New England Clean Energy review

A developing business, New England Clean Energy focuses on finding sustainable energy alternatives. The business uses solar panels and other techniques to provide alternative energy sources. their company operations place excellent customer service and environmental responsibility at the forefront. The business is dedicated to developing renewable energy solutions for a better future, from home to commercial.

New England Clean Energy overview

A developing business, New England Clean Energy focuses on finding sustainable energy alternatives. The business uses solar panels and other techniques to provide alternative energy sources. their company operations place excellent customer service and environmental responsibility at the forefront. The business is dedicated to developing renewable energy solutions for a better future, from home to commercial.

What New England Clean Energy has to say about itself

A provider of renewable energy is New England Clean Energy. It is dedicated to giving people and communities the tools to switch to renewable energy. The business provides extensive services to make the switch to renewable energy efficient and affordable. Customers are assured of receiving services of the greatest quality from experts with the most training. Serving the residential and business sectors effectively and fairly, New England Clean Energy is dedicated to responsible energy management and carbon reduction.

New England Clean Energy Solar Review

Year Started2006
Service AreasMA, NH, RI
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, UL, OSHA , EPA

New England Clean Energy website review

A reliable supplier of green energy solutions, New England Clean Energy can be found online at Among their many services are solar energy systems and energy-efficient LED lights. A toolbox and in-depth information about these services are available on the business' website. Additionally, the company provides financial aid and other benefits to customers who desire to use green energy. Users may acquire all the information they want on the website, which is simple to use. New England Clean Energy is a reputable firm that runs a high-quality website, You should look at them if you wish to convert to green energy.

New England Clean Energy price policy

PackagesBasic Solar System Package: Starting at $13,800, Standard Solar System Package: Starting at $17,200, Premium Solar System Package: Starting at $21,500, Residential Thermal Storage Package: Starting at $3,000, Commercial Thermal Storage Package: Starting at $6,000, Solar Thermal Heating Package: Starting at $6,000, Low Voltage Microgrid Package: Starting at $4,500, Home Backup Generator Package: Starting at $5,500, Commercial Backup Generator Package: Starting at $7,500
Payment optionsCash, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, and check.
Payment discounts5% discount on residential energy plans, 10% collective and community solar discounts, 10% military discount, 5% autopay discount, 5% paperless billing discount, 10% low income discount

New England Clean Energy online reputation

Numerous clients use New England Clean Energy's services; some have had excellent experiences, while others have had poor ones. Despite some clients' glowing reviews, the projects' quality was sometimes questioned. Despite some installation and equipment performance issues, the majority of consumers indicated they were satisfied with the service they got. New England Clean Energy has overwhelmingly excellent feedback from its current clients.
"In July 2020, I began working with New England Clean Energy, and in February 2021, they gave me the go-ahead to utilize electricity. The initial installment was completed by the crew in October. They weren't sure whether they could add another solar panel since they hadn't measured the roof. In November, National Grid visited to inspect it after the installation. They discovered that the meter was improperly connected. In December, National Grid returned to take another look at the meter after altering the connection and discovered a new issue. The improper names had been written on the meters when National Grid returned to inspect in January. They then attempted to alter the labels and submit a review, but it was unsuccessful, necessitating the dispatch of a substitute. In February, I finally received the all-clear. New England Clean Energy didn't seem to understand what was happening or why National Grid wouldn't let this project to proceed during the conflict with National Grid. I lost a lot of electricity as a result of my error with the stickers and the meter I installed to monitor the amount of power I was wasting as a result of New England Clean Energy's errors. I calculated the cost to be about $150, therefore I requested payment from New England Clean Energy in that amount. They promised to pay that money, but two months have passed and we haven't spoken. They are not someone I would use again, and they don't seem to understand how to properly install anything in RI." - Ethan K.
"A solid estimate was the first stage in the procedure in July. Finding the time to install the panels took two months. The setup process takes two days. After the first day, the contractors shut off the electricity and neglected to switch it back on as instructed. We weren't sure whether turning it back on would be secure. After that, we had to wait. A building inspection was planned for November, but certain engineering papers were misplaced. The urgency to start the procedure didn't appear to be there. Up until the end of January, the power was not inspected. It turned out that a second installation of the wi-fi communicator via the proper electrical box was necessary. Another issue arose when their engineering partner failed to provide the proper documentation for the building inspection, which was scheduled for early November. The city didn't deliver me the final paperwork for a few weeks; I had to get in touch with them personally. I assumed they would handle it without my assistance. The energy company then claimed that the system's signs were inadequate, which required them to purchase and install new ones, slowing down the procedure. The job was not completed within the six-month period promised in the contract we signed with them. Nine months passed. Even though the COVID-19 incident may have delayed the project's completion by two months, the job was nonetheless completed. So, even though I'm not certain whether this was a one-off for this business, I still wanted to share my story. If further work has to be done in the future, I want to update this." - Lewis W.
"This firm left me with a poor impression. It seems that my investment was poor. I purchased a new system for $4,000, had it installed, and it performed well. Then I made the decision that I wanted to expand my system, so I contacted and paid an additional $4,000 to install a system at a different location. I waited for them to come and install the addition for months, but they couldn't (because of Covidiocy). Since they never showed up to install the system, I decided to cancel the purchase. It took me weeks of battling with them to finally receive a refund. All was good up until I acquired a new modem. Next, I had trouble connecting half of my cameras. Due to secrecy, nobody could be dispatched to my residence, and it doesn't seem that anybody can connect cameras over the phone. So I think it wouldn't be a smart idea to entrust the safety of my house to a business that lacks a customer support crew for when their goods malfunction. They also don't purchase back equipment, so if you decide to quit using their goods, you will lose all of your money. Additionally, their devices cannot be utilized with any other systems." - Connor N.
"We chose not to engage New England Clean Energy since their quotation for 35 LG370w panels with micro inverters was $22,000 more than that of the other two solar providers. The creator of the firm was kind and knowledgable during our phone consultation, but his pricing startled us. Although SunBug Solar, who we chose for our previous solar project in 2012 and liked, does fantastic work for less money, New England Clean Energy may be a wonderful company. Before employing New England Clean Energy, get many quotations. The creator of the business also disparaged other businesses. He assumed it must be a new little or one-man operation when we informed him we were going with another company that had a price that was $20,000 cheaper." - Antonio K.
"You'll be drained dry by Clean Energy New England. The firm is the worst I've ever worked with, and the worst customer service I've ever had. It didn't take long for the pushy salesperson to con me out of $3000 and then $30 every month after that since I was a recovering foolish sucker. I could relocate once a year, take the equipment with me, and have it set up for free, the salesperson assured me. I could give it to someone else. Each is untrue. I have no doubt that Vivint is every bit as nasty as the burglars they claim to be guarding me from. I asked New England Clean Energy if they could simply pull the service out and I could keep it or sell it since I'm moving and my new landlord doesn't want it installed there. To get it out, they want $150. The oddest part is now coming. I accidentally left the front door open while traveling after a month or two of living there. The alarm went off and the door opened when the wind blew, but nobody ever came to see how I was doing. They phoned, but I didn't respond, so no one was sent to assist me. They requested a call from the house phone or any other absurd request. So all the money I spent on security may have been for nothing if I had been laying there bleeding to death and clutching to life. I promise you that although it may seem like a good idea now, you'll regret it afterwards." - Julian L.
"I picked them after watching people on YouTube talking about solar and stating, "Oh, and by the way, we are really happy with New England Clean Energy." We had greats too. Ashland, Massachusetts is our system. Each of 24 panels is inverter. We own the system and anticipate breakeven in 8 years (tax incentives assist). The system's 25-year lifetime means a lot of free power. The numerous little phases in this procedure led the firm to forecast a protracted project. Electric boxes, conduits, and meters take hours to install. Panel installation takes two days. Permits, inspections, and starting permissions follow. We must also replace our roof and cut down trees. We installed lightweight solar panels since we required a new roof. Enphase inverters and electronics (reputable panels). The system runs since October. sufficient to test power output. Net metering provides us Eversource credits for generating more power than we need. This compensates for months when we produce less power than we need. Eversource credits our bill regularly following meter reading. Daily modifications don't matter. When grid power fails, inverters switch off to protect line workers. All net-metered systems function this way. The truck system didn't fit since our home was smaller than planned. Two panels might be removed or relocated to a worse surface. However, the corporation discounted to relieve our anxieties. Well done! New England Clean Energy established a stable system. They were always kind and helpful. I recommend this firm." - Ramon G.
"Working with New England Clean Energy was a pleasure for us, from sales and proposals through installation and project management overall. At each step of the project, their staff provided us with all the information we need and promptly addressed our inquiries. The equipment did change at one point, but they were able to provide a substitute that kept the project rolling. We were pleased that they handled every aspect of our rooftop solar panels under the RI REF program. An excellent option is New England Clean Energy." - Miles L.
"On their website, you can view the white cape with panels on the garage in Bolton, where my system was installed in 2019. They had the nicest installation I've ever seen, and I can always tell when I see one. The fact that the installers and personnel were hospitable and skilled impressed me as well. I really like how promptly they responded to my inquiries. The inverter failed, which wasn't their fault, and I immediately received a replacement due of the guarantee. That was the only issue I had. My system provided me with 83% of the energy I need in 2022, and because of my SMART incentive, I earned approximately $400. Anybody could use this installer, in my opinion." - Liam M.
"I wanted to express my gratitude to you for the installation team's visit to our home this week. They excelled at what they did and were kind and helpful. They put in a lot of effort, yet they always made time to explain how the system worked to me. They performed an excellent job of incorporating the many components (combiner, shut-offs, conduit, etc.) without drastically altering the spacing or visibility. Every day, they cleaned up and put everything back together. Because I focus a lot on details, this is incredibly beneficial to me. We appreciate you bringing your "A" squad to our home, so. It really makes a difference when such a large investment is made." - Nathaniel C.
"I reserve the right to submit evaluations before I have sufficient evidence that a product or service will meet my expectations. Nevertheless, I would highly praise and suggest the sales and installation crew that installed a 12.5 kWh system on my roof. The sales presentation was intended to instruct rather than to make a forceful sell. What was being stated was easily understood by my wife and myself. If we wanted green, economical energy in an all-electric house, we had to make sure the system was the proper size and looked attractive. Milton, our sales representative, addressed all of our inquiries and helped us feel more at ease anytime we were concerned. The timeline from sale through installation was accurate, and NECE staff members were informed and approachable throughout. Nothing has gone wrong since our system went live on March 15, 2019, thus far. Remember that NECE conducted follow-up contacts as well, which is a crucial aspect. This wasn't a one-time deal with a quick "see you later." One of the most competent organizations to sell and repair items at my property has been New England Clean Energy. I'd also recommend using them to my relatives and friends. A word of caution: with whatever thing you purchase, pricing and quality go hand in hand. All solar systems are identical to one another." - Blake F.

New England Clean Energy Social media
A fantastic Facebook page for New England Clean Energy exists. Over 8,000 people have liked and followed the profile. The page provides connections to other resources, pertinent contact information, and a summary of the business's activities. With help from images, videos, and hashtags, the postings are often updated and feature information that the customer will find beneficial. Existing customer reviews are available on the website under a tab that also includes corporate ratings and comments on the job completed. In general, the company's website is reliable, has a wealth of helpful information, and allows for prompt consumer interaction.
New England Clean Energy has a LinkedIn page with over 700 followers, which is a little for a company of this size. The page has all the information that will help a customer connect with the company and links to other resources. A full description of the company, the number of employees, and much more is also described on the page. New publications appear frequently; they are informative and easy for the client to understand. In turn, users show their activity by putting likes. Although the page does not have many subscribers, it is worth paying attention to it to get information about the company and green energy in general.
YouTube Channel
33 Subscribers

New England Clean Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews334.1


New England Clean Energy Pros & Cons

  • Quality
  • Affordable
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Inconsistent Energy Output
  • Maintenance Costs
  • High Initial Investment

New England Clean Energy Final Conclusions

New England Clean Energy is a reputable supplier of green energy options committed to assisting clients in switching to alternative energy sources. Most clients are pleased with the outcomes they have experienced with New England Clean Energy despite a few evaluations suggesting issues with installation or equipment. The majority of the evaluations for the business are really favorable. Customers may see a company's devotion to quality by looking at its social media accounts, which are great. New England Clean Energy is a trustworthy and appealing green energy solution.

New England Clean Energy locations

Main Address577 Main Street, Suite 430 Hudson, MA 01749
Phone Number8778868867

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