Scalo Solar Solutions review

Scalo Solar Solutions is an E&C business that focuses on solar energy system design and construction. Systems analysis, planning, implementation, and upkeep are just some of the many services they provide. Customers may make use of their financing choices and technical help.

Scalo Solar Solutions overview

Scalo Solar Solutions is an E&C business that focuses on solar energy system design and construction. Systems analysis, planning, implementation, and upkeep are just some of the many services they provide. Customers may make use of their financing choices and technical help.

What Scalo Solar Solutions has to say about itself

A leading supplier of creative and economical solar energy solutions is Scalo Solar Solutions. We are committed to assisting our customers in maximizing their energy savings and lowering their carbon footprints by using the most recent solar technology. Your bespoke solar energy system will be designed, installed, and maintained in close collaboration with you by our team of qualified experts.

Scalo Solar Solutions Solar Review

Year Started1956
Service AreasPA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Architecture, Construction, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and bifacial panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries.

Scalo Solar Solutions website review

Scalo Solar Solutions' main website,, presents the firm in a credible and informed light. Including product descriptions, client testimonials, and contact information, it explains the firm and its offerings in great detail. The latest information on the organization's ongoing endeavors may be found on the site as well. With this data at your disposal, researching the business and its products is a breeze. Scalo Solar Solutions seems to be a reliable and trustworthy organization. The site is attractive, informative, and well-respected within its field. In addition, it receives regular updates that reinforce the company's transparency and reliability. In conclusion, seems like a reliable resource.

Scalo Solar Solutions price policy

PackagesComplete Solar Solutions Package - Starting at $12,500, Solar Panels Package - Starting at $5,500, Solar Inverter Package - Starting at $3,000, Solar Battery Package - Starting at $2,500, Solar Racking Package - Starting at $1,500, Solar Monitoring Package - Starting at $1,000, Solar Maintenance Package - Starting at $500
Payment optionsCash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, and bank transfers.
Payment discounts10% discount for referrals, 5% discount for enrolling in a monthly payment plan, 10% discount for Veterans, 10% discount for Senior Citizens, 8% discount for multi-system purchases, 5% discount for repeat customers, 2% discount for cash purchases

Scalo Solar Solutions online reputation

Scalo Solar Solutions has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from satisfied clients. The organization has received high marks for its responsiveness, expertise, and product quality. Some consumers have complained about the service, claiming long wait times and inaccessibility via phone as reasons for their discontent. Our experience with them has led us to feel that they are committed to providing the highest quality service to their clientele at all times.
"Nothing you hear from this firm can be trusted. We had solar installed by them in September 2021, and it's now the end of February, even though they first estimated that the process would take just three months. They assured me that the last step was only waiting for PSE&G to install the meter, but when I called the utility company, I discovered that Scalo Solar Solutions had not completed the necessary paperwork. Seven months after the transaction, they "trimmed" down a few lower branches from one tree and informed me that was all they needed to do. They do not have a Better Business Bureau rating, and in my opinion, they are fraudulent." - Jasiel B.
"As a whole, I believe this business stinks. Trying to have my solar installation finished with them since July. My roof was leaking, and even though my husband is a roofer, we had to replace it. It wasn't until November that work began to make a mistake and refuse to correct it. Flashing is a strip of exposed, short plywood. Okay, OK, go ahead and install the solar panels; we'll deal with your nonsense after the roof and walls have been compromised. When they returned on December 21th, they still hadn't found an electrician to complete the project. Have tried calling six times and not heard back. If I am unable to speak with a manager, I always want to speak with a vice president or the president of the firm." - Dean N.
"Although I was interested in going solar and the prices seemed reasonable, I was not ready to commit after the consultation and felt pressure to sign online (which would have been a contract). After 2 hours of what should have been a 40-minute consultation, I had to physically remove the salesperson from the premises. The management seems to be incompetent and dishonest when it comes to selling their products. I doubt I will ever get another solar consultation after that." - Keith B.
"I totally regret doing business with this company. To start they put up the panels without a permit, I had to get it taken care myself to keep them from being removed and leaving holes in my roof. I am into month 5 and they haven't picked up the permit and completed the final stage so I can benefit on my 58k investment. The customer service people can't give the corporate officer emails or they will be fired and they are always out of the office if you call in. Now I am paying a electric bill and a 195.00 solar bill. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THESE CLOWNS THEY ARE HORRIBLE. If you disregard it will be to your own regret. The bad reviews are real and true." - Vishal M.
"They improperly installed all of the panels on my home's roof while half of them were meant for the garage. In addition, I had a leak in my roof, which I reported to them by phone, and it wouldn't have been a major concern if they'd fixed it before installing the panels. They assured me they will investigate it further. Never happened; after 5 months of following up, I contacted to inquire about the status of the new meter box and final inspection, only to be informed that payment for the necessary permission had been provided and that the work will be completed within a week. About 7 months later, I decided to give them another call. I have a second leak in my roof, and when I emailed in images and inquired why they hadn't finished the installation, I was informed that someone will be out to have a look at it. After waiting 8 months, I finally threatened to have it removed from my roof this coming Saturday if it wasn't fixed by this coming Friday." - Jay S.
"The entire thing has been almost perfect. We had a lot of successful sales. We had no doubts about our purchase because of the salesperson's transparency and lack of pressure. We had a good understanding of the solar system we were purchasing and how it would be installed. Well done, Scalo Solar Solutions! The only issue is that we have a leak in the roof and the Roofer hasn't been out to look at it in over a week. I do not doubt that the roofer's lack of response is due to their backlog during the wet season." - Johnny T.
"Several years ago, we installed 23 Scalo Solar Solutions solar arrays on our previous home. Even though the array was only supposed to provide 80% of our electricity needs, they were operating at or above their rated capacity the entire time. After installing 26 Scalo Solar Solutions panels on our new home last year, we had no service interruptions. To provide the same power, we would need 40-50% more panels in our array, and we expect a steeper drop in efficiency compared to our peers who chose competitive panels at a lower cost. Scalo Solar Solutions will be used again if this is done again." - Jake U.
"Mike, the solar expert who reached out to us, was really pleasant to work with. He visited us to assess our home and collect data on factors like roof area, energy use history, and more. Within an hour, I got a comprehensive proposal in my inbox, complete with tables and graphs outlining the many advantages of switching to solar power. My wife and I opted to install solar panels because we wanted to make a statement and help stop global warming, even though our monthly power cost was not that high to begin with." - Henry J.
"Scalo Solar Solutions provided us with excellent service. We researched several solar energy providers and systems before settling on Scalo Solar Solutions. They were extremely thorough in their explanations of the procedure, and they kept us updated at every point. Our investment in the new system is already paying dividends, so we couldn't be happier." - Manoj O.
"Scalo Solar Solutions did a great job on my house, and I couldn't be happier. Having solar panels installed was a priority of mine when purchasing my first house, and Scalo Solar Solutions made it possible. The personnel was pleasant to deal with, and they were always available to answer my questions as the procedure progressed. They gave me a good rundown of my system's functionality when they were done installing it, and they set me up with the resources I needed to monitor my solar output from the convenience of my smartphone. It's comforting to know that despite rising prices, my use of Scalo Solar Solutions is helping me save money and the environment." - Douglas P.

Scalo Solar Solutions Social media
The Facebook page for Scalo Solar Solutions is a great place to learn more about solar power. With more than 600 followers and several postings receiving hundreds of comments and shares, the page is quite well-liked. The postings on the page include informative content, motivational quotations, and new product features, and it has a professional and well-maintained appearance. For more inquiries, they have a contact form, and they even have several videos detailing installations they have already performed. Numerous examples of both favorable and negative customer evaluations are available. Overall, this website seems to be real, and it is obvious that many of their customers are happy with their goods.
Scalo Solar Solutions has been a dependable source of high-quality solar installations and solutions. Their LinkedIn profile is professionally run and well-maintained, with a stated objective and short yet useful material. The website includes a variety of testimonials and consumer evaluations, which offers prospective clients confidence when determining who to trust. With over 1000 followers, the page is becoming more well-liked and is often updated with the most recent information on activities and events. The visual material is always of a very high caliber, with appealing and powerful photos and movies. If Scalo Solar Solutions is something you're thinking about, you can be certain that you're choosing a dependable and qualified supplier.
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Scalo Solar Solutions average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews164.4


Scalo Solar Solutions Pros & Cons

  • High-quality products
  • Affordable cost
  • Expert support
  • High Initial Investment
  • Limited Options for Financing
  • Limited Coverage Area

Scalo Solar Solutions Final Conclusions

If you're looking for solar energy solutions for your home or business, go no further than Scalo Solar Solutions. To assist its clients save money on their energy bills, they provide a selection of solar panel systems, solar batteries, and other options. According to testimonials, Scalo Solar Solutions is widely regarded for providing excellent service.

Scalo Solar Solutions locations

Main Address22 Rutgers Road Pittsburgh, PA 15205
Phone Number4129219968

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