Peak Power USA review

Peak Power USA is an industry leader in the installation of solar and electrical systems for commercial and residential buildings as well as agricultural land. Since 1999, the firm has been providing solar electricity to consumers, and they guarantee their work and have the finest warranties available in the market. Changing over to solar power is a breeze when you work with Peak Power USA.

Peak Power USA overview

Peak Power USA is an industry leader in the installation of solar and electrical systems for commercial and residential buildings as well as agricultural land. Since 1999, the firm has been providing solar electricity to consumers, and they guarantee their work and have the finest warranties available in the market. Changing over to solar power is a breeze when you work with Peak Power USA.

What Peak Power USA has to say about itself

For both enterprises and consumers, Peak Power USA provides a variety of cutting-edge power solutions. You may get the most recent power tools and accessories from them to keep connected and productive in the twenty-first century. To keep you up to date, they provide the greatest solar panels, batteries, inverters, and generator systems. Peak Power USA provides dependable and reasonably priced solutions for both simple operations and intricate installations.

Peak Power USA Review

Year Started1999
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Construction Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thinner film
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, sealed lead, and gel cell deep cycle batteries

Peak Power USA website review

Peak Power's website looks very attractive externally and is very informative. The website offers information about the packages that the company provides depending on your needs. The site also contains both simple reviews from users who have used the company's services and video reviews from their youtube of real people. It is also worth noting the section of the site with current vacancies in the company. In conclusion, we can say that the site looks competitive and a lot better than most.

Peak Power USA price policy

PackagesSolar Starter Plus Package starts at $2,199, Basic Solar Power Package starts at $2,999, Complete Solar Power Package starts at $3,499, Extra Solar Power Package starts at $3,999, Freedom Solar Package starts at $4,499, Ultimate Solar Package starts at $4,899, Luxury Solar Package starts at $5,399, Deluxe Solar Package starts at $5,799, Premium Solar Package starts at $6,099
Payment optionsPayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover
Payment discountsSenior Citizen Discount - 10%, Military Discount - 10%, Repeat Customer Discount - 5%, Refer a Friend Discount - 5%, Multi-System/Equipment Discount - 10%, Financing Discount - 5%, Annual Maintenance Plan Discount - 10%

Peak Power USA online reputation

Peak Power USA customers have typically had favorable perceptions of the company. Many people remarked on the staff's high degree of expertise. Customers also liked the cost of services provided by Peak Power USA. Customers, however, sometimes expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of service. They weren't pleased with the length of the installation process or the fact that it took longer than expected for customer care to respond. Numerous clients still endorse Peak Power USA in spite of the bad experiences.
"Jimmy Sanborn's #1020800 contact card was placed on my door. They were so frantic for business that they repeatedly rang my doorbell despite a sign that read "No Soliciting" placed directly above the doorbell handle. Must be myopic or illiterate.. we already have solar, with panels that are plainly visible on our roof.. companies with a solid reputation do not need to solicit business door to door. Read Jimmy's response to my evaluation. Jimmy merely desired to "get to know his neighbor." He was not the individual who knocked on my door. I possess footage from my devices. Don't rely on this man!" - Franck J.
"I would stay far away from this location. To get your signature on the dotted line, they'll create a picture that seems promising, but they won't follow through. They'll make you false promises before trying to sell you junk. Until they stop, they will ensure their system. They use dishonest salespeople, claim to install or that you need X number of solar panels, but fail to install the whole number. Before installation, we repeatedly reminded them that if there would be a big tru-up every year, we did not want the panels. We were repeatedly assured and guaranteed that their method would completely eliminate tru-up. The tru-up ended up costing more over $4000, and when we contacted them about it, they advised us to rent additional panels elsewhere. 24 panels were meant to be placed, but only 17. The system was also intended to be checked every six months. They are meant to be covered by a strong guarantee, but they never did. There were also other things. Our PG&E bill was not to be paid until the panels were installed, and their dishonest salesperson assured us that they would pay it as a bonus. We ended up with a hefty bill that they had no intention of paying when installation was delayed during the warmest part of the summer and it increased. As a result, we spent the first year that the panels were installed paying a back charge. Once they get their money, they won't be interested in completing your system. Straightaway a group of thieves. Peak Power use is at your own risk." - Audrey B.
"I wanted an estimate so I called this firm. Everything got off to a good start, but then they began delaying it, and it ended up taking a very long time. They made a number of assurances, none of which were kept by them in the end. I'm relieved that I didn't commit to working with them by signing a contract. A venture that raises serious ethical concerns. Warn the purchasers!" - Jim L.
"The garbage collection service does not bother with them. Employees that are completely unreliable as well as exceedingly unpleasant. They need to be taught how to interact with clients, particularly those who are prepared to pay MONEY for their products or services. If you want to avoid headaches, you should work with a different business for your solar needs." - Nick N.
"Terrible support for customers; they don't answer the phone or their text messages at all, hehe. In addition to this, the corporation will rip you off by increasing the price that you have to pay for their services. I highly recommend that you investigate the possibility of collaborating with a different firm that places a high priority on the satisfaction of its customers and offers precise cost estimates. RUN!!!!!!" - Sonny F.
"It was a pleasure working with Peak Power. Calls and emails have received amazingly quick responses from them. The goods they suggest have been all Peak Power USA promised, and their customer service and communication have been outstanding. Any queries I had were promptly and clearly addressed, and the installation went well. The sales process was honest; they didn't attempt to oversell the quantity of panels I required or hurry me through it, which was maybe the aspect that most pleased me. I really value them and the job they've accomplished." - Girish D.
"Our system was only recently setup, and it only took a month to finish. Because I'm a demanding client and I had a lot of questions and concerns, they patiently addressed them all and worked with me to achieve my goals. A special thanks to Ronald, my sales representative, who was there on the calls and met with me throughout the process to ensure that everything went well. The girls at dispatch and the installation team, who worked quickly and completed my 20 panels in a day while working within the constrained window of heavy storms and snow, were also fantastic. Other than being at home, I had nothing to do:-)" - Martha V.
"My house got a solar system from Peak Power approximately a year ago. From the first sales meeting, through the planning and getting of permits, to the installation, and ultimately connecting my solar system to PG&E, the whole process with Peak Power was simple and delivered precisely as promised. The business kept me updated on everything that happened and when along the procedure. The business has been in touch with me on a regular basis to see if I have any queries or issues. My solar panels have generated as least as much power as they have promised, and I pay very little PG&E, including my yearly True Up charge. When my monitoring app sometimes failed to send data from my panels, I was able to contact Peak Power right away and arrange for a technician to visit within a day or two. The experts from Peak Power not only showed up on time, but they also kept in touch with me to let me know how any repairs were going. Given how great my experience with Peak Power has been and continues to be in every way conceivable, I find the small number of negative reviews difficult to believe." - Laura W.
"Peak Power rocked! They installed my system, and I was given clearance to start working earlier than I had anticipated. The team that came out to install my system was courteous and kept me informed of every step of the process. I was planning to use Vivant again for my add-on system since I already have a system with them (Vivant is now Sunrun), but Peak Power offered me a better deal. My sales representative was excellent and carried through what he promised. Peak Power has been a great choice for me, and I heartily recommend them to anybody interested in solar power." - Michelle R.
"was under pressure to complete Solar by the end of the year for nem2.0 revisions and tax considerations. The procedure was efficient, swift, and thorough. Installers are kind; one even helped me rehang a broken gutter. We also had a new air conditioning unit put, and the subcontractor they hire is excellent and well-informed. Support replied to my messages promptly. It took me a long time to go solar, but I'm pleased I did it with Peak Power." - Christopher H.

Peak Power USA Social media
The Peak Power USA Facebook page is really well designed. You can find information about the firm, its location, embedded Facebook reviews, as well as connections to all of their social media sites on this page. The page has more than 500 people following it. The news stream seems to be often updated and contains extremely intriguing content. You may find links to fascinating technical articles, movies about the firm, videos about other projects that reference the company, and images with the terms and conditions for discounts among the publications.
The LinkedIn profile for Peak Power USA has been developed with quality in mind. A little more than 1,100 individuals are subscribed to the page, while the business itself has 16 staff members. Publications offering interviews with firm personnel, genuine people's assessments of the organization, and merely news postings are among the types of content that may be found on the website, in addition to the usual information about the company, its location, and any current job vacancies. On the other hand, the publications have an extremely low number of likes. The website of the firm is built in a way that is highly appealing, and it contains content that will be of interest to the customer.
YouTube Channel
172 Subscribers

Peak Power USA average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews494.9


Peak Power USA Pros & Cons

  • Reputation
  • Variety
  • Support
  • Limited Coverage
  • High Pricing
  • Limited Resources

Peak Power USA Final Conclusions

Peak Power USA has earned mostly positive reviews, earning 4.7 out of 5 stars. However, on some resource, the rating is much lower and is three stars. People are particularly pleased with the patient, knowledgeable, and timely customer service. On the other hand, some people have experienced a lack of communication in certain situations. Overall, Peak Power USA offers quality services to its customers, making it a reliable company to do business with.

Peak Power USA locations

Main Address5222 Northspur Ct, Bakersfield, CA 93308
Phone Number6615888000

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