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EcoForce Solutions assists homeowners and business owners in finding, installing, and maintaining the most efficient products and technologies designed to minimize energy, gas, and water costs while increasing the value and comfort of your property. Increased customer focus and quality service is EcoForce Solutions' number one goal, resulting in a customer satisfaction rating of over 97%.

EcoForce Solutions overview

EcoForce Solutions assists homeowners and business owners in finding, installing, and maintaining the most efficient products and technologies designed to minimize energy, gas, and water costs while increasing the value and comfort of your property. Increased customer focus and quality service is EcoForce Solutions' number one goal, resulting in a customer satisfaction rating of over 97%.

What EcoForce Solutions has to say about itself

EcoForce Solutions was founded on the premise that commercial property owners may benefit from a decrease in, or perhaps complete elimination of, their astronomical monthly electricity expenditures. To maximize your return on investment, a team of experts will help you choose the right mix of technologies for your home or company and then set them up and maintain them for you.

EcoForce Solutions Solar Review

Year Started2013
Service AreasCA
Service TypesSolar panel installation, solar water heater installation, repair, solar water heater repair, solar panel cleaning, battery bank services.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film, and flexible solar panel systems.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA, LEED, IPAL.

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EcoForce Solutions website review

The primary website of EcoForce Solutions has a notable emphasis on simplicity and the provision of helpful content. The website has a user-friendly interface that includes many distinct sections for simple navigation. The material is categorized into four distinct sections, hence facilitating the accessibility of desired information for visitors. Furthermore, the website exhibits responsiveness across many devices, hence ensuring ease of use irrespective of the device being used. The design features of the website prioritize user-friendliness, enhancing its visual appeal and functionality. Consequently, users may effortlessly navigate the site and locate desired information or resources.

EcoForce Solutions price policy

PackagesThe residential package starts at $17,999, the Commercial package starts at $34,999, the Solar water heater package starts at $4,999, and Battery bank systems start at $4,999.
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), and debit cards, as well as PayPal and personal checks.
Payment discountsTeacher/Educator Discount: 5% offer, Military Discount: 10% offer, Senior Citizen Discount: 10% offer, Commercial Discount: 5% offer.

EcoForce Solutions online reputation

EcoForce Solutions is rightly known as the best source of quality and reliable goods. Satisfied customers note both the quality of the goods and the attentiveness of the staff. However, not everyone is satisfied with the prices of EcoForce goods and services. On the other hand, EcoForce has gained a loyal clientele due to its commitment to eco-friendly production and excellent service.
"The cost of the EcoForce Solutions solar bundle is rather significant. Many folks who were trying to save money have been turned off by this. The firm provides terrible customer service, and the product is often expensive for what you get. The cost of EcoForce's services is not reasonable, and the business can do better in terms of client happiness and customer support. the alternative that is least suitable for solar power systems. - Liam N.
"I just acquired a solar package from EcoForce Solutions and was profoundly dissatisfied with the exorbitant cost associated with it. I acknowledge the rationale for assigning a certain worth to things of high quality; nonetheless, I hold the viewpoint that the price associated with this particular bundle was exorbitant. The pricing of the products did not align with their perceived quality, and the level of service provided was deemed unsatisfactory. I found the customer's help throughout the installation procedure to be quite unsatisfactory. Moreover, the anticipated provision of renewable energy under the package seems to be absent. In my perspective, I contend that EcoForce Solutions need to consider reducing the pricing of their solar packages." - Mike D.
"EcoForce Solutions was recently contracted to implement on my behalf a wide-ranging plan to enhance the efficiency with which my company uses energy. I signed the contract with the expectation that the services and solutions will help me save money in the long run. EcoForce Solutions was unable to fulfill its obligations. Their inability to match the service level of competing California businesses is likely due to a lack of resources. They can't give me a wide variety of answers either. Overall, I found their services to be lacking and believe I was misled by their advertising." - Irenea M.
"I can't express how dissatisfied I am with the service right now. Thanks to the excellent installation and support we received from Vasco, we have already referred them to numerous friends and neighbors in the area. Three years later, we had to have them take down the panels so they could fix the roof. There was no reply to my email or phone call. Now that they've been taken down (by my husband), we'd want a call back so we can have them replaced. I'm not looking for anything for nothing; I'm willing to pay, but I want to make sure the job is done well and without any collateral harm. We'll no longer be providing recommendations." - Alina N.
"While EcoForce Solutions appeared promising, I ultimately decided to go with a different provider for my solar panel requirements. They only sell inside a small region of the nation, and shipping to further areas is too expensive. If you chance to be in their coverage region, you could have some success with them, but otherwise, you should go elsewhere. They had exorbitant costs as well, so I wouldn't recommend doing business with them if you're looking for the best value." - Patricia J.
"After carefully comparing several solar energy companies, we decided on Eco-Force Solutions. From the time we initially contacted Eco-Force to the completion of the project, they were excellent. Patty Levine is an excellent expert in solar power. She helped guide us through the Homeowners' Association and County approval processes. Ryan performed a wonderful job serving as the team's liaison with the county inspector. Patty is the person to talk to if you're considering installing solar panels. The work they do for you will impress you much." - Roger G.
"Do your research and engage with Patty Levin at EcoForce if you're considering solar electricity. My definition of value in business is knowledge plus product plus service plus cost times honesty and reliability. Patty was the driving force behind EcoForce's unparalleled success. When compared to the other four firms I looked at, her understanding of the market, the process, and all facets of the financial, technical, and surrounding' difficulties was much better. Though her peers were competent and knowledgeable, she stood out. They provide top-performing Solaria 360w panels and Solar Edge inverters in a rapidly evolving market. Superior to the less powerful Tesla and on par with similar high-efficiency rivals. When SCE raises our rates in the future, I will be glad that their design team installed more panels on our roof than any other provider. Service and honesty go hand in hand; Tony, Vernon, and Shii oversaw the inspection and setup. Very slick, neat, complete, and quick. Their professionalism throughout boosted our confidence in them and their honesty and reliability. The high quality of the sales process remained consistent throughout. I would advise having integrity. Patty and her colleagues were knowledgeable about not just the product clearance process, but also the regulatory requirements, which allowed my family to go forward with little disruption." - Dave H.
"Before, during, and after our solar installation, Shii and his team (Ryan, Tony, and the full crew) did an outstanding job communicating with us, answering our questions, and ensuring our satisfaction. They've put together a team of hard-working individuals, a rarity in today's business climate. I'm a type A with plenty of questions and a preference for active participation. They were there for me the whole time, and I feel like I had all the information I needed to make informed choices (e.g., about the panel upgrade, the roofing, etc.). The final result exceeded my expectations, and I have no hesitation in recommending EcoForce Solutions. Many thanks to everyone involved!" - Jamison S.
"When my wife and I decided to have solar panels installed on our new house, we were introduced to Patty Levin, the vice president of sales at EcoForce Solutions. After a detailed installation consultation with Patty, I decided to go with Ecoforce. The whole thing was easy and stress-free. Homeowner permission, paperwork, permits, installation, and everything else were all taken care of by Patty. Incredible five-star service was provided by the installation team led by Shii. Instead of looking for another solar installation company, just give Patty a call at EcoForce. While you're watching your power costs, come join us in the hottest months of July, August, and September and we'll turn the air conditioning down for you!" - Scott Y.
"EcoForce is a reliable company that provides excellent service. They paid more than enough attention to my requirements, and the delivered product works as advertised. Working with Lisa was a pleasure, and she adapted the procedure to fit my requirements. Our property is in a city with strict construction regulations, but thanks to Ecoforce's efforts on behalf of Lisa and Shii, the process was easy and successful. When I get the opportunity, I will tell my friends about EcoForce. During summer, we've seen a near-complete elimination of our power bill. As always, I appreciate it." - Tiffany R.

EcoForce Solutions Social media
EcoForce is a solar energy firm whose Facebook page is rich with useful information on renewable energy. Beautiful imagery and clear, short descriptions of the company's offerings make this a joy to peruse. People find the website to be trustworthy and dependable owing to its frequent updates and valuable information. The website also includes films and pictures that are both entertaining and instructive about the services they provide. EcoForce takes great delight in assisting its customers in making the transition to solar energy and in spreading the word about the many positive effects that this kind of energy has on our planet. In sum, it's a fantastic asset, and it's undeniably one of the most reliable solar energy businesses you'll find on Facebook.
When it comes to solar energy, EcoForce Solutions is your go-to source for residential, business, and industrial applications. The company's primary focus is on assisting customers in lowering their energy bills while also meeting their need for renewable energy. The company's LinkedIn page has all the information prospective clients might want. Products, customer feedback, and information about the team members are all available here. The page may be new, but the data it contains is current. The intuitive design makes it simple to use. EcoForce Solutions is the only company you need to deal with for your renewable energy requirements.
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EcoForce Solutions average reviews

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energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews215


EcoForce Solutions Pros & Cons

  • Reliability
  • Experienced
  • Innovative
  • High Cost
  • Limited resources
  • Limited Service Area

EcoForce Solutions Final Conclusions

EcoForce Solutions is a company that provides sustainable energy solutions to help its clients lower their energy bills and usage. The company has won praise for its efforts to meet the public's growing demand for solar power and other renewable energy options. Those who have worked with the company had nothing but praise for the helpful and kind manner in which the personnel assisted them in selecting the best plan for their needs. However, the company's products were deemed excessively expensive by some customers. People have a lot of faith in EcoForce Solutions.

EcoForce Solutions locations

Main Address2913 Tech Center Dr Santa Ana CA
Phone Number9492295977

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