Orange County Solar review

Looking for an experienced Orange County solar energy provider? Are you in need of sustainable energy services and solutions that really work? How about if you could turn sunshine into power and assist the planet at the same time? When it comes to solar energy in Orange County, no one can beat Orange County Solar's costs on goods, installations, and project management.

Orange County Solar overview

Looking for an experienced Orange County solar energy provider? Are you in need of sustainable energy services and solutions that really work? How about if you could turn sunshine into power and assist the planet at the same time? When it comes to solar energy in Orange County, no one can beat Orange County Solar's costs on goods, installations, and project management.

What Orange County Solar has to say about itself

Our commitment to our clients is the foundation of our company. So that you can focus on your work, we go above and beyond to provide you with the greatest products, rates, advice, and service. You can trust that you'll get the best quality and most bang for your buck from Orange County Solar Installation. If you want to deal with the finest, call Orange County Solar Installation. We are so confident in our solar installation services that we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Orange County Solar Review

Year Started2016
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium ion battery LG Chem, Panasonic, and BYD

Orange County Solar website review

A thorough platform showing their expertise and offerings in the solar sector is the Orange County Solar website. The website has a cutting-edge, user-friendly layout that makes it simple for visitors to browse and locate the information they want. Users are welcomed with a visually attractive homepage that shows the company's vision and dedication to renewable energy solutions as soon as they reach the website. A welcoming environment is created by beautiful and vibrant images that raise awareness of environmental problems and technological advancement. The website provides comprehensive details on the several solar services offered by Orange County Solar. The website offers a full overview of each service, including advantages, procedures, and technologies employed, whether it be for household solar installations, commercial solar projects, or industrial scale solar solutions. Orange County Solar is proud of its staff of knowledgeable and skilled experts. Visitors to the website may discover more about the individuals that make up the business by visiting the "Our Team" section, which highlights their credentials and prior work experience. This gives the business individuality and establishes trust with prospective clients. The website has a resource area with articles, blog entries, and commonly asked questions regarding solar energy to further aid users in making educated choices. Users may learn about the advantages of solar energy, the installation procedure, financial incentives, and maintenance advice by using this part as a great information source. The website's customer reviews area is one noteworthy aspect. This section includes glowing recommendations from happy clients who have previously worked with Orange County Solar. These endorsements show the company's track record of delivering top-notch solar energy solutions, serve as social proof, and inspire trust in prospective clients. The website has a simple contact form and includes phone and email contact options for anyone who are interested in working with Orange County Solar. This makes it simple and fast for customers to get in touch with the business and streamlines the communication process. Overall, Orange County Solar's website is a polished and educational resource that successfully conveys the company's dedication to sustainable energy. The website strives to inform and motivate people to adopt solar energy solutions for a sustainable future with a user-friendly layout, in-depth service descriptions, testimonials, and helpful resources.

Orange County Solar price policy

PackagesFrom $5,000 to $25,000
Payment optionsCash, check, and all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover)
Payment discountsSelf-Production Incentive Program (SGIP), Federal Tax Credit (ITC), Affordable Single Family Solar Home Program (SASH), and California Solar Initiative (CSI).

Orange County Solar online reputation

Several evaluations from actual customers show that reactions to Orange County Solar are split. Even if there are some good accounts, there are also a number of critical remarks that draw attention to numerous problems. Here is a synopsis of the most important feedback provided by customers. The company's first reaction was prompt and kind, which was a good sign. Financing and prices are among the most affordable on the market. The installation went off without a hitch, and I was kept informed at all times. Generation of power is adequate, and energy costs are reasonable. inadequate response and inadequate communication from the firm contributed to a negative experience. Inability to adequately respond to technical queries or address issues. Wiring and setup errors can arise during installation. Challenges in securing required authorizations and winning the support of the homeowners' association. Lack of or untimely paperwork that undermines confidence. Difficulty in claiming warranty benefits or receiving reimbursement for losses. Poor support for customers and unable to get in touch with staff members. These comments are based on the experiences of specific customers and may not be indicative of Orange County Solar as a whole. Do your homework, get some references, and get in touch with the firm personally to iron out any kinks or clear up any questions you have before making a final call.
"I made the decision to improve my current solar setup by installing more panels and a solar battery. The company's first response was prompt and professional-sounding. That shifted at the conclusion of the installation's completion. Nobody has ever been able to give me a straight answer when I've questioned how many breakers are in my critical loads panel. Nobody ever seemed to have the solution to a question I posed and always sent me to another person. Fortunately, I was able to locate a resource outside of the firm who was willing to help me get the battery set up the way I wanted it. My initial interest was piqued, but I now have doubts regarding the SGIP rebate that was advertised. They gave me the impression that it would be simple to get when I first filled out the form. SCE has not approved my application for more than a year. I have no notion of the current standing, any foreseeable timelines, or who to ask about this. They merely copy and paste the SCE webpage whenever I have a query, as if to say that the issue is now all my responsibility. I am still waiting for the refund and have not been given any more information. It's clear that the reimbursement is ultimately controlled by SCE and hence out of their hands, but it would be helpful to have more information than just a webpage copy-and-paste. It's annoying to spend a lot of money and then be ignored when you ask inquiries. I can't give Orange County Solar my highest recommendation. I should have never done business with them. If you want to be treated like more than a nuisance, go elsewhere for a business to do business with. My SGIP rebate is a total loss." - Disappointed
"Talked a nice game and things got off to a good start, but it took them many tries to have the city permit signed off since they kept forgetting details and installing improperly. A week after the installation, they once again botched the wiring for my home's thermostat (they did this at the beginning of the installation and again after they "finished" the installation) and refuse to fix it. Also, good luck finding an email address or getting in touch with customer care through phone. They don't answer their phones or emails, therefore it doesn't matter. It's been almost a week since I left a voicemail and sent an email with no response. I have serious doubts regarding how warranty concerns will be handled. Don't trust the glowing testimonials or fancy website. Do not use OC solar." - Bob
"I just had ANOTHER company finish up my solar installation. I had my hopes dashed when OC Solar made what should have been a very straightforward solar installation difficult. In the end, OC Solar managed to get the work done, but they lacked the knowledge to do it in a way that was both efficient and beneficial to me. My MSP is a 100/125, which I sent to OC Solar. To install my 7.2kw system, OC Solar said I needed a $4,000 service panel update and informed me my Mission Viejo house is not a track home, even though it is (New Castille, 1977). To avoid having to wait for permits and pay for costly labor, I contacted OC Solar to have an electrician come to my home and check the functionality of my service panel while also taking photographs. There was no power flowing through the bus of my service panel, but his supervisor found out that there was 100 amps by checking the breakers. This was obviously not the case, since a multimeter would have been completely unnecessary to determine the limitations of my service panel. Although I was assured that I would get the report through email, I never did. This caused me to stop trusting OC Solar, therefore I decided to stop the project. According to our conversation, I was entitled to withdraw the plans that included an upgrade to the panel since I never gave my consent to them. And then Jeremy had the gall to suggest that I pay him and his coworkers for the time they put into the project. My efforts to see this project through to completion were apparently fruitless. A rival company's installation was swift and flawless, so I switched." - Brian
"DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE! I have serious complaints with OC Solar. I shopped around for prices from three different solar panel installation companies before settling on OC Solar. Although OC Solar was not the least expensive option, I went with them because of their stellar reputation. I don't see why they keep getting rave ratings. Their reliability in terms of both communication and timing has been terrible. I have a slate tile roof, and I made sure to let potential contractors know that information before accepting any bids. On December 5, 2022, I put down a $1,000 deposit and signed a contract with OC Solar. On the 8th of December, 2022, a representative from OC Solar came to my home to measure and examine the solar panels. Why not raise concerns before the installation begins if there are likely to be problems? OC Solar delayed sending me the engineering blueprints until February 3, 2023. My HOA rejected the plans on February 21, 2023, on the grounds that they were mislabeled. The new schedule didn't arrive until March 17th, 2023. My HOA gave its okay to such ideas on April 3, 2023. Since April 3, 2023, I have repeatedly contacted OC Solar through phone and email to inquire on the status of my installation. Out of sheer exasperation, I finally looked through OC Solar's voicemail directory to locate Vince's number and leave a message requesting a callback to discuss my idea. Vince didn't return my call. On April 2nd, Jeremy, my sales representative, finally emailed me to let me know that the installation would be more difficult than anticipated and would cost an extra $12,000. There was no explanation of whence or how OC Solar arrived at that figure. Obviously, I did not agree with that suggestion, so I had Jeremey contact the business's owner, Vince, and request a phone conversation. After more than a week of trying to get in touch with Vince or anybody else at OC Solar, I still haven't heard anything from them. Neither the timing nor the method of my solar installation have been communicated to me as of yet. California's net metering rates changed in the midst of this, adding another layer of complexity. Even though OC Solar was unable to get my solar panels put before the cutoff, I have been informed that I would be grandfathered into the previous prices. Dealing with this firm has been a frustrating ordeal from start to finish." - Scott
"Where to even begin? In general, I avoid reviewing. But!!! I rely on them heavily while trying to choose the best course of action. In May of 2022, I had OC Solar install solar panels. To get a quotation was simple. We went back and forth on a few different ideas before finally giving them the go-ahead. It was simple to get a third-party lender to finance the project. The set up went off without a hitch. Over the course of two days, they put up 26 solar panels. THEN! There was damage to the gutter, and we are still awaiting compensation. Neither do the panels, and some of them don't even bother to show up. Despite my repeated emails and phone calls, no one seems interested in helping me out. Still nothing..." - John
"Before deciding to go with OC solar, I researched a lot of other providers. The procedure was carried out without a hitch, and I was updated at every stage of its progression. Now I get to enjoy my power bills of $11, which are taxes that I still have to pay, and I am looking forward to receiving a credit from a SCE for many hundred dollars at the end of the year." - Shannon
"In the month of November 2021, I had my solar panels installed and turned on. There were a few glitches during the installation, but the OC Solar service fixed everything right away. Their sales rep had already sized the equipment and informed me that meeting my production quota wouldn't be a problem. At the end of one year, however, output was nearly 10% below plan. After contacting customer support, I was informed there would be no guarantees made on the quality of the final product and then ignored. As my disappointment and frustration grew, the company's owner, Vinnie, contacted me out of the blue to offer his sincere apologies for my case being lost in the shuffle during a recent upgrade to their customer care system. After investigating my predicament, he promised to provide more panels at no extra cost to make sure I met the original contract's production quota. Jeremy was the project manager in charge of the extra panels, and he did an excellent job. He kept in constant contact with me, and the job went off without a hitch. Bugs may and do occur. However, OC Solar is dedicated to the happiness and satisfaction of its clients. I'm relieved that I found OC Solar for the job, and I know they'll be there if I need them again. To the OC Solar crew, many thanks!" - Jonathan
"We met Ashton at OC Solar after finding them on Yelp. This seems to be a Huntington Beach-based business. Throughout it all, Ashton was really helpful and quick to respond. When our roofer (we were having a new roof at the same time) encountered a problem, they worked diligently and patiently to resolve it. There were just 12 panels, yet they worked nonstop for days to get the job done. While waiting for the city's approval and permits, we were kept informed of their progress at every stage. Excellent business to deal with; they gave assistance to a friend of ours who was experiencing issues with another solar provider. They have our full, unqualified recommendation." - david
"My solar panel system was installed by OC Solar, and I couldn't be happier with them as a company. I went with them instead of one of Orange County's other solar installers because of how quickly they responded to my online inquiry and how reasonably they priced their services. They gave me all the details I needed and allowed me finish the contract online rather than having me come in for a marketing interview like other businesses. There was no unnecessary "sales pitch"; I was just given information on the machinery and its setup. In addition to saving me time, I'm confident this reduced OC Solar's need for expensive sales staff. The estimated installation time was a touch high, but the final result looks nice and has been dependable thus far. The installation staff always seemed cheerful and diligent. The installation is as described, with the exception of a few setbacks caused by a nationwide scarcity of some components." - t_b
"To find the right solar company for my requirements, I interviewed over a dozen businesses. However, Vincent and his crew stood out from the others since he didn't attempt to sell me on how terrible the other firms were. Disappointingly, the other businesses spent the most of their meeting time complaining about one another. They didn't make a lot of noise or make a mess, and they treated my roof and home as if they were their own. The seam between the two sides of the roof is very clean. An additional reason I chose OC Solar was because of their affordable rates, but I really appreciate how well the solar panel installation went." - Alan

Orange County Solar Social media
The Orange County Solar Facebook page has more than 500 likes and around 130 postings, as can be seen on that platform. The entries on the website include a variety of different types of information, including instructional resources, educational testimonials from customers, and announcements of new products. In addition, consumers have access on this page to a variety of different methods for getting in touch with Orange County Solar, including email addresses, phone numbers, and a link to the company's main website. The page receives frequent updates with fresh information, and there is robust participation in the comments portion of the page. In general, Orange County Solar has established a strong presence on Facebook that is both educational and useful.
According to the findings of our investigation into the Orange County Solar LinkedIn profile, the page has over 400 followers and serves as the official communication channel for the firm. On this website were announced a number of new employment opportunities as well as other business developments, such as a new corporate and home financing program. Additionally, the website includes a variety of information that is associated with recent happenings in the industry, technical notes, client achievements, corporate victories, and news from Orange County Solar personnel. The website as a whole is properly maintained, and it accurately conveys the company's goals and dedication to the field of renewable energy.
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Orange County Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews794.6


Orange County Solar Pros & Cons

  • Certified Solar Installers
  • Wide product selection
  • Access to multiple financing and rebate options
  • Cost of installation and materials can be high
  • Local government regulations and incentives may be difficult to navigate
  • May require marked property for installation

Orange County Solar Final Conclusions

The Orange County, California-based Orange County Solar is a pioneer in the solar energy industry. They focus on providing high-quality solar power systems to residential, commercial, and industrial clients, and they have a firm dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainable energy. Reviews from a wide variety of customers provide a complicated picture of Orange County Solar's quality of service and reputation. Some customers have had great experiences, including quick responses, reasonable costs, and trouble-free installs. However, others have had problems with communication, technical challenges, and customer support. Orange County Solar's overall performance may vary, and customer evaluations represent the experiences of individual customers. Do your homework, get some references from satisfied customers, and get in touch with the business to discuss your needs and concerns before making a final choice. It is crucial for prospective consumers to thoroughly analyze Orange County Solar based on their own requirements and preferences, despite the fact that the firm has earned both favorable and bad evaluations.

Orange County Solar locations

Main Address24 Executive, Suite 230, Irvine, California 92614
Phone Number9494278817

2 local offices

California – Irvine 24 Executive Park suite 230, Irvine CA, 92614
California – Irvine 220 Progress, Irvine CA, 92618

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