Pure Power Solar review

Pure Power Solar is a business that provides solar energy systems for homes, businesses, and factories. They are experts in designing and constructing solar power systems that meet or exceed all expected performance criteria while remaining cost-effective over the long term. Components of a whole solar power system, such as solar panels, inverters, batteries, racking, and monitoring systems, are all part of their offerings.

Pure Power Solar overview

Pure Power Solar is a business that provides solar energy systems for homes, businesses, and factories. They are experts in designing and constructing solar power systems that meet or exceed all expected performance criteria while remaining cost-effective over the long term. Components of a whole solar power system, such as solar panels, inverters, batteries, racking, and monitoring systems, are all part of their offerings.

What Pure Power Solar has to say about itself

Pure Power Solar is the industry leader in solar power systems. Our goal is to provide both business and residential clients with an affordable, sustainable energy option. We have experts in both on-grid and off-grid system design and installation, and they will work with you to determine which option is ideal for your situation. Pure Power Solar is the go-to for reliable solar energy products and services, as seen by their rapidly expanding list of happy clients.

Pure Power Solar Review

Year Started2017
Company Websitepurepowersolar.net
Service AreasKY
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Architecture, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and transparent solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, IEC, InterNACHI, SEI, SRCC, UL, OSHA

Pure Power Solar website review

The solar energy solutions supplier Pure Power Solar may be found at their official website, purepowersolar.net. Module installation, system design, and project management are just some of the services that are described in depth on the website. In addition, it details the accreditations, honors, and collaborations that the firm has received. The website is user-friendly and packed with information that consumers can use, such as a blog and contact details. The website conveys an air of professionalism and reliability. New content and useful resources for clients are added often.

Pure Power Solar price policy

PackagesPure Power Solar System (starting at $14,999), Solar Battery System (starting at $12,999), Home EV Charger (starting at $2,499), Solar Pool Heater (starting at $3,999), Solar Water Heater (starting at $4,999), Solar Attic Fan (starting at $599), Solar Garden Lights (starting at $149), Solar Security Lights (starting at $199), Solar Hot Water Heating System (starting at $4,999), Solar Panel Cleaning Kit (starting at $99)
Payment optionsCredit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), and ACH (Automatic Clearing House direct bank payments).
Payment discounts10% off for new customers, 10% off for referrals, 5% off for military personnel, 5% off for seniors, 5% off for educators, 5% off for first responders

Pure Power Solar online reputation

The vast majority of Pure Power Solar's clients have expressed excellent satisfaction with the company's services. Numerous clients have appreciated the business's skilled and welcoming employees as well as the quality of the solar systems they have installed. Customers have also praised the business for its dedication to providing excellent customer service and its readiness to address any queries they may have. On the other side, some customers have expressed dissatisfaction that the systems' costs were greater than anticipated and the installation procedure did not go as smoothly as they had intended. The majority of clients, however, are pleased with the caliber of the goods and services offered by Pure Power Solar.
"I had a Powerwall backup power system and solar panels installed in 2020. After using it for a year, the inverter failed. After waiting an hour on the phone, I finally got through to a Pure Power Solar representative, who informed me that it would take three months to repair. Indeed, there are three months in the summer when solar generation is zero. In the end, the inverter was replaced after five months. Even though I had to pay the entire electric bill and the monthly loan payment, I was informed that I would not receive any refund. Two months later, our Powerwall battery died. After numerous calls (each resulting in an hour-long wait), I waited three months for a replacement. This increased my electric bill by $150 a month. Again, no payment. Thus, in two years, I lost eight months of use to a $60,000 machine." - Steven R.
"We signed the purchase agreement in the autumn with high expectations for how things would proceed. Naively, I chalked off the installers' arrival with the incorrect hardware to a minor setback. After three months, no solar panels have been installed, no deadline has been set, and the representative has not responded to any of our communications. I shudder to think what the service will be like after installation if it is this awful before. My recommendation is to work with a well-established firm that is professionally managed. That firm is not yet Pure Power Solar." - Riley F.
"I was able to get solar power from my panels for a while. Then there was a power outage. I also discovered that although we have two panels, Pure Power Solar only connected one of them to its system. Therefore, the switches on the second electric panel do not work when we are not plugged in. This affects many electronic devices and our home internet. I called Pure Power Solar and tried to explain the situation. A very unpleasant person told me that I needed to talk to the home builder." - Kaleb R.
"There has been no installation for over a year and a half. It is hard to receive a response from Pure Power Solar's customer service or consultants. You are completely at their mercy throughout the pre-installation phase, and your comments will not be recorded or seriously considered until an on-site representative sees it for themselves. It's insane that a customer relationship management system and certain fundamental customer support mechanisms have not yet been implemented. A few years ago, I thought things might begin to improve, but they have only grown worse." - Brady L.
"About three years ago, we discovered a leak under the solar panels and called Pure Power Solar to fix the problem. When the solar panels were installed, the workers found the tiles were cracked. The ceiling started leaking again. Since Pure Power Solar had already fixed the solar panels, we had no idea they were to blame when we called the roofer. The roofer showed us a picture of Pure Power Solar fixing a hole in the roof. Because the seal had broken there, the leak resumed. Because of the heavy downpour, the ceiling was leaking onto the floor. We were concerned about the extent of the damage that could be done while waiting for PPS to arrive. Since we had already hired a roofer who had fixed the leak properly, PPS refused to look into the matter. They didn't seem to mind that their shoddy roof repair work caused even more damage. According to PPS, we should have contacted them first. We could have avoided a second, much more serious leak if the initial repair had been done properly. Disappointing service from PPS, thanks, no thanks!" - Bryce M.
"Pure Power Solar is equipped to handle even the most complex solar installations with ease. We used advanced inverter and panel technology to create an 18-kilowatt system on a partially shaded, steeply sloped, south and west-facing roof that had to work in tandem with the whole house gas generator. Anna made sure our system was within budget, compliant with all local regulations and eligible for the full federal tax credit, and their on-site crew found solutions to any problems that arose. After one year of power generation, we have achieved 100% reliability and performance that far exceeds expectations. If you are looking for a solar panel installation company, your search may end with Pure Power Solar. They are the best in their field and can successfully handle even the most demanding tasks." - Robert T.
"In 2022, Pure Power built a solar energy system at my house. Thomas put the effort to learn about what we wanted out of the system. Out of the three quotes we received, theirs was the lowest, and they were really helpful in guiding us through the application process and securing every possible tax credit. The crew was prompt and effective throughout the installation process. If you're interested in solar energy, you should definitely acquire a quote from Pure Power." - Cameron B.
"Local firm Pure Power Solar not only offers lower costs than out-of-town competitors, but also uses cutting-edge technology and equipment. The installation was flawless, and the power output has far beyond projections. One problem I had with the system was resolved in less than a day. I am really satisfied with the installation, service, and price." - Wyatt K.
"Pure Power Solar did an excellent job installing solar panels for me. From my first inquiry about solar panels through their installation and follow-up, they have been nothing short of professional at every stage. Today, August 19, 2020, marks my first full year of using solar energy. My typical monthly gas and electric expense were $184.13 prior to the installation. My yearly average fell to $89.65 after a year. Over the previous year, I was able to put away $1042.28. One of my air conditioners broke down, so I had to replace it with a more energy-efficient one, so perhaps next year will be better. You have nothing to lose by investigating solar power options." - Chase F.
"My solar panel system was installed by a competing company that no longer works, and I needed someone to remove and install it back when I had my roof remodeled. The team was very professional throughout the reinstallation process and the results were excellent. My system is now under Pure Power and they will be responsible for any future maintenance and advanced monitoring. I would highly recommend working with them." - Julian D.

Pure Power Solar Social media

Pure Power Solar LLC's Facebook page has all the hallmarks of a legitimate company presence. The page features a sophisticated, businesslike design that relies heavily on blue and white. A high-resolution image of the company's solar panels serves as the homepage banner. Links to the company's main page, contact details, and user reviews are provided in the page's sidebar. There is a logo, a short explanation of the firm, and links to their services and portfolio all inside the main body of the website. You may also find the business's Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channels on this page. There are customer testimonials and pictures of installed solar panels on the website. The site presents as organized and professional, making it a credible resource for learning more about the business.
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Pure Power Solar average reviews

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Pure Power Solar Pros & Cons

  • Professional
  • Affordable
  • Sustainable
  • Limited geographical coverage
  • High initial set-up costs
  • Weather Dependent

Pure Power Solar Final Conclusions

Pure Power Solar is a solar energy supplier that offers a wide range of services. Installation, upkeep, and repair of solar panels are among the services they provide. Pure Power Solar has earned a stellar reputation among its clientele because of the quality of its services and the diligence of its staff. Customers speak positively about the firm generally.

Pure Power Solar locations

Main Address11226 Bluegrass Pkwy Louisville, KY 40299
Phone Number5026500353

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