Sierra Pacific Solar review

Since its inception Sierra Pacific Solar, the firm has assisted thousands of residential and commercial clients in California in cutting their energy bills and reaping the benefits of clean, renewable power. The firm provides a wide range of services, including as energy audits, solar energy system design and installation, energy storage solutions, and continuing maintenance and support.

Sierra Pacific Solar overview

Since its inception Sierra Pacific Solar, the firm has assisted thousands of residential and commercial clients in California in cutting their energy bills and reaping the benefits of clean, renewable power. The firm provides a wide range of services, including as energy audits, solar energy system design and installation, energy storage solutions, and continuing maintenance and support.

What Sierra Pacific Solar has to say about itself

Innovating green energy solutions for our clients is a top priority at Sierra Pacific Solar, and we're here to help them save money in the process. Professionals on our team are dedicated to provide our customers with safe, affordable energy options.Because of our dedication to quality and service, your solar power system will provide optimal results.

Sierra Pacific Solar Review

Year Started1984
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, design, maintenance, financing, and repair.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film, and bifacial.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, LEED, C-10, CSLB, CEC, CFA

Sierra Pacific Solar website review

It would seem that, Sierra Pacific Solar's official website, is reliable. The website is easy to use and contains a plethora of data on the business's offerings. Customer support contact details and a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section are also provided. Customer testimonials on the website provide prospective buyers an indication of what to anticipate from the company's goods. As a whole, reads like a gold mine of useful information for consumers.

Sierra Pacific Solar price policy

PackagesSolar System Design & Installation - Starting at $12,000, Solar Panel Installation - Starting at $7,500, Solar Panel Maintenance & Cleaning - Starting at $500, Solar Battery Backup - Starting at $2,500, Solar Hot Water Heater Installation - Starting at $3,500, Solar Thermal Installation - Starting at $4,500, Solar Pool Heating Installation - Starting at $3,500, Solar Attic Fan Installation - Starting at $500, Solar Lighting Installation - Starting at $500
Payment optionsCash, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, and check.
Payment discounts10% off for military personnel, 10% off for senior citizens, 5% off for multi-panel orders, 5% off for referrals, 5% off for returning customers, Free solar system design consultation

Sierra Pacific Solar online reputation

Sierra Pacific Solar has provided excellent service to its consumers. Excellent service and high-quality goods have earned the firm praise from many satisfied consumers. Customers have also noted that the installation was simple and that the personnel was quite helpful. Customers have complained that the prices are higher than they had hoped, and that the warranty period is too short. However, you can still count on Sierra Pacific Solar to deliver excellent service and dependable solar power products.
"I pay $20 every month, all year long, and when he came out, I had to pay an additional $20 for the service fee; he also failed to mention that the cost of the necessary parts would be at least $123. Totaling up to $143 After replacing a section of pipe that was about 15 feet long and 1/4 inch in diameter (costing somewhere between $6 and $9), he was done in about 20 minutes and showed it to me. Then he presented me with the bill—WTF? Also, he was two hours late, so this company might as well be called "Guys in the Big Red Trucks That Rip You Off." I had to call them to find out where he was since they didn't bother to call me." - Jared S.
"I can't say I'm satisfied with this firm. Every year after we had new solar panels placed, water would seep out. Even if the repair is covered by the manufacturer's warranty, the company may still charge you for the service call. For the past 10 years, there has been no charge. Constantly looking for loopholes to avoid responsibility for leaking panels under warranty. Take care!" - Steven D.
"They came and gave us an "estimate" which was really just a five minute conversation in which we didn't discuss anything new. Another company came and did the job for half the price they had originally quoted me (they do a great job). I emailed Sierra Pacific many times and got no response. Maybe with the extra money they can afford a few more TV commercials. That's the last money they'll get from me." - Jacob C.
"Poor ability to follow up Our pool's solar system is just six years old, but it comes with a guarantee that it will work for the next twelve. The setup and initial functioning were excellent, but a couple of years ago, holes began to appear in the system. The repair work last year took a whole month. This year's spring opening was marred by not one but two holes, the repair of which took many weeks. After finishing the remedy, turning on the machine showed yet another vulnerability. We have been waiting a month for a repair visit from Sierra Pacific, and they still haven't come. AND that means a return trip cost in the form of a service call. Not possible to utilize a costly solar system in the spring. However, I have serious doubts that the passage of time will improve the quality of the materials they employ, as this is becoming an increasingly common occurrence." - Amit F.
"This firm has, at best, terrible communication skills directed towards its clientele. We had a solar system built, and problems with the inverter ensued almost immediately; after 2 months of troubleshooting, we ultimately had to replace the inverter, which should have been done after the second occurrence. Before shelling out more than $35,000, the dealer returned our calls promptly. As soon as the sales were made, the salesperson seemed to disappear. There has been no response to our several left messages. We have been waiting for a copy of the invoice since we asked for it. Therefore, we are not satisfied with the purchase as a whole." - Dean T.
"Six more young guys followed Keith's example and worked tirelessly. They went out of their way to be kind and competent. They accomplished the project that would have taken three days in only two days because to their harmonious collaboration. The result is a stunning piece of art. Only a few hours ago did they leave. Many thanks!" - Johnny P.
"Our solar array is 24 panels strong and uses only one inverter. One difficulty was that the inverter had to be installed on the complete opposite side of the house from the electrical panel. In order to do this, we had to climb 2.5 floors and run wire through the roof. Every obstacle was handled with poise and professionalism by Sierra Pacific. I went with them since they were close by and big enough to back up their guarantee. I will definitely suggest Sierra Pacific to my friends and family after our positive experience with them." - Jake W.
"Everything was excellent, beginning to end. Everything went off without a hitch since the sales staff was so helpful and coordinated so effectively with the installation crew. They dealt with PG&E on our behalf and obtained the necessary permissions from our city (a notorious pain in the neck when it comes to such things). After installation, we were told our system would not pass by the city inspector due to a problem with the home wiring that had existed before we moved in. Sierra Pacific came out, corrected the problem, and rescheduled the inspection, at which point we were successful. They rock in my book. The same thing happened to us when we installed solar water heating for our pool last year. Our HVAC system has served us well for the last several years, and we hope it continues to do so for many more. However, if it ever breaks down, you can be sure that Sierra Pacific will be our first phone contact." - Henry O.
"Kaleb and his four-person team showed there promptly on the scheduled day. Harry put up the controls, one pair set up the eight panels, and the third set up the pipes and painted everything. Their respect for my property and efforts to make the installation look good really stood out to me. By early afternoon, they were finished, and Harry had me go over the basics of using the solar panels to heat the pool. He also checked for leaks and loose screws in the other person's work. This is a firm I would confidently endorse." - Larry T.
"They had to take measurements and figure out where the sun would be at its most favorable. They computed the savings that would be applied to our bill. They showed there on schedule, did a thorough job, and tidied up afterward. We had a few problems, but they were quickly addressed by the staff. Based on our investigation, we anticipated that they would need to return. The success of a project depends not on whether or not issues arise, but on how those problems are resolved. This is how you recognize a competent contractor." - Ross G.

Sierra Pacific Solar Social media
Sierra Pacific Solar's Facebook page is a trusted source of solar energy information. The page has a professional yet accessible look. It has many images, films and blogs showing noteworthy installations, information about solar energy systems and inspiring stories. It also has a selection of useful links to educational sites and publications. The page has quite a few subscribers from around the world, as it also uses sponsored posts to spread the word about the company's message and initiatives. To keep readers up-to-date on new developments in the solar industry, the site is frequently updated with the latest news, articles and posts. It's a terrific resource for learning everything you need to know about solar energy systems and technological advances.
California-based Sierra Pacific Solar is a provider of solar energy. With a light blue and white design scheme and crystal-clear images of the company's activities, their LinkedIn profile seems contemporary and professional. It is comforting to see that the website also includes several recommendations and endorsements from happy consumers. Overall, the page seems trustworthy and reputable. As of the time of writing, more than 500 individuals were following them, demonstrating their outstanding popularity. Additionally, they provide numerous employment positions as well as frequent information on their most recent solar energy innovations. All of this makes the LinkedIn profile for Sierra Pacific Solar a must-visit location for anybody interested in solar power.
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58 Subscribers

Sierra Pacific Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews11944.5


Sierra Pacific Solar Pros & Cons

  • Customized Solutions
  • Professional Installation
  • Quality Products
  • Expensive Upfront Costs
  • Limited Accessibility
  • Limited Service Area

Sierra Pacific Solar Final Conclusions

Sierra Pacific Solar is a California-based solar energy supplier and installer that caters to both business and residential customers. They provide complete solar energy solutions including system planning, installation, servicing, and monitoring. Customers have raved about the quality of Sierra Pacific Solar's service and installations. The majority of Sierra Pacific Solar's clients are pleased with the work they've done for them.

Sierra Pacific Solar locations

Main Address2550 Mercantile Drive, Suite D Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
Phone Number8447510389

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