PowerLutions Solar review

PowerLutions Solar is a company specializing in providing solar energy solutions and services to customers in the public, private, and commercial sectors. Along with competent maintenance and repair of existing solar systems, the company offers state-of-the-art, cost-effective, and energy-efficient solar systems. A team of qualified professionals ensures that customers receive the best possible solar system installation and maintenance services.

PowerLutions Solar overview

PowerLutions Solar is a company specializing in providing solar energy solutions and services to customers in the public, private, and commercial sectors. Along with competent maintenance and repair of existing solar systems, the company offers state-of-the-art, cost-effective, and energy-efficient solar systems. A team of qualified professionals ensures that customers receive the best possible solar system installation and maintenance services.

What PowerLutions Solar has to say about itself

PowerLutions Solar is an energy solutions firm that offers commercial and residential clients in the United States and beyond high-caliber, environmentally friendly solar power systems. Through the utilization of solar energy, we want to assist our customers save expenses and enjoying additional advantages as they make the switch to renewable power. If we're going to keep our word and provide you with the best renewable energy solutions possible, you can count on our skilled team of specialists to get the job done. When you work with us, your solar projects are in the very finest hands possible.

PowerLutions Solar Review

Year Started2008
Company Websitepowerlutions.com
Service AreasNJ, NY, FL
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, flexible, and hybrid.
Backup BatterySealed lead-acid, lithium-polymer, and lithium-ion phosphate.

PowerLutions Solar website review

Powerlutions Solar, a solar panel installation business, may be found at their official website, powerlutions.com. Batteries and energy management systems are also available on the site in addition to solar panel installations for homes, companies, and even government buildings. Customers in the market for solar panels or accessories may find the site's information helpful since it describes the company's goods and services in depth. The BBB has validated the company's validity and trustworthiness by granting it accreditation. Those in need of solar energy solutions may get what they need at Powerlutions.com.

PowerLutions Solar price policy

PackagesRoof Mount System Packages – starting at $13,109, Ground Mount System Packages – starting at $9,775, Battery Backup System Packages – starting at $9,999, Hybrid System Packages – starting at $13,208, Full Solar Maintenance Service – starting at $500, Home Solar Panels – starting at $0.90/watt, Commercial Solar Panels – starting at $1.10/watt, Solar Panel Installation Services – starting at $2,000, Solar Tax Credits and Incentives – starting at $1,000
Payment optionsMajor credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), PayPal, and Apple Pay.
Payment discounts10% discount for veterans, 15% off Military, 10 - 20% discount for Veteran Maintenance and Repair program members, 10% discount for Senior Citizens, 10% discount for Low-Income Assistance program members, 10% discount for energy efficiency upgrades, 5% - 25% discount for having multiple components installed, 5% discount for referrals.

PowerLutions Solar online reputation

The vast majority of PowerLutions Solar's satisfied clients have nothing but good things to say about the company. Customers have spoken highly about the company's efficiency, friendliness, and quality of their solar panel installations. However, there have been complaints from some consumers about the solar installation procedure being too difficult. In sum, it is fair to say that PowerLutions Solar provides outstanding services; nevertheless, it is essential to have all questions answered and concerns addressed before the installation process starts.
"At first glance, using the tools they developed, it all appears pretty simple. My roof, however, required more inspection to determine its viability. I scheduled an appointment and waited three weeks before I could go in. Then, a day before the scheduled call, they canceled it, citing a need for orders of 9 or more panels as the reason. Wow, such a help...." - Isaiah E.
"Awful service; they were helpful and informative throughout the sale, but ever after I agreed to purchase, I've been given the runaround and told the installation would be delayed indefinitely. Every member of the support staff makes an effort to be kind and helpful, but despite the best efforts of the project managers, nothing ever seems to get done. It's been 7 months since I paid for the panels, and I still don't know when I'll get them." - Jason H.
"In 2017, I invested in eight premium solar panels. Six weeks of panel downtime and a transformer fire in the first year. I've been very forward about wanting an app that shows me how much electricity my panels are producing. A Chinese app is included with the Omnik Transformer I got. In the last 15 months, the Chinese servers have been down many times a day, necessitating daily panel resets just to obtain basic information. It has been 15 months since I last had any idea of the panels' output. Not what I was anticipating at all. There does not seem to be any 2017 PowerLutions Solar support email addresses." - Jackson R.
"I wish I could give this firm a glowing rating, but I just cannot. During our apartment complex's restoration, PowerLutions Solar installed solar panels for us to use. One of the hired mechanics went through the ceiling during installation. After that, we stopped getting any more communication from them. The contractor who did the refurbishment hired someone else to fix the ceiling. Due to the gentlemen's failure to complete the job, we are still without a login to monitor our use and output over five months later. Someone hired by PowerLutions Solar arrived to have a look, and they had concerns about the wiring. And then there is silence once again. I've never met a corporation that communicated so badly, and the poor operators aren't permitted to let anybody through, so there's no way to get in contact. Thankfully, our housing sector is now on board, too. There is also no response to emails. They have taken on considerably more than they can manage, in my opinion. Avoid it!" - Hunter W.
"PowerLutions Solar has a perfect track record of failure... Solar panels are on order for March 2021. You scheduled the installation, and then everything went wrong. There was no sudden appearance by the installer. Sadly, things just got worse from there on out. Panels bought from us and sent to PowerLutions Solar are yet to arrive because they were substituted for another order. After several phone calls and emails, we have made no progress. The customer service department is completely flexible and unwilling to work together or share any ideas. They never really address your concerns, instead passing the buck to other departments." - Cameron S.
"Pollution is a very competent business. They walked me through the whole process... It's been 17 months since they installed my solar panels, and I still get prompt responses whenever I have questions or issues. Pollution is something I would unhesitatingly suggest. In other words, they are... Professional Beneficial Quick and Dependable Respectful Trustworthy" - Evan G.
"Now that I've had my system up and running for a while, I can confidently say that picking Powerlutions was a brilliant idea. They spent a lot of time with me, explaining my choices and helping me figure out how to make certain adjustments. The setup happened quickly. The installers were kind and accommodating as I made decisions about placement and aesthetics. Powerlutions kept me informed of any refunds and incentives I was eligible for. Everything went according to plan, and I saw a rapid return on my investment in solar electricity through the method I selected (a pre-paid lease). The time to go solar is now, and Powerlutions is a fantastic alternative." - Aidan L.
"At a networking event, my wife met Jack, and she issued a dare to him: Make me a client. I had already made up my mind to oppose solar after doing very little investigation. I met with Jack and promised to give him some of my time. I liked him right away since he wasn't pushy or confrontational. He was knowledgeable and had all the justifications on why Powerlutions is the best business to deal with when installing solar panels on my home. It took me a few more months of study before I realized that installing solar is an excellent investment and a no-brainer. The system has been running for five months, and I have nothing but praise for the installation teams, office personnel, and Jack. I'm happy I bought it since the system works as promised. It's fantastic to have no power bill, it's good for the environment, and it looks like a smart investment. To my friends, neighbors, and family, I give Powerlutions my highest." - Luke J.
"Fantastic organization to work with. They came in at almost half the cost of the alternative quote I had gotten. Their end of the process was swift and efficient. Forthright, and it nets you 30 percent more power than my earlier estimate did. Extremely helpful and kind." - Jordan O.
"Extremely pleased with all aspects of the PowerLutions Solar shopping and servicing experiences. I had asked around for bids from a few other companies, but PowerLutions Solar stood out for its transparent communication, helpful guidance, and reasonable cost. Expert installers worked efficiently and cleaned up after themselves. In less than a day and a half, nine panels were installed. The straightforward online tracking guarantees that I always know how much energy I'm producing. PowerLutions Solar comes highly suggested by me!" - Angel G.

PowerLutions Solar Social media

You can learn a lot about PowerLutions Solar and what they do by visiting their Facebook page. With the confirmed corporate logo and website URL, the page has an air of professionalism and reliability. Images, movies, and links showcasing the company's offerings and glowing testimonials from happy customers populate the website. Renewable energy news and advice are also included. In addition, easy access connections to the company's many services, including its website and social media profiles, are offered. The page is one of the best sources of knowledge about renewable energy due to the breadth and depth of the entries.
The PowerLutions solar energy firm has a professional LinkedIn profile that portrays the business as dependable and trustworthy. The page is well-organized, user-friendly, and loaded with useful information. With an excellent following of over 300 followers, the page offers the public helpful information about their initiatives, goods, and services. This website is a goldmine of information for anybody seeking grid-tied solar systems and renewable energy services. You may simply learn more about their business and its offerings, which range from residential and commercial solar installations to advisory services. You may comment on changes, browse shared links, and even view images on this website, which is updated often and contains a variety of features to keep the public informed. When looking for dependable and reputable solar energy solutions, PowerLutions is a wonderful option since they make sure to keep their readers interested with their educational articles.
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PowerLutions Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews254.8


PowerLutions Solar Pros & Cons

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Comprehensive Solutions
  • Experienced Team
  • Lack of Maintenance Support
  • High Initial Investment
  • Limited Online Presence

PowerLutions Solar Final Conclusions

Numerous satisfied clients have applauded the business's amiable staff as well as the quality of its items and installation. Two characteristics that come up often in client testimonials are the openness of PowerLutions Solar's communication and the speed with which their projects are finished. Customers have complained about the costly fees and lengthy wait times for customer support responses. Choose PowerLutions Solar, which has received several positive evaluations from satisfied customers, if you need reliable and high-quality solar energy solutions.

PowerLutions Solar locations

Main Address216 River Ave Lakewood, NJ 08701
Phone Number7329873939

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