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Renewable energy, electricity, and high-efficiency heating systems are all installed by the full-service company Next Step Energy, LLC. They specialize in creating distinctive solutions that enable local families and businesses to access renewable energy. Next Step Energy is dedicated to leveraging our exceptional level of knowledge and expertise to assist lead Western Wisconsin toward a more sustainable future. The renewable energy sector is expanding more quickly than ever.

Next Step Energy overview

Renewable energy, electricity, and high-efficiency heating systems are all installed by the full-service company Next Step Energy, LLC. They specialize in creating distinctive solutions that enable local families and businesses to access renewable energy. Next Step Energy is dedicated to leveraging our exceptional level of knowledge and expertise to assist lead Western Wisconsin toward a more sustainable future. The renewable energy sector is expanding more quickly than ever.

What Next Step Energy has to say about itself

There are several innovative approaches that Next Step Energy is using to increase the effectiveness and environmental friendliness of the energy industry. It is unrivaled how committed the organization is to locating renewable energy sources and providing clean electricity to consumers and businesses all around the globe. They wish to contribute to a reduction in global carbon emissions and a brighter future for the planet.

Next Step Energy LLC Solar Review

Year Started2001
Service AreasWI
Service TypesSolar electric, solar hot water systems, energy efficiency services, energy management systems design, installation, and maintenance.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, polycrystalline photovoltaic (PV).
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid.
CertificationsSol-ark, REC.

Next Step Energy website review

Next Step Energy has an informative and attractive official website that is easy to use and has a plethora of data about the business. Visitors to the website can get a significant amount of information on the organization and the activities that are carried out by it. This information ranges from the services that are provided to the testimonials of previous clients to the employment chances that may be available in the future. In addition, the website is kept in good condition, which demonstrates that the organization places a high priority on its online presence. As a consequence of this, the website can be relied upon in most circumstances and is an outstanding resource for anybody searching for information on Next Step Energy.

Next Step Energy price policy

PackagesHome Solar starting at $12,000, Commercial Solar starting at $35,000, Electrical System Package starting at $7,000, Solar Storage starting at $5,000, Solar Hot Water system starting at $3,500, Electric Boilers starting at $1,500.
Payment optionsVisa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit cards, as well as cash, check, money orders, and bank transfers.
Payment discounts10% discount for payment made in advance, 10% discount for referrals, 5% discount for added solar panels, and 5% discount for military or first responder personnel.

Next Step Energy online reputation

Next Step Energy's service has been well-received by its clients. Customers were impressed with the company's prompt responses to their inquiries, a keen eye for detail, and competent staff. Customers also give the organization high marks for offering reasonable rates for its energy management products and services. certain clients have complained that the level of service they get from certain staff members leaves a lot to be desired. Inadequate interaction with the firm has been noted. From the reviews, it is evident that Next Step Energy delivers excellent service.
"Unfortunately, customer service levels are greater when it comes to sales to close the deal. Even though our shop is losing money as a result of the very poor lighting, we have made many efforts to contact these individuals but have received no response. In less than a year, the lights have stopped functioning. Here are the highlights of the sales pitch and the product's 5-year warranty, which can be obtained in less than a year. I have multiple businesses and am aware of the value of both selling goods and offering top-notch customer service. This doesn't look well for this firm at all." - Surinder S.
"Be cautious when dealing with these people since they are eager to complete your installation and collect your money yet unresponsive to questions. Four teams have already called, and in one of them, the owner did not show up for my training. Wait until you have all you want from them before making the final payment. And after you've paid them, be ready for them to let you go. There are better solar battery contracts available with more up-to-date technology than these people; we are now implementing another system in another home or business. I am aware of it as I live it. These men told me at one time that they had become so busy that they had neglected me. Not the news you were hoping for." - Shari B.
"Awful communication. I changed my work schedule so that I could be at home since I had an installation this week. Carl sends me an email with the designs for my system and informs me that they will apply for licenses and reschedule at a later time. UNREAL! After attempting to contact them, all I received in response were emails. I would not suggest it. "Sorry to hear that Tim," was the sales representative's last email when I informed him of my displeasure. Absolutely no excuses." - Tim L.
"Use these people if you want a poor installation using cheap materials. Use these people if you want your brand-new, $10,000 roof to be damaged and leak. Use these people if you want a corporation that won't stand by its work and won't fix errors and damage. Use these people if you want a business that won't assist you solve the issue they created and will just retain your money. Use these people if you want a business that, after you spent $10,000 correcting the damage they created, ultimately offers you $1,000 as compensation but never follows through. Use ANYONE ELSE if you want a respectable installation service done at a fair price by a business that guarantees its work." - Jim R.
"They are affluent consumers. My dad advised me to contact you as we are preparing to install an 8 to 10-panel solar system on my sister's house and I suppose to advertise on AM 1530 radio. I tried the live chat feature on their website, but all that happens is an automated bot or a contact center in another country trying to get your email or phone number. The proprietor, who is reportedly the only person in the office that can provide information on their $9995 internet deal, only works a few days a week (I think Wednesday through Saturday). The website URL for this promotion only directs you to a data-collecting form and provides no more information. How about having skilled salesmen taking calls and completing deals around the clock, or at the very least from Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm? I will now look for a solar firm that I can contact with confidence, respond to my inquiries swiftly, and produce a quote for me. Consider how difficult it would be to contact them in the event of an issue in the future." - Bryan D.
"Always verify with your energy provider since they are involved in the process, however, Next Step Energy comes highly recommended. I'm delighted we picked them since they are one of the businesses our utility provider works with. Their expertise is astounding since they provided clear explanations of each stage and were focused on how our utility provider managed solar. However, what truly impressed me was their customer service and quickness. They provided a fair offer that was better than most other solar firms I looked at. They were very open about the project's cost, paperwork, and procedure. They constantly kept me informed of any extra fees (which I never had; I just paid the price I was told). Their timing was impeccable for the project in all regards, including reaction time, beginning and finishing it despite their hectic schedules, and fully and immediately responding to each of my inquiries. They were courteous when they arrived at our home, went in and out for the whole installation, and left no trash behind. Although I don't often offer five stars, I have no issues about this firm." - Abigail R.
"We finished a project with Next Step to install a solar system on our property in September. Using an 11.4 KW Solar Edge inverter, 22 Jinko 385 W-rated panels were used. On the top of our separate steel-fabricated shed, panels are rack installed. All installation-related tasks, commissioning, inspections, and coordination with Xcel and FOE were covered by the contract. Good work! Zeus and his crew are on the mark. They are knowledgeable in their field, provide outstanding work, respond quickly, and are all-around enjoyable to deal with. The system was up and running as planned on time. As of right now, we are quite happy with the whole procedure and the Zeus team. If you're wondering why the inverter is scaled the way it is, it's because we may add panels in the future when we stop using wood to heat our house. They have our highest recommendation, and we want to cooperate with them as we add more panels." - Ronald A.
"In July of 2020, NextStep Energy constructed a solar panel array with a total capacity of 6.4 kW utilizing a total of 16 Jinko 400 Solar Panels on the steep roof of our house. They provided a comprehensive and detailed explanation of the workings of the system or proposition but did so in a manner that was accessible to the ordinary person. The task was finished on schedule successfully. The staff at NextStep Energy was pleasant to work with and very knowledgeable. We are happy with the project and have been making good use of the energy that the sun provides (which has resulted in decreased monthly energy expenditures)." - Matt D.
"At least five different solar businesses submitted offers to me. They ranked second lowest in terms of cost per watt. What's more, Next Step Energy carefully responded to all of my queries. I was worried about any potential interference with the TV antenna that is situated in our attic. The only one that looked into it for me was him. He then responded with a sincere response. He gave me honest answers to all of my inquiries. There is nothing more you can ask for. The installation was successful. Our roof is made of thin tiles, and a roofing professional told us that they would crack quickly. During the installation, they did damage a few tiles, but they replaced them. Furthermore, they didn't break nearly as many records as I had anticipated. The conduit was run via the attic area rather than over the roof, which is a nice touch compared to other setups I've seen. To make it match in with the home, they even painted the conduit that is next to our electrical box on the side of the building." - Steve C.
"The interaction with Next Step Energy went rather well, in our opinion. We appreciated the straightforward design and quotation procedure. The installation staff came on time and went above and beyond what we expected. The job's foreman was extremely courteous and made sure the box was mounted on the garage wall where my husband wanted it. For a smooth transition, they painted the external conduit the same color as the home. The low profile is the 19-panel roof top mount. It does precisely what they said it would. Despite the never-ending rain in 2023, they finished on schedule.The only issue was a notice that had to be on the electrical panel since it is required by our city and communication on install day. All problems were quickly and expertly rectified. After installation, I had several questions since I couldn't recall precisely what had been requested. They encountered politeness and professionalism. Overall, Jonna, Heath, and the young foreman (I can't remember his name) went above and beyond what we had anticipated. The installation was done 90 days ago, and everything is still working well. Highly recommended." - Mari B.

Next Step Energy Social media
The Next Step Energy, LLC's Facebook page is fun and welcoming. The website is aesthetically attractive and simple to grasp since it is packed with photographs showing solar energy solutions in operation. There are many glowing testimonials from satisfied clients on this website, attesting to Next Step Energy LLC's trustworthiness. Followers may go on to Next Step Energy LLC's main website for further details. The company's Facebook page has 192 likes and 367 visits each month, so it is not particularly active. On the other hand, the page is regularly updated with fresh content and promotions, increasing the likelihood of attracting new visitors.
An online resource for visitors to discover more about Next Step Energy LLC and its solar energy-focused product offering is their business profile on LinkedIn. Information about their goods and services is available on what looks to be a professionally-made page. But there hasn't been any movement on the page in a while, thus its validity is in question. It's impossible to tell how well-liked the firm is since the website lacks client feedback or comments. The LinkedIn profile for Next Step Energy LLC looks to be old and does not convey a lot of confidence and dependability.
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Next Step Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews55


Next Step Energy Pros & Cons

  • Eco-Friendliness
  • Reliability
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • High startup costs
  • Regulatory constraints
  • Limited market access

Next Step Energy Final Conclusions

The majority of customer comments about the services provided by Next Step Energy are good. Customers in general laud their ability to provide affordable pricing as well as polite and helpful customer care. The processing of orders has sometimes been delayed, however, and there have been concerns about the lengthy wait periods for problems relating to accounts. For its services, Next Step Energy receives a final score of 4 out of 5.

Next Step Energy locations

Main Address612 Wagner Ave, Eau Claire, WI 54703
Phone Number7158309337

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