Quick Solar Solutions review

Quick Solar Solutions is a growing company that offers clean energy alternatives for both residential and commercial properties. The company offers solar energy products and services that cater to both your preferences and budgetary constraints. These solar energy specialists have been providing clean energy solutions for over 8 years. The organization's personnel can provide recommendations on how to best utilize electricity. Quick Solar Solutions is committed to providing the highest quality goods and services that are environmentally friendly. This ensures that clients have access to the cleanest, most reliable, and efficient energy.

Quick Solar Solutions overview

Quick Solar Solutions is a growing company that offers clean energy alternatives for both residential and commercial properties. The company offers solar energy products and services that cater to both your preferences and budgetary constraints. These solar energy specialists have been providing clean energy solutions for over 8 years. The organization's personnel can provide recommendations on how to best utilize electricity. Quick Solar Solutions is committed to providing the highest quality goods and services that are environmentally friendly. This ensures that clients have access to the cleanest, most reliable, and efficient energy.

What Quick Solar Solutions has to say about itself

Solar energy provider - Quick Solar Solutions. The company facilitates the cost-effective transition to solar energy from fossil fuels. The company's staff will design and install a system that will meet your needs and budget. The company's mission is to provide customers with the best products and services. Durable and useful products are selected. The company provides excellent customer service to maximize the efficiency of the installed solar energy system. Allow them to make the transition to solar energy easier.

Quick Solar Solutions Review

Year Started2013
Company Websitequicksolarsolutions.com
Service AreasNC
Service TypesInstallation, system design, technical support, project management, maintenance, and monitoring.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, bifacial, and frameless modules.
Backup BatteryLG Chem lithium-ion solar backup batteries.

Quick Solar Solutions website review

The official Quick Solar Solutions website is neat and presentable, giving the sense that the company can be trusted. Images and videos showcasing the company's work show that they follow all applicable rules and laws. Ask questions or report issues directly through the site, and you'll receive a callback promptly. The absence of certificates is one issue; more information about the company's background and services would also be welcome. Although there aren't many of them, customers can also peruse the reviews posted on Google. In general, I found the Quick Solar Solutions website to be straightforward while still providing all the details I needed.

Quick Solar Solutions price policy

PackagesSolar Panels start at $1.99 per watt, Home Battery Storage starts at $4,900, Solar Installations start at $9,000, Rooftop Solar starts at $8,000, Solar System Design and Engineering start at $2,000, Off-Grid Solar System Installation starts at $25,000, Shade Structure Installation starting at $3,500
Payment optionsCredit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, check, and bank transfers.
Payment discounts10% off for first-time buyers, 5% off when a customer recommends a friend, 15% off when a customer purchases multiple solar panel packages, 15% off when buying a full system solution, 15% off when a customer orders five or more solar panels

Quick Solar Solutions online reputation

The preponderance of reviews for Quick Solar Solutions are positive. Numerous solar system customers commented on the team's expertise and professionalism. In addition, consumers appreciated the promptness and willingness to respond to any questions. For many, installation was simple and expedient. However, some were left unsatisfied. Some customers complained that the procedure was sometimes difficult to follow, that the cost of materials was exorbitant, or that the overall grade of materials was inadequate. Few negative comments were received, as the majority of consumers who contacted Quick Solar Solutions had positive experiences.
"This is the firm for you, QSS, if you want to do business with someone over the phone rather than having that person physically inspect your home or business. It would seem that they are only interested in selling you the whole thing or nothing at all. We were considering only purchasing a system of some kind, but it seemed as if they were not interested in doing business with us. They said something about there not being enough roof space, but if they had been to the site, they would have seen that we had four out buildings as well, each of which has enough room to cover the whole block. But I suppose they were too busy, so I'll have to search somewhere else. Very bad interactions with the clientele." - Katherin B.
"No communication: I emailed the regional operations manager about my project, but he was unable to provide me with a timeline. I get a message that I must make a payment for additional work around 80 days into the contract (the contract indicated that the project would be completed in about 120 days). The HQ was unable to provide me with information when I asked how to make the payment. They were unable to explain to me why the project was delayed either! They discovered that they had problems with the loan firm over lease conditions 98 days after the contract was signed! I was never made aware of this problem until it was too late, and now that it's been five weeks, I'm waiting for my money after canceling my project." -Xavier T.
"A few years ago, we had solar panels placed on our roof. Overall, the level of customer service was quite poor. We had a situation where the next-door neighbors planned to make changes to the roof that might influence the flashing and were worried about the consequences. The salesperson didn't show much consideration for the neighbor's worries, essentially suggesting, "You can pay us to move it if you need to." It was too high when they originally put it, and we received a citation from historic preservation. Quick Solar Solution quickly fixed the problem, but they ought to have been aware of it in the first place. Recently, I have been unable to even receive a response from the firm when I asked for information regarding what to do while selling our property and transferring ownership. They offer a referral incentive if we promote them to friends who purchase panels, but even if they pay me $500 to do so, I can't honestly recommend them to anybody I know. You will get solar panels and they will be installed properly if you utilize them, but you won't receive a lot of further customer support or help. I would advise searching in other places." - Neal H.
"It wasn't until three weeks ago that I learned the 24-panel solar array owned by Solar Solution LLC was built four years ago but never inspected as required by the North Carolina Department of Buildings. It would seem that the owner has made a significant mistake in this regard. I contacted Howard Lyes, who sent me to another individual but that individual has not responded to my inquiry despite the fact that it has been two weeks. whether you reside in North Carolina and have a solar energy system installed by Quick Solar Solution LLC, I strongly recommend that you contact the Department of Energy's (DOB's) customer care department to find out whether the same thing happened to you. After forty-eight months, if the permit has not been closed off with a final inspection, either by the DOB or a third party inspector, the permit will expire." - Steven G.
"Trying to persuade these individuals to take the panels off of our home was a dreadful ordeal for us. They were instructed to remove the equipment when we informed them that we were selling. We could have the system removed when we were about to sell, according to the contract we signed with them. When the NEW owners said that they did not want the panels, their representative disregarded them, lied to us about what our contract stated, and generally refused to comply with our requests. We felt as like we were hitting our heads against the proverbial brick wall after several phone calls and emails from both the new owners and ourselves. Before they would even set a time for their contractor to actually remove the system, it took them MORE THAN A MONTH. I then received a call from one of their representatives a few days ago. After the system was taken out, it seems that someone misplaced it. Thankfully, it's no longer a concern of mine. One final thing for the executives at Quick Solar Solutions: In NC, we changed residences. Your firm is NOT IN THE RUNNING for the solar system we want to install on our new home as a result of all the BS I had to endure. It won't be you, but I'm not yet sure who it will be. I feel confident in predicting that the people to whom we sold our house won't want to do business with you either." - Eddy E.
"Every level of my interaction with Quick Solar Solution was wonderful. They gave me a concise proposal with three payment choices, went over the specifics with me, and assisted me in selecting the best one. They notified me of every step of the government permission procedure as well as when the installation would take place. The actual installation went well. The Quick Solar Solution team was efficient, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to deal with. The subsequent inspection went well. Since installation, I've been happy with the outcomes and how they've affected my power cost. For example, when my neighbor on my semi-detached home inquired about any potential effect on his roof, Quick Solar Solution continued to be quick and accessible to handle any issues that arose. I wholeheartedly advise anybody looking to put solar panels on their home to contact Quick Solar Solution." - Elizabeth B.
"I've had an interest in obtaining a solar installation for a very long time, but I've been putting off making the investment because I was worried that it would need not just a substantial amount of money, but also a considerable amount of time commitment on my part. Everyone at Quick Solar Solution was really pleasant to deal with, on top of being incredibly helpful and knowledgeable throughout the whole process, which lasted from the very beginning to the very end. They presented an explanation of the technology, as well as the rigorous approval process, as well as the processes for tax and grant. " - Sheryl R.
"Quick Solar Solutions is very skilled about what it does. I worked with Brad on my solar needs, and it was a pleasure to talk to him. He answered all of my questions and said he would let me know if he needed more time to look into something. The business was great, and the work was done three months after the deal was signed. Also, fast solar had easy steps to follow for getting a Duke return. The business also gave customers a variety of ways to pay. Overall, I don't see any problems, and I'm glad we're using solar power." - Mradul J.
"As a result of our high power bills, I visited with Scott shortly after purchasing my house in Benson, North Carolina, early this year to evaluate my choices for solar. after the whole home is powered by electricity, our monthly energy bill was around $230. However, after installing solar panels, it has steadily decreased to $19! Our monthly expense for the system and electricity comes to $124, which we will continue to save money on year after year at a cheaper rate. Compared to other businesses that supplied more costly panels with fewer returns, the system was competitively priced at a cheaper rate. I could trust Quick Solar Solutions since they truly gave me all the information upfront. The process was smooth and professional from beginning to end thanks to Scott and his crew, who planned out our solar system and made sure we approved of the design of the panels for our house in advance." - Tom L.
"I first found getting solar panels to be challenging and difficult, but Scott patiently answered all of my questions and made sure I understood the procedure. It barely took a day, and he was there every step of the way to ensure that the installation went smoothly and was completed appropriately. He provided me reminders when I needed to take action and kept me updated on what was going on. I adore my solar panels, and the app makes it simple to monitor their output and my use. I heartily endorse QSS!" - Ammy V.

Quick Solar Solutions Social media

There is little of a presence for the business on Facebook. They have a page, but it only has 34 members and provides few details about the business. This can be because the business is still young and needs more resources or experience to make significant investments in Facebook advertising. Nevertheless, it is clear that the website is still active since it continues to add picture material to its feed. QuickSolarSolutions may make a greater effort to increase its presence on Facebook and other social networking sites as they gain popularity and notoriety. They will be able to advertise their services and attract new clients.
Quick Solar Solutions has not been successful in gaining many followers for their profile on the business networking website Linkedin, despite the fact that they are a young company, and it would appear that they should be marketing social pages. Only 30 people follow the page, and only three articles are in the feed. It is difficult to evaluate the organization's services and objectives since there is a shortage of information accessible.
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Quick Solar Solutions average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews65


Quick Solar Solutions Pros & Cons

  • Low Maintenance
  • Flexible
  • Supportive
  • Limited service areas
  • Expensive installation costs
  • Lack of customization options

Quick Solar Solutions Final Conclusions

Quick Solar Solutions is a company offering residential and commercial solar installation solutions. On most review platforms, people have praised the quick response, customer service, and installation quality they received from the company. Many people also acknowledge the affordability of Quick Solar Solutions. The majority has given them five stars. Occasionally there were issues with the billing process or the customer service, for which the company was rated lower. However, that was not the general consensus. On average, Quick Solar Solutions has five stars.

Quick Solar Solutions locations

Main Address4242 Six Forks Rd 1550, Raleigh, NC 27609
Phone Number9199070539

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