is males bringing their wives to work and having a nice time on the public dime while conducting research. This is why I agree with the right-wing science-denialists on this one, even though I usually disagree with them." - Alan
"Most NARENCO interactions were positive. Our initial discussion was informative, and our solar installation quote was affordable. The system installs simply and runs smoothly. However, a minor communication issue delayed installation. We are happy with NARENCO's solar savings." - Michael
"The solar system installation and cost reductions have been much to our satisfaction with NARENCO. There were some minor cosmetic issues caused by the installation of solar panels on our roof. A more aesthetically pleasing arrangement was desired, however performance was not affected. The team took our feedback into consideration, however they were unable to implement our changes due to technical limitations. We appreciate NARENCO's hard work and the advantages of solar energy for our home." - Ben
"We were blown away by NARENCO's performance. Their entire staff, beginning with the consultation and ending with the installation, was expert and professional. They analyzed our energy use in depth and created a tailor-made solar array to meet our specific demands. The installation went off without a hitch, and they even finished early. We are really pleased with our decision to go solar with NARENCO and the dramatic decrease in our monthly energy costs. Strongly suggested!" - Alan
"First-rate assistance all the way through. The NARENCO crew was extremely helpful and patient as they answered all of our questions and walked us through the process of installing the solar panels. They took care of getting us all the necessary permissions and documentation. The staff that installed it was quick and neat, and now the system is working perfectly. We are quite pleased with NARENCO's eco-friendly energy solution, which has already reduced our monthly electricity costs. I appreciate your hard work." - Johnny
"It was smart of us to go with NARENCO for all of our solar energy requirements. The knowledge and skill of their staff was immediately apparent, and they collaborated closely with us to develop a plan that would optimize our home's energy production. The installation was simple, and the panels look great on our roof. We are thrilled to be making a positive impact on the environment while also reducing our energy bills by switching to solar power. We are pleased to endorse NARENCO as an excellent solar service supplier." - Alex
"The expertise and commitment of NARENCO are unparalleled. They got back to us quickly and offered a thorough solar study that was specifically designed for our home. The installation personnel was kind, and they left the area neat and tidy after they were done. The solar panels' high efficiency is thanks in large part to their ability to monitor their own operation. We appreciate NARENCO's assistance in reducing our negative effects on the natural world and are pleased with the service they have provided." - Harper
"NARENCO kept their word and the solar installation went off without a hitch. They took care of all the details, so I did not have to worry about a thing. The installation crew was professional and meticulous, so there was no chance for error. We are overjoyed with the clean energy and money we have been saving thanks to our solar power system. We are pleased that NARENCO is our solar partner due to their obvious dedication to quality and client satisfaction. - Alvaro

National Renewable Energy Laboratory(NARENCO) Social media
The official page of NARENCO, a business that specializes in renewable energy solutions, is located on Facebook. A blue check mark on the page denotes that it has been confirmed. The page has more than 1,700 likes and followers at the time of study. This figure represents a modest level of audience engagement. The NARENCO emblem, a stylised green leaf signifying their emphasis on renewable energy, may be seen in the profile photo. The solar farm on the cover corresponds to their primary business. The website frequently posts articles about sustainability, solar energy, and alternative energy. Text, photos, and videos are mixed together in the postings. The information is intended to spread awareness of the advantages of renewable energy sources. Moderate page engagement is shown. Different postings get varying numbers of likes, comments, and reposts. Some postings receive more attention than others, showing that the audience prefers specific themes or forms. Users can rank and comment on NARENCO services on the page in the reviews area. Users are satisfied with the company's renewable energy solutions, according to reviews that are typically positive. Generally speaking, NARENKO uses its Facebook page as a platform to promote renewable energy, inform the public, and highlight their initiatives.
NARENCO, the National Renewable Energy Corporation, has a LinkedIn page that details its accomplishments and industry participation. The page opens with a concise corporate overview. NARENCO is the top US developer, owner, and operator of utility-scale solar energy projects. This section also discusses the company's sustainability and renewable energy efforts. NARENCO's LinkedIn profile offers renewable energy sector news. This covers news, blog, and project development announcements. The carefully chosen information shows the company's expertise and leadership. Employee achievements, team activities, and community participation illustrate NARENCO's culture and principles. This promotes the company's dedication to its workers and communities. NARENCO's LinkedIn page lists business openings. This section lists current openings, making it easier for candidates to apply. The page promotes employee accomplishments, work anniversaries, and new employees. This fosters employee pride and shows the company's commitment to them. The page's large following shows industry interest in NARENCO's work. An active and engaged subscriber base loves, comments, and shares posts. NARENCO's LinkedIn page showcases its experience, accomplishments, and renewable energy dedication.
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National Renewable Energy Laboratory(NARENCO) average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
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Google reviews65


National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NARENCO) Pros & Cons

  • Expertise and Professionalism
  • Tailor-made Solar Solutions
  • Efficient Installations
  • Communication Issues
  • Cosmetic Concerns
  • Limited Technical Adaptations

National Renewable Energy Laboratory(NARENCO) Final Conclusions

A solar energy firm is NARENCO. The great majority of evaluations praise the business's expertise, professionalism, and capacity to create personalized solar energy solutions, which enable consumers to save a lot of money. The favorable reviews highlight the effectiveness of NARENCO's installation procedure and the solar systems' effectiveness in generating clean energy. Although there has been some small criticism of communication and aesthetic flaws, most consumer response is still quite favorable. These problems seem to be isolated occurrences and do not affect the business's performance as a whole. It is also significant to highlight that NARENCO has received unfavorable ratings for reasons unrelated to their solar services. When assessing NARENCO's performance and standing as a solar energy supplier, these reviews should not be taken into consideration since they appear to be in a different environment, such as an educational facility or a national laboratory. In conclusion, NARENCO has made a name for itself as a reputable and trustworthy solar energy provider, praised for its expertise, professionalism, and effectiveness in offering affordable and eco-friendly energy solutions. The company's solid reputation is founded on its capacity to provide customized solar panels for its happy clients that successfully lower energy expenses and environmental impact.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory(NARENCO) locations

Main Address801 Wood Ridge Center Drive, Suite A, Charlotte, NC 28217
Phone Number7049307700

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