Pacific Solar review

Pacific Solar is a locally owned and operated solar panel installation company that provides its clients with the freedom, attention to service, and expertise necessary to realize their unique visions for the systems they have installed. Pacific Solar is an industry leader because it cut out the middleman as the only distributor for two of the world's most reputable solar panel manufacturers.

Pacific Solar overview

Pacific Solar is a locally owned and operated solar panel installation company that provides its clients with the freedom, attention to service, and expertise necessary to realize their unique visions for the systems they have installed. Pacific Solar is an industry leader because it cut out the middleman as the only distributor for two of the world's most reputable solar panel manufacturers.

What Pacific Solar has to say about itself

Because Pacific Solar is a family-owned company, it strives to customize its solar installations to each customer's needs. The company is committed to providing its customers with a positive experience from start to finish, which includes superior service and confidence. Teamwork and camaraderie are hallmarks of the organizational culture. Employees and customers are treated with the same care and integrity that Pacific Solar has always treated its family.

Pacific Solar Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasCA
Service TypesSolar Installation, Solar Technology, Project Management, Energy Savings, Solar Design, Energy Efficiency, and Production Guarantee.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and photovoltaic (PV) panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries.
CertificationsCSSA, BBB, CAL/OSHA, CLSB.

Pacific Solar website review

Pacific Solar's main website stands out for its unique layout and content. The site is trustworthy since it provides a wealth of information that is both readily available and simple to digest. Numerous helpful tools are available to site visitors. For instance, the "Meet the Team" website introduces the company's employees, while the "Sustainable Development" page details the firm's long-term aims. The Frequently Asked Questions page also has testimonies from satisfied customers. The website for Pacific Solar is professional and trustworthy. Visitors will find a wealth of information regarding solar systems in addition to learning about the firm, its services, and its aims.

Pacific Solar price policy

PackagesStarter Package at $7,500, Deluxe Package at $11,000, Premium Package at $14,500.
Payment optionsBank transfers, Cash, PayPal, and major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover).
Payment discounts10% referral discount, 10% discount for seniors, 20% discount for military veterans, and 10% discount on photovoltaic (PV) system packages.

Pacific Solar online reputation

Pacific Solar is a full-service solar company that does everything from solar panel installation to energy advice. Customers have had overwhelmingly great experiences with them, complimenting both the speed and quality of their installations and the thoughtful advice and attention they received from Brennan. Some consumers have had problems with Pacific Solar's services; however, as is the case with any business, the firm has always responded quickly and effectively. Last but not least, Pacific Solar provides a service that makes its clients feel comfortable and secure in the security of their solar panel installation.
"Beware! Brennan, my sales representative, convinced me to sign a contract for solar panel installation by assuring me that it would be completed in 2019 and that I would then be eligible for the 30% tax credit. The installation was then shifted to December 31, 2019. Then, the evening before the installation, contact was made to reschedule for January 2, 2020, with a 26% rebate. They had other work that kept them occupied. Then on January 2 texted, "We have 2 installers out sick today because of that we are not able to install." With Sunpower, complaint 1854259 got started. Owner Dave rescheduled for January 3, 2020, citing "bad weather" as his new justification. I depended on their verbal guarantees, thus there is absolutely nothing I can do about it." - Valerie T.
"A few years ago, we purchased our system from Pacific Solar. The sales and installation processes went quite well, and we have been pleased with the system's performance. Now that our inverter has shorted, the inverter's manufacturer has been avoiding us. After having some trouble at first getting Pacific Solar to respond to my calls, I eventually spoke with Solar Edge and discovered that they were the problem. As soon as Pacific Solar received the replacement inverter, they sent out a technician on Saturday, his day off, to install it and get my system up and running. NEWS 4-2-21. After the inverter was changed and the system was once again operational, we began comparing its output to that of previous years and discovered that it had produced up to 26% less than when it had first been installed. The quantity of our true-up that was due was astounding. Once again, Pacific Solar responded to our call, came out to inspect the system, and declared everything to be in working order. We kept in touch with them and complained that the system was not generating as much as it had in the past. Another inverter was one of several components of the system that Pacific Solar updated. The system is still not generating as much as it did in the first three years. The system was initially overproducing, but now it is producing what it was intended to generate, which is the justification. If it was capable of generating the initial quantity but isn't now, what sort of an explanation is that? The first couple of years would not have seen any genuine ups if that were the case, but they did occur and they appeared acceptable. We paid for a system that was intended to generate 10% more than our current demands, but instead of meeting our needs, the system is currently generating up to 26% less than it did initially. Pacific Solar abandoned us and made no effort to make up for the production loss of the system they built. They just keep making up reasons why it isn't generating. We are not content or pleased customers." - Larry P.
"My system was installed by Pacific Solar 4 months ago. It no longer functions. Emails and phone calls go unanswered or are answered with the phrase "someone will get back to you" before ending. Expect NO follow-up to any inquiries or issues if you utilize this firm. The system could be functional yet the meter might not. I experienced this on another solar installation a few years ago, but these individuals won't visit my system to assess its performance. They don't answer the phone or respond to emails. What a disaster! Prevent them." - Will V.
"We decided to install solar systems and ran onto Pacific Solar. After installation, let them know we needed the batteries serviced or replaced since they weren't functioning. They promised to visit, look at them, and talk about choices. We departed feeling optimistic about finding a solution to the solar panel issue. Our neighbors were eager to install solar systems for their houses when we informed them about our chat with the consultant when we got home. When my wife phoned them, they promised her someone would come out on Saturday to check our system, but nobody ever showed up. Nobody arrived. When my wife contacted them once more, he claimed to be busy but promised to call her back. They never returned calls. We were disappointed and ashamed to inform the neighbors what Pacific Solar would be doing for us, so we began noticing that everyone else in the neighborhood was purchasing solar systems from a different business. I suppose one company's loss is another company's gain." - Kean L.
"Pacific Solar was a terrific company when we first began the solar panel journey. They gave us a call and updated us on the situation. No interaction has occurred since the panels were placed. It has never been possible to optimize the panels using the monitoring system. From the roof, a bracket dropped. To find out more and have someone check that everything is safe, I contacted. The phone has gone unanswered. Nobody ever phoned me back despite the several messages I left." - Jenny C.
"My house has received solar bids from a few different firms. The best choice was by far Pacific Solar; the pricing range, the offset of my PG&E bill, the panel quality, and the installation are all in line with my requirements and goals as a homeowner. Brennan, my energy consultant, is also a trustworthy, competent, and honest person. I'm looking forward to working with this locally owned and run business again." - Jason M.
"The experience of working with Pacific Solar has been wonderful. The business is run by a family and is highly reliable. They presented with great professionalism and understanding, clearly outlining the procedure. They helped us acquire a terrific solar loan, and the procedure was free of surprises or hidden costs. The installation team also performed a fantastic job. They were punctual and took great care to finish the assignment correctly and clean up the area afterward. With the solar panels and our new PGE costs, we could not be happier. Without a doubt, we would suggest them to everyone!" - Rick G.
"Installation happened quickly and well. However, the early responses to queries about the outcome of a few panels were tepid. After multiple emails with their engineer, who consistently fails to consider the time of day in his reply, they search for any excuse to attempt to explain the lack of panel output. Anyway, I stopped talking about it when it became clear that I was wasting my time and that the system as a whole was providing sufficient results. (Note: One of my panels produces 20% less than the surrounding ones. The fact that the system was being watched over to ensure it worked properly was included in the sales, right? Nevertheless, the overall results have been positive, and we are considering working with Pacific Solar to extend our present system." - Clayton M.
"Since the tax advantages will disappear at the end of the year, I have opted to go solar. As a construction inspector, I knew that sun power was a quality product since we had installed it on several of our other rentals and companies. I phoned the 800 number and they got me in touch with Pacific Solar. Brennan was then instructed to contact me. I had also been in touch with another business, but they hadn't responded to me as promptly as Brennan had. wasn't as helpful to me as Brennan was. He was really helpful and extremely knowledgeable about his stuff. No matter how stupid I felt a question was, he always had a response. I'm pleased with how everything turned out and the installation in general. The home has a wonderful, spotless layout. They were quite competent, and I have given them the business of numerous of my friends who I am aware have interacted with Brenenn." - Scott R.
"Brennan was the only trustworthy person we spoke with out of the five solar companies. He let us know what to anticipate and kept his word completely. We were so satisfied that we used him once again to install solar on the additional house on our property. Once again, we were pleased with his service and focus. Brennan may be able to help us obtain a backup generator, we are thinking." - Jacob C.

Pacific Solar Social media
It is a popular website that attracts users with its simplicity and classiness and provides them with useful information. Now, the page is followed by 345 people, and its administrators do their best to benefit these people by publishing consumer reviews, images, and videos. At a minimum, they can expect 5-6 useful publications every month. They also provide links to recent articles and research papers in the field. Pacific Solar Fresno is committed to providing exceptional service to every one of its customers.
With a focus on solar energy, Pacific Solar is a go-to resource for any of your solar power needs. Given its established credibility on major social media networks like LinkedIn, customers have faith in the brand. There are photographs of the goods and services provided, as well as extensive background information on the firm, on the website. More information about the business, such as its address, phone number, and list of services, is also provided on this page. The company page for Pacific Solar is often updated to stand out. If you're looking at solar energy suppliers, Pacific Solar stands out for being eager to be available and connect with clients. There are already 194 people following Pacific Solar's business page, and judging by the frequent activity, that number is only going to increase.
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Pacific Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews304.8


Pacific Solar Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Knowledgeable
  • Customer Focus
  • Maintenance
  • Solar panel quality
  • Not the most efficient solar technology

Pacific Solar Final Conclusions

To both households and businesses, Pacific Solar provides solar energy solutions. In addition to installing solar panels, they also sell and install related solar technology. Pacific Solar has received mostly positive feedback from consumers who appreciate its professionalism, fair prices, and high standards of workmanship. There have been some reports of poor response times from customer support, though. Overall, satisfied customers rate Pacific Solar as a great 4.7 out of 5.

Pacific Solar locations

Main Address228 N. Fairfax Ave., Clovis, CA 93612
Phone Number15592515592

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