Go Solar Power review

Go Solar Power is a solar energy company that puts solar panels on homes and businesses. One of the services they offer to both homes and businesses in solar energy and other ways to cut down on energy use.
Go Solar Power review

Go Solar Power overview

Go Solar Power is a solar energy company that puts solar panels on homes and businesses. One of the services they offer to both homes and businesses in solar energy and other ways to cut down on energy use.

What Go Solar Power has to say about itself

Go Solar Power, a company of Service Experts, is a full-service provider of solar, Tesla Powerwall, and EV chargers in eight states. Go Solar Power will be there for every step of your Solar installation, from your first meeting with one of our Solar and Battery Specialists to the engineering and design of your Solar system to the installation and connection.

Go Solar Power Solar Review

Year Started2009
Company Websitegosolarpower.com
Service AreasCA, NV, AZ, OR, WA, UT, CO, NM, TX, SC
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing. Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup Batterylithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and flow batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, LEED, CEC, UL, IREC.

Go Solar Power website review

The official Go Solar Power website is gosolarpower.com is the best company out there if you're looking for solar panels for your home or business. The website provides a wealth of data concerning the business, its offerings, and its capabilities. The site provides information on solar energy, the company's offerings, and customer feedback. How to go solar, how to afford solar panels, and how to get them set up are all covered on the site.

Go Solar Power price policy

PackagesBasic Package – $2,999, Standard Package – $4,999, Deluxe Package – $7,999, Premium Package – $9,999, Ultimate Package – $14,999
Payment optionsVisa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and cash.
Payment discountsBulk Order Discount: 10% for orders of 5 or more solar systems, Referral Discount: 10% for customers who refer friends or family, Early Payment Discount: 5% for payments made before installation, Tax Credit Discount: 25% for customers who qualify for the federal tax credit, Military Discount: 10% for active or retired military personnel.

Go Solar Power online reputation

Go Solar Power helps with solar power, customers like the low prices and good service. Go Solar Power customers have saved money on their energy bills and told their friends. Online reviews say Go Solar Power offers cutting-edge solar power systems.
They took the deposit and said an engineer would come to look at the property and tell us what needs to be done. This person never showed up, and there was no call to reschedule. When we went back to the office a year later, they said the contract was over because they hadn't heard from us. They said they sent an email, but we didn't get it (we searched). There were many calls for the deposit, but not a single call after it was made (interesting). 2019 they said we could keep going, but none of what they proposed was what we had agreed to. Even offered money back for bad notes. 2020 is back at work. The finance department doesn't have the guts to come out and give money back, saying that we don't get money back after 30 days. This message was sent through the front desk. Don't give in to them! - Carl C.
I've had solar for two years, and the installation wasn't very good. I asked for a high-ground mount, but they sent the wrong parts and didn't know the codes. I asked if I could add to it, but they said no. I asked if I could monitor it, but every time they come out, they get it and leave before I get home, so I've given up trying. After two years with solar, my bill went from $220 to $330 a month, plus $210. - Arthur D.
This company is either no longer in business or is closing down. Our tools don't work right. Technicians come to our house and try to figure out how things work by reading manuals for hours at a time. Nothing seems to work. Promises to come back the next day with the right tools, but never does and won't answer calls or texts. We've been waiting on hold for a long time. Several times while we were on hold, we were cut off. They make new appointments, and we take time off work to be there, but they don't show up. When we call, they say the appointment was canceled, but they don't know by whom. They are NOW DONE. RUN AWAY FROM HERE AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!! - Bruce O.
I hate that I have to work for this company. When the salesman came to our door, he lied a lot to get us to sign up. I always feel bad about it. They never told me I was getting a loan for my equipment. I was told that if you move once a year, you get a free re-installation, but it turns out that wasn't true. Now that I'm moving, I've found out. They charge $149 to remove the equipment and another $149 to put it back in place. I can't wait until I don't have to pay this loan anymore. I should have hired someone else. I can see why they keep that salesman on the job. He gets people to sign up, and they can't leave until they pay off the loan. You can't just return the equipment. Also, when I told them I wanted to move, they suggested I get all new equipment instead so I wouldn't have to pay out of pocket," but that would have added another $4,000 to the $4,000 loan I already had. That made me really mad. If you don't watch out for their tricks, they'll get you FAST! This company makes me so mad. Don't go with Go Solar Power if you can help it." - Gabriel H.
I hate being stuck with this company. The salesman who came to our door truly lied his a** off to get us on board. I regret it every day. They never told me I was getting into a loan for my equipment, I was told that you get free re-installs once a year if you move, but that wasn't true, apparently... now that I'm moving They are charging a $149 uninstallation fee and another $149 installation fee. I can't wait until I'm not stuck on this loan. I should've gone with another company. I can see why they keep that salesman employed, he gets people on board and they can't get out of it Until they pay the loan in full. You can't just return the equipment. Also, when I told them I wanted to move they suggested I just get all new equipment instead, so I wouldn't have to pay out of pocket" but that would've thrown another $4,000 on top of my already $4,000 loan. That really pissed me off. If you don't pay attention to their tricks then they will get you QUICK! I'm so infuriated by this company. If you can help it, don't ever go with Go Solar Group." - Logan V.
I worked with Go Solar Power to find the right system for my house, which is getting bigger. After we've seen how much net metering saves us on our electricity bills, we're going to switch as many of our appliances as we can to electricity. The installation was done in a clean way, and all of the people who did it were nice. After Rocky Mountain Power turned on the net meter, we could see right away that we were making more electricity during the day than we were using. - Lawrence B.
This company has gone above and beyond at every step, which was way beyond what I expected. From the first installation in Salt Lake City to helping me fix up my house after I moved to Colorado for work and upgrading the panels to meet the new electrical code, Go Solar has been incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. - Dylan F.
My search for a company to install solar panels on our home in Naples, finally led me to GoSolar Power and I could not be happier. Efficient, reliable, cost-friendly, and enough staff to answer all questions plus help the permit process to boot. No wonder they are #1 in Florida. They should be!! - Bryan A.
I have had my system for over two years and couldn't be happier. I did my homework and shopped around. Go Solar offered the best deal and sized my panels for my demand. They have followed up with me, upgraded my equipment at no charge, and removed and reinstalled the panels for roof replacement. They are very reputable and customer friendly. They also replaced all of my light bulbs with LED, installed a smart thermostat, and gave me an infrared thermometer free of charge. They inform me of new products and upgrades available. I highly recommend this company as you may be taking a risk with others that are new to the industry. So I chose to go with the best. - Billy O.
The Go Solar Power smart home is just incredible. The best thing about Go Solar Power is that once you've paid off your equipment, all you have to do is pay for the service, which is free. I love that the system doesn't need WiFi, so I don't have to deal with lag, and I can't believe the products come with a warranty for life. This method is by far the best. - Joe E.

Go Solar Power Social media

facebook.com linkedin.com
Go Solar Power is a good Facebook page that encourages people to use solar power. It has a 4.4-star review and is run by a well-known company, so you can trust it. The page looks polished and is easy to get around on. It has a lot of different material, like teaching movies and slideshows, as well as news and reports about the solar business. There are also links to writings and studies about solar energy and customer reviews on the page. People regularly write, like, and share information on the page. Overall, Go Solar Power is a site that you can trust and that has a lot of useful information.A reputable provider of solar energy, Go Solar Power has a LinkedIn profile with a contemporary, polished appearance. The portal is simple to use and gives a summary of the company's offerings, which include the installation of solar panels and other energy-related services. It provides details about the company's goals, objectives, and dedication to sustainability and the environment. Additionally, a comprehensive list of projects and client evaluations are provided. The website also includes a lot of interesting pieces, such as updates from the company's management and customer and staff anecdotes. Go Solar Power is a well-liked and dependable provider of solar energy solutions given its close to 1,500 followers.
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Go Solar Power average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews3874.8


Go Solar Power Pros & Cons

  • Cost Savings
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Professional Services
  • Lack of Local Presence
  • Maintenance
  • Limited Availability

Go Solar Power Final Conclusions

High Initial Investment

Go Solar Power locations

Main Address4892 S Commerce Drive, Suite C Murray, UT 84107
Phone Number8663052279

9 local offices

Florida – Boca Raton 933 Clint Moore Rd, Boca Raton FL, 33487
Florida – Orlando 111 N Orange Ave, Orlando FL, 32801
South Carolina – North Charleston 4000 Faber Pl Dr, North Charleston SC, 29405
– Miramar Beach 495 Grand Blvd, Miramar Beach Florida, 32550
– Jacksonville 841 Prudential Dr, Jacksonville Florida, 32207
– Duluth 2500 Meadowbrook Pkwy, Duluth Georgia, 30096
Alabama – Birmingham 420 N 20th St S, Birmingham AL, 35203
Texas – Richardson 1840 N Greenville Ave, Richardson TX, 75081
Texas – Dallas 14785 Preston Rd, Dallas TX, 75254

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    4080 South West Temple, Salt Lake City UT, 84107 1.3 mi
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    448 E Winchester St, Murray UT, 84107 2.6 mi
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    1042 Fort Union Blvd, Midvale UT, 84047 3.6 mi
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    455 W 1700 S, Salt Lake City UT, 84115 4.7 mi
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    455 W. 1700 S., Salt Lake City UT, 84115 4.7 mi
  • 4.14
    8535 S 700 W Suite E, Sandy UT, 84084 4.8 mi

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