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The mission of Sun Valley Renewables is to provide solar energy solutions and work with other renewable energy sources. The company assists residential and commercial clients in the western United States with solar energy system planning, installation, and maintenance. Additionally, they provide energy storage options, efficiency enhancements, and management services.

Sun Valley Renewables overview

Solar energy solutions and collaborating with other renewable energy sources are the goals of Sun Valley Renewables. Plans, installs, and maintains solar energy systems for home and business customers in the western United States. They also give management services, flexibility with energy storage, and efficiency improvements.

What Sun Valley Renewables has to say about itself

Sun Valley Renewables is a business that is proud of the job that it does. The company's internal call centers are ready to help clients. Not a single solar panel installation job is outsourced; the business never skimps on quality. Sun Valley Renewables offers guarantees to its clients and has all the required licenses and insurance. To guarantee the best caliber solar systems, the firm only collaborates with reliable manufacturers and suppliers. The sales and support team at Sun Valley Renewables is skilled at giving clients comprehensive information without putting them under pressure.

Sun Valley Renewables Solar Review

Year Started2018
Service AreasAR
Service TypesInstallation, design, maintenance, and repair.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film.
Backup BatterySealed lead acid, AGM, and Lithium-ion.
CertificationsNABCEP, SRCC, UL, ETL, CEC, CSA

Sun Valley Renewables website review

Sun Valley Renewables' official website may be found at This company focuses on the generation of solar energy. The website conveys a sense of professionalism and offers a wealth of information on the services, goods, and customer service personnel that the business offers. Links to the company's numerous social media pages and contact details are also available on the website. The information on the website leads us to the conclusion that it is reliable.

Sun Valley Renewables price policy

PackagesBattery Storage: Starting at $6,000, Solar + Battery: Starting at $10,000, Solar Water Heating: Starting at $3,000, Solar Pool Heating: Starting at $3,000
Payment optionsCash, credit card, debit card, check, bank transfer, and PayPal.
Payment discountsAutomated payment discount - 5%, Early payment discount - 2%, 10% discount for customers who pay their bill in full within 30 days, 5% discount for customers who have been customers for more than 7 years.

Sun Valley Renewables online reputation

Sun Valley Renewables is renowned for providing excellent solar energy solutions and products. Positive feedback has been given to the business about the quality of its goods, the skill of its staff, and the consideration of its clients. The evaluations often highlight the cost-effectiveness and dependability of the business's renewable energy offerings. Even still, a lot of individuals have voiced their displeasure with Sun Valley Renewables.
"When I asked Jack, the operator, if Sun Valley Renewables was interested in charging for a commercial solar design project, he disconnected the call instead of answering my question. Therefore, I was unable to even begin a conversation with a person who could help me. As much as I would like to comment on the company's solar prowess, I was unable to do so because of the terrible customer service I received. I pray that your interactions with the operators go more smoothly than mine did. I was hoping to find out for myself how great Sun Valley Renewables is after hearing nothing but praise, but alas, that won't be happening." - Levi T.
"Overall, I was pleased with the business. The installation of my system happened in the beginning of 2021, and everything went smoothly. They did an amazing job. Creating stable electricity. Early in July 2022, my Solar Edge Inverter suddenly stopped working. When I called the company, I was told I needed to replace the device. After reporting the problem for a month, I still haven't heard anything about when I can expect to get the new generator. Even though I was told I could contact SolarEdge directly, neither my first nor my subsequent calls were answered. The last time I tried to get in touch with someone at Sun Valley, all I got was a recording saying that if I left a note, I would hear back within 48 hours. My initial investment is now a money-losing business." - Alexander С.
"My inverter stopped working in August of this year (2019), and I have received nothing but the run around ever since. They claim the wrong component was sent from corporate and they have already returned it. My solar system is currently inoperable due to their bickering." - Jackson N.
"I paid this company $22,000 to put in solar panels that I hired them to do. They broke a lot of things in my garage and forgot to take out the stop. This business won't do anything. All they've done is make sure their employees are safe. They won't fix the damage, and I wouldn't suggest them to anyone because I don't have pictures or video of their workers taking my tools after they broke my security system to make sure there were no pictures of food cooking." - Mateo S.
"According to my previous interactions with Sun Valley Renewables, the company only makes use of a recorded line. After I responded to an online ad, I received a phone call from them, and I was immediately informed that the line I was on was a recorded one. Throughout the course of that conversation, I must have been asked that question four or five times in total. I had the impression that I was being put on trial. On the day of our appointment, I received a courtesy call to confirm our appointment, and the call was made using a recorded line. The response was that it was for the purpose of quality control. (It's not for MY sake to be assured!) When I called the office to cancel my appointment (I can't trust a company that needs to record my every word), the automated message made sure I knew it was a recorded line so that I wouldn't accidentally say anything inappropriate. They have my request for cancellation on file. It will be the last time that they ever hear those words from me! The judicial system is significantly less intimidating." - Daniel W.
"There were a lot of moving parts to this process, but every single person I dealt with from Sun Valley Renewables was on time, clear in their explanations, and helpful in answering my many questions. Michael, my coordinator, was extremely helpful and kept me updated at every stage. He also handled several APS scheduling issues with grace and humor (I rated "On Schedule" a three out of five but this was entirely due to APS requirement changes after system installation). This is the firm you want on your side if you're thinking about going solar." - Mason O.
"They came out quickly after I asked them to look at my faulty PV system, which used an SMA inverter and some old panels. The inverter was the source of the problem, as the technician quickly determined. That thing had been working for a long time (out of warranty). Their assistance in locating a replacement was appreciated, but the new panels were incompatible with the old ones (positive ground). They persisted in trying to find a remedy, but I ultimately solved the problem by sourcing a refurbished SMA inverter from eBay. In any case, I was reassured that it would work. The repair was completed, and the device is once again operational. Finally, they were polite and appreciative of Ethan and Owen's expertise and assistance with the logistics. Knowing which installer to contact if and when my PV system fails (the system is expected to last 25 years) is a huge relief. But there's no need to hang around. Contact them immediately to get your solar energy system up and running." - Samuel K.
"Sun Valley Renewables has exceeded our expectations, and we are very grateful. Two years ago, we had 12 panels installed, and this past October, we added a battery and six more panels. The project manager was responsible for acquiring all necessary permits and keeping us apprised of developments throughout both stages. The crews arriving on time and working quickly and expertly while also being "good, friendly guys" were constants throughout the duration of the installation process. In addition, it has performed as well as or better than expected. Without any hesitation, we endorse this group." - Asher R.
"The whole thing was a breeze. Each step was accompanied by an in-depth explanation. Everyone was very helpful in responding to our many questions. There was no lag time in the installation thanks to the hardworking crew. At long last, the return on investment in terms of electricity generation exceeds expectations. It appears that our monthly bill has decreased from around $250 to around $50 (we'll find out for sure at the end of our first year in October)." - Aiden O.
"After receiving a quote from another firm to increase the capacity of my system by 7.4 MW, a friend of mine recommended that I first get a second opinion from Sun Valley Renewables. Lola, the sales manager, was quick to respond and conducted herself in a businesslike manner at all times. For example, she recommended that I use panels that are a "best buy" in their price range to ensure compatibility with the rest of my system, remove the bird guard (there are no trees on that side of the house), and install a sub-panel electrical box rather than replace my existing, one-year-old panel. She also suggested that I add a couple of extra solar panels for relatively little money to better meet my needs. The system improved overall, and thousands of dollars were saved. The installation was similarly meticulous and expert. My better half expressed her displeasure with the electrician for installing the new sub-panel in the garage. In order to allow my wife to reset tripped switches from the garage rather than the main box outside, the electrician returned a few days later with extra conduit piping to relocate the sub-panel and rewire selected fuses from the kitchen and bathrooms. There's no hidden fee. I did run into an issue a few months into summer when the new system failed in the 120-degree heat. Sun Valley was prompt in dispatching servicemen. Even after three separate "fixes" implemented over the course of three weeks, it continued to crash on a regular basis. The technicians claimed that they were convinced it was a hardware issue, despite the manufacturer's insistence that the problem was one of installation. I contacted Lola, the sales representative, and she took the reins immediately, overseeing the installation of a new, more powerful inverter the following day. Six months have passed while I waited to see how the system performed before writing this evaluation. Thankfully, there have been no reported issues with the system as of late. A business that takes care of its customers and employees alike, with a professional attitude and a friendly, helpful staff." - John P.

Sun Valley Renewables Social media
The Facebook page for Sun Valley Renewables is minimalistic in design and straightforward to use. Since it is an official company page, the data it contains is reliable. Visitors can quickly locate what they're looking for and remain interested because of the organized and categorized content on the website. Photos, videos, and links to significant industry news are all genuine, intriguing, and relevant to the brand. If you're curious about solar energy, this website is a fantastic place to start your research. It's reliable, and it updates its clients on all the newest developments in the industry. In addition, the site's design is aesthetically pleasing, which keeps visitors engaged. account not registered
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Sun Valley Renewables average reviews

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Google reviews1183.4


Sun Valley Renewables Pros & Cons

  • High Quality
  • Experienced Team
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Limited Accessibility
  • High Upfront Capital Costs

Sun Valley Renewables Final Conclusions

If you are looking for renewable energy solutions for your home or business, look no further than Sun Valley Renewables. Solar panel installation, energy efficiency optimization, and emissions-free heating and cooling systems are just a few of the many services they provide. Many customers remark on the company's reasonable prices and praise its promptness and professionalism, although there are some who did not like the work. In Tsullom, Sun Valley Renewables earned an average rating for their work.

Sun Valley Renewables locations

Main Address14 Hart Ln Conway, AR 72032
Phone Number8008660934

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