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A provider of renewable energy services and goods is Solar Alliance. It specializes in setting up solar energy systems for domestic, industrial, and commercial clients. Additionally, it offers a variety of renewable energy goods, including energy intelligence systems, solar working systems, solar financing solutions, and energy storage.

Solar Alliance overview

A provider of renewable energy services and goods is Solar Alliance. It specializes in setting up solar energy systems for domestic, industrial, and commercial clients. Additionally, it offers a variety of renewable energy goods, including energy intelligence systems, solar working systems, solar financing solutions, and energy storage.

What Solar Alliance has to say about itself

If you're looking for green energy solutions, go no further than Solar Alliance. Our company has been working in the solar business for many years, and we are dedicated to giving our clients the finest service possible. Solar systems for homes and businesses are uniquely designed and expertly installed. Our mission is to assist households and companies in lowering their energy use and expenditures so that we may preserve our planet. Our goal is to make solar energy available to everyone.

Solar Alliance Solar Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasCA, TN
Service TypesInstallation, Energy Auditing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and amorphous (thin-film) panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and battery banks.

Solar Alliance website review

The official website of Solar Alliance, a supplier of solar energy solutions, is The company's goods, services, and certifications are all thoroughly described on the website. The website looks to be well made and to be a reliable source of information about Solar Alliance and its offerings. Customers should feel sure that they can get help if they have any questions since the contact information supplied is authentic. The website looks to be reliable overall.

Solar Alliance price policy

PackagesHomeowner Solar Power: Starting at $12,000, Business Solar Power: Starting at $20,000, Solar Battery Backup: Starting at $12,000, Solar Hot Water Systems: Starting at $7,500, Solar Pool Heating: Starting at $2,000, Solar Street Lighting: Starting at $2,500
Payment optionsCash, credit and debit cards, check, bank transfer, money order, cashier’s check, and PayPal.
Payment discountsSenior Citizen Discounts - 10%, Military Discounts - 10%, Group Discounts (3+ customers) - 10%, First-Time Customer Discount - 10%, Referral Discounts - 10%, Home Performance Discount - $150, Local Contactor Discount - 10%, Contractor Network Discount - 10%

Solar Alliance online reputation

Customers who have used Solar Alliance services often have conflicting feelings about the business. While some customers are ecstatic with the individualized service and the affordable solar energy solutions that Solar Alliance has offered, others have complained about the service's caliber and the company's lack of contact. Although Solar Alliance provides a variety of solar package savings, some clients may be disappointed in the quality of their goods and the level of customer care. However, because of its reasonable price and dedication to the environment, Solar Alliance is highly recommended by numerous clients.
"I just bought a property with solar panels already installed by this firm. They will install the panels regardless of the state of the roof. Instead of the expected 7,000kwt per year, the solar array is only producing 4,500kwt. The Solar Alliance is no longer a SunPower Authorized dealer, as I discovered when I phoned the company. No longer covered by warranty; left with a hefty expense for a replacement roof and solar panel servicing." - Dane S.
"It has been weeks since the solar panels stopped working. After contacting Solar Alliance, I was sent to Sunrun. It's been at least two weeks since Sunrun promised to send a technician, and we're still waiting. The PACE loan we got for the solar panels (that don't function!) is now a LIEN ON OUR HOME, making it impossible for us to refinance. The salesman assured me that getting a new loan would be simple. Our PACE loan (for non-functioning panels) has come due, so we'll have to utilize the proceeds from our refinancing to pay it off instead of making repairs to the house or paying down debt. Everyone involved, from the salesman to the business that's meant to be keeping an eye on our panels (but isn't) are con artists. The cost of our power bill has not changed, we have received no response to our service requests, and we must now repay the PACE loan or face having a lien placed on our property. Don't come anywhere near us!" - Jimmy F.
"This terrible organization often fails to pay its subcontractors, who are therefore forced to file liens against the clients' property. We made a complete payment to the solar alliance, however, they haven't yet paid their subcontractors. There is a lien on my property, so why should we wait? We've been waiting for 6 months now with no results. They will not respond to your calls and will lie to you. Don't do business with them!" - Colt L.
"My SDGE bill had a "true up" after more than a year of service, and there were absolutely no savings. My outstanding power bill with SDGE is almost $450. It took a long time for anybody from sunpower to respond to my queries, and that's on top of the monthly payments to sunpower and SDGE for gas use. Solar Alliance's consultant lied when he said my average yearly electricity cost was less than $200. When I called the consultant's office, he indicated he was no longer employed by Solar Alliance. The Solar Alliance has taken advantage of me, and it hurts." - Jerry W.
"In the month of December, I had my solar panels put in. It seems that there was a 'novice' - a new recruit - who messed up the installation. What I heard about the refund, though, was far worse. You won't get a check or rebate reflecting this amount. In order to get my rebate for the solar panels, I need to have my accountant file for them on my 2017 taxes, which is why I am starting my second loan on them in January. My sales agent was an excellent saleswoman, but she didn't come across as very professional. Mostly lies. I was given one iPad, but for the price tag, I could have purchased many more. Neither my friends nor my neighbors have ever heard me speak well of this firm." - Tony M.
"I have nothing but praise for this organization. They maintained a level of professionalism throughout. Their expertise with solar panels and installation surprised me. I had no clue what I was looking for or why, but they let me see all of my alternatives and choose the best one for me. I performed my due diligence and compare prices, but when it came to drilling holes in my roof, I felt most comfortable with these men because of their expertise. I have experienced zero issues in the last 12 months after installation." - Jonas C.
"At the beginning of 2020, we had Solar Alliance of America install solar panels for us, and we were quite disappointed with their work. However, the firm just had a change in ownership, and the new management has been reaching out to consumers to see how they might improve upon earlier interactions. They have assured us that they would come out at no cost to assess our present status and check on our solar panels to ensure our full satisfaction. Customer service-wise, I'm giving this business a perfect score because of the new management and follow-up. The panels themselves haven't given us too many problems, and our major worry has never been with them but with the firm. They're doing well enough that I wouldn't think twice about recommending them to a friend." - Mathew K.
"Since November 19th, our system has been fully operational. Nothing has gone wrong for me. Everyone I dealt with at Solar Alliance was competent and kind. In my view, this is the greatest firm available. I researched around six different firms, and this one offered the best value. Unlike other firms I've worked with, they followed through on all of their promises and showed up when they said they would. Excellent service. The system was installed and functional in a fair amount of time. The installation of the panels and the whole system took exactly one day, as promised. They managed to keep a level head throughout. They were very considerate of others' cleanliness and left no messes or rubbish for me to pick up. Once they were done with the installation, we were thrilled. My favorite part of the system is the mobile app and the accompanying monitoring webpage. The system is visible from wherever I happen to be. Solar Alliance is an excellent choice for anybody thinking about going solar. Additionally, by switching to solar, we are assisting the planet. I can't wait to receive the first SDGE bill and learn about the incredible savings." - Larry T.
"I contacted Solar Alliance USA for advice. They handed us a hundred bucks. We were impressed by their presentation and felt certain that the promised reductions in our monthly power cost will be realized. We had doubts, so we continued searching for alternatives. After 5 months, we decided to take a risk on this firm. We are overjoyed. At this pace, the much lower power bills are certain to pay for themselves. The installers were great. Although I believe they were employed by Solar Alliance, we maintained communication with them to ensure a smooth process. True enough!!! We're pleased that we went with this firm for our solar energy needs." - Alberto M.
"I opted to have Solar Alliance, install my solar panels. My hopes were, needless to say, sky-high. The system installation was flawless. The team was able to do the installation in a single day, so I hired them to do it. They fixed the damaged tiles they discovered and replaced the ones that couldn't be fixed on my roof. When I went up to the top to check on the progress, I was blown away by how meticulously everything was being done. Leaks in the roof were a major source of anxiety for me. I was relieved to discover that in addition to flashing over the mounts, they also applied sealant to lock the penetrations, providing me with four levels of protection against water infiltration. My roof is even covered by a guarantee if something goes wrong. The rake is hardly noticeable since the system rests so flush against my roof; it gives the impression that the panels are just resting there. In terms of aesthetics, my solar array is unrivaled on my block. If I ever have to move again, I know who to call, and I highly suggest them to anybody thinking about solar energy." - Rocco O.

Solar Alliance Social media
When you visit the Solar Alliance profile on Facebook, you'll get a positive and professional vibe. Photos and videos, among other forms of media, abound on the website to keep viewers interested and apprised of recent developments at the organization. Contact information is easy to find, and there is a wealth of information on exciting Solar Alliance initiatives taking place all around the world. With almost 3,100 likes, it's evident that people believe in Solar Alliance and support the company's goal of making solar energy more widely available. The website actively solicits feedback and inquiries from visitors, demonstrating the reliability of the organization. In conclusion, Solar Alliance's Facebook page is a great resource for its clients since it is both educational and approachable.
The Solar Alliance LinkedIn page appears to be well maintained and professional looking, a great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about the company and the possibilities of solar energy. Overall, the page looks legitimate and the entries, likes, and comments appear to be from real, reliable sources. With nearly 1,500 followers and over 200 posts, the page is relatively popular and worth checking out. With things like its mission, awards, and latest news, you can get more information on Solar Alliance just by scrolling through this page. You can trust this page, and be sure that it's the real, legitimate page of Solar Alliance, and that the information is genuine and factual.
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Solar Alliance average reviews

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Google reviews103.6


Solar Alliance Pros & Cons

  • Experienced Leadership
  • Global Reach
  • Financial Stability
  • Limited Technology
  • High initial costs
  • Maintenance Requirements

Solar Alliance Final Conclusions

Solar Alliance is a company that develops solar energy technology. It specializes in the design, installation, and marketing of solar energy solutions primarily for residential and commercial markets across North America. People generally think Solar Alliance offers a great service and competitive prices.

Solar Alliance locations

Main Address8989 Rio San Diego Drive Suite 345, San Diego CA, 92108
Phone Number8653094674

4 local offices

California – San Diego 8989 Rio San Diego Drive Suite 345, San Diego CA, 92108
California – San Diego 8989 Rio San Diego Dr, San Diego CA, 92108
Tennessee – Knoxville 3709 Martin Mill Pike, Knoxville TN, 37920
Tennessee – Chattanooga 63 E Main St, Chattanooga TN, 37408

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