Ray Energy Solar review

Ray Energy is reinventing what it means to own the energy you use in order to provide our staff and customers with the greatest experience possible. Our mission is to provide residential and commercial building owners with information, advice, and services that will enable them to reduce their energy costs and have a positive impact on the environment.

Ray Energy Solar overview

Ray Energy is reinventing what it means to own the energy you use in order to provide our staff and customers with the greatest experience possible. Our mission is to provide residential and commercial building owners with information, advice, and services that will enable them to reduce their energy costs and have a positive impact on the environment.

What Ray Energy Solar has to say about itself

Among the top installation crews, we rank among the very best. You may stop hunting now for a group to set up your solar power systems. We do all of our own engineering, design, permits, and installation at reasonable rates. We also help businesses and households with system repairs and upkeep. We have a team of highly qualified professionals that focus only on fixing and maintaining our aging infrastructure. If your solar panels or inverters have stopped working or if it's time for your yearly inspection, we're here to help.

Ray Energy Solar Review

Year Started2019
Company Websiterayenergysolar.com
Service AreasNJ
Service TypesInstallation of solar panels, Systems engineering and design, Consulting and evaluation, Maintenance and repair, Funding and incentives, Energy storage solutions
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries
CertificationsNot specified

Ray Energy Solar website review

With a visually attractive banner that features solar panels and a clear call-to-action button to obtain a free estimate, the site quickly draws users' attention. Users can easily discover the information they need because to the layout's clear, user-friendly design. The company's offerings, which include solar systems for homes and businesses, battery storage options, and electric car charging stations, are covered in full on the website. A short summary of each service that highlights the advantages of adopting solar with Ray Energy is provided. The "Why Solar Energy" section, which succinctly outlines the environmental, economical, and energy advantages of solar energy, is one component that sticks out. It gives prospective consumers who are thinking about solar but are unaware of its advantages useful information. Additionally, the website contains a blog that is often updated with articles about solar energy that are instructive, news about the business, and advice for maximizing solar power. This reflects Ray Energy Solar's dedication to education and audience interaction. Increasing the number of client testimonials or case studies would be a minor improvement. Having particular testimonials or success stories would increase trust even when the website cites happy consumers. The Ray Energy Solar website is generally nicely made, easy to use, and successfully conveys the company's services and the advantages of solar energy. It shows the company's expertise in this field and offers useful information to prospective clients.

Ray Energy Solar price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash payment, Credit or financing, Solar Leasing or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), Credit cards, Funding programs
Payment discountsGovernment incentives, Utility Incentives, Financing options, Referral programs, Seasonal or promotional discounts

Ray Energy Solar online reputation

Customer feedback for Ray Energy Solar has been very favorable. The organization has received a lot of positive feedback from clients who were impressed by their knowledge, reliability, and helpfulness. The installation was said to have gone well, with the staff doing the job swiftly and competently. The company's timely communication and progress updates were much appreciated by the clientele. Reportedly effective, Ray Energy Solar's solar panels have helped numerous clients save money on their monthly power costs. A small number of evaluations, however, brought to light problems with the company's response time and friendliness to customers. There was a delay in responding to consumer inquiries concerning the status of their installations, and some customers had to repeatedly ask for updates. It took some time to overcome technical concerns with the solar panels that were reported in a few of situations. Customers felt their issues were being ignored for too long. In addition, several clients reported problems with the installers. They spoke of incompetent workers and installation errors that led to damage to the roof. When problems emerged, several consumers also thought the firm did not provide enough help. Customer evaluations show that although Ray Energy Solar has generally earned high marks for their knowledge, professionalism, and speedy installations, there have been occasions when they have fallen short on the front end due to problems with communication and service. Customers should carefully examine their alternatives before committing to a solar energy provider.
"I had Ray Energy Solar put solar panels on my roof not too long ago. The panels were easily installed, and they are producing as much energy as predicted. However, the company's communication was less than ideal. I had to repeatedly inquire about the installation's status. I'm happy with the result they achieved for me, however their customer service might be better." - Genevieve
"As for Ray Energy Solar, I have mixed feelings. The installation crew did a great job, and they finished on time. However, not long after the system was set up, it began to operate poorly. Frustratingly, it took some time for their technical staff to fix the issue. The solar panels have been functioning normally ever since the problem was fixed. If the original issue had been fixed sooner, everything would have gone more smoothly." - Stella
"Working with Ray Energy Solar was a huge letdown for me. They said the setup would be simple and that they have great customer service. Unfortunately, they failed miserably on both fronts. The installation personnel was inexperienced, thus there were issues that needed fixing afterward. In addition, their customer service was slow to respond to my inquiries, and it took weeks before I finally had answers to my problems. Due to my negative experience, I cannot endorse their services." - Lillian
"The installation of my solar panels by Ray Energy Solar was a mistake. The schedule for the project was delayed and miscommunicated from the very beginning. The installation crew showed up late and without a game plan. During the installation, they messed up my roof and didn't even pay attention to it. The panels have also underperformed, and getting help or support from the firm has been difficult. If I could give anybody advice, it would be to choose a more reputable and competent solar energy company." - Evelyn
"We had a great time working with Ray Energy Solar. Everything from the first phone call through the on-site inspections and subsequent meetings was handled expertly. The installation was professional and carried out by a pleasant team. They were accommodating throughout the process and quick to address any questions or issues we had. I think they would be a great fit for your solar installation." - Charlie
"My experience with Ray Energy Solar was above and above. They excelled in all they attempted. Mo Husseini conducted himself in a businesslike manner throughout. After coming out to talk about their potential services. They were always in touch with the team and provided excellent, detailed updates on the project's progress. They handled everything for me, which was a huge relief since we are solar-illiterate and have no idea where to begin or how to get the necessary licenses. But Mo told me that they would take care of everything, and when the day for the installation eventually arrived, the installation staff was outstanding. The work was completed quickly and effectively in a single day, and everyone involved was kind and informative throughout the process. That is how highly I think of this firm! My experience with Ray Energy Solar was excellent and much above my expectations." - Edgar
"A ray of hope from Ray Energy! We had a previous solar experience with a firm that did not have the necessary licenses. I had my doubts after that, but Mo won me over and was very trustworthy. I held off on writing my review so that I could be totally honest in it. Ray Energy kept me up to date on the project's progress, and their team installed and activated my solar panels promptly. My power bill started going down, but in the past four months, I have had complete replacement! I can hardly wait to hear how things go this summer! The folks at Ray Energy are reliable." - Mohammad
"The installers from Ray Energy Solar were punctual and efficient. The whole installation took place in a single day, and special care was taken to ensure that the rooftop panels and electrical wiring in the breaker box looked neat and tidy. We also built a solar system on the south side of our garage, and the results have been nothing short of remarkable, especially considering that our monthly electricity bills were averaging $289.00 before we did so. After the installation, our highest monthly cost was just $27, despite the fact that we had 70% cloud cover that month instead of the usual 100% due to our south-facing roofs. Needless to say, Ray Energy Solar surpassed my expectations in every way imaginable, and they even have an App where you get to download for free and monitor your production at any time to see how your solar system is performing, and you are always being kept with up to date information regarding your system and the stage project line as it moves from signing up to installation, and finally having it go live and be operational. If you become a solar customer and use the app to submit all of your recommendations, you will each earn $1,000 within 30 days. I made some quick cash, and I am a satisfied customer of Ray Energy Solar. You can not go wrong with them, and you will be happy with the way they treat you after the sale is complete. You can reach them via their app at any time to ask them any question you have about solar energy, and they will get back to you almost immediately. Finally, I am quite pleased with their services as a whole and have suggested that my friends, family, and colleagues give them a go." - Lola
"Wow, such a fantastic place to put your career. Ray Energy Solar performed a fantastic job from our first meeting with Michael through all of the work and inspections. They responded quickly and effectively to our questions. Anybody thinking about going solar should definitely check them out." - Rajeet

Ray Energy Solar Social media

You've found the "Ray Energy Solar Systems" page under the "Solar Energy Service" heading. With over 2,000 likes and over 2,100 reviews, the page has a sizable fan base. Ray Energy Solar Systems' logo, which features a stylised sun, serves as the profile image. Cover art features a generic solar panel graphic to convey the company's focus. Briefly summarizing the business, the "About the Company" section explains that Ray Energy Solar Systems is a solar energy service provider. However, data such as service offerings, location, and contact information are few. Very little new content has been added since 2019 at the earliest. Images relating to solar power in general and infrequent service announcements make up the bulk of the content posted. The posts' comments area is devoid of activity and conversation. Articles, testimonials, and videos are just some of the many resources available on this website. Potential clients cannot learn more about the company's services since there is no link to the website on this page. It seems as if nobody cares about or uses the Facebook page for Ray Energy Solar Systems. Including up-to-date information, client feedback, and a link to the company's website are all great ways to keep the page fresh and current. In addition, building your online profile and generating leads might benefit from your active participation with subscribers and responds to comments.
Ray Energy Solar Systems has a profile on the professional networking site LinkedIn. It states that they are the industry leader in providing solar energy solutions for homes, businesses, and farms. This may indicate that they serve a diverse clientele. Ray Energy Solar Systems's many offerings are detailed on this page. Installation of solar panels, planning a solar energy system, finding a suitable financial arrangement, and routine maintenance are all part of this. This means that they provide complete solutions, from brainstorming to maintenance, to their clients. The solar energy business is one in which Ray Energy Solar Systems is deeply engaged. On their LinkedIn profile, they provide their thoughts on the latest developments in the sector. This displays their dedication to staying current on developments in the solar energy industry, including technology, laws, and industry trends. Several satisfied customers share their stories about their time working with Ray Energy Solar Systems on this page. This is evidence that the organization has a history of providing satisfactory results for its clients. The LinkedIn profile for Ray Energy Solar Systems sometimes has job openings. In other words, they are actively seeking qualified experts to join their growing workforce. Culture at Ray Energy Solar Systems is reflected here. They show off their team spirit by exchanging images, corporate updates, and gossip. The emphasis is on fostering a supportive workplace and developing a cohesive team, as seen by these measures. On their LinkedIn profile, Ray Energy Solar Systems provides solar-related resources to their audience, including articles, insights, and instructional materials. This demonstrates their mastery of the subject and establishes them as leaders in the area. If you want to learn more about Ray Energy Solar Systems, their services, industry participation, and company culture, you can do so by visiting their LinkedIn profile. This exemplifies their dedication to offering cutting-edge solar solutions to its clients.
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Ray Energy Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews255


Ray Energy Solar Pros & Cons

  • Cost Savings
  • Energy Independence
  • Government incentives
  • High start-up costs
  • Weather dependency
  • Maintenance and service life

Ray Energy Solar Final Conclusions

Most customer evaluations praise Ray Energy Solar. Customers compliment the company's solar energy knowledge, professionalism, and efficient installations. Installers were polite, prompt, and professional. Customers enjoyed the company's rapid responses and project updates. Ray Energy photovoltaic photovoltaic panels decreased power prices and produced energy for many clients. Some consumers like the solar system performance monitoring app. However, several bad reviews noted communication and customer service issues. Some clients received information or answers late. Solar panel technical difficulties take months to rectify, frustrating consumers. Most consumers were delighted with the installation, however some roof damage occurred. The company's performance disappointed several consumers. Ray Energy Solar gets mostly good evaluations. Customers should weigh the pros and drawbacks before choosing a solar energy supplier and investigate their possibilities.

Ray Energy Solar locations

Main AddressPO BOX 836, Mount Laurel NJ, 08054
Phone Number9085021500

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