Florida Solar Design Group review

Throughout Florida and the rest of the southern United States, Florida Solar Design Group installs solar panels for homes and businesses. Solar energy is only one of several areas in which they excel. They have earned honors for their efforts in the solar business and also provide financing choices.
Florida Solar Design Group review

Florida Solar Design Group overview

Throughout Florida and the rest of the southern United States, Florida Solar Design Group installs solar panels for homes and businesses. Solar energy is only one of several areas in which they excel. They have earned honors for their efforts in the solar business and also provide financing choices.

What Florida Solar Design Group has to say about itself

Florida Solar Design Group is pleased to be the region's go-to provider of high-quality solar energy systems at competitive prices thanks to our team's combined 10 years of expertise in the industry and our focus on customer satisfaction. To meet our customers' objectives in a fast and effective way, we focus on projects that are both technically sound and visually beautiful. Our customers can rely on us to supply first-rate solar energy goods and services and get the best possible outcomes at every stage of the process. So, go no further than Florida Solar Design Group if you want a dependable and competent solar energy provider.

Florida Solar Design Group Solar Review

Year Started2015
Company Websitefloridasolardesigngroup.com
Service AreasFL
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow-battery technologies.

Florida Solar Design Group website review

To find out more about the business and its services, visit Florida Solar Design Group's official website. It is well-designed and offers useful details on products and frequently asked questions. The information on the website is current, and it is written in a way that is simple to grasp. The website may be regarded as being pretty dependable and trustworthy since it has been well-built and is often updated.

Florida Solar Design Group price policy

PackagesSolar Photovoltaic System Design and Installation: starting at $7,000, Solar Hot Water Heater Design and Installation: starting at $7,000, Solar Pool Heating Design and Installation: starting at $5,000, Solar Battery Storage Design and Installation: starting at $5,000, Solar Lighting Design: starting at $2,000, Solar Panel Maintenance and Cleaning: starting at $450, Solar Tracker and Monitoring System Design and Installation: starting at $3,000, Solar Financing Solutions: starting at $450
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), as well as PayPal and checks.
Payment discountsMilitary and Veterans Discount of 15%, Senior Citizen Discount of 10%, Referral Program Discount of 5%, Financing Discount of 5%, Multi-System Discount of 5%, Angie’s List Discount of 5%, Cash Discount of 5%

Florida Solar Design Group online reputation

Florida Solar Design Group has received generally excellent feedback from its clientele. The superb quality of the items and the speed with which they were produced have both been praised by satisfied customers. They also regularly remarked on how reasonably priced the services were and how committed the team was. However, there were also concerns from clients concerning the length of wait times and the inability to share data within groups. Customers have expressed gratitude and trust in Florida Solar Design Group's abilities.
"Totally unprofessional and disrespectful. My storm-damaged solar panels were replaced by the company. They didn't tell us about the cost until the day they were scheduled to come out and give us an estimate for fixing them. When we inquired as to the reason, she became irritable and questioned whether we were wasting our time by coming to me. Given that you installed my panels without telling me about the fee when we originally arranged for you to inspect them, I guess so, if you want my business. Deceptive! Is going to search elsewhere and suggests you do the same." - Tyler W.
"I wanted to buy 2kw of solar panels for my boat, so I gave them a call. No, they don't sell them, I was told. Ok. Not a major deal. Since shipping was too expensive, I inquired if they might recommend any nearby stores that would offer panels instead. Their "we don't know of any" was uttered with disdain. And I kept on being cordial. Finally, I inquired as to the source from which they get their panels. It's impossible for *you* to get solar panels from them, the lady chuckled. Extremely rude, unhelpful, and arrogant. Basically just a bunch of jerks. Don't bother coming here." - Dylan A.
"The solar panels seem to be functioning fine, but the sales and installation process was a nightmare. The pitch may have guaranteed a $17 monthly energy cost no matter what, but the fine print says otherwise. They'll drum up incentives to get you to buy, and they'll even offer to fill out the rebate paperwork for you, but it turns out that the credit is only available for installations performed in November and December. No one would have this knowledge before making a transaction." - Jonathan K.
"For my house, I bought 20 of them. There were just 18 available and authorized when they arrived. It was reassured to me that this would not be a problem and that the panels could be added at a later date. I still don't have the panels I was supposed to have after 13 months of monthly emails checking in on progress. Nobody will talk to you until you first make contact. You had excellent service leading up to the installation, but even after several follow-ups, they failed to meet your expectations. They do not have my endorsement. Every time I call, I receive a new reason and am sent to a different department." - Caleb J.
"Florida Solar Design Group's door-to-door salesperson was the only positive aspect of the deal. so that we could get rid of FPL costs, we decided to invest in solar panels. I can monitor the amount of energy I generate with the help of Palmetto's handy app. The numbers Florida Solar Design Group is reporting don't match the numbers FPL is reporting. Palmetto and/or FPL seem to be taking advantage of me. Being a veteran with a whole disability has left me feeling misled and even exploited. Neither business has shown any interest in assisting me in investigating this. Florida Solar Design Group has always been problematic for me. I was asked to submit paperwork many times. The necessary paperwork to complete the project kept disappearing. Paying the money to FPL to have them come out and replace the meter takes months. Since they forgot to notify the city that the job was complete, I had to rely on my brother, who works for the city, to expedite the final inspection. This organization preys on the vulnerable." - Nicholas I.
"To begin, this is my second home that I have retrofitted with solar panels. Both times I searched around, I discovered that Solar Design Group was the best option. They epitomize the adage, "Under promise and over deliver." The whole operation ran like clockwork. Their organization has every step of the process down pat, from first contact to final switch on. Everything from the price to the installation to the paperwork was handled efficiently and to my satisfaction. You are welcome to contact any firm you choose for a quotation, but be certain that this one is the finest." - Elijah F.
"Gabriel was prompt and expert in his presentation of solar pool heating options. I went ahead and placed the order, even though the cost was $600 higher than what my son had paid to have a solar panel system put at his house. I've never been more pleased to spend extra on anything. Parts of Florida Solar's system are built in the USA. Second, although Florida Solars was able to install their system in only four hours, it took my son's company several days. That night, I got to swim in a warm pool. Last but not least, the workers could not have been nicer; they are full-time employees of Florida Solar, not independent contractors, and they spent much time explaining the system's functionality before they departed." - Christian O.
"Recently, we had solar panels installed on our roof. If you're looking for a reliable business, go no further than Florida Solar Design. They have the best personalities and are quite informed. Before they depart, they give you a thorough education on the system's inner workings, common issues, and how to fix them. They even had a demonstration and a chance to mimic it. I can't speak highly enough about them. I would recommend this firm to anybody interested in solar pool heating. The personnel is rock-solid, reliable, expert, and kind." - Jackson L.
"Florida Solar Design Group sold me a PV system. Dominick visited us at home and was not at all intrusive. We decided on an Enphase microinverter system after he detailed all of our choices. The other owner, Jason, was fantastic in answering all of our inquiries. He is unquestionably an expert in the field. Our circuit breaker panel was malfunctioning, and they assisted us in fixing it. Everything went well during installation, and we are now saving money and keeping an eye on our solar panels remotely. Even though they were a little more costly than the other options, we ultimately went with them because of their expertise and professionalism." - John T.
"In the business world, Florida Solar Design Group (FSDG) stands apart. I have nothing but good things to say about the way they handled my Solar installation from the moment I first contacted them. They came through with the goods. The quality of the work is unquestionable. The installation was completed with the help of the owner. The salesperson ensured that all of my requests were met. The actual setup took just two and a half days. The setup is really well-organized and polished. Susan (at the office) arranged for my system to be activated with the power provider. The system is functioning as intended. They instructed me on the usage of the Enlighten App for system monitoring. The FSDG is an excellent choice." - Samuel C.

Florida Solar Design Group Social media

The Florida Solar Design Group's Facebook page is sleek, fashionable, and expert in appearance. This page unmistakably exemplifies reliability and a dedication to providing excellent solar power services. The large number of page followers is indicative of its widespread interest and popularity. Photos and videos are used on the website to give customers a better feel for the company's offerings. The advantages of solar energy are explained, and clients may learn more by clicking on the provided links. This is a reputable business with an excellent Facebook page loaded with useful information and material for its clientele.
Florida Solar Design Group is an established firm in the solar energy industry, as seen by its polished profile on the professional networking site LinkedIn. One of the most popular solar energy firms on LinkedIn, with 305 followers. Reviews, customer testimonials, and other useful information about the company may be found on their website. They provide a variety of solar energy goods, from home solar installation packages to large-scale commercial projects, to choose from. Because of their knowledgeable personnel and extensive understanding of their goods, finding the solar energy solutions their clients want is a breeze. For your solar power requirements, they are a dependable firm to investigate.
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Florida Solar Design Group average reviews

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energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews2405


Florida Solar Design Group Pros & Cons

  • Knowledgeable
  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Limited service areas
  • Lack of warranty
  • High upfront costs

Florida Solar Design Group Final Conclusions

A business that specializes in the installation and design of solar energy and renewable energy systems is Florida Solar Design Group. Customers often compliment their team's professionalism and quick installs. Florida Solar Design Group has an outstanding customer rating, according to client testimonials.

Florida Solar Design Group locations

Main Address12801 Commerce Lakes Dr, Ste 12, Fort Myers, FL 33913
Phone Number2394918010

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