PEG Energy review

PEG Energy has had the good fortune to assist more than 1,000 homes in switching to solar energy. Each installation is created specifically for the homeowner's vision by one of our solar professionals. Each installation is thus designed to generate the greatest energy while still being visually beautiful!

PEG Energy overview

PEG Energy has had the good fortune to assist more than 1,000 homes in switching to solar energy. Each installation is created specifically for the homeowner's vision by one of our solar professionals. Each installation is thus designed to generate the greatest energy while still being visually beautiful!

What PEG Energy has to say about itself

Each solar design is unique and made to match your house. Our thorough design team will provide you a preliminary design during the estimate stage regardless of whether you choose a rooftop, pergola, or solar roof. A 25-year manufacturer's guarantee is included with every solar module and inverter sold by PEG Energy. Additionally, PEG Energy offers a 25-year labor and roof guarantee to provide you added security. Throughout the course of your solar installation, our project managers will provide periodic updates. All PEG Energy resources, like as support after installation, help with net metering, and tax advice, will be available to you. We at PEG Energy provide affordable, high-quality energy solutions. In general, solar energy is 30% less expensive than conventional energy. You can start saving right now with PEG Energy since there are no upfront charges!

PEG Energy Solar Review

Year Started2014
Service AreasTX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film
Backup BatteryLithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB

PEG Energy website review

It seems that the website offers financial and investment services, particularly in the fields of venture capital and private equity. With a clear and straightforward style that is simple to browse, the website design is current and professional. About the staff, portfolio firms, news, events, and services offered by the business are all detailed on the website. A contact form, email addresses, and phone numbers are all available on the website as different methods to get in touch with the business. The website presents the company's services and products in an overall professional and enlightening manner.

PEG Energy price policy

PackagesFrom $3 to $5 per watt
Payment optionsCredit cards, bank transfers, and cash payments.
Payment discountsCash or check discounts, bulk order discounts

PEG Energy online reputation

Customers' opinions of PEG Energy are conflicted. Negative customer experiences include inadequate communication and service delays, according to some consumers. One customer claims they experienced severe financial and emotional hardship as a result of PEG Energy's poor service. Not all PEG Energy customers, nevertheless, have had bad experiences. Another customer had a pleasant experience researching and selecting PEG Energy for solar panel installation, while one client reported receiving first-class service from every staff they dealt with. This client experienced seamless installation and strong connection, and their system was up and running right away. In general, prospective clients should proceed with caution and thoroughly investigate PEG Energy's service record before signing a contract.
"I've had a terrible time. I signed up for solar in November, now it's August 5th and my solar is still off. To their credit, they're sending cheques to pay off the solar loan, but I have to call to get them. Their poor communication and cooperation are my major complaint with them. Since our contract began, communication has been a problem. Misinformation and bad preparation have caused me and my wife a lot of anguish. I was requested to remain home so contractors could work in my attic, but they said they didn't require access. When I was assured they were just doing outdoor work, I got calls at work wanting me to let them inside my house. PEG energy twice informed us they didn't need to cut off my electricity when they did, even though my wife works from home because to COVID-19. When I left on a business vacation, three PEG energy contractors came up at my house unexpectedly and attempted to shame my wife into allowing them in. When I talked to Jessica at PEG energy, she attempted to guilt trip me into allowing them in, stating "Sir this will only delay the process more," not understanding why I wouldn't want 3 strangers in my house when only my wife was present. Later, Richard, the supervisor, apologized. I was promised improved communication and accurate information when Richard took control. That's incorrect too. After two weeks, I gave up and phoned to get an update on my account. I still haven't received my loan check for this month, so I'll have to call again. My family has suffered financially and emotionally by working with PEG energy. I wouldn't suggest them. I've waited 9 months to write this review, but it's grown worse. Solar? Try another business. Contact me if you have any further questions." - Juan Botero
"I gave this company every opportunity to avoid this rating after multiple delays, lack of communication with my installation, and four requests to speak with a management.Since PEG Energy didn't contact me, I'm reviewing. Buyer beware—this business delivers! PEG Energy stopped white glove service after my contract. I was promised approval updates throughout the two-month process before signing. No response after six weeks. Two weeks later, I had to sign an electrical provider agreement. PEG told me we could proceed. No event. Asking the Project Manager when installation starts. He doesn't respond tomorrow. Two weeks later, a 6pm SMS asks whether the team can start tomorrow. I approved the last-minute request thinking it was one-time. Three more. Poor service with my $35k system. Not informed, replied, or planned. If something breaks, I worry about their work and attention. Other issues: After the workmen left the first day, I noticed their roof hardware didn't match my approved designs. They switched 5 panels from high-producing to low-producing without notifying me. The project manager ignored my report. He pledged to respond. Two days were anticipated for the job. I'm still awaiting my system's final examination three months after signing my contract. Four weeks, four days. The site surveyor said I didn't need conduit on my roof. He never verified this by entering my house, thus they had to build conduit in one spot I approved and another I did not. Update: They failed their first inspection, but PEG didn't follow up with the city for two weeks until I got fed enough and phoned the municipal inspector. The app didn't show my solar system online. My Project Manager suggested consulting engineers. Enphase setup in 15 minutes after a week. I believed this hard path was over. The Enphase software showed one array—45% of my system—was not producing. Again, my project manager suggested consulting engineers. 11 days later, I want an update and speedy resolution. Management has ignored my complaints despite my system operating for five months." - Todd Keyser
"I needed to change my account and look for new suppliers, and PEG Energy delivered. I received top-notch service from every staff. PEG Energy grabbed the bull by the horns and took care of me, despite the fact that I am a technological dinosaur. Whoop." - rgonzale65
"I felt it was vital to spend the time and effort to study and evaluate solar since it is a significant expenditure. In addition to visiting with other nearby solar contractors, I utilized Energy Sage. After extensive product and service comparison, I discovered that PEG provided the highest-quality solar panels and micro inverters at the most affordable overall cost. Additionally, my research revealed that PEG had positive installation and service evaluations. That study was profitable. The procedure for designing and installing my solar array has made me extremely delighted. First, PEG and I had excellent communication. I was kept informed throughout the installation process, and it proceeded without a hitch for me. I was immediately introduced to the project manager, so if I had a question, I could contact him quickly and he would always call or text back. It took roughly 45 days from the signing of the contract to the last power check and system turn-on. I expected the procedure to take between 60 and 90 days, however it took much less time. My solar panel system has been running for the last two weeks. My system's performance can be monitored by PEG, so they will be aware of any issues. I am able to monitor each solar panel's performance down to the individual level. It's wonderful to see that it starts making a profit as soon as it is switched on." - ljmarkus
"I spent many months researching both regional and international solar energy firms and the goods they provided before deciding to put solar panels on my San Antonio, Texas, house. In Energysage, several of them were examined. I eventually whittled down my choice to four businesses, among them PEG, since they had the most affordable installation prices. There were 11 365W Enphase panels and inverters in total. From contract signature to project completion, it took roughly six months. The majority of the time was spent awaiting the certification of the energy provider and municipal permission. When reporting on the project's status via phone, text, or email, PEG personnel was extremely quick to respond. The amount of energy generated, in kWh, is a little bit more than what PEG said. Only one month had passed since the solar panels went online. I have been pleased so far with the project outcomes as well as the cost and service provided by PEG. I genuinely hope that we can keep up this collaborative partnership." - qytchou
"Therefore, I ultimately decided to go solar with PEG Energy after months of study and consideration. After investing in an 8 kW SunPower system, I made the decision to write this review in order to assist others who may have experienced the same quote-shopping procedure and potential sales person harassment. I started to wonder why there was such a significant price variation after seeing multiple quotations with outrageous pricing that varied by 20–30k above the PEG Energy offer. You should be able to afford solar energy and save money by switching. I appreciate PEG Energy's good assistance and knowledge. Do your homework, please." - jorge.cova
"When they said they would, they showed up. presented their goods in a really nice way. We were informed of what to anticipate, and the promise was kept. When we first started, there was a problem, but they repaired it immediately away. Despite being in operation for just one month, the electricity bill has already decreased." - Goody

PEG Energy Social media
To learn more about the business, its products and services, and latest advancements, visit the PEG Energy facebook page. The website is mostly made up of company-authored pieces, which provide consumers relevant details about the company's goods, services, and other news. In order to show their dedication to being more active in the market and with consumers, they also upload pictures of their team members, achievements, and events they attend. Customer reviews are also included on the website, which may aid prospective buyers in better understanding the experiences of people who have used PEG's goods or services. Overall, this website accurately portrays the business and its operations, which may assist new and prospective clients in deciding if PEG Energy is the best choice for them.
Discovering more about the business, its goals, core principles, and products and services is easy thanks to the PEG Energy LinkedIn profile. Their client success stories are highlighted on the website, which also offers some business culture context. Additionally, it features their team members and the tasks they play, giving prospective recruits a greater idea of the business and its staff. Job seekers may learn about available openings and apply by visiting the page's job advertisements, which are also included. Followers of the page may also remain informed of corporate news, updates, and announcements, which can assist them understand what's happening at PEG Energy. In general, the page serves as an effective and informative approach to expose clients to the business and its offerings and to support decision-making on the part of possible clients.
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PEG Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews1364.6


PEG Energy Pros & Cons

  • High quality products and services
  • Experienced installation team
  • Financing options available
  • High initial costs
  • Not all locations can install solar panels
  • Installation process can be lengthy

PEG Energy Final Conclusions

The renewable energy sector has seen considerable advancements from PEG Energy. Their emphasis on developing inexpensive, sustainable energy solutions has helped to clean up the environment by lowering carbon emissions.PEG Energy has assisted communities in developing nations acquire access to power, enhancing their quality of life and economic possibilities, via its competence in the design and construction of energy systems. When seen as a totality, PEG Energy's work demonstrates the beneficial influence that socially conscious businesses may have on the globe. They serve as a role model for other companies hoping to have an impact on the renewable energy industry.

PEG Energy locations

Main Address7220A Bob Bullock Loop, Laredo, TX 78041, United States
Phone Number956-203-0669

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