SLE Green Energy review

Clean energy solutions for businesses and homes are provided by SLE Green Energy, a full-service energy consulting organization. They focus on providing services related to solar energy, wind energy, and energy efficiency. Their consumers may be found all across the United States, since they have a headquarters there. They are dedicated to assisting clients in lowering their carbon footprint at a reasonable price via the use of renewable energy sources.
SLE Green Energy review

SLE Green Energy overview

Clean energy solutions for businesses and homes are provided by SLE Green Energy, a full-service energy consulting organization. They focus on providing services related to solar energy, wind energy, and energy efficiency. Their consumers may be found all across the United States, since they have a headquarters there. They are dedicated to assisting clients in lowering their carbon footprint at a reasonable price via the use of renewable energy sources.

What SLE Green Energy has to say about itself

When it comes to switching to renewable energy, no one does it better than SLE Green Energy. We promise to only provide our clients green energy options that are both efficient and affordable. Every one of our projects is held to the highest possible standards of sustainability, cost savings, and energy efficiency by our seasoned team of engineers. In the future, renewable energy sources will replace conventional ones, and we want to be the first company that companies, municipalities, and government buildings turn to for green energy solutions.

SLE Green Energy Solar Review

Year Started2020
Service AreasTX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Architecture, Construction, Roofing, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and amorphous silicon.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead acid batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB, UL, ETL, DLC, CE, BSI

SLE Green Energy website review

The website for SLE Green Energy, a one-stop shop for solar power systems, is The website offers a lot of data about solar technology, including product specifics, installation manuals, project case studies, and energy-saving tips. On the website, there is a customer service section that makes it easy to contact the company. The look, organization, and substance of the website as a whole are all professional. Given that it is logically organized and convenient to obtain, the information presented may be trusted. As a consequence, anybody seeking for reliable information about solar energy should trust the website of SLE Green Energy.

SLE Green Energy price policy

PackagesSolar Panels (starting at $6,500), Battery Storage (starting at $4,900), Wind Turbines (starting at $5,800), Inverter System (starting at $750), Lighting and Controls (starting at $400): includes a wide range of light fixtures and controls that can be used to reduce energy consumption, Water Heating (Starting at $1,400), Roof Mounted PV Systems (Starting at $4,500)
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) as well as PayPal and check.
Payment discountsSenior Citizen Discount (10%), Corporate Discount (10%), Contractor Discount (10%), Public Sector Discount (10%), Early Bird Discount (10%), Referral Discount (10%), Loyalty Program Discount (10%), Payment Method Discount (5%)

SLE Green Energy online reputation

Customers of SLE Green Energy are, on the whole, happy with their services. They laud the business for providing effective customer service and offering affordable rates. Customers also like the renewable energy alternatives offered since it's critical to cut carbon emissions. However, some clients claim that there are additional fees for the services provided, which might turn some clients away. However, SLE Green Energy unquestionably offers a dependable service and is a green choice that will ultimately be advantageous to everyone.
"The monitoring system was never installed after the first installation, which I paid for in full. Unfortunately, we cannot connect to your current system and the Sunny Boy inverters, they are not compatible with the optional panels," my message says, which is not very nice. That would require a whole new infrastructure built around the inverters. Considering we spent $45,000 on panels in 2020, you'd think we could afford to install a few more panels now. However, something doesn't add up that we now have to buy a whole new system." - Brandon W.
"In August of 2021, we made our first connection with renewable energy. By year's end, they promised, it will be set up. We're halfway through April now, and it's still not done. It seems like there's always some fresh justification. I persisted with them until they installed the system. However, they no longer seem interested in arranging for a municipal inspector to visit. Justifications keep piling up; it's ridiculous. They are terrible at following through. Even if the system is broken, they took the money and fled. My solar panel installments and utility bills have turned into a living nightmare. Using renewable energy is not something I advocate for. Use a superior provider that will genuinely carry out the service to save yourself the problems, issues, and false promises. I am quite upset and angry about this." - Lucas P.
"I setup my system two years ago. Everything has been going well and to my satisfaction up to this point. My whole system has been inoperable since 6/19/22. No one has responded to our repeated efforts to get in touch with them. They tell me I'll receive a call back if I get a live person on the line. They have never delivered on their promises. Still no response from the support personnel after my email. It's been more than a month since we've had even a single kilowatt of output. Another firm that fails to come through for its customers when it counts most." - Isaac R.
"About a year ago, when my system first went live, I expressed my dissatisfaction that it did not meet my expectations for normal performance. The owner assured me that by summer we would be back to normal and performance would be as originally promised. I have lost almost 22 percent of my body weight in the last year since installation. Now making excuses, telling me that I had asked to change the layout, that they had changed the scale accordingly, and that they fully expected it to be lower. The firm never informed me that my expected capacity was to be less than what was stated in the contract I signed with them. Since the corporation has been harassing me in every way possible, I am thinking of going to court. In addition, they demanded full payment before the last phase of the project was completed and did not provide me with an overview of the system at any point after it was completed." - Jack S.
"I had a thirty minute conversation with a sales person regarding our solar energy requirements, set up a six thirty appointment, and rushed home from work. When I contacted him at 7:50 to check if he was late, not only did he not recognize my number, but he also didn't have us down as being on the same calendar. No further action will be taken with this firm's services. The salesperson then phoned us back utilizing a fear strategy to convince us that they are superior to the competition. Both my husband and I have worked in the solar industry for years, so he should have listened to us when we said he made a bad decision. We have decided on a new vendor." - Kevin D.
"This is an excellent company run by a kind family that cares deeply about its clients. Their expert electrician, Chris, paid meticulous attention to doing the work in a tidy and effective manner. The night before the huge ice storm struck, he went above and above to make sure we were connected. To make sure our unit was operational that night, he waited out in the cold and the dark. David did an excellent job of keeping everyone informed and on schedule. Everyone on the team was kind, punctual, and courteous." - Caleb J.
"For almost a year, my wife and I had considered getting solar panels. The severe cold we experienced last winter has us wondering how reliable the present electrical infrastructure really is. Based on our research, we decided to look into SLE Green Energy. We thought they were a fantastic pick because of the following. They helped us understand how solar energy does (and does not) function. That aided in the formulation of a strategy for our eventual attainment of energy autonomy. They were flexible with our schedule and never pushed us to make a choice that may have been emotionally difficult right away. We collaborated to settle on a pricing that was fair for all parties. Third, they showed up on schedule, handled themselves professionally, and left our home looking spotless. It was reassuring to have the equipment installed in a secure manner by a team of experts who showed up when they said they would. Fourth, even after the equipment is installed, homeowners may contact SLE and get a live person who is eager to continue educating them on how to use it. Going ahead, we will continue to employ SLE Green Energy as we work toward more grid independence." - Nicholas F.
"Very happy with the quality of work the technicians completed on our new solar system. They not only patiently answered all of my concerns without becoming irritated, but their pleasure in their job was evident. Will advocate for everyone." - Mason L.
"SLE Green Energy has been fantastic for me! To weigh the costs and benefits of installing solar panels, I contacted many service providers and compared their offerings. SLE Green Energy has the lowest rates and the most helpful employees. Eric was very helpful and patient with all of my questions and concerns as we worked together to determine the optimal design for meeting my specific energy requirements. Anne at the office was very quick to respond to my requests and completed the necessary documents in record time. Ben's instructions made the installation a breeze. He came out many times to double-check the readings and make sure everything was operating well. Look no farther if solar energy is what you want. If you go with SLE Green Energy, you won't be disappointed." - Evan P.
"If you're thinking about switching to solar energy, I can't suggest SLE Green Energy enough. As soon as I spoke with Bart, their agent, I knew I was dealing with a reputable business. There was no coercion, only instruction and data. SLE Green Energy was the only Solar company I considered trustworthy after researching three others. The installation was completed in only one day by a skilled crew. SLE Green Energy took care of all the paperwork and communication with my power company and the local authorities. After the system was live, my customer support guy phoned me to go through monitoring procedures and assure me that he was always accessible to answer any questions I had. SLE Green Energy gave me the assurance I needed to make the significant switch to solar power. And I'm glad I did." - Landon O.

SLE Green Energy Social media
You may get the most recent details about SLE Green Energy TX's solar energy services on their official Facebook page. The page's design and presentation are both competent. Posts concerning the latest business news and wares may be found there often. The company's work and projects are shown visually in the form of various images and videos. In addition, there are many resources for learning more about solar power and environmental issues. The content is organized and presented clearly. If you're serious about learning the facts regarding solar power, you should go there.
SLE Green Energy is a solar energy firm, and its LinkedIn profile at first glance seems to be quite reliable. The website seems to have been properly made, and the branding is apparent. Further research, however, indicates that this website may not be as well-known as some other solar energy providers. There aren't many subscribers, and there isn't much information about the business mentioned. Even if the page itself has a pleasant design, additional investigation is necessary to find out whether this business can be trusted and to find out more about their solar energy services.
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SLE Green Energy average reviews

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SLE Green Energy Pros & Cons

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Reliable
  • Cost Effective
  • Lack of Reputation
  • Limited Service Area
  • Weather Dependent

SLE Green Energy Final Conclusions

The renewable energy experts of SLE Green Energy focus on wind and solar power. Providing clean, dependable, and economical energy solutions to residential, business, and utility clients is their stated objective. The dependability, service, and product quality of SLE Green Energy are well regarded by its clientele.

SLE Green Energy locations

Main Address11120 Petal St., B300 Dallas, TX 75238
Phone Number4697769200

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