Polar Solar (Out of Business) review

In the United States, Polar Solar(Out of Business) is the go-to company for solar panel installation and upkeep. Installation, maintenance, and repair of solar panels, as well as other solar energy solutions including energy efficiency and home energy monitoring systems, are provided for both residential and commercial clients.
Polar Solar (Out of Business) review

Polar Solar (Out of Business) overview

In the United States, Polar Solar(Out of Business) is the go-to company for solar panel installation and upkeep. Installation, maintenance, and repair of solar panels, as well as other solar energy solutions including energy efficiency and home energy monitoring systems, are provided for both residential and commercial clients.

What Polar Solar (Out of Business) has to say about itself

Polar Solar sells solar panels made in the United States and works with customers to establish flexible payment and financing options so that their systems can be purchased within their budgets. All solar panel installations are backed by the company's 25-year performance warranty and NABCEP and B Corp certifications. The staff at Polar Solar consists of skilled professionals who are both friendly to clients and capable of doing excellent work.

Polar Solar Review

Year Started2016
Company Websitepolar.solar
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, maintenance and repair of solar panels, as well as energy efficiency solutions such as energy audit and energy storage, home energy monitoring systems to track and analyze energy consumption, PPA
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryFrom Tesla, Sonnen and Pika Energy

Polar Solar (Out of Business) website review

The review of the company's website has yet to be created.

Polar Solar (Out of Business) price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $25,000
Payment optionsCash, check, and all major credit and debit cards
Payment discountsDiscounts for customers who pay in full at the time of installation, tax credits and government incentives

Polar Solar (Out of Business) online reputation

According on the provided customer testimonials, people generally have favorable things to say about Polar Solar. Customers praise the service employees they interacted with for their helpfulness, politeness, and punctuality. Performance of the system has been praised as being admirable and reaching or exceeding expectations. Customers rave about Polar Solar's high-quality solar panels, praising its effectiveness and attractiveness. Impressive and educational were the company's presentation and explanation of the solar energy systems. Some clients express satisfaction with the financial aspects of their experience by mentioning grants and referral bonuses. Polar Solar is lauded for its excellent customer service, rapid responses to questions, and thorough descriptions of the installation procedure. Customers value the ease of paperless billing and the option to monitor panel performance through a smartphone app. A few unfavorable reviews include concerns with payment delays, communication challenges, and unhappiness with specific installation-related components. Some clients complain that they find it difficult to resolve problems and are frustrated by contractual commitments. However, among the general positive comments, these bad experiences seem to be isolated incidents. According to user feedback, Polar Solar, in general, offers clients a pleasant experience. We value the company's knowledgeable approach to solar energy systems, high-quality panels, and kind, on-time workers. Although there are a few unfavorable reviews, they don't seem to be the majority.
"There is nothing they've done that I don't already know and don't care about.Drivers should exercise caution; someone recently struck and fled from the scene after damaging my mother's parked car. It took them three months to pay, and the money wasn't even enough to fix the automobile. They really ought to suit. My mother, though, was kind enough to ignore it. The depravity of the business!" - Lisa
"I can't express how disheartened I am. Within a week of signing, I politely requested to terminate the contract, and Vern threatened to sue me due to the "3-day only change-of-mind period." Even though Maurice was an excellent salesman, he never once brought up the possibility of a three-day refund. DWP's last-minute "bring to code" subcontractors were unreliable and unprofessional. They didn't give me a heads up that they were coming, and they made a mess that I had to clean up. After discovering code violations with my electrical panel after another, DWP would not approve the installation until October, even though I had purchased the system in April. Before beginning installation, Polar Solar should perform their research. Despite being "operable" for a full two months, I have not yet noticed any financial benefits. Trying to defend yourself is useless. Management tries to make you feel stupid by being kind to you. I have no idea if my $36,000 solar system is even operational. I requested that they double-check. It's like pulling teeth to get a reply. The wait continues. It's been a living hell, and I'm selling my house with no hope of ever recouping my losses. Other solar installers have told me that the quoted price of $36,000 is for a 3,000 square foot home, not a little one like mine. Scam, since I haven’t gotten anything in return." - Susan
"Our family was thrilled to join the green energy revolution. Polar Solar's skilled salesman promised high-quality panels, no upfront costs, a great guarantee, and a smartphone app to monitor your system. All for slightly higher electric bills.The salesman then showed an image of your roof with architecturally beautiful panels. He also said the look would be so great that they wanted to send a drone over our house to film for their sales presentations and website.The original 15-panel design was 3-piece tall by 5-piece broad horizontal. On the second day of installation, we discovered that they had been placed in an alternate pattern of some vertical, some horizontal, on two areas of the house instead of one without our consent. They look terrible forever. One conduit was put diagonally across our house wall. We installed, furious but determined. Our loan included an upgraded electrical panel for their panels. The electricians they chose to represent their company arrived around 6 pm, 9 hours late, to start a 4-5 hour install to replace and rewire our house. We were instructed to brace our wooden gate on all sides or it would swing violently and damage our neighbor's plants. They disobeyed and argued with our neighbors. When "completed," they left a massive hole above the freshly installed panel that we had to tape off until they came back to patch the stucco. The electrical inspector informed us that the gas meter should have been moved before installation. He warned us that Polar Solar does this every time and would cut our power if the gas meter was not moved. Polar Solar told us that the gas supplier moves the meter for free and that charging us would be wrong. Polar Solar charged us half the $1500 to move the meter after the gas supplier altered their policy. For two weeks, until it was moved, we didn't know if our AC, lights, pets, fridge, etc. would lose power in midsummer. They withdrew $750 from a contractually-obligated monthly kick-back disbursement for a second loan starting a year later. They then suggested our $8200 government rebate for the panels would be a tax return to pay off the second loan. I lied! The government matches tax returns up to $8200. Thus, we received a $2400 refund and a $5800 second loan we can't afford. Disbursement checks started arriving late, then ceased. It's late April and we've only gotten January's dividend. Polar Solar falsely claimed checks were sent via email and phone. We'll have to sue for the remaining thousands. Polar Solar receives two cheques from the loan company—one to start work and one to finish. Polar Solar rushed us through the second check and didn't want to set up the smartphone app until months later. Our nice smartphone app stopped operating 3 months ago after our first power outage. Instead of coming to solve the problem, they sent us absurdly lengthy email instructions. We cannot phone-monitor our system. Polar Solar is shady—use Elon Musk/Solar City or anyone with corporate ethics. Someone to repair panels under warranty. Solar electricity is great, but I regret getting it. We underproduced $450 for our electric firm. An annual July bill on top of our two solar panel loans. How ridiculous! My $80 electric bill is mine." -Tamara
"Fraud and deception. Select another. Did work against city code, leaving us liable. Still awaiting over $1,000 in delayed disbursement checks. Good at lying. Vern's Rebuttal 12/13/17 You guys were like pulling teeth. Your electricians arrived at 5pm to upgrade our electrical panel to the entire house after arguing with our neighbors about a gate, and the electric company threatened to cut our power midsummer. Code was to shift the gas meter first, which you did not do and had to phone about day after day, and ladwp said they warned you multiple times. We were charged $700, likely from our contractually mandated disbursement checks, for a free meter move. as an honest review. Which we did but was somehow erased last year and replaced by your new polor solor yelp account. Disbursement checks to save for a second $8900 loan that starts a year later and you get back in taxes. The government matches tax returns up to $2500, so it may take four years to get that money back. We were politely pressed for full payment before the service was done. We were informed the checks were in the mail, etc., and were irritated throughout the process. David was an excellent installer and a polite guy, but he installed it in a design we didn't like. The conduit is warped too.Yes, you did a doggy door stucco job for free that I was eager to pay for but wasn't allowed to, but you kept asking for a glowing rating, which would have misled prospective consumers. Because Palmdale is inconvenient for you folks to finish the stucco repairs, I had to paint them myself. You lied about disbursement. I'm sure you scam everyone, but I wonder how many consumers give up contacting and emailing since they realize a small claims court lawsuit would be pointless since you weren't going to fulfill it. I now realize I was simply a number and a salary, and I had three electric bills for 12 years, thanks. In half that time, my $28,000 debt will likely be hilarious technology. Lesson learned." - Jeremy
"Everyone I interacted with was helpful, kind, and punctual. Over the course of the previous few months, the system has performed admirably." - Anonymous
"Wow, what an impressive firm. They came to our house to show us how solar energy systems function. The panels they have are the best part. Wow, it was an incredible presentation. They only stock the highest quality panels. How chic and trim you are. Unlike the cumbersome, unattractive panels. I can't wait to get these put in. We also received a grant from them. As a means of contributing toward its cost. The sooner they were up on the roof, the better in my father's eyes. He also did not have faith in solar energy. This was our third contact with a potential employer. Because of the generous referral bonus, I plan on telling all my friends and relatives about this place. Congratulations, Polar Solar!" - Edik
"Simply some news. It's been about 18 months since I had the system installed, and it's been every bit as good as advertised the whole time. Even in the heat of summer, I enjoy perusing my Edison bill. There was a tiny roof leak last week. I phoned Polar because I thought it was coming from one of the solar supports. Within minutes of my phone, they answered, and David returned my call within the hour to schedule a visit. David and his team arrived promptly to inspect the rooftop as planned. One of the men climbed to the roof, while the other explored the upper levels. The roof's poor structure and age were blamed for the leak, not the solar array or its supports. They showed me pictures of the difficulties to clarify everything for me. Even though it wasn't their problem, the guys went ahead and corrected it nonetheless. I tried to compensate them, but they declined. Can you remember the last time you had a contractor do that? I can't speak highly enough of Polar to endorse it. I intend to use them again if at all possible." - Martin
"Everything you could ask for in a solar energy provider and more. My questions were usually answered promptly, but I didn't have that many because everyone did such a great job of breaking down the process for me. Technicians show up on time, lay out the entire installation process in detail, and even solicit my input on where to put the various boxes. You can have confidence in the reliability of the products you buy from Polar Solar. My panels' efficiency can be tracked from the palm of my hand, and I appreciate not having to deal with paper bills. They have my full and unqualified endorsement. You won't be let down at all." - Alicia
"The entire installation procedure took less than an hour, and it was quite simple. The fact that we are saving money and protecting the environment makes me very happy. You may have them construct a system of any size to meet your needs, and once you've paid it off, you'll never have to worry about another electricity payment again. Because there is no metal frame, the panels they install are fireproof to a class A standard, and your house will be wired to the fire department for automatic shutoff. And if you decide you want to add more panels down the road, you may choose any brand with no problems at all. We save money by not having to pay Edison for power because of the government subsidy and tax rebate. After switching to solar power this month, our air conditioning cost for the month of July dropped from $650 to $28. I can't wait to see how much our electricity bills go up after we turned on 95% of our summer consumption. With the ever-increasing cost of electricity and the urgent need to implement significant changes for the benefit of our planet, it's truly the only solution that makes sense. - satisfied clients." - Valerie

Polar Solar (Out of Business) Social media

An amazing illustration of how the social media platform may be used to draw clients and raise brand recognition is the Polar Solar Facebook page. The page offers a ton of excellent postings with helpful details about the business's goods, services, and events. The page previously included regular client endorsements, business updates, and useful advice for maximizing solar power. They actively reply to customer questions and comments, showing that they are interested in what their customers think. Although the Facebook page is no longer adequately maintained since the business has closed, it still appears professional overall.
The Polar Solar LinkedIn page is a useful tool for the business to market its goods and services and cultivate connections with new clients. The website includes a list of team members and their responsibilities as well as some basic corporate information without going into great detail about the organization's mission and principles. The page lacks publications of the Polar Solar accomplishment and high-quality images of the projects they depict. Due to the company's closure, the page hasn't been updated generally for a while.
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Polar Solar (Out of Business) average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviewsNo reviewsNo reviews


Polar Solar Pros & Cons

  • Quality installation and service
  • Official dealer of American-made solar panels
  • NABCEP Certificate
  • Out of Business
  • Limited availability of some services and materials
  • Limited Warranty on Select Products

Polar Solar (Out of Business) Final Conclusions

The top solar installation and upkeep business in the US has long been recognized as Polar Solar(Out of Business). Because of their excellent installation work, dependable customer service, and effective maintenance procedures, they have developed a solid reputation in the market. The outcomes of their projects have left clients both pleased and unsatisfied, and many value the flexible financing options and payment schedules the business provides to make the system purchase more accessible. For its dedication to social and environmental performance, openness to the public, and legal accountability, Polar Solar has also developed a stellar reputation. The company is now a market leader in solar energy for homes and businesses because to these efforts.

Polar Solar (Out of Business) locations

Main Address6047 Tampa Ave #304, Tarzana CA, 91356
Phone Number8189492688

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