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New Power helps consumers save money by offering solar power systems at reasonable prices. With technicians working from dawn to dusk, New Power consistently outperforms the competition in terms of installation speed and customer service. Headquartered in Riverside and serving the entire state, New Power makes solar affordable for consumers by lowering the bar for customers in terms of price, installation complexity, and ease of use.

New Power overview

New Power helps consumers save money by offering solar power systems at reasonable prices. With technicians working from dawn to dusk, New Power consistently outperforms the competition in terms of installation speed and customer service. Headquartered in Riverside and serving the entire state, New Power makes solar affordable for consumers by lowering the bar for customers in terms of price, installation complexity, and ease of use.

What New Power has to say about itself

New Power has facilitated the shift to solar energy. When compared to competitors, their setup times are among the best. They value their consumers and work hard to provide high-quality, individualized service. The business will assist you in comprehending the contract, will provide you with thorough instructions on how to operate the solar power plant in your house, and will make the whole procedure quick and easy.

New Power Solar Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasCA
Service TypesSolar panel installation, repair and monitoring, energy efficiency audits, roofing services, system design, and electricity storage solutions.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries.
CertificationsBBB, LEED, SEIA.

New Power website review

New Power's main site is uncluttered and provides just the most essential details about the business and its mission. Contact details and details about the company's offerings may be found on the site. The site is easy to use, so even first-time visitors may quickly discover what they're looking for. Unfortunately, the site lacks photographs and a pleasing design, both of which might improve its appeal to buyers. Site content is well-aligned with the stated purpose of informing visitors about the company's offerings and plans. The site does an adequate job of providing some fundamental facts about the business.

New Power price policy

PackagesThe “Standart” Package: starting at $17,000. The “Premium” Package: starting at $20,000. The “Deluxe” Pаckage: stаrting at $30,000.
Payment optionsSolar leasing, purchase financing, cash purchasing, line of credit financing, government incentive programs
Payment discountsSenior Citizen Discount of up to 10%, Military and Veteran Discount of up to 10%, Referral Discount of up to 10%, and Service Member Discount of up to 10%.

New Power online reputation

Client response has been extraordinarily good, and many customers of New Power Solar are thrilled with the outcomes they've obtained as a consequence of the business. Customers appreciated the staff's expertise and readiness to address their questions, and the installation procedure was quick and easy. Concerns for the company have arisen as a result of certain customers' particularly vocal complaints about the solar panel service. To become more trustworthy and effective, New Power Solar is enhancing its customer service. They should focus more on post-contract customer care and pay more attention to what their consumers need.
"This business is garbage! Fraudsters and liars! First off, it is a blatant falsehood; they never come to clean your solar panels. If you look under FAQs for this firm, they simply reply, "We're sorry, but all of our spots are taken for the year. Please try again next year." And that's precisely what they said to another customer who inquired about having his solar panel cleaned. Don't let this business trick you. All of the salespeople are charlatans. Additionally, you will continue to pay a sizable sum to Edison at the end of the year. trust!! Purchase solar from a different business. They are awful!" - Erika Q.
"The owner has left a message for you. Not accepting any blame. According to what I've been informed, the price for illegally felling a tree of this size is in the thousands of dollars. Howdy, Gail. I am saddened to hear this. Since we don't have a dedicated cutting team, we've always had to outsource any jobs that required it. It is inconceivable that we would pay another firm to do this service without prior agreement or after the homeowner has terminated our agreement. I'm very sorry that this occurred and cannot explain it. If the tree was preserved, we wish it continued success. If you have any more problems with us, please let me know. Thanks!"." - Gail L.
"No one answered the phone when the system malfunctioned! Avoid purchasing solar from New Power! I had New Power install my solar a couple of years ago. The installers were prompt and effective. The system performs adequately. But now that the reporting feature is malfunctioning, I am unable to keep track of performance. To make advantage of the warranty, the installers must identify the problem, document it, and contact the supplier of the solar panel or system. I've tried calling New Power directly as well as the New Power representative (Jeremy) who sold me the equipment. The representative does not return my calls, and New Power's main line just bounces with the message "technical difficulties" and gets no response. I'm beginning to believe they're not even in operation anymore. If you are interested in solar installation, we strongly advise working with a more reputable and established business." - Tom V.
"Zero assistance since 2016 when I bought solar panels from them. There is no assistance for a refinance, no maintenance or servicing, and no monitoring of the energy output. My fees increase year as well. A real estate agent I contacted said she couldn't sell my property unless I paid $40,000 to $50,000 to Spruce (the firm they sold the contract to) to buy the panels. Get away from them before they trap you like one of our lords." - John S.
"As one of the advantages of selecting this firm, the installer of solar panels assures regular cleaning. After two years, it seems that they abruptly ceased providing the service and are refusing to engage with clients who are attempting to address the issue. Given that the cleanings are stipulated in the contract, breaking the terms and disregarding clients seem to be signs that a business is likely to go out of business and leave everyone behind." - Max C.
"We have asked for price estimates from no less than ten different solar energy firms. None of them made us feel comfortable, and the constant attempts to close a deal were frustrating. Dallin came out after we scheduled an appointment with their organization. What a welcome change! He arrived promptly, was pleasant, and delivered an outstanding speech. There was no push to buy. Simply put, he was an exceptionally well-informed and kind youth. He streamlined the decision-making process for us. The new administration may rest easy knowing they have Dallin on staff, as their friends and family will hear nothing but praise. New Power is the company to go to if you're on the fence about getting solar panels. I'm not exaggerating when I say they're the greatest there is." - Robb W.
"I'm quite happy with how things went with New Power. I strongly advise you to get in touch with them if you are even the slightest bit interested in converting to solar! In October 2017, we talked with a salesman named Kevin, and he was fantastic. He was kind and had an answer to any query we had. The interoperability of our electrical box with the solar power system was our main worry. He assured us that New Power would replace our box at no cost if it ever needed to be replaced. That was a major selling factor for us since the box we had was most likely from the 1960s. Kevin assured us that our solar panels will be set up and operational by December. The panels weren't operational until May due to scheduling complications with SDG&E and the repair of the electrical box. Due to the unanticipated delay, we would have to begin making payments for the solar system months before it would be operational while we were still making power bills. To avoid having to pay for both solar and energy at the same time, the business owner came out to us and offered to cover 5 months' worth of our solar loan payments. My husband and I were deeply moved by this offer since it was so sweet and kind. Overall, we are glad we chose New Power. Our panels are installed and operating well. We have a fantastic app that displays daily energy production. Additionally, it informs us of how many trees our carbon offset equates to, which I find cute." - Lynda O.
"We appreciate New Power Solar installing our solar panels. Every step of the process went according to plan. Adam gave a full description of how solar energy systems operate as well as how financing, rebates, and payments operate. Jeff did a great job of connecting us to New Power and locating the roofer at the cheapest pricing. Thank you very much to Amanda for finding the answers to all of my inquiries and for keeping me updated on the tire project's development! Best of all, they completed it on the precise day they promised! Bravo to the whole New Power crew!" - Grace U.
"Huge thanks to Connor for stopping by our home and assisting us in deciding to go solar. We had a meeting with a representative from a different firm, and at the time, he gave us a very odd sense that made us uncomfortable with the whole process. However, Connor was able to be open-minded, truthful about the procedure, and accessible to respond to any queries that surfaced along the route. He and his customer service come highly recommended by us. Aside: The office's Becky is fantastic too; she phoned me numerous times to give me ETA updates on the installers and did an excellent job of keeping me informed about who would be at my home when, what they would be doing, and what access they would need." - Nate D.
"The salesmen that visited my home were both kind and skilled. I was able to schedule a consultation with a solar specialist soon quickly. He arrived and gave my husband and me a thorough explanation of everything. It was really simple and quick to join up and be accepted. Within weeks, we got our solar power system operational. They provide the greatest prices by a wide margin! I'm so glad I chose New Power! The finest project manager ever, she made sure we were informed of everything and was always available if we needed to contact her. You won't be sorry if you choose New Power for your solar needs." - Amelia H.

New Power Social media
The company's official Facebook page focuses on solar energy. Control over renewable energy is provided via this page, which has more than 4,500 followers. With frequent updates that include news, suggestions, and media, they make a lot of effort to keep subscribers interested, informed, and amused. New Power is an excellent location to start learning more about renewable energy sources if you're inquisitive. They often update to enlighten and empower their readers to make wise decisions. You may get a view of the business's daily activities in a visually attractive way via photos, blogs, and videos.
With just 469 followers, its LinkedIn readership is not very active. There is a lack of engagement on the page since the administrators don't update it with any new visual content, such as photos or videos. A short explanation of the company's offerings and contact details may be found on this page. Although it serves its intended purpose of educating prospective customers, the page fails to differentiate itself from other comparable corporate sites due to a lack of personalization.
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93 Subscribers

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New Power Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Comprehensive
  • Cost-Effective
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Support after installation
  • Limited customer base

New Power Final Conclusions

New Power Solar is a solar energy supplier that has been in business for a while. While opinions about the business are varied, most are highly favorable: clients laud the courteous staff and knowledgeable technicians. However, a sizeable proportion of consumers have also complained about the company's poor service after the installation of solar systems and its disrespect for their needs. New Power Solar makes an effort to provide customers with exceptional service and energy solutions, but it might do better.

New Power locations

Main Address887 Marlborough Ave Riverside, CA 92507
Phone Number8009809835

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